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Head Office: 21 Al-Obour Building, Salah Salem Road, Office No.1 P.O.Box: 166 Panorama 6th of October- AlObour, Cairo, Egypt Tel.: (+202) 24022222, Fax: (+202) 24014222 Factory: 10th of Ramadan Industrial City, Area A1 Piece XID Tel.: (+2015) 411002, (+2015) 411742, Fax: (+2015) 411009

Planning on building or setting up a family home?

Having planned a home ourselves, we fully appreciate the task you have set yourself. We too, have spent many a brainstorming hour planning and calculating, eagerly looking forward to the day when we would be moving into our own four walls. We now realise that the most important thing about building is having reliable specialists to do the job architects, building contractors, tradesmen. We are glad to pass on the sound advice of the VEKA window expert. Always opt for quality. After all, you may be building for future generations. Having said that, we wish you lots of happiness in your new home.


Being a specialist enterprise, it stands to reason that we should resort to professional window technology provided by the worlds market leader. The fact that VEKA window profiles have been used in the construction of over 100 million windows and doors is not pure coincidence. We fully endorse our customers views and the optimum experience they have gained with VEKA progressive systems.

We have been living here for nearly three years now and are content in every respect. Karl-Heinz, Hildegard, Bettina and Bjrn Brands.

New lease of life for old houses enhanced by modern styling features
There is a particular charm about old houses that makes them attractive to so many people, especially when adapted to modern standards of comfort. This accounts for the great amount of care applied to renovation, regardless of whether it is a half-timbered or Art Nouveau styled building or a terrace-type house. What seems more obvious than to give an old house a permanent new lease of life by opting for the right choice of window, thus upgrading it to standards of modern comfort ! Drawing on our professional experience as a VEKA specialist enterprise ensures that your home is good hands. We warrant stylish custom designs combined with professional standards of assembly.

Avoiding blunders that mar appearances . . .

No matter whether regarded from in- or outdoors, windows qualify for prime importance in the styling of walls and faades. They can assume slimline, aesthetic design features or appear monstrous and repulsive. They can impart attractiveness and vividness to a building or make it look boring and dismal. They can also have either a positive or negative impact on your personal style of living or outlook. Acting as your VEKA specialists, we go all out to ensure that no blunders occur likely to mar appearances. We can say that with assurance, able to respond with a vast range of over 1,200 SOFTLINE frames, glazing bars and complementary profiles to realise any given styling feature including the most challenging designs.


& aesthetic

Feeling at home in houses designed at their very best VEKA windows and doors constructed of time-tried materials.

No matter whether you state a preference for round, caged or segmental-arched windows, we shape everything to suit your personal taste.

. . . w h i l e a d d i n g a s p l a s h o f c o l o u r.
Our range of doors and windows complemented by a whole diversity of colourful finishes caters for versatility down to the very last detail. The design your VEKA windows is not limited to white, brown and wood finishes. We are also able to respond with scarlet, a striking shade of blue, emerald green, zinc-toned yellow and many other vivid nuances. It goes without saying that the surfaces are ideally weatherproof, resistant to ageing and fast to light. Not even an aggressive industrial environment or briny sea-air stand a chance.

Love at first sight

This historic shaped window design was reconstructed with precision from maintenancefree SOFTLINE sections and . . .

. . . styled to the peak of perfection by tastefully added glazing bars.

How come, you look a house and find it so admirable? You enter a room and sense a congenial atmosphere. What is it that creates this spontaneous charm? The answer can be found in the harmonious blend of detail, i.e. the interior shape and design, the colour of the furniture, the curtains, the windows and last but not least, the window glazing bars. It may be the roofing tiles, oriels or the window frames that qualify for attention

and yet once again it is the glazing bars that attract the eye. One important point to remember is to have the right size of glazing bar, not too large and not too small. Another secret is proper dimensioning of the individual compartments. To ensure that your dream of having glazing-bar windows does not end up being a nightmare we provide a consultancy service based on actual models and work out the most effective arrangement of the glazing bars to suit your personal requirements.

The art of framing quality features

If the elegant appearance of our SOFTLINE windows and doors has impressed you, perhaps you would like to know more about what distinguishes these progressive section systems. The quality of a frame largely depends on its inherent features of design. A great deal of testing was necessary before we opted for VEKA section systems and we can safely assure you that all your windows and doors are constructed using this multi-compartment frame with its distinctive design features.


