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Colored Pencils

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Pencil Pressure
1.Most beginning colored pencil artists use light pressure which gives their artwork the look of a simple drawing. With any color of your choice, fill in the oval using light pressure.

2. Skilled colored pencil artists gradually increase pressure which gives their artwork the professional look of a painting. With any color of your choice, fill in the oval using heavy pressure.

3. Colored Pencils are transparent meaning that the color of one pencil applied under another will create a new, blended color. In the rectangle below gradually blend together yellow and blue colored pencils. Start with light pressure and gradually increase to heavy pressure.

4. Painting with colored pencils requires the artist to layer color over and over again. A small set of colored pencils can be blended together to create hundreds of additional colors.

5. Applying white, gray or other light colors can result in burnishing. Burnishing will create a milky, creamy effect and cannot be undone.

Wax Bloom
A waxy, filmy coating will usually cover thick colored pencil paintings. Many colored pencil artists will spray their work with a varnish to stop wax bloom.

Brands of Colored Pencils

Crayola Derwent Prismacolor Prismacolor Verathin

30 Colored Pencil Blends Blended Colored Pencil Value Scale Colored Pencil Sphere Colored Pencil Fish Colored Pencil, Patterned Shoe

Colored Pencils are a highly versatile and quality media preferred by many artists.