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SIS Spirit

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Singapore International School, Mumbai

Ready for the world. Ready for the future.
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Singapore International School, Mumbai

Ready for the world. Ready for the future. An IB World School

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Principals Message

In January the whole school was filled with excitement as students proudly showied their own research in everything from robots and rocket launches to perfumes and water purification systems for our second annual science fair. In April, primary students presented their responses to complex creative challenges in Indias very first Odyssey of the Mind. Every student gave an individual creative spark to a beautiful group effort, nurtured and supported by teachers, staff members and parents who wanted to see them think for themselves, solve problems creatively, and present their own ideas to the world. That is our young school at its best: engaging minds. The Dramatic Arts Club presented stories from the Ramayana to welcome Diwali, and an original play, Alice and Sherlock at SIS, at Christmas. Students combined their amazing talents in music, dance and performance art for these productions, as they did for the schools second Annual Day production, which involved practically every SIS student on stage, touching hearts. This year, students travelled to Thailand, Nepal, to the Harvard Model Congress in Brussels, and to NASA Space Camp in the USA for special learning opportunities. In another SIS first, 21 students prepared for a global MUN conference in Beijing. In all

none did. PGA Tour took the trophy with 767 points, Wimbledon came second, with 722 points, while Grand Master and Formula One ended in a dead heat, tied at 650 points. Many fathers joined their sons for the February father-son goodwill cricket match, mothers played in the mother-daughter badminton tournament, while teachers also challenged students in cricket. In every case students carried the day, a portent of the future. Our SIS Creativity, Action and Service programme involves not just IB students but the whole school in holistic education, to promote character development, values education, and civic responsibility. IB students mentored, taught, and put on a sports carnival for the students of Vivekananda Madhymic Vidyalaya (VMV). They also raised money to purchase computers and science lab equipment for this rural school. The Diwali Mela student craft sale benefitted villagers in the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Students helped a village farther away, in Karnala, improve roofing and sanitary facilities. The International Baccalaureate Organization has recognized these projects as an exemplary model for other schools. In helping the less fortunate by offering their own time and talents, our students broaden their horizons and think big. This is what we mean by a sense of enterprise, one of our core values. The Annual Day programme, SIS Spirit 2010, marked the premiere of a unique project which involved all our SIS family students, parents, and faculty and all our values engaging minds, touching hearts, dignity in action, and a sense of enterprise. Mr. Vraj Kumar Hirani, an SIS parent, generously mentored students in a May film workshop, where students learned first-hand from professionals what it takes to make a film, from writing a script through actual production and editing to the final cut of A Kick to Remember, their very own film. This magazine provides us an occasion to reflect on a year of challenge, growth and enrichment in the lives of students, their families, and the entire staff of SIS. Through the efforts of all have come the accomplishments which are recorded in these pages. The SIS Spirit continues to grow through the support and encouragement of parents, the daily contributions of coordinators, teachers, and administrative staff, and the commitment, passion, exuberance, and earnest effort of our students, who are the heart and soul of our school. The world is the stage for their lives. Mrs. Sharonee Mullick Principal

With the second edition of SIS Spirit, we close the book on another amazing chapter of the short history of the Singapore International School of Mumbai. This year, we have ventured in new directions to enrich our students experience. In our first International Night, in September, the newly-appointed Consul General of Spain, Sr. Antonio Bulln, was guest of honor and an internationally acclaimed dancer, Ms. Sharmini Tharmaratnam, related pure flamenco art to its Indian roots and origins through brilliant performance. Students performed poetry, sang, danced, and played Hispanic rhythms which were so contagious that the audience danced, too. On Kite Day, students watched their

these far-flung activities they represented SIS at its best: dignity in action. SIS guides students to see that learning is about much more than writing exams and making good marks. Learning empowers each student to make a unique contribution to the world. SIS also gives examinations due importance: The Cambridge University International Examinations awarded SIS the 2009 Outstanding Achiever Award for our students IGCSE examination results, in which one of our students was the topper in Mathematics for India and 90% of the SIS students examined achieved results with distinction, achieving well above the world average in all subjects. In International Baccalaureate Diploma results, our students showed rankings high above the world average in all their subjects. 100% of our candidates scored 6 or better (with 7 the highest mark awarded) in Hindi B SL, Math Studies SL, and Business Management SL. We take pride in the effort and excellence which these accomplishments signify. In September, we hosted the First Invitational Football tournament at SIS. The August intramural football tournament featured as honored guest former FIFA referee and referee instructor, Mr. Alex Vaz. House competition throughout the year was spirited; no house wanted to finish in last place and

collective efforts fly beautifully into the sky, as a chain of over a thousand kites swirled above our heads. To promote the value of reading in the primary division, students learned a new move: Drop everything and read! Everyone teachers and students looked forward to 30 minute DEAR breaks for total immersion in the world of books. A childrens author- illustrator team showed students how they conceive, write, illustrate and publish books, while on Poem in a Pocket Day students read poems to each other, all day long.

