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REAL TIME EMBEDDED SYSTEM EMBEDDED SYSTEM CONCEPTS Introduction to Embedded System:Embedded Product Life Cycle, Design Issues,

and Real Time examples: Process Control, Interrupts, Memory, Application of DSP in Embedded systems, Embedded Debugging - Emulators, Simulators, Debuggers, JTAG, ROM Monitor building Embedded Software. EMBEDDEDSYSTEM PROGRAMMING LANGUGAGE: Advanced C & Data structure: C compilation process, C Data types, Operators , Arrays-single & multidimensional Arrays, Passing Arrays to function pointers, Structures - Processing a structure, Passing Structures to function, Self referential structures, Memory allocation in C, File handling Data structures-Stack, Queue, Linked lists, Binary tree, Binary Search Tree. C++: Introduction to OOPS & C++ , C++ Classes & objects, friend classes, Constructors and Destructors, The C++ free store, Polymorphism Inheritance, ISO features, The IO-stream Library, Templates- Function templates, Class templates, Exception Handling, STL EMBEDDEDSYSTEM HARDWRE: Networking & Device Communication Interface: Introduction to Networking & Topology, Network Protocols-TCPIP, IPV6, ARP, RARP, Application Protocols - FTP, SMTP, TFTP, HTTP, Embedded ProtocolsCAN, I2C, SPI Computer Hardware Architecture: Introduction to Hardware Architecture, Input/Output Architecture, Principles of Computer Designs RISC/CISC, Von Neumann and Harvard Architectures,Emerging Bus Standards PCI, USB OPERATING SYSTEMS & RTOS: Operating System Principles: Process Management & (IPC & Synchronization), Memory Management, I/O subsystem, File System Organization, Unix Internals:Unix & OS Utilities, Editors Vi, Introduction to Shell , Kernel, Buffer, Management System, File Management System , Process Management System, Scheduling Techniques, MMU , Inter Process Communication, Signals ,Pipes, (FIFOS), Sys V IPC, Socket Programming, Shell Programming, Make file, pthreads, Debugging using GDB tool RTOS Concepts & RTOS - Vxworks :OS Vs RTOS, Types of RTS, Kernel Types, Components, Scheduling, Characteristics, Multitasking techniques, States, Deadlock, Priority Inversion, Inheritance, Ceiling. Overview of Tornado / VxWorks facilities, Boot & download object modules to VxWorks target, Use of Tornado tools to perform cross- development, Wind view to analyze a multitasking application, Control & communicate between, tasks executing under VxWorks, Use of timers for periodic code execution, VxWorks primitives to access resources exclusively to synchronize actions of different tasks, Reconfigure Vxworks, linking in user-defined code & targeting Motorola Embedded board, Board support package Linux-Device Driver: Introduction to Device Drivers, Configuration & installing the Kernel, Loadable Modules -Compiling, Loading, Exporting, Character Device drivers major & minor numbers, mknod, registering driver & driver methods, Tracing & Debugging, IOCTLs, Blocking & wait Queues, Memory Management, I/O ports & Interrupts, Time Management & Task Queues, Synchronization, Block & Network driver concepts, Case Study- Serial Port Driver. EMBEDDED MICROCONTROLLER : Introduction - 8051 Architecture,Instruction Set, Interrupts,Timers, Serial Communication, Master Slav Configuration, Assembly programming, Embedded C Memory types, Functions &

ISRs, Control directives, C mixed with Assembly, Embedded C programming, Hardware Interfacing Stepper Motor, ADC, LCD, DAC, Relay, 8255 , 8279 & Display Interface, 7 segment display, Motor. ARM7 Architecture & Organization. DC