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7 BOMBING HEATHER There have been no reports on the movement o the German Fleet since f it was observed last nonth converging in the waters of northern Norway. This fleet, it is reported on good authority, numbers at least three first-class battleships and four aircraft carriers in addition to an unknown'number of cruisers and destroyers. Such a fleet at large in the Atlantic could well forecast the beginning *f those air attacks with which Hitler threatened America last month That -e Office o - Civilian Defense fe f is not unaware c the proximity of f this threat was demonstrated last week in the address made by Col. Frank EfcNamee, Jr., assistant regional OCD director, at the opening in New York of a five-day intensive course in civilian protection for defense officials of New York,New Jersey and Delaware. "You may','he warned his listeners, "be getting into the big gelme any moment now. With the improvement in weather conditions ve are likely to get it at any time, We must be prepared to meat this offensive," Cok also stressed the need of special knowledge and skill in the performance of defense duties Boiled down, this means that the war, as Britons and Germans and Italians have known it,is all too likely to come to us this spring at any hour of the dajr or night, and that wo should bo ready to meet the emergency. Preparation now may pay dividends in lives savedt

April 12, 1943 REQUIRED TRAINING A deadline has been set by the zone v/ardens for the completion of wardens* and firewatchers* training. Those who havo not completed their training by that time will be dropped from the service, except for those sectors where coverage is not adequate or where illness has made"completion of training impossible. As most of you know, New Jersey Civilian Defense regulations specify that wardens* and fire-, watchers* armbands arc to be worn only by those who havo completed the courses and havo'been fingerprinted, and sworn in. To date 564 wardens and 215 firewatchers havo completed all the courses and received their identification cards* Special commendation is duo tlio following sectors in which all personnel have comnletoly qualified: Sector 10 Mr. H. H. French " 3F Mr. H. G. Hartley 1 1 5A Mr. Ralph Morison * ! 5C Mr,, Frank HumricJi " 7C Mr, J. T. Buchanan " 7D Mr. Norman Mattico 9 5G Mr. W. S. Me Comb Sector Wardens D.H.Wolfe, Donald Arrowsmith and Kenneth Hamilton of Sectors I'A, VII A, and Til B, respectively, deserve praise for the fine effort which brought thoir organizations to within a single member of 100% completion. Get after the members of your own organization who havo lagged behind in thoir training courses. Lct*s try to add twenty or more

THE ALERT sop tor's . to the 100$ list by this tiko-next month'! ' ... RECONNAISSANCE AGENTS. Mr. Albert C. Walker has bo.on appointed' eiXalrman of -tlio- committee . for Organisation and Training of Chemical Reconnaissance Agents".C ommi 11 oo momb c rs;ar c: I'. W. Robinson R.-'C. IlillerMi -R. Buffing ton BY- H. Knight .

Mr. Ko'nly has boon appointed Zone V/ardon,for Zono V I I . " K r . Gordon Ball heis done a Superb job os Deputy'-- pinch-hitting while M o ncure Carpondor has-:-been ill. Because p.f the pressure of business N Mr. ..]31auv:olt has. had to rosign as Zono *W-ardon of 'ZoneI, Mr. Barrett Gosling, who has boon Senior Sector V/ardon..;in,' Zone. I, Sector A, has oonsontod to take over tlio. job of' Ztine V/ardon. Zone Wardens have boon advised to instruct each Sector to establish a MnimuFi of throo di&out patrols a wepici' It is hopod that this will oliminatG any further criticism of our service. If you find porsistant violators, -a writton report should bo sent to Civilian , Defense Hoed quarter's AUXILIARY POLICE
"1Jr'"" "

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Tiiis group,is composed ofmon well qualified to adviso in tho handf!' ling; of chemical agents an! to".dor volop facilities for uso 'in Qpiiir. bating them. Upon complot-ion' of organization and training, Millburn w i n have a highly traincdpro-fessional group for gas defense, . MEDICAL DIVISION The OCD Medical Units are stilL in urgent nood of volunteers, men or women, who have had first aid training. Special instruction coursos under tho supervision of "our First Aid Post Doctors will "bo "announced from timo to time. If you have had first aid and can possibly fspairo tho time-, will you please "Volunteer at once through OCD Headquarters? AIR RAID WARDENS NEV/S AMD, NOTES

