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y PTA ae . BREED L ? * c es . dae Net es F 5 Coming Forth To You From The Holy a \ Tabernacle Ministries _ = THE ELITE FEW. THE 144,000 — Does Religion Breed Ignorance? Authored By: Dr. Malachi Z. York For The Holy Tabernacle Ministries 1994 A.D. Does Religion Breed Ignorance? Introduction When You Look At Religion In These Modern Days And Times With All Of The Advanced Technology, Most Of What Were: Miracles In The Bible And The Koran, Scientists Are Performing In Labotatories Today. For Instance, Controlling The Weather, The Immaculate Conception Or Birth Without Two Partners, The Altering Of Molecules, Hovering In The Air, The Resuscitation Or Bringing People Back Who Had Died, And I Can Go On. So You Have To Look And See What Purpose Does Religion Play In The World Today. Let's Take A Look At Just What Religion Breeds: Racism Hatred Separation Ignorance War e¢o¢ oe Oo In Fact, You Can Not Name A Conflict In The World That Does Not Involve Religion And The Millions Upon Millions Of Innocent People That 1