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A htel photo, an artists view 2011

Since 2005, the "Htels Paris Rive Gauche" group has organised a photo project "A Hotel Photo, An Artists View" aiming to support artistic creation and contemporary photography. The concept of the project is simple: each month we let a young photographer spend one night in one of the hotels belonging to the Htels Paris Rive Gauche group and allow him/her to submit one photo, and one piece of text inspired by his/her stay. The selected photograph, text and a presentation of the artists are given their own online gallery on our site. The prize Since 2007, the artists are also exposed in a prestigious venue in Paris (the Thtre de lOdon for the 2008 and 2009 editions) and are in the running for a 3000 euros prize, as well as another popular prize (the Virginie Clment prize). The selected artists will start taking their photos in december 2011 and will be published on on 2012 and exposed in 2013. General conditions Admission: this event is organised by Htels Paris Rive Gauche with Prints: The Htels Paris Rive Gauche group pays the cost of printing the photo for the exhibition. This print becomes property of the Htels Paris Rive Gauche group at the end of the exhibition. Apart from the stay at the hotel and the cost of printing the single photo, the Organiser will not pay any other development charges or any other charge, including technical charges.

The Organiser reserved the right to refuse the single photo if he believes that it is not in the spirit of the contest. This decision is theirs alone and cannot be contested, and the photographer accepts this when participating in the contest Candidatures Date for applications: no later than 10 november 2011. A jury of industry professionals will meet on November to make the selection for 2012. Details: the candidates must send a dossier by post to the Htels Paris Rive Gauche group, containing the following lments :

The application form below, completed and signed. A printed portfolio no larger than 21 x 29.7cm with no more than five photos. Colour and black & white photos are acceptable in the same portfolio. Each photo must be marked on the back with the name of the photographer and the name of the photo / series. Digital portfolios are not accepted: digital photos must be printed in order to be taken into considration. A text explaining why the artist wishes to take part in the "A Hotel Photo, An Artists View" project (1,000 signs maximum). A printed biography of the artist with details of previous exhibitions and/or publications. A self-addressed envelope of the correct size, stamped with sufficient postage for returning the dossier. (No dossiers will be returned without a stamped, self-addressed envelope). Completed applications should be sent to the following address no later than 30th April 2010: Htels Paris Rive Gauche, Alain Bisotti, 19 Rue des Feuillantines, 75005 Paris Please note: Only applications that abide by the above regulations will be examined by the jury NO recorded delivery letters or Colissimos will be accepted For further information, please contact:

Please fill this document Name : ... Firts name : .. Birth date : ../ /.

Adress : . Code : City : Country : . Telephone : Mail : Website : .

Fait . , le / / Two copies. I have read, understand and agree with the general conditions

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