SIS Spirit 09

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Together We Shine

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Sabina Vashisht Rekha Vyas Maansi Khurana Diya Tulsyan Arjun Iyer Rahil Nathani Saleha Malhotra Zen Vibhakar Shivank Menon Iishaanah Shirodkar Samy Asnoun Kamran Sthalekar Chahit Bhatt

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T 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 8. 9. 10. 11. Monika Lunia Vaibhavi Parihar Vibha Ranganathan Gunathmika Chanderlekha Aadarsh Balaji Noella Horo Iishaanah Shirodkar Samy Asnoun Kamran Sthalekar Chahit Bhatt

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Gandhali Shroff Riyaan Rebello Ansh Khetan Kanupriya Agarwal Amogh Iyer Keya Patni Ananya Parihar Khushi Shah Srihan Srivastav Anika Gowda Palash Dudhat Jashan Doshi Bhoomi Bahl

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Pramilla Rodrigues Siddharth Davda Reina Bhatkuly Rahul Panjwani Arunima Mokkapati Smeet Shinde Danika Sequeira Ansh Rana Nine LePeltier Tilak Patel Namita Rajasubramanian Abdul Asnoun Arundhati Kapur Arsallan Sayed Tara Ranganathan


PD 4
T T 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Snehlata Alphonso Hema Josi Falak Sanghavi Shreyashi Singhania Hiya Patni Jenika Desai Upamanyu Bannerjee Aliya Nathani Amarnath Hritik Sethi Harshvardhan Sharma Louis LePeltier Rudraj Kopikar Divye Grover Vrij Kumar Trivedi Rohan Punjabi Nandini Patel
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Pradnya Patil Reev Trivedi Abhijeet Bakshi Jade Sequeira Dipan Jain Sarthak Dhandharia Aryan Shah Tiana Vibhakar Sasha Arora Khushi Jain Shubhankar Chhetri Leyan El Daks Shravan Bokadia

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PD 5
T T 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Neil Taylor Rahul Thakur Payal Chandak Vedant Pansari Suchi Doshi Tiffany Tu Dhruv Pandhya Rohan Rodrigues Shreya Bhupatiraju 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Rishav Mehta Heli Desai Yash Aggarwal Hetvi Goradia Devesh Devamanokaran Devika Pillai Sarthak Ghosh Akarsh Bhushan Grina Shah 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. Ajit Jagdale Sara Shirodkar Ishaan Desai Peony Chinoy Farhaan Colabawalla Shubhankar Padhya Varshika Sivamani Ishita Aggarwal Ishani Shrivastav

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PD 6
T T 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. Annapurna Udhalikar Sarah Chevaillier Gaurav Gupta Vir Hirani Sejal Jain Riyu Philip Kannagi Yashroy Sayyam Deshpande Aviral Shukla Siddhesh Devamanokaran Rohan Panjwani Yash Naik Shwet Aggarwal Shonan Bangera Sophia Tu Saket Kumar Yug Deo

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MD 8
T T 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Mr Michael Kauffman Ms Meena Patwa Kunal Lunawat Sumer Gaikwad Tejas Shah Abhishek Bakshi Hridaye Grover Mitali Jagdale 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. Akshita Chabbria Ashay Gupta Aryan Chabbria Prithvi Tulsiani Rihen Shah Nihal Godhania Siddhesh Vaidya Aamir Thacker 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. Urjita Davade Simran Agarwal Ketki Chinoy Aryaman Jalota Nikoonj Dhandharia Yash Master Amal Shaikh Abhishek Pillai 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. Aditya Soni Neetika Bhushan Shanav Mehta Nishant Nair Puneet Pichholia Neeraj Menon Sashwat Lahoti

MD 7

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MD 7
T T 1. 2. 3. 4. Ms. Patricia Conway Ms. Shilpi Rayakar Vrishank Menon Rishabh Mokapatti Maneet Bakshi Samrat Sagar 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Gagan Damani Ishav Kohli Dhruv Dadoo Jaynil Sanghvi Samit Godhania Shankhini Saha 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Snehal Gala Kartikeya Singhania Lea Lepeltier Viraj Rai Amy Joy Hendricks Amay Iyer 17. 18. 19. 20. Preksha Bhangale Harsh Shah Dhanalakshmi Vikram Sahil Rai


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MD 9
T T 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. Ms Priyadarshini Verma Mr Rajkumar Mahajan Ananya Somani Logashre Devamanokaran Srushti Shah Tanvi Deshmukh Rhea Bhargava Khushboo Jain Upasana Goel Nishka Kapur Meeti Desai Nagasruthi Bhupathiraju Sudarshan Iyer Sohail Nathani Anubhav Rana Aaron Shandilya Samkit Shah Vannsh Panjabi Harshvardhan Chheda Faiz Bhanji Siddhant Goyal Somil Sheth Nikhil Rajasubramaniam Ali Asger Bootwala Rishabh Thaker