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Under tho supervision of Qhlof Wado and Captain Homer Wright, members of the Millburn Auxiliary Police were posted-"throughout the Township doing Traffic Duty and Radio Patrol, during tho month of Karch, It Is planned, to get tlio boys out soon on tho parade grounds for some foot drills and. q little limboring uo. Sorgeaiit Robert F. Smith of the First Socfion suggoatod a class . in. calisthenics, and there may be a class when the wea-thor permit^;;

Sergeant "Pip" Schroibor of the Your Zone Wardons meet the scscond Second Section is anxious to get Honday ofeach month to discuss up on tho pistol range again.Serimportant developments in Civilge ant' Ray' Wort endyke of Section ian Defense,*particularly those #3 has challenged'-"Pip" to a match, pertaining'-to the Air- Raid WarRay claims he .can break - 0 now.f 9 den Services.' Your Sector Ward.on The Police Range is pretty v / t ie will hold a mooting, during that yet, but you boys can be sure ifet week for''discussioa . of important you will get practice, as soon- as " points brought up at the Zone possible. V e are. planning / to ' Warden's'meeting. Got in" touch have a Pistol Team with Lieutenarb^ . with, your Sector Warden so that Joseph Swankie as Captain,to com you may 'know the dates of those 'pete with the neighboring Auxilimootings. ary Police Units. It. is also

THE ALERT" planned t o have a review of a l l auxiliary training,- such as PoS A L V A G E

lice duties,First Aid, et cetera,

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The salvage drives of the past year have kept the wheels of war production turning* With Scrap becoming scarce, these new drives will require extra effort and initiative ~* but the quotas must be iaeti A general Salvage collection, in-* eluding rags, brass, bronze, copper, aluminum, and lead will be made on April 28th, 3T tin cans S6 are wanted at this time*

On1 May 18th tin"cans will be collected, but it is important that you remember to process thfenr properly. All cans must be thoroughly washed and labels removed, Remove top and bottom, flatten and deposit in a container* Due to a delay in announcing th<? paper collection date, (it is now set for April 14th) it is doubtful if this issue of The Alert reaches you in time to be of help,

COMMUNITY GARDENS We of America have discovered that we can get along with less and still maintain a living standard far above the other peoplos of this war-torn world. In order, however, to keep our standards even up to their present reduced level, it is absolutely necessary that every one os.ooporato,not only in a strict observance of rationing rules, but whenever possible in tho production of additional food stuffs. Victory gardens have, In the'words of Civilian 'Defense -Director Leonard Drcyfuss, become "a Irving,_ vital Jaeoo&sity," M We must,." he " says, ''educate our citizens how to got along with less and loss, and if this war drags out ( and I am afraid it will ) , wo are really going to ba hard pressed." Millburn can point with pardonable pride to its record in tho matter of Victory Gardens.We wish to thank each individual groitp head for the effort and cooperation, without which the Neighborhood Gardens organization could not have functioned. We wish to thank. Mr. Harmon for the. splendid

wprk he has done, and lastly we wish to extend our very heartfelt gratitude to the owners of the various properties which have Section Glenwood Brook Haven Knollwood South Mountain. Wyoming Hilltop

been thrown open to local garden~ ars. Chairman 3?,B.Fellows of the Meighborhood Group Gardens Cornmittee makes the following report: Group Gardens 28 20 18 Using Community Garden 28 Report not -complete

Leader W, J, Stevenson L F, Robinson M 0, Diedrich F, M. Farming E. S p i t z , a s s i s t e d by E. Pfister L. " , V

Beeohoroft Day. Estates Cross Roads


Mrs. J . L. parsons, Jr Mrs. C. S, Purnell E. R. Wendemuth, Jr lf there are any omissions," says Mr Fellows, "they are uni.ntent;ional, If you have not "been thanked individually please consider yourself included*"

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