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Outline: Diverse Human Communication Barriers

I Introduction: Diverse Human Communication Barriers;DO YOU FEEL LIKE YOU ARE
A)Understanding the many components theat create different communication barriers;either
separately or intergrated
B)Clarification of language,cultural, gender ,theological,and computer generated
communication barriers across society.
C)Understanding the of the interrelated cohesiveness of language barriers,computer related
language barriers,cultural
barriers and gender communication barriers.
D)To begin with a clear definition of the words communication
,barrier,language,culture,gender,lingo,theological must be identified.
i)Communication as defined in webster is:noun: the act of communicating; transmiting
ii)the exchange of thoughts,messages,or informationas by speech ,signal,writing ,or
iii)interpersonal rapport

E)Barrier as defined by webster:noun: A structure,such as a fence ,built to bar passage

i)something immaterial that obstructs or impedes

F)Language as defined by webster:noun:communication of thoughts and feelings through a

system of arbitrary signals
such as voice sounds,gestures,or written symbols
ii)such a system including its rules for combining its components,such as words.
iii)such a system as used by a nation or people or other distinct community, often
contrasted with dialect
G)Gender as defined by webster:noun sexual identity especially in relation to society or
ii)The condition of being male or female; sex
H)Culture as defined by webster:noun totality of socially transmitted behavior
patterns,arts,beliefs,institutions,and all other products of human work and thought.
I)Lingo as defined by webster noun language that is unintelligible or unfamiliar
ii)specialized vocabulary of a particular field or discipline
J)Theological adjective of or relating to theologyor to a specialized religious study

II The history of communication barriers is well documented in the Biblical book of

Genesis,where it is recorded that the
ancient babylonians were attempting to construct a tower to heaven.God decided man could
accomplish anything when in communication with one another and therefore made them all to
speak different languages so there would be confusion amongst them.

III Many studies have been done on these diverse and seperate communication barriers.These
various effects with regards to communication barriers have been researched as well as the
correlation and intergration of some intertwined or all working together.
i)Language communication barriers are probably the most widely recognized and
encountered.Through history;from biblical times as recorded in Genesis man has had language
communication barriers.
a)Modern language communication difficulties are exemplified by the new computer
age bearing abbreviated words ,letters and numbers incorporated into whole conversational
structure.Any one who has not learned this" new "
language will definately encounter a communication barrier.
IV Very closely related to language communication barriers are cultural communication barriers.
i)Social norms in different regions of the world dictate the way a community, or nation
interacts with one another and impedes communications with other peoples from different
regions of the globe when met head on with differing or opposing cultures
a)opposing cultural differences and misunderstandings arise when cultures clash and
there is very little if any tolerance for comprehensive learning of different cultures from our
own.Simply put many people dont take the time to understand anything different from what one is
used to.

b)In direct correlation to cultural communication barriers is the added component of

theological considerations with many cultures in our world having based their cultures on their
religious beliefs.

c) These fundamental religious doctrines shape the way their cultures live and interact with
each other and other cultures in our world.

V Gender communication and miscommunication is profoundly affected by theological based

cultures,in addition to other components of gender communication barriers. Men and women
think differently and usually have opposing goals when communicating. Gender
miscommunication between men and women are just as diverse.Men think in terms of justice
while women are more nurturing by nature.these conflicting view points often create
miscommunication bewteen men and women for they are focused on two seperate goals.

VI In summary we will get an overall view of the major communication barriers and an
understanding of how they all
work together to contribute to miscommunication and creates barriers for people of different
languages,cultures, races,religious doctrines,regions,and gender.ehem.We face these
communication barriers everyday;wether in language while on the computer,at the grocery store
or at work.Better understaning of the ways to overcome them and the educational tools to
overcome them that are in existance to assist us in understanding them