MD 9

MD 10
MD 10
T T 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Mr Jayaseelan Durairaj Ms Sangeeta Deshwal Shaain D'Costa Jasmer Mago Fauzan Pettiwala Yash Somani Umang Poddar Sharan Motiani Maitri Vibhakar Yash Agarwal Yash Doshi Dave Kohli Gunjan Phalod Kinneri Saha Sashwat Singhania Nikita Shah Rishabh Sethi Rohan Sawkar Kannak Pansari

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UD 12
T 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. Mr. Jorge Eduardo Baquero Riya Panjabi Vidur Suri Sharad Lila Sama Ankolkar Vivek Shah Tanay Venkateshwara Viren Agarwal Malak Shah Pratik Jain Nihal Menezes Ashutosh Goel Sachi Mehta Dhanraj Krishna Netrja Mehra Dhwanil Shroff Jahnavi Goel

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UD 11 UD 12
UD 11
T 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Dr. Donald Dabbs Nirvaan Thackker Harsh Jagwani Rohan Arrora Sneha Roy Ansh Malik 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Aaron Texeria (Left School) Rishika Raka Priyanka Phalod Fia Bhanji Salonee Kakodkar Prateek Bhaktiani 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Rahul Parkash Sreenidhi Yamandar Anuran Ray (Left School) Shiv Chandan Priyanka Menon Nishant Tulsiani

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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. Simitha Kunhikrishnan Ana Ovicdo Landaverde Patricia Bailey Conway Sarah Loughrin Chevaillie Michael Brad Kaufman Damoar Agni Jorge E. Baquero Jayaseelan D. Rajkumar B. Mahajan Rahul Thakkar Chander Dev P. Suresh Dr. Thiruvazhi Mukundan Maheswaran Cumarasamy M Parmeswaran Binu Daniel Bhupathiraju V. Raju 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. 34. Dr. Donald Dabbs Sumit Gupta Sandeep Chhetri Gorachand Jana Gabriel Fernandes Neil Taylor Santosh Shete Yogesh Patil Julio Cesar Landaverde Chetan Kanetkar Mario Gomes Smitali Subba Pradnya Patil Gandhali Shroff Priyadarshini R. Verma Shilpi Rayakar Tannisth Chatterjee 35. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. Rekha Vyas Sabina Vashisht Mahua Ray Sharonee Mullick Pritha Kumar Muskkan M. Sayyed Meena Pramod Patwa Annapurna Udhalikar Sandhya Oke Hema Joshi Neelam D. Mishra Snehlata Alphonso Monika Lunia Vijaya Jegatheesan Mildred Pramilla Rodrigues Sumithra Kalidas Sunita Monteiro
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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. Jennifer Dias Severina Dsouza Khusbu Raval Saina Mathew Satya Vimal Prabu Swapnil Dhasal Lakhan Singh Som Bhola Gajendra Singh Shekhawat Smita Patil Musharaf Laddha 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. Nishat Shaikh Daljit Chauhan Nisha Chirag Dattani Sheetal Pereira Chandrashekhar Varma Ranbir Singh Sengar Praveen Sharma Vishal Poddar Sukriti Patel Keshardev Tokshiya Bhavesh Trivedi



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House Name - WIMBLEDON House Colour - GREEN Core Values: Touching Hearts Key Attributes: Encouraging effort and praising achievement Rising to the occasion Overcoming adversity Creating tradition and sense of belonging

House Name: FORMULA 1 House Colour: RED Core Values: A sense of enterprise Key Attributes: Taking a risk to make a change Finding new ways to do old things Arousing curiosity Resilience - bouncing back

Touching Hearts
Sharan M Gunjan P halod otiani

A Sense of Enterprise
s Yash Do ibhakar Maitri V hi

refects ouse P H
h Zeel Me Jasmer M ago ta

efects use Pr Ho
Nikita S Shaian D 'Costa hah

House Name - GRANDMASTER House Colour - BLUE Core Values: Engaging Minds Key Attributes: Concentration on task Planning / strategies Time Management Goal Setting

House Name - PGA Tour House Colour - Yellow Core Values: Dignity in Action Key Attributes: Giving your best effort Fairness / sportsmanship / etiquette Community mindedness Acknowledging others achievements

Engaging Minds

Dignity in Action

Words of the Young Minds

Graduation Day 2009

In school we have many events like the Investure Ceremony, the Athletic Sports Meet, Annual Day etc. but the event that affected me deeply and will always remain in my thoughts will be the Graduation Day 2009. My graduation took place on 21st May 2009. This was our schools first graduation day. That year the students of the twelfth grade were getting graduated, who were our ideal models and loved ones. It was a great event as the first twenty students were getting graduated. This was a moment where our Principal, coordinators, teachers and students were delighted, proud and sad. We all were delighted because they were taking a step beyond the formal education and schooling. We were proud because they graduated with good grades. We were also sad because it was the last time they were all meeting as the class of Grade 12.

