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Candles and Remembering Past Lives

Candles and Remembering Past Lives Candles and Past Lives Again set the ambiance for peace, quiet,

Candles and Past Lives

Again set the ambiance for peace, quiet, relaxation.

This exercise involves two people.

Use a tall candle, one that is drip less, or a wide candle on a saucer-like holder.

An audio / video tape recorder can be used to record messages given.

Sit across from the other person. The lotus position is often best as you need to be face to face. If this position is too difficult, sit on two chairs facing each other.

One person is to hold the candle to the side and front of their face, you will easily determine the distance once you begin.

You must try to not blink to often and remain as still as you can.

There is a tendency, when the other person tells you what they see, to respond emotionally or physically, talk or laugh.

The person not holding the candle will now relax, wait, and soon see your facial features change.

When they change, that person my have a message for you about who they are seeing and anything related to that person, thoughts that enter their minds.

Ex. I look at you and see you turn into a man who I describe. As you transform to another of your soul aspects, I many think of a name, such as John. I may think of other things about him. I

may see someone standing next to you in the room.

After a while, you will see the person change again and again depending on how long the person can sit still without much flinching.

It is now your turn to hold the candle and allow the other person to view you.

This is very easy, as everyone changes.

You can also do this yourself by standing in front of a mirror, in a dark room, the candle on the side of your face, then watch yourself shift. You are returning to the source of creation, the light and seeing other aspects of your soul experience.

Talk to that person in your mind, as they have come to you now, through the spiral of time for a reason. tell them to clear their issues, that you seek soul union and something is blocking you here.

With any of these exercises, you feel discomfort, please stop. Something is resisting physically and emotionally. You can always try again at a later date.

There is no time frame for this. You know when you are complete for that session.

session. Why Can’t I Remember My Past Life? The concept of

Why Can’t I Remember My Past Life?

The concept of reincarnation has been around ever since ancient times, and to this day there are still people all over the world that believe they have had a past life. Just as most oriental people believe in reincarnation, so to do the Australian aborigines and many Africans. In fact many new age religions also believe in past lives and that those past lives have a direct influence on one’s present life.

Because it is widely believed that past lives can have an impact on your health and mental wellbeing during this life, it only stands to reason that one should make a point of learning about who you were in a past life. Furthermore, when one considers just how much knowledge you would have gained during past lives, it only makes sense that you be willing to integrate that knowledge into this life.

How can you be sure if you’ve had past lives or not? The truth is, you simply cannot be sure, even though you may have peculiar dreams or disturbing memories when you’re awake, that you feel don’t belong to you. Interestingly enough, while a vast number of people believe that everyone has had a past life, some basic mathematics shows clearly that this is not the case, and that there must certainly be some new souls. Some other indications to look out for would include:

* An intense attraction towards a specific culture with which you’ve had no exposure in this life,

and for the most part one which makes little sense to you. If for example you feel deeply attracted to the art or history of a certain era, then you may have had a past life experience regarding that particular era. Quite often if you do a little research and it so happens that the art you’re attracted to stems from a relatively short time period, then there’s a strong possibility that there’s something


* Intense emotions with regards to a specific incident in history could also suggest that you may have been involved in one way or another with that specific event.

* Phobias and allergies which to the best of your knowledge do not originate from your childhood years, could also be linked to a previous life.

Of course, those things which have just been mentioned are by no means the only possible indicators. Likewise, just because you may have experienced one or more of the above indicators, that’s not to say that you are remembering a past life. Ideally, you should try to establish whether or not any pattern exists with regards to things which attract you for no apparent reason. By following this approach you may well discover certain similarities which in turn may help you to put the pieces together with regards to a past life.

Interestingly enough, hypnosis and self hypnosis make it possible for people to access their past lives. In fact you now have past life regression therapists who specialize solely in helping people to access their past lives. These therapists make use of ‘deep hypnotic remembering’ in order to recover memories which are locked in your subconscious.

If you would rather use self hypnosis in order to investigate your past life or lives, then you should ultimately be looking for a technique which also doubles as a method for deep relaxation. Before you actually go ahead and use this technique for regression purposes, first spend a little bit of time becoming familiar with the technique.

Considering that the most you’ll experience is a vivid recollection of a past life, there is essentially nothing to worry about with regards to your personal safety. On the other hand your experience may not even be very intense, and you may simply experience some shadows and feelings of a past life.

Of course, just as good memories usually pave the way for good feelings, bad memories can pave the way for bad feelings. In that case you will simply wake up to an uneasy feeling similar to what one experiences after having had a nightmare. Of course you may not even experience any bad memories at all.

The all important issue here is that you actually remember something from a past life so that you can then move on. Remember, when the subconscious mind is suppressed, only then can these memories lead to further problems. By having the ability to understand and to accept what has happened in a past life, you’ll be able to experience this live from a different perspective.

