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Shubham Mitta l

Master in Science Construction Project Management STATEMENT OF PURPOSE

Nowadays civil engineering field is no more a field based on traditional activities. Modernization, and globalization has brought together the most revolutionizing and rapid processes of execution of work keeping in mind various environmental aspects and interdisciplinary practices. New targets are being set; new unimaginable projects are being launched day by day. A kind of competition is generated to be in front row by making marvels on which everybody can feel proud and all this to be achieved in minimum possible time. New records are being set in civil engineering field which has changed the whole scenario. I developed an interest in civil engineering during my final years of schooling. I learnt Autocad at entry level in my college. Knowledge of Autocad helped me a lot to imagine things. I used to make various buildings first in 2D and then converting it in 3D as per my imagination. My mentor provided me the right opportunity to move ahead with my goals. He was the first person who changed my view about designs and execution of construction projects. By second year of my engineering I developed an ability to think laterally and understand the varied aspects of design and detailing. This knowledge helped me a lot to understand my college lectures easily. Then in my final year of graduation my lecturers started giving me various different activities of design and drawing which was provided to me as part time work. This trust of my lecturers in me helped me to develop a confidence in myself to handle any kind of responsibility which was provided to me. Im working with Harish Chandra (India) Limited a reputed construction firm based in Delhi. My designation of Site cum Planning Engineer helped me a lot to learn basics of construction process and kind of planning required for execution of work. The eminent guidance from seniors And responsibilities to execute the given target within given time changed my view. The success and failures forced me to think that is it sufficient to have basic knowledge of civil engineering for execution of work? I was executing work as per targets using the resources available. But somewhere I had a feel that Im a part of crowd. This stimulated me to go for post graduate program. As a responsible engineer I felt, I should understand the reasons behind given designs, management skills and economics behind a project, so that I can analyze the kind of problems I confront in execution and planning of complex projects across the broad range of infrastructure sector and context. With this very concern I aspire to pursue further studies in construction management. The postgraduate program will provide opportunities to develop specialist skills complementary to my previous professional qualification. I believe it is necessary to have international exposure to be successful in an increasingly integrated economy. My desire to pursue a Masters degree in United Kingdom stems from that fact that, few countries provide a better confluence of academic, technological and cultural realms. Interaction with people from all over the world should help me achieve a global vision to realize my objective. The decision to study at Herriot Watt University, Edinburgh is its program, which is unique in integrating theory with practice. The course would provide me the best opportunity to combine facets of construction management with the practical aspect of the infrastructure industry. With highly experienced faculty and well integrated modules, I find Herriot Watt University, Edinburgh most appropriate to fulfill my academic pursuit. I look forward to studying at this eminent institution. I am aware of the demanding nature of the profession and equally confident that given an opportunity, I can contribute towards a more sustainable and resourceful society.