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FRCS (Plast) Exam :- List of Lists

The following is a list of lists which has been handed around for a few years being updated by successive candidates. The list is organised around the headings used in the syllabus. It would be foolish not to know something about each section. Selected readings in Plastic Surgery are excellent to supplement Grabb and Smith and MacGregor. McCarthy is needed for some things but does not have to be read from cover to cover.

a) Wound Healing, Wound Care and Tissue Transplantation

FRCS List of papers.doc - Woundhealing

Wound Healing Factors affecting wound healing General 3 Phases Inflammation Cell Proliferation Remodelling. Specific Growth Factors Collagen Scars Hypertrophic v Keloid Foetal Scarring (Differences-Collagen, Inflammation, TGF) Scar Revision Specific Tissues Skin and Skin Grafts Composite grafts Tendon (Intrinsic and Extrinsic (Chow)) Bone (Calvarial, Cortical & Cancellous Bone Grafts, Creeping Substitution) Nerves. Transplantation HLA, Allografts, Implantation Materials. Dressings Interactive, Hydrocolloid, Calcium Alginate, Desloughing etc. Suture Materials Implants Radiation Injury Features, Histology, Affects.
b) Trauma and/or Infection FRCS List of papers.doc - Lowerlimb

which Involves Soft Tissues as Part of the Injury

Necrotizing Fasciitis JD Watson/T Burge BMJ Editorial Lower Limb Trauma BAPS/BOA Handbook Classification of Compound Injuries Gustillo and Anderson Byrd and Spicer (includes # configuration) Prognosis Mangled Extremity Score (J Trauma 1990 30:5 568-573) Compartment Syndrome Chp in Quaba/McQueen/Court-Brown (ABatchelor /DSS-arm) Degloving Injuries Assessment Chp Quaba/McQueen/Court-Brown Resurfacing Sole McGrouther & Sommerlad paper Flap Cover for Different Sites Lower Limb Ulceration. Causes etc Nerve Injuries Seddon Classification, Sunderland Classification Brachial Plexus ((S Kay) Upper & Lower Injury, Horners etc, Patterns)


Maxillofacial Trauma

FRCS List of papers.doc - Maxfax

Priorities Facial Fractures

Airway, Glasgow Coma Scale etc. Zygoma Maxilla Orbital Floor (Blow out Fractures, Signs, Symptoms, Investigation) Mandible (Fav/Unfavourable Fractures) Nasal NasoEthmoid. Gillies lift, 3 point Fixation, Incisions Classic Treatment/ Modem Plating Fundamentals Chapter Enophthalmos Stensons Duct

Treatment MacGregors Frontal Sinus. Soft Tissue Calvarial Bone grafting


Burns-Thermal, Electrical, Chemical and Radiation, Including Their Sequelae

Settle 1st 5 Days, Arturson BURNS Editorial, Indications for Intubation, Kinsella BURNS Editorial Acid v Alkali, HF Acid High v Low Voltage, Compartment Syndrome Types of Excision Immunology - Basic Principles Toxic shock Pressure Garments, Silicone, Masks etc Achauer, McCarthy - pictures Janzekovic 1970, Sykes Review

FRCS List of papers.doc - Burns

Pathophysiology Resuscitation Fluids UK v USA Inhalational Injury Chemical Burns Electrical Burns Cold Injury Radiation Injury Surgery Nutrition Immunosuppression Infection and Antibiotics Dressings Scarring Rehabilitation Reconstruction. Hand Burns