The theory of karma states that if one is good and performs acts of kindness, then you will have good karma. On the other hand, if you are a bad person or you change to become bad then you will simply have bad karma, in which case your life will be plagued by negative events and this will

continue until such time that there’s a balance between your good and bad karma.

Strangely enough, many people still tend to get confused with regards to how they should interpret this. The bottom line is, just because you may have done some bad things in a past life, doesn’t necessarily mean that this live has to be one of suffering. To the contrary, each time you start a new life you are given the opportunity to do things the right way in order to receive good karma. For this reason if you have a bad memory and you realize that it’s from a past life, you can then free yourself from that memory and go ahead and have a good life now.

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How to Remember Your Past Lives Discovering your past life is easy, relaxing, and free!

Discovering your past life is easy, relaxing, and free! Follow these step-by-step instructions, and you'll be reliving your history in no time. You can tape this meditation and use it with candles.



Sit or recline in a quiet, dark place.Choose a time when you are alert and not sleepy, hungry, or distracted.


Lie on your bed, or wherever you’ve chosen to conduct your self-hypnosis, and relax for a few minutes. Close your eyes. Make sure you are comfortable. Lying on one’s back usually works best. Keeping your hands at your sides seems to help, too, simply for the fact you won’t feel your limbs rising and falling with each breath, creating a distraction. Pay attention to room temperature, and plan for staying either warm enough or cool enough during the next half-hour – you don’t want to find yourself shivering just when you’re beginning to see something spectacular!


Protect yourself from harm: While you’re lying there in your comfortable, inanimate, warm position, imagine a white enveloping light all around you. See it in your mind’s eye, shining on your feet, your legs, your knees, your thighs, your torso and arms, your neck, your face, your head. This white light is protecting you from all negative influences. It represents love and warmth and enlightenment in a dazzling mistiness all around you, cocooning you in its brilliance, protecting you from anything bad. See it in your mind. Feel it. Invite it to wash over you. All the while, as you envision these things, say to yourself over "

whatever works for you. Take the next color that comes to mind, and repeat.

and over, "White protective light, keep me safe

White protective light, keep me safe




Imagine yourself in a long hallway, with a big door at the end. See this hallway in as much detail as you can, whatever comes to mind. Your hallway may be all gold and filigree, or gothic like a cathedral, or entirely constructed from gemstones. It doesn’t matter. Make something up, and use the same visualization each time you try to remember a past life. Imagine this hallway with the expectation that when you get to the end, when you reach the big door and turn the knob, you will see something about a past life. Take each step down that hallway with purpose. See your feet touch the worn, smooth flagstones, and visualize every aspect of your journey as you approach the large door. When you finally reach the end – when you feel you are ready and not a moment before – take hold of the doorknob. See yourself doing it. See the brass knob turning. Give the door a gentle push



Accept the very first thing you see on the other side of that door as something from a past life. It might be something as abstract as the color yellow, or as clear and vivid as a much-loved child nestled in your arms. Your job is to take whatever you see and expound upon it. Conjur it up. The color yellow? If you hold the imagery in your mind and open up to

it, accepting anything that pops into your head, you might find that yellow becomes a carpet. With a little more prodding, you might see sunshine spilling onto that carpet. You might

suddenly realize that yellow carpet is in a London house


so on. You may doubt

yourself at this point, but be reassured; you are remembering a past life.



If you see nothing, try thinking about something you've always enjoyed, a favorite hobby, skill, or travel destination. Ask yourself, "Why do I like this? Can this be past-life related?" If you still get nothing, try the shoe method: Look down at your feet, and go with the first pair of shoes you see yourself wearing. Expound upon that. You might see sandals, and then realize you’re wearing a tunic. You might see little pointy shoes, and realize you’re wearing a big silk gown.



Once you’ve remembered something - even if it's just a pair of shoes - and if you’re pretty certain there’s a grain of truth to it, you can start your next meditation from there. Always begin each session with something you’ve already seen. Always work from the known to the unknown.



Accept what you see. It will seem like you are inventing these images. Sometimes you are, and you must accept that as part of the process of trying to remember a past life. But these visions almost always have a shred of truth at their core. You will only know for certain when you’ve done a significant number of past-life meditations, and you begin to see patterns and details repeated over and over again. In the meantime, you must choose to believe that what you see is genuine; if you don’t, you will never get anywhere. Your analytical mind will simply shoot down every image as a product of your overeager imagination.


Unless you’ve had to remove yourself from an unpleasant memory, usually what will

happen is that you will simply run out of steam. You will find the images have stopped coming, or your analytical mind has been inadvertently triggered by something you’ve


happen, simply imagine that doorway where you began. Open the door. Return down the length of that gemstone hallway – or whatever you visualized – and tell yourself that when you reach the start point, you will be refreshed, and you will remember your past life in perfect detail and clarity.


then you’re done. You have no choice but to open your eyes. If this doesn’t