I will remember their happiness for a long time. We all shook hands, hugged each other and said good byes. In this whole event I felt how proud the parents were of their graduating sons and daughters. (They may have been reminded of their own wasted chances or glorious achievements). After they had gone, there was a sense of finality, of closure, which is a feature of so many events in our lives. After this event, I was deeply happy and satisfied and now look forward with expectations to my own graduation day. 'What would become of them ?' I wondered. What would become of all of us? Ali Asger Bootwalla (Grade 9)

Fire drill!
Today at around 11:20 am, the fire alarm rang. The sudden, loud noise of the alarm startled me. A security guard barged into our class and shouted, Fire alarm! Fire alarm! We all ran towards the field at full pace, but a little away from where we were supposed to sit. We ran back and sat crosslegged on the spiky grass. It was a very sunny day and the sky was cloudless. I was hot and exhausted. We knew it was a false alarm, just to prepare us for a real fire. My friends and I played some quick finger games before we returned to class. It was a surprising experience and I look forward to it happening again. Rudraj Koppikar (Grade 4)

nglish E
Suddenly I felt a small tap on my shoulder "Ma'am Ferry is leaving! Come quickly or we will leave and you wait!" The urgency in the man's voice made my dreams vanish and all my

At four o'clock sharp, the Principal and Teachers entered the auditorium in pairs, in procession followed by the graduating students. When these students were marching we saw the pleasure on their faces and the happiness of their parents too. After everyone took their seat, the chief guest and our principal Mrs. MuIIick lit the diyas, after which I and my friends in the choir sang the song "All I Ask of You" which meant a lot to us and the other students. Mr. Neil Taylor, the Sports Head gave a good speech on the students getting graduated and wished them luck for their future. Mrs. Mullick than spoke with her eyes moist, trying to tell us how much she would miss them when they had gone. Then we recited the National Anthem after which there was a small dinner and then all the graduates lit candles and threw their caps in the air. It was a scene we were all happy to be a part of.

The Gateway of India!!

The Gateway of India is a famous monument in the city of Mumbai. The first time I saw this spectacular monument I was amazed at its beauty and fine detail. Its design is a combination of both Hindu and Muslim architectural styles. The arch is in Muslim style while the decorations are in Hindu style. Our tourist guide explained "This monument was built to commemorate the visit of King George V and Queen Mary to Bombay, prior to the Delhi Durbar, in 1911. Ironically the King and Queen never saw it as the foundation stone was laid in 1911 but the building was only finished in 1924. The Gateway is also the first thing that people see if they arrive to Mumbai by boat. The last British troops to leave India left through this Gateway ceremoniously in 1948. To have a close look I came nearer to the monument. The Arabic sculpture turned from a blur to a wonderful piece of art. It was beautiful. I could imagine the King and Queen walking under the arc and waving to the citizens around them.

focus was on what he was trying to say. He waited for my response, I hadn't understood a word he said so I assumed "ok" was the best answer. That instant, he started walking at a brisk pace and gave me signs to follow him. So I did. He led me to a large wooden brightly painted blue boat, full of tourists. The bridge connecting the pavement to the boat was just being removed when the man beside me said "Ruko!". The man stopped removing the bridge and I was allowed to get onto the deck. I was grateful to the man even though I did not know our destination. The boat set off and I was led into the beautiful sea world of Mumbai. The sweet mist filled my lungs and the cool air entangled itself in my hair. Seagulls swooped near the water and soared off high. It felt as though I was in another world. People around me became invisible and I allowed my mind to wander. I felt free. The half an hour boat journey felt like forever and I didn't want to get off. The engine roared and the smell of petrol filled the boat. We alighted from the ferry. We had arrived on another island. I asked another tourist where we were and he told me that we had arrived at "Elephanta Caves". I did not know where this adventure would take me next. Nikita Shah Grade 10 41


Character Analysis of Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar - A Roman statesman General is seen only in three scenes throughout the play, and half way through the play he is assassinated. Though his physical presence is very rarely seen in the play he is always on the minds of the people^playing with their thoughts. One of the most prominent traits of Caesar is his courage he is very courageous and he himself talks about his courage when he talks of his braveness and says, "Caesar is not a coward.... Cowards die many times before their death." He was also a very popular figure and was respected by all, by all means trustworthy, relentless and a great leader. One of his weaknesses was that he was not very superstitious, this proved to be the reason for his death because only if he was a little superstitious he would have not been killed as he would have stayed back home and not gone out. He was truly an amalgamation of amazing orator skills as he was able to persuade the others to carry out his will, excellent ability to manipulate and use people. He basically saw himself on a never ending and powerful path towards dictatorship and would crush anything that came in his way. He sees himself as a great being better than all the rest; he is very ambitious in whatever he does and considers himself to be godlike.