Cleft & Craniofacial Deformities

FRCS List of papers.doc - Clefts

Clefts Historical, Classifications

Embryology Pierre Robin The Defect/Deformity Surgery and issues - Timing /Speech /Growth Primary and secondary cleft surgery Nasal correction Draw a Cleft Lip Repair Draw a Cleft Palate Repair Bone Grafting: timing Speech Assessment and Investigation Nasendoscopy Recent Advances: -Watson, Pigott, Sommerlad. Pharyngoplasty Osteotomies Craniofacial Embryology Aetiology Classification Tessier Clefts Principles of Surgery Craniosynostosis: Simple and Syndromal - Aperts, Crouzons, Pffeifers etc. Hemifacial/Craniofacial Microsomia Auriculooculofacial Second Arch Syndrome Treacher Collins Rhombergs Hypertelorism, Telecanthus, Epicanthus Dermoids: Midline, External angular, Nasal bridge Embryology Tanzer Classification Surgery for Prominent Ears, Microtia etc - Brent Preauricular sinuses

. Ear


f) Other Congenital and Acquired Deformities of the Head and Neck (Including Vascular Abnormalities)
FRCS List of papers.doc - OtherHN

Mulliken Classification Haemangiomas Vascular Malformations Aetiology Management

Prognosis Eyelid Ptosis Facial Palsy

Collin's Book Causes

VII nerve anatomy & landmark descriptions Assessment Management


Benign & Malignant Skin Tumours, Including Management of Regional Lymph Nodes
Anatomy and Function, Skin Types, Retinoids Clinics in Plastic Surgery Different Naevii, Congenital Naevii, Spitz naevii MacGregor: - Cancer of the Face and Mouth Rona Mackie: - Skin Cancer 1989 Types of (Approx 9) Emmitt & ORourke Mohs Chemosurgery Excision Margins Incomplete Excisions Milton or Emmetts Books Risk Factors, Prognostic Indicators, Excision Margins Studies, Arguments Staging TNM MD Anderson Elective Lymph node dissection, Sentinel Nodes arguments American Joint Committee on Cancer Survival Data Elective v Therapeutic, Sentinel Node, Other Therapies

FRCS List of papers.doc - SkinCa

Skin Tumours Benign Malignant BCC SCC Melanoma

Sarcoma Block Dissections

h) Head and Neck Tumours

FRCS List of papers.doc - HNCa

Aetiology, Assessment, Imaging, Salivary Gland WHO Classification Pathology Investigation and Diagnosis, Staging Sialadenitis Frey's Syndrome Surgery esp Parotid ( Submandibular) TNM/ Staging for all types including Sinuses Oral Lip, Tongue, Floor of Mouth etc

Maxillary Larynx Mandible Treatment Options and Reconstructions Access to Oral Cavity Neck Dissections and Arguments for and Against, Types, Complications No Neck Mandible in irradiation (Allan Macgregors Work) Place of Radiotherapy McGregors Big Book Philosophy Dutch Thesis Reconstruction MacGregor's book Eyelid Nose Ear Lip.


Congenital and Acquired Deformities of the Trunk, Limbs (Including- Lymphoedema) and other Sites Where the Provision of Skin Cover is a Component

FRCS List of papers.doc - Lymphoedema

Lymphoedema Causes (Essential) Classification Non-Surgical Treatment Surgical Treatment Eponyms Polands Syndrome Pectus Deformities Myelomeningoceles Sternum Incisional Hernia Vascular Anomalies
Haemangiomas and AVMs Mulliken Classification Haemangioma Syndromes
FRCS List of papers.doc - Urogenital

Strawberry naevi Treatment options and Indications

j) Congenital and Acquired Deformities of the Urogenital System

Hypospadias Embryology essential Classification and Associations Surgical Procedures MAGPI Flip Flap } Duckett } Be prepared to describe in detail Bracka } Historical } Treatment Principles

Epispadias Peyronnies Disease

Vaginal Agenesis Vulval/Vaginal Reconstruction

k) Paraplegic Skin and Soft Tissue Problems

FRCS List of papers.doc - Sores

Pressure Sores Aetiology Assessment Treatment Pathophysiology Risk factors Patient Factors Scoring Systems Sensation Nutrition Beds Surgery by Site Indications Flaps Prognosis


