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House Corporation Update

Issue 7 August 2011

Special points of interest:

Member Profile Jim Bertelsmeyer 2011 Homecoming Meeting Honor roll of donors

Jim Bertelsmeyer A Lambda Chi for Life

It's past time we recognized Brother James Bertelsmeyer AD 577 for his $400,000 Endowed Scholarship Fund established with the Miner Alumni Association in 1998 that has awarded as many as 26 $10,000 scholarships for undergraduate Lambda Chi brothers at MS&T. Jim also funds the multiple $1,000 scholarships for all associate members (more than 50 to date) the semester they become initiated. Jim grew up in Florissant, Missouri and attended St. Louis University High School. After graduation he enrolled at Missouri School of Mines and soon rushed Lambda Chi Alpha. During his time at Alpha Delta, Jim served as Rush Chairman and Alumni Correspondent and participated in IFC Greek Sing. On campus, he served as Vice President of the Student Council and President of Blue Key and Theta Tau. He also took part in the co-op program working with Monsanto Chemical in St. Louis. Jim graduated in 1966 with a BS in Chemical Engineering. Jims first job was with Mobay Chemical as Industrial Chemical Salesman in New York City. Soon after, he joined the Marine Corps in 1967 where he was joined by brother Thomas Sunk Sunkel AD 565 in Boot Camp. In the USMC, Jim started attending night school to work on his MBA (which he finished at Memphis State 1969). In 1968 he began a ten year period with Conoco Pipeline (where he worked with fellow brother Keith Bailey AD 585). He left to become Vice President and then President and COO of Buckeye Gas Products and later founded the Heritage Propane Corporation, (now the third largest retail propane marketer in the United States). In June 1996, he took the company public, as Heritage Propane Partners L.P, now Energy Transfer Partners LP. Jim has served on the Board of Directors of the National Propane Gas Association for 31 years and is a past National President and Chairman of the Executive Committee. He has served on the Board of Directors of Tulsa National Bank, Golf Enterprises Inc., U.S. Fleet Services, the Tulsa Area United Way, Tulsa Area Boy Scouts, Tulsa YMCA, and is a past president of the Petroleum Club of Tulsa. Jim has been extremely active with the Miner Alumni Association as Director and President. He also reestablished the Tulsa Alumni Sec-

Inside this issue: Member Profile Officer Updates 1-2 2

St. Pats Attendance 3 Report of Voluntary Giving 3-5 MS&T Magazine Alumni Updates ROLLAMO 1955 6 6 7

James Bertelsmeyer MSM Photo 1966

tion, served as a section officer and class coordinator, and received the Alumni Association Achievement Award in 1988. Jim is a member of the Order of the Golden Shillelagh since 1990 and received a professional degree from UMR in 1991. Jim was inducted
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Homecoming 2011 at Missouri S&T, 7-9 October

All are invited to visit Rolla and attend the annual Homecoming festivities. As always, the Housing Corporation will host its annual alumni meeting at the chapter house starting at 9am on Saturday, 8 October. Get there early for breakfast at 8am. 7 October 5pm-8pm Silver and Gold Gathering 8 October 8am Alumni Breakfast 9am Housing Corp. Meeting 11am-1pm Kick-off Tailgate Party 1pm Football Game 6pm-9pm Miner Legends Banquet

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House Corporation Update

Jim Bertelsmeyer A Lambda Chi for Life (Continued)

into the Academy of Chemical Engineers in 1996 and is a past president of the Academy. He received an Honorary Degree in ChE in 2004. He is also on the MS&T Board of Trustees and is an Honorary Knight in the Court of St. Patrick. In 2006 Jim donate $500,000 to help fund the Tulsa Air and Space Museum's new planetarium, now named the James E. Bertelsmeyer Planetarium. Jim did this to provide a place where young adults and children could get involved in math and science programs. In April 2011 Jim made a $5 million naming commitment for Bertelsmeyer Hall, the new Chemical and Biological Engineering Building at MS&T. In closing, Jim lives by the ideals of Lambda Chi Alpha and has never forgotten his oath as a loyal brother of Alpha Delta Zeta. He is a shinning example for other brothers to follow and emulate.

Bob Berry AD 732, Gerry Stevenson AD 487, Jim Bertelsmeyer AD 577 and Keith Bailey AD 585. Look for profiles of these Lambda Chi's in future newsletters.