Hamlet also reveals a very sarcastic nature and upsets most of the other characters with his unruly speech and pointed innuendos. Gertrude: "Hamlet, thou hast thy father much offended". Hamlet: "Mother, you have my father much offended". In these lines, it is clear that Hamlet feels that his mother has disappointed him by marrying his uncle, Claudius. Hamlet clearly does not take Claudius to be his father and garners hatred for both, his mother and his uncle. He makes his thoughts about his uncle very simple. The image of Caesar in the book shows that he is a very calm person but in reality he was also cunning - when he was being offered the crown he refused it every time with even more repulsion but he knew the fact that in the end he would still be king he basically wanted to gain the sympathy of the people and win their hearts as well as their vote; but even after being so clever he could not identify who his true friends were and who were meant to betray. He possessed the right way of handling every situation and preferred not to use violent means but resolve by means of peace. Priyanka Phalod Grade 11 Hamlet: 'There's not a villain dwelling in all Denmark, but he's an arrant knave". He also seems to have a subtle way with words. Polonius : "I did enact Julius Caesar; I was killed i'th'Capitol; Brutus killed me". Hamlet: "It was a brute part of him to kill so capital a calf there". In these lines, Hamlet seems to have used a pun on the word 'brute' for Brutus, also meaning bruta! or violent. Hamlet may also be trying to say that Caesar was killed by those people who were supposed to be his friends, just as his father was killed by his trusted brother. It is also important to note that Hamlet was dangerously melancholy and discontented with the state of affairs in Denmark, his family and with the world at large. The readers get to see this side of Hamlet in one of the most famous soliloquies. Hamlet: "To be, or not to be, that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer. The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, , Or to take arms against a sea of troubles, And by opposing them end them? To die, to sleep". These lines convey the fact that he has contemplated his own death and even the option of suicide. Hamlet's grief and misery is such that he frequently longs for death to end his suffering, but he fears that if he does commit suicide, he will have to face eternal suffering in hell as Christians believe. Hamlet professes dissatisfaction, it is unbelievable that the Prince and apparent heir of Denmark, should think about problems only in personal and philosophical terms. He spends relatively little time thinking about the national security of Denmark and the supposed scheming of young Fortinbras of Norway.

Critics also seem to question if Hamlet is merely pretending to be mad in the play or has actually become a madman due to the shock of his father's death and his mother's infidelity. If he is pretending, he does a very good job of it. However, the critical and sharp observations he makes while supposedly mad, support the view that he is only pretending. Hamlet: *'I am but mad north-north-west; when the wind is southerly, I know a hawk from a handsaw". This proves that he is only "mad" at certain calculated times, and the rest of the time he is hiding behind the cloak of madness. However, he is certainly confused and upset, and his confusion translates into an extraordinarily intense state of mind suggesting madness. Hamlet also seems to overreact at some points in the play, as if his mind is saturated to the point of bursting. He probably feels insecure many a time and is confused as to what is the "right" thing to do. Hamlet, though practical and thoughtful, sometimes seems as if he is unaware of his surroundings and is at the stage where he is completely at the mercy of his emotions, so much that, it seems like he is devoid of it. He is unable to open his mind and think clearly because his mind is throbbing just after there is a sudden rush of blood to it. Everything is connected in William Shakespeare's Hamlet, including the welfare of the royal family and the health of the nation as a whole. In the earlier parts of the play, there is a feeling of anxiety and dread that surrounds the transfer of power. Denmark is described as a diseased body made weaker by the immoral actions of Claudius and Gertrude, and many interpret the presence of the ghost as an omen as stated in the lines, "something is rotten in the state of Denmark. Many people believe Hamlet to be a play about indecisiveness, and thus about Hamlet's failure to act appropriately. We sometimes equivocate, like Hamlet does and for that reason, we identify with him. It might be more interesting to consider that the play shows us how many uncertainties our lives are built upon. Salonee Kakodkar UD11

Hamlet - Man or Mouse?

Hamlet is probably one of Shakespeare's most dramatic characters and has managed to fascinate audiences and readers for centuries. The first thing the audience note about him is that he is enigmatic. Hamlet seems to be a man of radical contradictions - reckless yet cautious, kind yet ferocious and courteous yet uncivil. When he speaks, it seems like there is something he is trying to convey between the lines, consciously or unconsciously. Hamlet is a very uncertain character and forever seems to be in search of the "truth". Even his judgement seems to be clouded at some points of the play. The ability to write these soliloquies and dialogues by Hamlet is one of the many impressive achievements of William Shakespeare. Hamlet's third soliloquy, "To be or not to be" is the most well known. A university student whose studies are interrupted by his father's untimely death, Hamlet is extremely philosophical and 43

contemplative. He is particularly drawn to difficult questions or ones that cannot be answered with absolute certainty. He is equally plagued with questions about the afterlife, about the wisdom of suicide, and if it is really possible to "know" everything. Even though he is thoughtful to the point of addiction, Hamlet also behaves rashly and impulsively, almost like a madman. When he does act, it is with surprising swiftness and with little or no forethought. For example, when Hamlet stabs Polonius through a curtain without checking to see who it really is:Gertrude : "What wilt thou do? Thou wilt not murder me? Help, ho, help!" Polonius : "What, ho? Help, help, help!" Hamlet: "How now? A rat? Dead, for a ducat, dead!" Polonius : "O, I am slain!" [Hamlet kills Polonius]