All Aspects of Hand Surgery

FRCS List of papers.doc - Hands


Tendon Zones Pulleys Congenital Hands Classifications Lister Embryology Swanson J Hand Surgery 8(5) 693-702 1983 Subclassifications Wassel Thumb Duplication Blauth Thumb Hypoplasia Syndactyly Pollicisation Buck-Gramcko Campto/Clinodactyly Radial Club Hand Cleft Hand Symbrachydactyly Tendon Transfers Nerve Palsies Opponensplasties

Nerves and Compression Syndromes MRC Classification of Sensory and Motor Recovery Injury to Tendons, Nerves, Brachial Plexus, Fractures (Classification) Salter Harris Rehabilitation Regimens for Tendons Revise Belfast Finger Tip Injuries Replantation Indications, Contraindications, Plans Ligament Injuries Gamekeepers and Stener lesion Reconstruction Flaps Inflammation Rheumatoid Listers book:Pathology

Swan neck Boutoniere Thumb Nalebuff Joint Replacement Silicone Synovitis Dupuytren's Normal Palmar Fascia Anatomy Anatomy in Disease Surgical Options - timing PIPJ Contracture

Tumours of the Upper Extremity.

m) Microsurgery in all its Applications to Reparative and Reconstructive Surgery

FRCS List of papers.doc - Microsurgery

Principles of Microsurgery Vessel Damage Red Streak, Ribbon Signs Techniques Monitoring Flaps No Reflow Free radicals Specific Flaps Webster and Soutar or Soutar's Books Learn the Workhorse Flaps, Indications and problems Quantatative Flouresence Pharmacology One Vessel Legs E-E v E-s


Reconstructive Surgery of the Breast

FRCS List of papers.doc - Breasts

Tubular Breast Polands Breast Cancer

Methods of reconstruction

Incidence, Risk Factors Genes BRCA 1&2 Management of Breast Ca Management of Axillary Nodes Adjuvant Therapy Prophylaxis Breast Surgeon Implants, Expanders, nb RTx Flaps Thoracodorsal, LD, TRAM, DIEP etc Anatomy Indications

Nipple Reconstruction Gynaecomastia

Contraindications Flaps / Grafts Skate, Mod. Skate, Maltese Cross,Tattooing Nipple Sharing Classification Operations


All Aspects of Aesthetic Surgery

FRCS List of papers.doc - Aesthetics

Silicone Story, IRG Report Textured v Smooth Implants Assessment of Patients for all types of Aesthetic Surgery Eyelid History, Eye Problems, Thyroid Disease etc Visual Acuity Schimer Test Snap Test etc Types of Lid Surgery Including Ectropion / Entropion; Ptosis; Epi/Telecanthus Facelift* Anatomy of SMAS Anatomy of Nerves esp Frontal and marginal Branches of (Clinical esp) VI 1, Great Auricular Complications Description Rhinoplasty* Approaches and Criticisms of Each, Tip Surgery, 2ndary deformities etc. Mammaplasty and Mastopexy Abdominoplasty Liposuction Types, Cannula, Wet/Dry techniques Chemical peel/Dermabrasion Laser.

(p) Knowledge of medical ethics, aspects of informed consent and medico-legal implications of clinical practice
FRCS List of papers.doc - Ethics

C Ward Essays in BJPS available from BAPS Favourites: Patient with no GP Capsulation around implants in private sector

Additional Essentials
FRCS List of papers.doc - Others


Local/ Regional Dosages Skin Grafts and How They Take Classification of Skin Flaps Transposition Advancement Rotation Pedicled

Intercalated Local Regional Distant Crane principle Fasciocutaneous Flaps - Cormack and Lamberty Muscle Flaps - Mathes and Nahai. Z plasty - MacGregors Book ESSENTIAL Scar Revision W plasty - Borges PRS 44(1) 58-62 1969 Rhomboid Flaps (Limberg Flap) - Graham Listers Paper BJPS 25 300-314 1972 Lasers Tissue Expansion Oncogenes