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Dispute with Assange

Former Spokesperson destroys WikiLeaks-files

dapd Daniel Domscheit-Berg (archived Picture): thousands of data destroyed The mudslinging between former WikiLeaks-Spokesperson Daniel Domscheit-Berg and founder Julian Assange escalates: According to Spiegel informations the German deleted thousands of unpublished data once leaked to the organization. Berlin/Hamburg The former WikiLeaks-Spokesperson Daniel Domscheit-Berg stated that he destroyed more than 3500 unpublished files sent by unknown whistleblowers which are now apparently irrevocably lost. These are documents stored on the WikiLeaks server till late summer of 2010 and then taken by a group including Domscheit-Berg when they left the organization. He claims to have the files shredded within the last days to make sure no sources are endangered, said Domscheit-Berg. Reason: WikiLeaks-Founder Julian Assange could not guarantee a safe handling of the material. According to informations from Spiegel this database included, inter alia, the so -called NoFly-List of the US government which contains the names of suspects who are not allowed to enter a plan. Assange said that this material also contained insider informations on 20 far right organizations. Domscheit-Berg didnt want to confirm this. Since the beginning of this year Assange demanded the return of these files. Quarrel in the CCC, mudslinging of the whistleblowers (trans: platforms) At the sympathizing platform WL Central a statement was published on Saturday evening allegedly written by Assange himself. In this Domscheit-Berg was again strongly criticized and its insinuated that he has far too close bounding to intelligence and police agencies. This text also repeats the known accusations by Assange against Domscheit Berg, e.g. that -

Domscheit Berg illicitl used i ternal Wi i eaks chat protocols in his book Inside Wiki eaks which shed a poor light on Assange. In another statement released later on Saturday evening Domscheit Berg was again accused of stealing informations leaked by anonymous sources and of sabotaging Wiki eaks. If said material is now destroyed it couldnt be replaced. Domscheit Berg advertises for some time now for an alternative whistleblower-platform called OpenLeaks. Two weeks ago he introduced the project with a lecture at the summer camp of the Chaos Computer Club (CCC . Following that he was strongly critici ed by the CCC board member Andy Mller-Maguhn in an interview conducted by Spiegel and afterwards expelled from the organi ation by the board. Ever since then a harsh debate is going on in the hacker scene of Germany about the dealing with the competing leaking platforms and their public representatives Domscheit-Berg and Assange. Mller-Maguhn told Spiegel that the board received both critic and support by members of the association for its decision to expel Domscheit-Berg. CCC-Spokesperson Frank Rieger for instance publicly dissociated himself from the expulsion. New data cant be submitted at Wi iLeaks Officially the five-persons CCC board justified the expulsion by saying that Domscheit-Berg used the good reputation of the association for advertising the, in the eyes of the board nontransparent, project OpenLeaks. It would not be possible to judge if potential whistleblowers, who confide in OpenLeaks, could be and will be effectively protected. Domscheit-Berg called these accusations by the board untenable on enquiry of SPIEGEL ONLINE. Domscheit-Berg himself made incoherent statements within the weeks before his lecture about if and how many documents from WikiLeaks were in his possession. At the beginning it was also unclear if and in which way the material was encrypted and who could have access for said keys. WikiLeaks published right now neither new material nor is the submission of new data on their platform available. In the quoted statement Domscheit-Berg is again accused of taking illegitimately taken this data along with WikiLeaks secure online submissions system. cis Source: welt/net politik/ ,1518,781458,00.html