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==================== INSTALL ==================== To install this skin, run the program named "Skin Installer Ultimate.

exe" click the check boxes of the skins you want (only choose one shen) then click in stall BE VERY PATIENT You must also use this same program to uninstall the skins before you apply a Lo L Patch update. The update will fail if you do not. ==================== ADVANCED ==================== To use the sonic skin instead of the shadow skin, you either need to buy the LoL skin for the yellow jacket, or alternativly. Rename the files. For example, ren ame shen_yellowjacket.dss to shen_tex_v4.dss and vice versa, to switch to the so nic skin. If you do not with to use the Skin Installer program, you may alternativly open the skins folder/ skin you want, and copy the files into your LoL install. Just make sure you backup everything, and.. sounds wont work till you do the fsbext thing ==================== CREDITS ==================== Concept, art, models, rigging help, screen shots, beta testing, nearly everythin g about Amy and Bigs credit goes to Sakura Sakura for tons of model and design help Special thanks to Seacow and Dreamless for epic bug crushing and ItsWarty for RAF reading and writting code! for concept and amy and bigs base model for the amy riders model for sonic model for sauro n base model by Olof Moleman for sauron mace model by Olof Moleman http://wi for wc3 conversion for the shadow base model for how to do this (thanks to all thoes who made the programs too) cles-at-last/ for sco conversion l-kit/ for skn and skl conversion! intoolexe/ for a gui <3 for sound mod info for install help for skin installer and 99% of the code in this one for tutorial on animations f or newer iport export tools for bfme conversion for bfme conversion for bfme conversion BRRES Viewer (version 1.0-1.2) by Kentilan 4m3pzyj7/brresviewer.rar for pokemon conversion for pokemon models and animations Der ton for for pokemon co nversion for pokemon conversion for ctools model conversion for pokemon conversion and extraction for brawlbox conversion tools nder-2-5-day-2/ for fire and countless hundreds of youtube maya tutorials. ==================== LICENSE ==================== Anything you find of value here may be used freely under the terms of the Do Wha t The F*** You Want To Public License, Version 2, as published by Sam Hocevar. S ee for more details. Shadow is copywright of s ega, this is not an endorsed project. This mod was thrown together by LordGregGreg (LGG) ==================== Change Log ==================== V 1.2 Initial Release based on amumu model Particles and 3d model done Load screen, in game hud, minimap icons V 2.0 Emerald multiple colors Added in game sounds added text re-naming to in game changed model to be bigger and ramus based V 2.1 Fixed a bug where vorpal blade texture map had transparent issues V 2.2 Added champion selection screen and skin images Added champion selection sound Better load screen v 2.3 added sonic, super sonic, super shadow to prevent other skins lookig bad added smaller skin option. added chest hair to shadow v 2.5 added lolmod to installsound files dynamicly v 3 Added amy and bigs skin! Added new skin installer and uninstaller!