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How to Strengthen Democracy Why Anna is Right The Knowledge a Tool to Fight for Change

This article instinctively written in view of the turmoil and silent revolution and the violent revolution going around the world seeking change the subject is open to debate Democracy is defined as Government of the people, by the people, for the people. The institution called democracy has a structure and functioning process. This institution its structure and function is probably are written with intellectual foresight giving full scope for human mind and its thinking at individual and collective level to evolve from time to time. The democratic institution and its functionary can only be understood from the living point of view of nature. The democratic institute is designed to awaken human consciousness and intelligence; through feedback mechanism and information build up and lead them to Truth. We must know that human quest is to know Truth of Nature and Life and its perpetual existence in time. Living Universe Theory of East says that Universe is Conscious and Intelligent being and we are simply individuated beings born from it. The Living Theory of East has two basic components; the creation and sustenance. Creation occurs through Unconditional Love and in Free Will. But the sustenance of the created system calls for Justice and Truth. Democracy works to maintain justice and truth and thus maintain the system. When the system gets deteriorated, by virtue of change in human thinking, it looses information and goes into darkness. The democratic system is designed such that the system can recover the information and come back to life. Vedas we must note divides Universal Time Cycle, into four phases by virtue of deterioration of Truth and Justice by certain quantum proportions. The Vedas and other spiritual scriptures does say that we art in the last Phase called Kali-Yuga. This means that Universe has birth and death. How death gives way to life and vice-versa forming perpetual cycle is not well explained though it exists subtly written in it. This truth can be briefly written from the fact, when individuated consciousness and intelligence seeks self at the cost of the Creator the deterioration begins. The way out of it subtly written is to sacrifice self this reality needs to be understood in relation to the present time.

How democracy works and Types of Democracy

Democracy works to develop information and advance in freedom. Here is an example how, democracy develops information and advances. For example, think that a political leader proposes to start his speech and end it with huge fire works and people say yes. Then they will end in cleaning the mess and paying for it. This develops a pierce of information, that makes them say no the second time. In true democracy there can only be two choices and one objective. The two choices are yes or no at each bifurcating points. The objective is to progress towards peace and stability. The information development here is linear and makes positive progresses in time, unfolding new realities. When you have multiple party and multiple choices, it causes a camouflage and delays the development of positive information. Here, the freedom in democracy, gives scope for expression of negative side of human mind and thus system can go into negative state. But it cannot stop unfolding of information. Here the system takes a non linear approach. It gets stressed by feed back to its critical point. At the critical point even a small vent will lead to a huge explosion and transformation of the system.

This means the basic objective of democracy is to give scope to development of information and knowledge. It is powered by an instinct within humanity to find peace and order. It is to march from darkness to Life.

Two Possible Directions to Democracy

y Democracy can be powered by two inherent forces in humanity; the fear and love. One look at the world shows that modern day democracies in the absence of truth are powered by fear and thus manifest as conquering motive and corruption. The west or the first type of democracy is largely conquering in its motive and the east [second type democracy] is largely corrupt. Here the system gives scope for the negative side of humanity to express. Here people with negative mind and thinking end up in power and hide behind it. This means on the whole the democracy in the modern world is directed the negative way. We are yet to see the positive side of democracy a democracy that is be powered by Love, Truth and Justice. It should emerge from the darkness of the negative democracy. Probably we are in that critical transition phase from fear based democracy giving way to Love based democracy where truth and justice rules.

Indian democracy since freedom has taken a negative path of corruption, with leaders fighting the battle of elections on caste, money power, muscle power and such aspect. They drive into power, on votes mostly of the uneducated rural population and the money power of anti social selfish elements. No body can dispute this fact.

Understanding Democracy
Democracy need to be understood from living point of view on in the nonlinear way that determines life. We must note life is built on two foundations; the spiritual and material. The west and its thinking that is dominating the world are built around material thinking. The material thinking broke down several decades back, with the onset of quantum mechanics. This has led Einstein to say Humanity is going to need a substantial new way of thinking if it is to survive Since then advancement in science has creating more and more disorder. The type of democracy west practices, lack spiritual content and it is more leaned towards material knowledge and intellectual feed back from their scientific force. The west and its psyche look for answer to the external world. They see the opposite as enemy and their psyche is filed with fear and their advancement is powered by conquering motive. Their economy is largely built on war and selling weapons of war, their TV depicts and covers more of war and violence. In contrast east is more spiritual. If one takes note of ancient spiritual scriptures or knowledge base of India [Vedas] it says Universe as conscious and intelligent being. Not as material. It says we human beings are individuated consciousness and intelligence born from it. This fundamental difference between west and east is to be noted before we discuss democracy. The knowledge of ancient India were not developed by looking to the outside material world, but going beyond his mind/body and looking into the inner world of consciousness and intelligence. We must note and underline that the modern science has already evolving towards the Living Universe Theory and it is a matter of time before the west yields to east and its thinking. India had knowledge, cultures, practices that are much more superior to the west. They had complete explanation for the Universal system and its functioning. This probably did spread to the world at some point of time and in time it got diluted and eventually lost, paving the way for inferior [material] knowledge to rule us. We must underline that the Great Man Gandhi brought, physical liberation to India from the clutches of the powerful west and their material power, by non violence. Unfortunately, the mind and psyche of Indians were not liberated from the clutches of western thinking. India instead of unearthing their own wealth and resources became slave to the west and their thinking. The negative side of Indians took hold leading to corruption and strangulation of the flow. With Globalization it has peaked as never before leading the system to critical state, where the system is stressing humanity to awaken to his consciousness and intelligence. Democracy is centered on people and their freedom of thinking. The freedom gives two choices to a situation presented; yes or no. But when the people and their thinking are self centered and aligned with material force, it is inevitable that deterioration and death of the system happens. Modern knowledge that is material centered under western thinking is very clearly taking a path to self destruction. From the knowledge of modern science, it is gravitational collapse [linear science],