Pyaar hO jaInao ka karNa

Pyaar hO jaInao ka karNa Kanaa hO majabaUrI. jaOsao janasaM#yaa baZ,tI hO vaOsao hI ]sa baZ,tI saM#yaa ko ilae ]nakI ja,$rtoM pUrI krnao ko ilae pUrI vyavasqaa kI jaatI hO pr @yaa vah saba caIjaoM jaao [nako ilae banaa[- jaatI hOM [nhoM vaastva maoM haisala haotI hOM nahIM [na vastuAaoM pr kbjaa haota hO Anaiganat AmaIr laaogaaoM ka @yaaoMik daOlat Saaohrt sao ]nako baOMk Aka]MT Baro rhto hOM [sailae dUsaraoM kI caIjaaoM pr Daoro Dalanao ka kama vah baoiJaJak krto hOM. tao ifr yah saamaanya laaoga Apnaa jaIvana garIbaI maoM kOsao ibatato hOM @yaaoMik poT palanao ko ilae tao ]nhoM AavaSyak Kanaa BaI nasaIba nahIM haota vah ApnaI jaIvana kI gaaD,I kao Pyaar ko saharo calaato hOM Pyaar ko ilae calaato hOM. baccao jaIto hOM maabaap ko Pyaar ko saharo p%naIpit ko Pyaar ko saharo AaOr vah pit Apnao pirvaar ko Pyaar ko Kaitr. ek maa ApnaI mauiSklaaoM AaOr proSaainayaaoM kao AnadoKa krko ]napr prda Dalakr basa Apnao baccaaoM kI duinayaa maoM qaaoD,I KuSaI Barnao ko ilae ek mausakurahT vaalaa mauKaOTa phna laotI hO. phnanao ko ilae caaho kpD,o naa hao Kanao ko ilae Anna naa hao Pyaasa bauJaanao ko ilae panaI nasaIba na hao laoikna ifr BaI Pyaar kI barsaat BarpUr haotI hO. iksaI kao BaI Apnao nasaIba ka Andaja,a nahIM haota yah ek halaat hO AaOr ]sao Jaolanao kI xamata jaao tkdIr ka fOsalaa krtI hO. Pyaar ko saharo garIba laaoga BaI ApnaI ijaMdgaI jaOsaotOsao kaT hI laoto hOM.

baairSa kI baUdoM jaba iTpiTp krkr ko igartI hOM samauMdr maoM tao ]sako panaI ko saaqa maola Ka jaatI hOM. samaud` maoM jaba lahroM ek dUsaro sao TkratI hOM vah ekdUsaro sao ekdma Gaulaimala jaatI hOM ibanaa iksaI saaoca AaOr iSakayat ko AaOr na[- baUdoM igarnao pr puranaI baUdoM ]nhoM BaI Apnao maoM samaa laotI hOM. Par hma manauYya eosaI AadtoM @yaaoM nahIM Apnaa sakto hOM hma iksaI sao imalanao sao phlao hja,araoM P`aSna pUC laoto hO kBaIkBaI yah maulaakat kuC plaaoM kI hI rh jaatI hO @yaaoMik vah ekdUsaro maoM AMtr pato hOMAMtr jaait maoM BaaYaa maoMgarIbaI maoMAmaIrI maoM AaOr pta nahIM iksaiksa maoM @yaa yah kBaI maumaikna haogaa ik jaOsao samauMdr baUdaoM kao Apnaa laota hO AaOr lahroM ekdUjao maoM isamaT jaatI hOM vaOsao hI manauYya BaI ek dUsaro ko saaqa saamaMjasya banaa lao Agar ABaI BaI [sa P`aSna ka ]<ar nahIM hO tao ifr maOM Aapkao natIjao ka [Mtjaar krnao ko ilae nahIM khUgaI @yaaoMik [saka pirNaama tao hma ABaI hI ABaI BaI ABaI tk Baugat hI rho hOM @yaaoMik [sa saba kI jaD, maoM hO isaf- AaOr isaf- kuC laaogaaoM ka inaiht inajaI svaaqa- svaaqa- AaOr basa svaaqa- . iP`ayaMka flaaod Aaya.baI.P`aqama vaYa-

