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Advanced SMART Board Tools Manual

New York City Department of Education Queens Office of Educational Technology

Special Thanks To Those Who Made SMART Board Tools Manual Possible Winnie Bracco, Technology Innovation Manager Phyllis Berkowitz, Instructional Technology Specialist Wayne Demacque, Instructional Technology Technician Kelly Gallagher, Instructional Technology Specialist Richard Gross, Instructional Technology Specialist Kin Fung Leung, Instructional Technology Technician Frances Newsom-Lang, Instructional Technology Specialist Frances ONeill, Instructional Technology Specialist Ellen Phillips, Instructional Technology Specialist Kathleen Roberts, Instructional Technology Specialist Robert Sweeney, Instructional Technology Specialist Michael Swirsky, Instructional Technology Specialist

Special thanks to:

Frances ONeill for compiling the screen shots and descriptions Melinda C. Willens for editing the manual

Table of Contents
Topic Creating a New Notebook File or Opening and Existing Notebook File Using the Recording Feature Using the Camera Tool Inserting Images Inserting Sound Inserting a Hypertext Link Handwriting Recognition Tool Using the Handwriting Tool with Speech Using the Translation Tool Saving Your Notebook File as a PowerPoint Presentation Page 4 5 8 10 11 12 14 15 17 18

Creating a New Notebook File or Opening an Existing Notebook File

1. Click the Smartboard icon on your desktop

Click on the Notebook Icon

2. You will see a dialogue box a. Choose one of the first two options New or Open

Click on New or Open

3. Either Open a previously saved flip chart or open a New Notebook File

New or Open

Using the Recording Feature

1. To create a New Notebook file click on the Smart Notebook Icon on your desktop

Smart Notebook

2. Click View> Properties a. Properties Options will open

Using the Recording Feature Continued

3. Click on the Page Recording tab

4. Click the Start Recording button and begin your lesson a. If you are connected to a headset with a microphone, Page Recording will not only record the pen and other actions you do it will also record your voice

Start Recording

Using the Recording Feature Continued

5. When completed click Stop Recording

6. A recorder will appear a. To start, click the Play button b. Your presentation will play as a movie P L A Y Recorder

7. When finished click the Stop button


Using the Camera Tool

1. First click the Camera icon on the toolbar
Camera Tool

2. There are four camera options

a. Choose part of a page and copy it

b. Take a camera shot of the whole page but not the tool bar

Whole Page

Using the Camera Tool Continued

c. Take a camera shot of the whole page with the view finder and toolbar

Whole Page+Toolbar

d. Take a camera shot of a free form that was traced using the tool

Free Form Tool

Inserting Images
1. Click Insert 2. You have four (4) choices: a. Picture File browse for an image saved on your computer

Choose a file and click on it

b. Picture from Scanner choose an image saved on a scanner attached to your computer.

Choose Scanned Picture

c. Picture from Smart Camera choose an image saved on the Smart Document Camera attached to your computer

d. Gallery Item .


Inserting Sound
1. Click Insert> Sound a. Browse for a sound clip saved on your computer
Browse Choose Click

2. After browsing for a sound choose how to launch the sound a. Sound can be launched by a Corner Icon or an Object i. It is set to Corner Icon by default

Corner Speaker Icon

b. The name of the sound will appear in the left-hand top corner c. To launch the sound click on the icon i. Drag it anywhere on the flip chart d. Choosing Object will attach the sound to an object in the notebook file i. A speaker icon will appear


Inserting a Hypertext Link

1. Choose a word or an object to insert a hypertext link to by simply selecting it a. a box with a drop down arrow in the top right hand side will surround the image

Drop Down Arrow Select an Object

2. Either: a. Click the arrow in the right hand corner and then Link or b. Click Insert and then Link


Inserting a Hypertext Link Continued

3. Type the websites URL in the address box

Type the web address

4. Choose either website on the left hand side

Click Web Page

5. Link to another page in the notebook file a. save on your computer or an attachment


Handwriting Recognition Tool

1. Select the pen tool

2. Write something

Pen Tool

3. Select the word you typed a. a box with a drop down arrow in the top right hand side will surround the word Drop Down Arrow

b. Click the drop down arrow i. There will be a list of words to choose from c. Choose one and it will become typed text

Choose the word you typed


Using the Handwriting Tool with Speech

1. Select the keyboard icon on the floating tool bar

Keyboard Icon

Keyboard will appear

2. Pay attention to the settings a. Select Speech found in Keyboard Settings

Click the radio dial in the center Speech


Using the Handwriting Tool with Speech Continued

3. Use the pen to write a word

4. The word will become text and be read out loud 5. A text box will appear with the word typed

Textbox appears


Using the Translation Tool

1. Type text and select it

2. Right Click on the text a. Choose Check Spelling and Language i. A dialogue box will open ii. Choose a language 3. In the example below German is chosen a. Translations are provided for the highlighted word


Saving Your Notebook File as a PowerPoint Presentation

1. To create a Notebook file a. Click on File> Save As> and then Save b. Click on File> Export i. Choose Power Point file 2. By default the file will save in My Documents a. As an option, the presentation can be saved in PowerPoint