Ken Cage AD 541 Receives Alumni Achievement Award

Ken Cage AD 541 will receive the Alumni Achievement Award during Homecomings Miner Legends Banquet on October 8, 2011. Ken graduated MSM in 1963 with a BS in Mechanical Engineering. He began his career with Westinghouse Electric Company in 1963. Ken continued his education by earning his MS in Nuclear Engineering in 1966, a law degree from Univ of MOColumbia in 1971and a Master of Law from George Washington University in 1977. These degrees allowed him to become involved with the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission as a patent attorney. He also served in the U.S. Energy Research and Development Administration, the U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, in both Special Laws Administration and Designs, all involved with patent issues. He moved into private practice in the firm of Willian, Brinks, Olds, Hofer, Gilson and Lione in 1989. In 1996, he moved to his current firm, where he is a partner, and specifically deals with litigation for the firm's Intellectual Property Group. Ken received the Department of Energy's Special Achievement Award for administering contract patent and data provisions, and in 1988 received the Gold Medal Award from the Department of Commerce for initiating, negotiating, and implementing a patent secrecy agreement with Japan. He is currently a attorney with McDermott, Will & Emery in Washington , DC.

Ken Cage AD 541

Alumni and Active Member Officer Updates.

Since our last newsletter, the Housing Corporation has had a few changes: Academic Advisor Scott Grasman resigned and the chapter is looking for a new advisor. Hi Pi Tony Siebert graduated with his masters of science and the chapter is seeking a new candidate to fill his position. The chapters new treasurer is Andrew Saake AD 1377 and also replaces Artem Chernyak on the Finance Committee. The new House Manager is Karch McCoy AD 1372. The new Rho is Josh Noeldner AD 1382. Congratulations to these new officers!
Greek Week Games 1982

Chapter Photo 1984

Alpha Delta Little Sisters Crescents 1987

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House Corporation Update

St Pats 2011 Alumni Attendance

AD 580 Gene Faenger AD 609 Al Faenger AD 610 Len Kirberg AD 699 Pete Legsdin AD 1131 Kevin Schwalje AD 1139 Jason George AD 1158 Rob Sutton AD 1171 James Nelson AD 1176 Scott Green AD 1247 Josh Hemphill AD 1250 Brent Schumer AD 1315 Steve Puzach AD 1317 Shawn Borgerding AD 1357 Mark Puzach GG 1374 Tony Siebert
If your name was omitted from the list or you see other errors please advise the Alumni Chairman. Snake Invasion 1953

Chapter Float St. Pats 1950

Report on Donations Received

Calling all alumni. The Housing Corporation still needs donations to continue improving the living conditions of the chapter house. We need donations in the amount of $68,000 to fund and complete the following projects: 1) $50,000 Remodel 9 sleeping rooms on 3rd floor 2) $6,000 Replace flooring in 2nd and 3rdfloors halls 3) $5,000 Replace seating and decking on rear deck 4) $5,000 Landscape improvements in front yard 5) $2,000 Install handrails on exterior stairs and retaining walls - $2,000. Wont you make your donation or pledge now and join the growing list of brothers in this effort. Please send donations to: ADZ House Corp 10553 Pine Lake Dr. Rolla, MO 65401 The list on the following two pages show the accumulated donations of our generous alumni.
If your name was omitted from the enclosed list or if you see other errors please contact us and it will be corrected.

Leonard Pollock AD 233 circa 1944

Walter Red Burg AD 76 circa 1925 Francis Powell AD 181 circa 1937

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List of Donors

House Corporation Update

Over $500,000 Jim Bertelsmeyer AD 577

(See article on pages 1-2)

$45,000 to $50,000 Anonymous (by request) $20,000 to $44,999 Len Kirberg AD 610 $10,000 to $19,999 Anonymous (by request) Howard Stine AD 622 $5,000 to $9,999 Jack Bertelsmeyer AD 683 Curt Hertel AD 681 David Heikkinen AD 1079 Tom Phillips AD 864 Chuck Toedtman AD 608 Jim VanGilder AD 673 Jon Vaninger AD 569 John Farmer AD 545 Anonymous (by request) J. Curt Killinger AD 754 $3,000 to $4,999 Keith Bailey AD 585 Bob Berry AD 732 Ed Blanke AD 714 Steve Gardner AD 707 Joe Martin AD 815 BJ Strothkamp Theta Sigma John G. Reilly AD 285 $2,000 to $2,999 Mike Svoboda AD 728 Michael R. Johnson AD 1268 Ronald Miller AD 712 Chuck Naslund AD 776 Ken (Billy) Swift AD 591 Michael Pomeroy AD 856 Ed Weiland AD 613 Chuck Remington AD 339 Scott Bertelsmeyer AD 1169