qaI- [iDyaT\sa
qaI- [iDyaT\sa yah2010 kI ek eosaI iflma hO jaao gauNava<aa kI baat kroM tao Aasamaana kI baulaMidyaaoM kao CU caukI hO. yah calaica~ kha jaae tao baa^ilavauD kI sabasao raomaaMcak tqaa saIK donao vaalaI iflma hO. [sa iflma ko inado-Sak EaI rajakumaar ihranaI jaI inamaa-ta EaI ivaQau ivanaaod caaoprajaI AaOr AiBanaota AmaIr Kana nao imalakr ek bahut hI sauMdr klaa ka P`adSa-na ikyaa hO. [sa iflma maoM ka^maoDI D/amaa raomaaMsa Aaid saBaI ka sahI imaEaNa ikyaa hO. [sa iflma maoM tIna pa~aoM ko baaro maoM batayaa hO jaao saBaI mahaivad\yaalaya maoM [MjaIinayairMga pZ,to hOM. Aajakla kI pIZ,IAajakla kI saaocaAajakla ko yauvaaAaoM ko havaBaavabaaolanaocaalanao ko trIko Aaid sabako baaro maoM batayaa gayaa hO. A@sar eosaa haota hO ik Saayad hmaaro pOda haonao sao phlao hI tya hao jaata hO ik hma @yaa banaoMgao. [sa ivaYaya pr [sa iflma nao P`akaSa Dalaa hO. hr iksaI kao Apnaa vyavasaaya caunanao kI mana kao jaao Baae vah pZ,nao kI AajaadI donaI caaihe. hr kao[- hr iksaI caIja maoM maaihr nahIM hao sakta. saBaI maoM kuC KUibayaa AaOr kuC icayaa haotI hOM yaid ]napr hI kama ikyaa jaae tao ijaMdgaI maoM ]sao safla haonao sao kao[- nahIM raok sakta. [sa ica~ nao Aajakla kI saccaa[yaaoM kao BaI Kulakr vya@t ikyaa hO. Aajakla baccao tnaava dbaava Aaid vajahaoM sao Aa%ma h%yaa kr laoto hOM. yah iflma hmaoM bahut baD,I saIK dotI hO ik Aa%mah%yaa krnao sao hma Kud kao tqaa saMsaar kao duK ko Alaavaa AaOr kuC nahIM doto. baccaaoM pr pD,nao vaalao [sa tnaava kao iksa pr qaaoMpa jaae maabaap pr iSaxakaoM pr yaa ifr [sa iSaxak saMsqaa AaOr ]sako kayadaoM kao [nhIM Apirp@va ivacaaraoM ko karNa Aaja Anaiganat baccao Aa%mah%yaa kr rho hOM ijanhoM yah samaJaanaa ja$rI hO ik yah galat hO. [samaoM saa[laonsar naama ko ek pa~ ko d\vaara ek AaOr mah%vapUNa- phlaU pr gaaOr ikyaa gayaa hO. doKa jaae tao ivad\yaaqaI- jyaadatr dao P`akar ko haoto hOM ek jaao rTrT kr isaf- prIxaa maoM ilaK doto hOM AaOr dUsaro jaao ApnaI pZ,a[- kao AcCa kuC nayaa samaJakr ica laokr samaJakr pZ,to hOM. eosao ivad\yaaqaI- caaho ivad\yaalaya kI pirxaaAaoM maoM pasa hao yaa naa haoM ijaMdgaI maoM pasa ja$r hao jaato hOM. rTrT kr ilayaa gayaa &ana &ana nahIM haota hO.[saI baat kao isad\Qa krnao ko ilae AmaIr Kana roMcaao [sa catur Aqaa-t saa[laoMsar ko saaqa ek bahut baD,a Kola Kolata hO AaOr yah saaibat krta hO ik isaf- rT\Ta maarnao sao [nsaana isaf- ek gaQaa banakr rh jaata hO. eosaI k[- baatoM hOM [sa iflma maoM jaao hmaoM kao[- na kao[- saIK dotI hOMsaBaI ko baaro maoM ilaKnaa AsaMBava hOprMtu [sa iflma maoM eosaa ek saMvaad hO jaao saBaI kao Baayaa hO.vah yah hO ik hmaara jaao idla hO vah bahut hI Drpaok hO [sao baovakU banaakr rKao laa[ maoM kao[- BaI P`aa^blama Aae tao khnaa Aa^la [ja, vaola. [sasao P`aa^blama saa^lvh hao yaa naa hao]sao Jaolanao kI Sai@t AvaSya imala jaaegaI. Aa^la [ja, vaola Aaja hr iksaI kI ja,ubaana pr hO. maoro ivacaar sao vat-maana samaya kI yah baohd saTIk iflma hO jaao maataiptaiSaxak tqaa baccaaoM kao saccaa[- sao $ba$ kratI hO ]nakI AaKaoM maoM AMjana Dalakr ]naka ]icat maaga-dSa-na krtI hO. [sa iflma ko inamaa-Na maoM P`a%yaxa AaOr AP`a%yaxa p sao yaaogadana donao vaalao hr sadsya ka maOM AiBanaMdna krnaa caahtI hU. iriYaka raka Aaya.baI. P`aqama vaYa-

mauiSkla maoM hmaara saaqa do KuSaI maoM jaao Saaimala hao gama maoM hmaaro saaqa raoe AaOr hmaoM kBaI Akolaa na CaoD,o. kuC irSto Bagavaana banaata hO kuC irSto laaoga Kud banaato hOM ijaMdgaI maoM kuC hI laaoga imalato hOM jaao ibanaa iksaI irSto ko saBaI irSto baD,o Pyaar sao inaBaato hOM. jaao baairSa maoM BaI Aapko AasaU phcaana laoto hOM hr duK maoM Aapka saaqa doto hOM ijanako ibanaa ek pla naa gaujaro vahI saccao ima~ khlaato hOM. saRiYT evaM Ananyaa kxaa naaOvaIM



