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Many people would say that he's the killer of millions of innocent people during his time but

the other side of him, he's kind and also has a good heart. He was also concern to his people when it comes to health and German scientist a re the one who invented the pain killers. All the people on earth have their own reasons why they become evil. etecetera are also kind and nice but it does not mean that they are bad because of the things they have done. Sometimes they have been influenced by the environ ment they grew up. You would never know that the person you knew as a kidnapper gave his money to the orphanage or he would need money to help his family in deb t. Rosa who worked as a maid said that Adolf Hitler was a kind man. There's a reas on why Adolf Hitler hated Jews and we don't know what is it. He's the massive ki ller in the human society but the other side of it, he done good things to other people Adolf Hitler has his own ideal world. Ideal world for the society of his own cou ntry. Adolf Hitler has his own ideal world. Ideal world for the society of his own cou ntry. For those who believe in him, have faith in him, loyal and followers becom e secured except those people who are Jews. They are secured because Adolf Hitle r gave them free schooling, free hospitalization etcetera. They consider Adolf H itler as a hero. He is a pure evil in the eyes of the human society but I believ e, Adolf Hitler has the good side for being the evil ruler of his own country al though, in the history of all mankind, he killed thousand of thousand Jews Chris tian in the country. The only difference is Adolf Hitler did not treat equally t o other people who are Jews. He really hates Jews and he has the power to kill t hem all. He consider himself as a God or he acts as a God to everyone. Everyone in the whole world have faith in God although they are some who are not a Christian. People have different religion like Iglesia ni Kristo, Mormons, Un iversal church, Protestant etcetera even they don't see how much our world we li ve is chaos in the human society, they still have faith in God. Adolf Hitler, as a ruler, did his best to give satisfaction to all his people except Jews by bei ng a dictatorial in his country. The people who are living in the reality and th eir faith have been combine into one because they see Adolf Hitler like a God wh o give them everything to be secured. For the Christian, they have faith in God but the reality they are living is chaos to the perception of other people who a re not Christian or people who called them as Christian in words.