$1,000 to $1,999 Larry Boberschmidt AD 615 Hal Branum AD 614 Matt Chrapek AD 1252 Joel Dunphy AD 666 G. Scott Green AD 1176 M. Brady Moore AD 1194 James Nelson AD 1171 James Snow AD 524 Ken Schilling AD 659 Mel Sundermeyer AD 661 Don Ulrich AD 825 Vincent Kunderman AD 747 Don Modde AD 1234 Rufus Johnson AD 551 James Unverferth AD 888 Carl Rydberg AD 617 James Lee AD 874 $500 to $999 Greg Carlson AD 803 Jerry Davis AD 625 Bobby Dye AD 1074 Gene Faenger AD 580 Ted Groshong AD 572 Greg OBrien AD 1014 Scott Preston AD 1135 Jay Peterson AD 522 Tom Sunkel AD 565 Rob Sutton AD 1158 Cliff Tanquary AD 433 Michael Todd Lambda Pi 484 Jim Dinges AD 647 David Fahy AD 431 R. Gregg Bonagurio AD 840 Gary Amsinger AD 792 David Lee AD 644 Joe Butler AD 854 Bill Murray AD 657 Jason George AD 1139 John Schmidt AD 1173 Dan Grose AD 821 Richard Baur AD 502 Antone Smith AD 1211 Eric Swearingen AD 1159

$200 to $499 Dennis Brauer AD 616 Bob Faenger AD 519 Rich Garrett AD 640 T. Matt Mandry AD 1110 Glen Miller AD 1162 Charles Rogge AD 725 Charles Schroeder AD 738 Andy Singleton AD 1175 Kevin Schwalje AD 1131 Woods McReynolds AD 429 William Alexander AD 434 Al Faenger AD 609 Jim Petry AD 1018 Bill Koechlein AD 584 T. Bach Melick AD 1083 James White AD 786 Jim McHugh AD 594 Jon Schneider AD 989 Bob Garvey AD 491 Ben Gronemeyer AD 1290 Todd Monroe AD 1212 B.E. Buterbaugh AD 304 Tim Faenger AD 1056 Wayne Fenner AD 600 Mike Stewart AD 1196 Stephen Lane AD 1100 Ken Lux AD 507 James Hickernell AD 451 Herbert Pillisch AD 407 Steven Sullivan AD 893 Steven Holcomb AD 805 Richard Campbell AD 562 Jasyn Randazzo AD 1201 Zack Perry AD 1220 David Bailey AD 566 Joel Philhours AD 568 Frank King AD 570 Gary Fehsenfeld AD 567 Dan Amsinger AD 792 $100 to $199 Gene Branson AD 612 Gerald Brunkhart AD 530

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List of Donors

House Corporation Update

$100 to $199 (continued) Ed Cole AD 516 Eric Drury AD 957 Tom Green AD 1002 Kenneth Niewoehner AD 295 Bill Stoltz AD 667 Larry Thomas AD 1207 Gary Trippensee AD 536 James Borberg AD 371 Troy Williams AD 1177 Jim Clippard AD 587 John Allen AD 220 Don Meyer AD 290 Jeremy Lines AD 1184 James Castle AD 1179 Brad Hill AD 1271 Pete Legsdin AD 699 Truett Degeare AD 619 James Yost AD 554 Everett Adam AD 560 Mike Hobick AD 813 Jeff Stephens AD 934 Bill Ott AD 688 Wont you please add your name to this list of loyal donors?

OTHER DONATIONS Josh Colwell AD1183(in-kind) Jim Colwell AD 523 (in-kind) Bruce Davis AD 887 Richard Gasaway AD 1057 Walter Jansen AD 1059 Paul Kendzior AD 983 Kyle Koederitz AD 1130 Brad Modde AD 742 Albert Padovano AD 286 James Perry AD 720 Paul Rygaard AD 863 Wil Stoecker AD 267 R. Poppitz AD 311 Doug Workman EN 456 (William Jewel) Mike Potter AD 689 (in-kind) Josh Hemphill AD 1274 (inkind) Rob Langford AD 1185 (inkind) James Cauthorn AD 398 Mark Puzach AD 1357 (in-kind)

