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This document aims at defining the overall software requirement for extra-curricular activities software .Efforts have been made to define the requirements exhaustively and accurately.The final product will be having only features/functionalities mentioned in this document and assumptions for any additional functionality/feature should be made by any of the parties involved in developing/testing/implementing/using this product.In case, it is required to have some additional features, a formal change request will need to be raised and subsequently a new release of this document and/or product will be produced.

The purpose of Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document is to describe the external behavior of the extra-curricular activities system. Requirements Specification defines and describes the operations, interfaces, performance, and quality assurance requirements of the extra-curricular activities System. The document also describes the nonfunctional requirements such as the user interfaces. It also describes the design constraints that are to be considered when the system is to be designed, and other factors necessary to provide a complete and comprehensive description of the

requirements for the software. The Software Requirements Specification (SRS) captures the complete software requirements for the system, or a portion of the system.

The srs captures all the requirements in a single document. The extra-curricular activities system that is to be developed will provide the complete list of events that will occur in university,online registration of students, results of various events and many other facilities. The extra-curricular activity system is supposed to have the following features: The system provides the login facility to user. The system provides the members with the option to check their account 24*7. It would display complete list of events with proper date and time of event commencement. It would display results of each participant at his/her respective login ids. Co-ordinators availability at the campus/premises and their contact information would be updated regularly. TM Norton Ghost 14.0 is provided for efficient memory recovery. Intel core-2 duo processors and thunderbolt i/p and o/p for fast access.


Following abbreviations have been used throughout document:I/P O/P S/W Req. Input Output Software Requirements


IEEE recommended practice for s/w req. specifications-IEEE std 830-1993 www.

The rest of this document describes the various system req. , interfaces, features and functionalities in detail. The overall description section of this document gives an overview of the functionality of the product. It describes informal req. and is used to establish a context of the technical req. specifications.The next specification of this document is primarily written for the developers and describes in technical terms the details of the

functionality of the product. Both section of document describes the same s/w product in its entirety.

This project is meant for managing co-curricular activities.It will be a web based software,time to time updation of important information , online registration will be possible. It would display complete list of events , mention proper date and time of event commencement. Contact information of respective teachers and head coordinators of each event would be maintained in database. Their time of availability at campus would be updated regularly. Separate login id for co-ordinators and participants would be there. Result of each participant would be displayed at their respective login id.


Extra-curricular activities s/w is a web based s/w.It is a package to be used by teaching staff, administrators, students of same college and also of other colleges. The system to be developed will benefit greatly the members of the institute as it would increase the efficiency.


Biometric card reader.


The application will have a user friendly and menu based interface.Following screens will be provided. The design or layout of every form will be very clear and very interactive to the user. When the user open the software the welcome window will appear. In the login window the user can easily entered the desired password and login name. Then it will give the successfully login message.

From each and every window the user can easily go to any desired window that is there is will be a absolute and relative linking. In every window & Mac there is option is present for the ease of user. help and support

There will be a proper collection of GUI interface, which will provide better look and feel. In each and every window there will be alert, confirm etc message box for displaying message. There will be a screen displaying list of events along with their commencement date and time.

For administrators there would be screen displaying list of sponsors and cash withdrawn/deposited.

There would be screen displaying online councellor. The report/result of each event could be printed.


Screen resolution of at least 800*600 required for proper and complete viewing of screens.Higher resolution would not be problem. Support for printer (dot matrix/desk jet/ink jet etc any will do)-that is, appropriate drivers are installed and printer connected will be required for printing of result. Network based system required. Biometric card reader.


Any window based operating system(windows 98/2000/xp/NT). Visual basic for coding/developing the s/w. TM Norton Ghost 14.0 for efficient recovery of the memory of the system.

A firewall will be used with the server to prevent unauthorized access to the system. Edunext s/w would be employed for better understanding of students by using new hi class H.2, High class v,High class plus.




At least 64 MB RAM and 2 GB space on hard disk will be required for running the application.

The system will provide a RESET SYSTEM function that will delete (upon confirmation from the administrator) all the existing information from the database.


The terminals at client site will have to support the h/w and s/w interfaces specified in above section.


The system will allow access only to authorized users with specific roles. Depending upon the users role, he/she will be able to access only specific modules of the system. A summary of the major functions that the s/w will perform: A login facility for enabling only authorized access to the system. Administrator will be able to RESET the system leading to deletion of all existing information. Provision is there for full backup of system. Administrator would update the co-ordinators time of availability at the campus/premises and their contact information regularly. Administrators would update the cash withdrawn/ deposited. Co-ordinators will be able to validate the registration forms. Administrators will be able to update/delete existing user account.


The users of the system are teaching staff, students, sponsors and the administrators who maintain the system. The members and the librarian are assumed to have basic knowledge of the computers and Internet browsing. The administrators of the system to have more

knowledge of the internals of the system and is able to rectify the small problems that may arise due to disk crashes, power failures and other catastrophes to maintain the system. The proper user interface, users manual, online help and the guide to install and maintain the system must be sufficient to educate the users on how to use the system without any problems. Technical expertise: should be comfortable using general purpose applications on a computer.

Its constraints are that only those students of other colleges should be given login id who are participating in any event since memory of database is limited. Cash withdrawn/deposited in institution trust and list of financial expenditure incurred for buying equipment required for various events would be visible to everyone.


The users have sufficient knowledge of computers.The institute computer should have internet connection and internet server capabilities.The user know the English language , as the user interface will be provided in English.


Not required.

This section contains the s/w requirements to a level of detail sufficient to enable designers to design the system, and testers to test the system. 3.1 EXTERNAL INTERFACE REQUIREMENTS 3.1.1 USER INTERFACES The following screen will be provided:LOGIN SCREEN This will be the first screen that will be displayed.It will allow user to access different screens based upon the users role. Various field available on the screen will be:

USER ID: Alphanumeric of length upto 15 characters. PASSWORD: Alphanumeric of length upto 10 characters.

EVENT SCREEN It would display complete list of events along with the commencement date and time.There will also be online councellor for helping user.