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Syllabus ARTS 1316: Drawing Foundations Fall 2011 Professor Contact Information Kristen Cochran | | kristencochran.

com Class Hours/Location Monday 10:00am-12:45 pm, AS 1.118 Office Hours By appointment, please email me to set up a time. Course Pre-requisites, Co-requisites and/or Restrictions No Pre-requisites COURSE DESCRIPTION Drawing: the act of making a mark by dragging a tool across a receptive background, usually a piece of paper, hardly conjures the impressions left us by the great masters such a da vince, Delocroix, or Rubens. In this class we will investigate a variety of drawing techniques, drawings interpretive nature and the potential uses implied by the language of drawing in both a contemporary as well as historical context. This class will focus on the initiation and cultivation of the basic drawing skills used in achieving a visually literate foundation in communicative and interpretive skills. This will include eye/ hand coordination skills, rendering techniques, composition, drawing construction, proportion and perspective. We will integrate this into the use and investigation of drawing schematically, metaphorically, descriptively, and atmospherically. This class invites the curious novice to explore the potential of this right brain approach to communicating. Those seeking to advance their already developed drawing skills will be challenged to specific portfolio projects. STUDENT LEARNING OBJECTIVES/OUTCOMES 1. Students will illustrate the practice of basic drawing skills and techniques including hand skills and material use. 2. Students will identify drawing terms along with historic and contemporary artist references. 3. Students will engage in the interpretive concepts of realistic spatial development, eye hand coordination and right brain analysis. 4. Students will evaluate drawings through critical dialogue both as a group and individually.

COURSE REQUIREMENTS / EVALUATION CRITERIA Performance will be evaluated through attendance, effort in objective, level of individual improvement, level of attention and care in class assignments, creative application and aptitude. Final grades will be assessed by a cumulative portfolio review at the end of the semester. This course may be taken on a credit/ no credit basis by non art and performance majors.

COURSE REQUIREMENTS / EVALUATION CRITERIA Performance will be evaluated through attendance, creative application, level of individual improvement, and timely completion of class assignments. Final grades will be assessed through mid-term and end of term critiques as well as a cumulative review of your work. GRADING: Grading: 50% 35% 15% artwork, related writings, sketchbook and final project Participation Critiques (midterm and end of term)

SUPPLIES/FEES A $75.00 lab fee will provide the student with most of the necessary materials for this class. Class supply kits are pre-made and can be purchased at Asel Art Supply ( Additional materials may be required and will be announced in class as needed. Bring ALL of your supplies to class. You will be provided a large flat file drawer for your materials.

TEXTS REQUIRED: Drawing a Contemporary Approach, 6th Edition Teel Sale and Claudia Betti ISBN: 0495094919 RECOMMENDED: Drawing Essentials: A Guide to Drawing From Observation by Deborah Rockman: Paperback, 320 pgs. ISBN-10: 0195314328 or ISBN-13: 978-0195314328 Vitamin D: New Perspective in Drawing by Emma Dexter: Hardcover 352 pgs. ISBN-10: 0714845450, ISBN13: 978-0714845456 Drawing Now: Eight Propositions by Laura Hoptman: Hardcover 192 pgs. ISBN-10: 0870703625, ISBN-13: 978-0870703621 The Drawing Book A Survey of Drawing: The Primary Means of Expression by Tania Kovats: Paperback 317 pgs. ISBN-10: 1904772811, ISBN-13: 978-1904772811 ATTENDANCE POLICY Attendance in a studio art courses is essential since most of the learning takes place in class as you investigate and discuss concepts and skills with your instructor and classmates. ABSENCES Your third absence will result in the subtraction of a full letter grade. (i.e. an A becomes a B). 6 unexcused absences results in automatic failure of the course Grade = F. Extenuating circumstances will be taken into consideration.

TARDINESS Punctuality is important. Arriving to class 10 minutes or more late results in a tardy. Every 3 tardies will be equivalent to a full class absence. METHOD This course will consist of in-class drawing, homework drawing assignments, group critiques, slide presentations, readings and sketchbook work. HOMEWORK In addition to in-class exercises and studies, students will be expected to complete weekly take-home assignments based on the preliminary course schedule, and to be assigned each week. Bring your completed homework assignment to the following class unless directed otherwise. Always sign your full name on the back of your work. ELECTRONIC DEVICES Although smartphones and ipods are allowed in class, please do not use class time to make phone calls or text. You can check messages or makes calls on our class break. You can listen to music with your headphones during class assignments unless directed otherwise. POLICIES CLASS STRUCTURE *A detailed schedule and homework assignments will be discussed on a weekly basis. Dates may change according to class needs. Weeks 1,2 8.29, 9.5 DRAWING definitions and purposes + intro to contemporary drawing practices. In class: Introductions, syllabus and supplies, slide review, discussion and in class drawing: Non objective, unified field drawing with found tools Homework: Readings: 1. Sale/Betti Ch 1 and Ch 2 2. To Draw is to Be Human from Vitaman D: New Perspectives in Drawing Drawings: Duality diptychs MATERIALS overview and experimentation slide review and discussion, in class drawing, homework TBD

Week 3 9.12

Week 4 9.19

DRAWING ELEMENTS: introduction to line, shape, value, pattern, texture, space and composition In class Slide review and discussion Exercises: line sensitivity, value scales, pos/neg space, pattern. Composition Homework: Bauhaus exercises--opposites LINE contour line (evocative objects), coninuous line (inside and outside) and gesture (models and still lives) Homework: Evocative object reading and drawings

Week 5 9.26

Week 6 10.3 Week 7 10.10 Week 8 10.17

DIGITAL drawing methods In class slide review, demo and drawing SPACE, DEPTH, FORM I creating the illusion of depth through overlapping, composition, value, definition/clarity SPACE, DEPTH, FORM II sighting, organizational line drawing and gesture. Intro to perspective: informal and formal.

Week 9 10.24 Week 10 10.31 Week 11 11.7 Week 12 11.14 Week 12 11.21 Week 13 11.28 Week 14 12.5 Week 15 12.12

SHAPE and VALUE positive and negative shapes, value and pattern VALUE and MOOD the expressive function of value

LINEAR PERSPECTIVE I a systematic method used to create the illusion of depth on a flat surface LINEAR PERSPECTIVE II

The BODY/ The FIGURE gesture, continuous line and value drawings from the model + the body as medium OTHER WORLDS: New Utopias final project

WORK DAY final project Final Critique 10am-1pm