AD 53a Chi Circa 1930

Chapter St. Pats Float 1977

Inside program from the 1939 Pledge Dance

Everett Birch AD 222 circa 1942

David Kick AD 460 circa 1957

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House Corporation Update

Alpha Delta Zeta in Publications

Alpha Delta and its alumni made a few appearance in the Spring 2011 issue of the Missouri S&T Magazine. In case you missed them, here is a snap shot: On page 10, in the article The Way They Ate. Beginning with the Grubstakers in 1902, eating clubs flourished on campus. Some lasted for only a few years, like Beanery, Corsairs and Placers. Five would reorganize themselves as fraternities: Muckers Club became Lambda Chi Alpha; Grubstakers Club became Triangle; and Mercier Club became Theta Kappa Phi, which eventually became Phi Kappa Theta. On page 19, in the article The Highs and Lows of Adventure Clubs. The club [MO S&T Skydiving Club] was officially recognized by the university in 2004, but it was inactive when Payne came to S&T in 2007, due to a plane crash, which killed S&T senior Robert Cook (AD 1288) and five others. Cook, a certified skydiving instructor, saved the life of an Australian tourist by positioning himself to take the full impact when their plane hit the ground. In 2008, Cook posthumously received the Australian Star of Courage Award, one of that nations top bravery awards. On page 23, in the article Keith Bailey to Grads: Embrace Change and Progress. Keith Bailey (AD 585) gave the Dec 18, 2010 commencement address at Missouri S&T. Bailey is currently nonexecutive chair of Cloud Peak Energy, the nations third largest coal producer. He is also on the boards of Apco International Oil and Gas, Aegis, Markwest Energy Partners and Integrys Energy.

Brothers Pete Lucido AD 363 and Ben Stephenson AD 381 Homecoming 1953

Alumni Notes and Mail

Richard Gasaway AD1057 has written and published a new book, An Inconvenient Purpose- Linking Godly Stewardship and Alternative Energy (http:// Having worked in the power generation industry for 20 years, he sees a great need to develop cleaner and more diverse energy supplies, especially given the continuing unrest in the Middle East along with rising fuel prices.
Mrs Curtis and Edward Peet AD 459 circa 1958

Gary Amsinger AD 867 wrote: I enjoyed the newsletter. I believe this is a good idea to keep alumni in touch, I wouldn't be surprised to see donations increase. Keep up the good work. I may even dig up some old photos I have in a album and send some in.

Rob Bailey AD 970 wrote I will always remember fondly what Alpha Delta meant to my life and my best friends are from that part of my life. Brothers from my time in Alpha Delta were more supportive during my open heart surgery for a bad heart valve than some of my family, so the bonds still are strong. With a lot of the guys now getting to the age where kids are graduating high school, you should start seeing more participation as there will be more free time.
Bernie Malson AD 445 in front circa 1957

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House Corporation Update

ROLLAMO Flashback: 1955

The Lambda Chi Alpha Social Fraternity was founded at Boston University in 1909, and has grown to become one of the largest national social fraternities. There are 146 chapters throughout the United States and Canada. The M.S.M. Chapter was originated in 1913 and was then known as the Muckers Club. Alpha Delta Zeta came into being when this club was admitted to Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity in 1917. Chapter House at 606 Walnut Since its installment, the chapter has participated in all school activities. A lot of enthusiasm and team spirit has pushed our intramural sports standing away up on the list. We shared in the Homecoming honors this year by snagging third place for our Homecoming Display. The gay social season at 606 Walnut commenced with the Annual Pledge Dance early in the fall. This event was followed later with the Harvest Dance and the Christmas Dance. Of course, our prime interests here at M.S.M. are the advancement of the individual and the advancement of the fraternity. Lets Have a Party Scenes from the chapter house 1955

Homecoming Display


Every Man a Man

Big Guns Officers of 1955 Fall President .................. B. Smith AD 408 Vice-President ....... J. Overton AD 420 Secretary ................. A. McReynolds AD 429 Treasurer ................ H. Stramanis AD 411 Faculty Advisor ....... William Higgs Spring G. Gratz AD 413 F. Janesky AD 412 D. Houser AD 435 J. Rother

Naught Without


Chapter Photo 1955

Alpha Delta Zeta Lambda Chi Alpha 1705 N. Pine St. Rolla, MO 65401 Tel: 573-364-9901


Alpha Delta Zeta Alumni Update

We Want to Hear From You
Your news is important to us, and we would like to hear from you before we publish the next issue of the UPDATE. Please send the following information to the House Corporation Secretary, Brother Preston at Name E-mail Address Years at Alpha Delta Zeta and number Occupation Family information Information you would like to share with fellow alumni If you have any old photos of your time at Alpha Delta, please scan them and email them to Brother Preston. We will use them in upcoming issues.

August 2011
Potential Members In this Issue

Issue 7

Alpha Delta is always looking for quality new members. If you know of any young men who are attending (or will attend) M S&T please contact the Rush Chair Alex Gibbs at or call his cell at 573-9443015.

Member Profile: James Bertelsmeyer Honor Roll of donors Homecoming 2011 ROLLAMO Flashbacks Alumni Updates

Like the Old Photos?

Do you like the old photos in the UPDATE? Brother Schwalje, House Corporation Treasurer, worked with the M S&T Alumni Office to scan some of the old photo albums from the chapter. We will continue to use these old photos in upcoming editions. If you are interested in obtaining copies of the photos, please contact House Corporation Secretary, Brother Preston at