& stability


Unusually attractive VEKA SOFTLINE frame. VEKA multi-compartment system with its shape-retaining features and efficient insulation properties. Draught-free design catered for by double special sealing strips built for long service life. Distinct reduction in heating costs and pollutant emission. Optimum sound insulation for peaceful living comfort. Absolute weatherproof and age-resistant materials. Completely eliminates cost of painting.

Smooth, hygienic and easy-care frame finishes. Ideal stability using metal reinforcements in conformity with VEKA guidelines. Modern high-grade thermopane-glazing.

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Savings galore ...

Economy begins with the initial or restorative paint coat. This saving of cost is due to VEKA synthetic windows and doors being constructed of a time-tried highly impact resistant material. Special formulas ensure outstanding resistance to weathering and ageing even under extreme climatic conditions. This explains why VEKA windows are so easy to maintain and why they retain their lasting attractive appearance. VEKA windows are smooth and non-porous thus facilitating upkeep. They only need to be cleaned with a mild, environmentally friendly detergent. By the way, this is a hygienic window design recommended by the medical profession in cases where allergy prevails.

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Warding off intruders . . .

Never a day goes by without news of house-breaking and burglary. Statistics are alarmingly high! The standard features of VEKA proprietary windows embody a high degree of safety. This can be enhanced by fitting appropriate hardware, glass and security handles designed in accordance with the guidelines laid down for burglar-deterrent windows.

Exorbitant Air Conditioning bills ...

heat gain while making a distinct impact on cutting air conditioning bills. Not only that, they contribute to protecting Natures resources as well as reducing air pollution.

VEKA proprietary windows satisfy the requirements stipulated in the new thermal insulation regulations applicable to new buildings and renovations. Installing VEKA windows enables you to prevent OUR ADVICE IS THERE FOR THE ASKING
We will be glad to give advice on issues relating to energy consumption and the climate and to assist in determining the k-value for your new building project. On renovated projects this must not be allowed to exceed 1.8 W/m2 K.

Noise-level Range

Stipulated Sound Insulation

VEKA Window System


Sound Insulation Class Degree of Sound Insulation 1 = 25 29 dB 2 = 30 34 dB 3 = 35 39 dB 4 = 50 dB and more

0 = 50 dB 1 = 51 55 dB 2 = 56 60 dB 3 = over 70 dB

25 dB 30 dB 35 dB 50 dB


2 x 4 mm + 16 mm LZR 2 x 4 mm + 16 mm LZR 8 + 4 mm + 12 mm LZR 6 + 4 mm normal glass

... or nerve-racking noise!

Peace and quiet in the home enhances the quality of life. Medical science in fact testifies to excessive noise affecting the health. Applying the VEKA system range enables us to provide the right degree of sound insulation to suit your individual requirements. Depending on the given ambient noise level (decibel) we recommend the use of special glazing, composite or box-type windows as well as computing the relevant cost.
VEKA sound-insulated windows serve to put a stop to disturbing noise and cater for peace and quiet.

Distinguished quality features

Raw materials, section materials and window properties undergo rigorous conbacked by quality certificates awarded by leading international institutes. Being an authorised specialist enterprise, we
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trol at the VEKA Central Testing Laboratories. Not only that, VEKA systems are

manufacture VEKA windows and doors using computer-controlled precision machinery in strict compliance with the guidelines laid down by the system provider. In addition, our qualified production and assembly personnel ensures that your order is executed with utmost care.

VEKA Professional people with a sense of commitment

VEKA ranks world-wide as a leading manufacturer of synthetic window systems and draws on trend-setting production technologies as applied to rawmaterial processing and section production. This contributes to the extremely long service-life distinguishing these quality products. Should they become discarded at any time due to rebuilding operations or demolition, VEKA responds, in conjunction with a large group of specialist enterprises, in taking the products back for optimum re-utilisation at the companys own recycling plant.

The main VEKA plant. This 280,000 m2 complex focuses on the production of sections for the construction of windows, doors and roller-blinds geared to optimum quality standards.


Assisted by the worlds most modern recycling plant, the VEKA Environmental Technology Division warrants optimum recycling facilities.