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Hi friends, Verizon Data Services conducted pooled off-campus drive at Knowledge Institute o f Technology, Salem.

The selection procedure consists of: 1) Written Test 90 mins 2) Technical Interview 3) HR Interview Written Test questions were of the type from R.S.Agarwal, Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal & Non-verbal. Concentrate mainly on venn diagram questions, profit probl ems, problems on cubes, puzzles on relationships, operator substitution question s etc. Quite easy only. Then questions on C and data structures. In C, predictin g the output and finding out the error type questions will be there. In Technical Interview, they will ask you to tell about your project and where i t is used. Then some easy questions like, what is the advantage of pointers, wha t do you mean by binary search. There will be some HR questions too! Like, why V erizon and any questions from your side, etc. Prepare nicely. It will be easy to pass through. In HR interview, they will ask to tell about yourself and some casual questions like how was your written test. You can easily get through this. You just have a little faith and confidence in yourself. Thats it ! Note: Salary will be 21k per month for Software Engineer. You will get posting e ither in Chennai or in Hyderabad. All the Best !

Hie frnds i have attended Verizon data services recruitment process held on 23rd april 2011 at hyderabad.I'm a 2010 passout in the stream of electrical a nd electronics engineering.I would like to share my experience and help u. 1st round is the written test,we have 4 sections in this a)Verbal ability b)Attention in detail c)Analytical ability d)C and DS a)Verbal ability (20 questions-15 minutes): In this we will be given fill in the blanks we need to answer them with the c orrect articles (Be prepared with articles,prepositions and tenses from R.S.Agar wal englist addition or Wren n Martin).These blanks are for 10 marks.Next is we have 2 passages one is on Embedded Systems and the other is a general one(You ca n answer one passage very easily and the other one is little time-taking).So be fast with the fill in the blanks and answer both the passages quickly. b) 20 questions-20 minutes: In this we have few assertion and reasoning type questions,few prbs on cubes (be prepared with the cubes concept from R.S Agarwal verbal and non-verbal reaso ning). c) 25 questions-30 minutes: This is very easy section probs on venn diagrams, If * stands for J stands f or +, + stands for / and stands for then which of the following is true-this kin d of prbs,A if ALL THREE items given in the question are exactly ALIKE. B if onl y the FIRST and SECOND item are exactly ALIKE. C if only the FIRST and THIRD ite m are exactly ALIKE. D if only the SECOND and THIRD item are exactly ALIKE. E if

ALL THREE items are DIFFERENT 46) 7181.0984612 7181.0984612 7181.0984612,and eligibility tests(from r.s.agarwa l) d)10 questions-15 minutes: CSE and IT people can answer this section very easily.we were given some cod es and asked to find out which one is correct ,programs on data structures(stack ,queues,binary tree,inorder,postorder,preorder etc.) Next comes the technical interview -in this i'm asked few programming logics,few basics on C as well as core part,puzzles,situation reaction questions etc.this went on for about 45 minutes for me. Next is HR interview and he is very cool asked some questions on family , intere sts project etc etc and finally got into verizon.Guys im very happy and the only suggestion from me is prepare all the previous papers in freshersworld and solv e all the papers and be thorough some basic questions from R.S.Agarwal-verbal an d non-verbal reasoning .Be cool and practise practise practise thats the only th ing which matters.Thank you.