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It is not exceptional or uncommon that I as a student of law as well as a practicing lawyer have lots of interest in studying abroad for

my higher education. I, after graduating in law, want to continue my journey of education with an LL.M degree in any related or sub-field of international commercial law. My final goal is to achieve a Doctorate degree. I am charmed and magnetized towards the idea of spending rest of my life as a researcher of law. I want to explore new horizons and dimensions in legal studies. I, after visualizing and weighing up the socio-economical conditions of Pakistan, and after analyzing the need of time for Pakistan to have experts in international commercial law, have decided to choose to do LL.M in something that is related with international commercial market. After considering the pros and cons of the subject it seems fit and of my interest. I have done a diploma in Banking Laws in which I have studied International Banking and Trade. This also motivated me to learn more about the international structure of trade, commerce and banking.

In Pakistan, there are favourable conditions and amiable environment for the lawyers expert in international trade and commerce. Pakistan is now coming forward for international trade and lawyers are always required to deal with the difficulties known as formalities. This is also a way to serve my country and people, and no exaggeration to serve whole mankind. For the future, I anticipate excelling in a leading multinational law practice, specializing in international commercial law, utilizing my international exposure and experience. I will never forget where I have come from, and will always be there for my people and country to guide them, help them and assist their legal needs.

I am aware of the fact that sound interpersonal skills and motivation of team spirit are the basic personal qualities required of a good legal practitioner/researcher, so I have been very active in taking part in various social activities during the undergraduate period. I had taught in different private couching centers and this surely made me the one who can deal with expected and unexpected questions, face and guide people with different views and thoughts. I learned more through participating in many social welfare events organised by NGOs. This social work experience made me realize that I must make helping others an integral part of my career and I am of the view that we must constantly strive to touch the lives of the people around us. I personally believe that this is the best suitable time to prepare and develop myself and to take a wise decision so that I can continue pursuing my career in the same enthusiastic way I have started. After getting admission, with all my efforts, I will prove myself a humble post-graduate and hopefully will become more productive, constructive and valuable. The opportunity of attending the LL.M course abroad which certainly gives me dynamic legal view is not only exciting to me but is really incredible. By getting education and valuable experience of life, I will be completely prepared for achieving my goals.