from non- linear science it means peaking to disorder and destruction, from the living point it is death. The fundamental question here is how time direction comes into being and how death is conquered. The non linear science that describes life and information flow, tells us that as the system peaks to near critical state and tends to collapse a Strange Attractor State develops in the system and the system collapses into new order around it. The question how death or time direction comes into being is best understood from creation described in spiritual scriptures. It tells us we humans are created in the image of the creator using mud or matter and life was breathed into us. Thus it gives spiritual reality as well as material reality to life. This was fallowed by restriction from the creator not eat from the tree at the center. This center depicts the point to which the entire material world in time points. The restrictive order needs to be understood as a restriction to us from moving away from the creator and seeking his Self and becoming slave to material world. It is inevitable that when the cells of a living system becomes cancerous and works against the system, the system collapses. All living system works against gravity and time directed to death; the only living system that works with it is human being who is distanced from his Creator. The arguments from above is that the deterioration begins when our spiritual knowledge power/and spirituality begins to fade and material affinity comes in to bring. It should be recalled that ancient east [Vedas] divided people by virtue of the quality each persons have, thus we have priest, who are supposed hold light and led humanity in the right path. We have kings, who is a warrior who fight for truth and justice and gives judgment. We have a trader who take from the primary producers and creates flow to sustain the system. And common man who strives to sustain the system. The march to darkness from light, [loss of information] manifest as light deteriorates and people when people the highest realm began to falter and began to seek self. It does not mean we have people of high quality and low quality. Each individual has all these characters, one of them dominates. Each category has good and bad people. The time tends from Good to bad. The system looses spiritual information and knowledge. This means every one falls to the lowest level. It restoration now calls for salvation of our souls from the lowest level and institute its back to its original level glorious level. This is creation though Unconditional Love with free will. Here people, shift along the scale of quality expressed by intent in the heart. Creation gives free will to humans take the positive or negative path of conquering motive and corruption. Initially every one takes this path but the feed back mechanism by which information develops, awakens many when the system tends to critical state. They resist the unilateral journey to death and destruction. This awakening is called as consciousness awakening and return to the root. At some it becomes inevitable to break lose from the darkness and emerge such that the system can be transformed into Golden Age. Lot of awakening is occurring in all religious institutions. But religious institution bound by boundaries by it self creates a self. Thus Christ chose common people as His advocates spoke against Jews and the religious leaders of that time.

It is apparent that in modern day parliamentary democracy has become seat for people with evil intent. There can hardly few who can be declared other wise. We cannot not blame the politicians, for we are corrupt in our thinking and its reflecting in the system. We chose and sent them. It is very well known reality that the political offices come to power, by money power, muscle power, on caste and creed, distributing alcohol and so on. They play on the weakness of humanity and much of the vote bank of rural uneducated. We cannot expect a good parliamentary democracy on such path. The democracy we must note is designed to counter this with a parallel body, headed by president and governors, who actually takes the oath from the parliamentarian to serve the people. These offices are called consciousness of the democratic system. But these powerful offices are kept as puppet. These offices have some right to appoint eminent persons in the society parliamentarian democracy. Here too political offices intrude. These offices can be understood as autonomous nervous system of the body, which controls the vital internal organs of the body. The autonomous Nervous system appears recessive and toothless. But it is most powerful system part of the living system. It deals with flight and fight, when life stressed to critical state. It is said even deer takes enormous power from the system, when it is cornered and does fights a lion. What we need is to do strengthen this autonomous system. Making sure it gets filled with people who are uncorrupt and selfless and social integrity. The biggest achievement, of Anna Hazare is the awakening of peoples consciousness. This eventually should lead to Light and help humanity find order and peace. It is time democracy advances from negative to positive side, with knowledge and light.