Acontecimiento en Escuela (Tarde Internacional en

Singapore International School)
Singapore International School, recibio un acontecimiento el 4 de Septiembre de 2009. Fue sostenido en el auditorio. El Invitado Principal era una persona clasificada alta de los derechos espanoles. El fue tratado especialmente, dado una guirnalda y saludado del modo indio tradicional. Cada uno tuvo que llevar puesta la ropa vistosa. Esto era una tarde espahola. Habia (hubo) muchas interpretaciones. Habia 4 bailes. Una senora hizo tres bailes. Era muy agradable, encantador y muy divertido. Esto era el baile espanol tradicional. Entonces algunos estudiantes de grado inferiores realizaron dos poesias. Era muy interesante y agradable. Fue hecho en un grupo. Habfa tambien una interpretacion de grupo por el Grado 11 estudiantes. Eilos hicieron el baile de salsa. Era muy elegante y agradable. Cada uno era feliz. La mejor parte de la tarde era hacia el final. Habia (hubo) gente que baila en el auditorio y muchos padres afiliados con el canto. Esto era un momento muy feliz. La escuela entera se divertia. Despues de esto, habia un banquete enorme extendido. Habia platos principalmente espanoles. En el auditorio, habia muchos profesores que bailaban y cantaban. Mucha gente tomo fotografias. Cada uno tenia buen tiempo. Podrian tener noticias de sonidos de risa, musica y felicidad en todas partes. Esto era una tarde agradable con mucha diversion. Sama Ankolkar 12 Grade 2009-2010

Un signo de la carga del mayor trabajo, es el numero de libros que un niho tiene. Un nino de hoy tiene mas de un libra para cada asignatura. Esto significa que la bolsa de un nino se hace mas pesada. Bolsas pesadas no son buenas para la salud de la medula espinal, y especialmente para los ninos en crecimiento. Los maestros esperan que los estudiantes lleven a cabo, asi como pueden. Sin embargo, algunos estudiantes no tienen esa capacidad de realizarla a ese nivel. Esto se convierte en un problema para el profesory los alumnos. Los profesores no son capaces de ensenar a su pleno potencial. Los estudiantes que son inteligentes tienen que esperar a que los estudiantes que no son inteligentes para ponerse al dia con ellos. Un nino tambien se enfrenta a la presion de sus padres. Los padres de hoy esperan que su hijo sea bueno en todo: el deporte y la educacion. Ellos quieren que su hijo sea el mejor. Esta presion conduce a la depresion y la frustracion. A veces, pero rara vez, esto tambien Neva al suicidio. La educacion es cada vez mejor, pero son los ninos los que estan pagando el precio. Pratik Botha 12 Grade 2009-2010 Hola! Me llamo Payal, yo tengo deiz anoc, mi cump le arose s el 14 de Julio, soy bastante alta, tengo el pelo negro y ojos marrones, soy deportista, active y aglralable, mi color favoriteo es el rojo y el verde, me gusta nadaar, bailar y pintar. Por, Payal Chandak Ano nuero chino se celebra en distinto dras este ano es el ano del tigre. Habia un monstruno. Que cada an se es condia bajaba a come gente, la gente se escondia y ponia petardo puora asustar al monstruo por la manana la gente. Que no se lacomia se felicitaban. Por e so nosotros celebrames el aflo nuero chino! Nostros usemos ropa roja en ano Nuevo chino. Suchi Doshi

panish S
Ihola Juanita,
Me Ilamo Shakini. Vivo en Mumbai. Vivo en un piso moderno. En mi piso hay una cocina. En la planta baja dos salomes. En mi piso hay das asco. En la planta (planta) baja tres pasillos. En la primera planta tres comedofesy escaler en el jardin cuatro salon comedorces y harrazas en el jardin cinca (ucamotos de) bano en el jardin uno garage. En mi piso dos dormintrno. En mi piso despacho me guista el piso! Play a discribir me dormitorio Mi dormitorio is bastante grande. En mi dormitorio tengo dos camas. Enfrente de las camas esta la puert. A la derecha de la puerta hay una mesa y una silla. Encima de la mesa esta el ordenader. A la izquirda de puerta esta armario. El armario esta entrente de las ventanasesten las astantenas. En las estanterias estan mi equipo des paredes son blancas. En las peredes tengo posters. En lan manana me despierto melevanto, me ducho, me vistoi ne pieno, desayuno, me lavo los los dientes. Por la tarde? Hagolos deberesa las tres y cuatro. Como en casa a las dos u media. Meriendo a las cinco : un yogur, gallestasy un vaso de lecho. Me acuesta a las once i me divierto con mis amigos! Despues de cenar, a las nueve y media ves la television. Ceno a las nueve. Icuantas preguntas! Ecribeme pronto y contestaias? Shakhini, MD 7 Grade ellos son el atacante, el centre campo, el defensor y el encargado de objetivo. Estoy realmente bien en la defensa pero realmente espero ser un atacante bueno y objetivos de resultado. Este es porque los medios generalmente enfocan sus camaras en los atacantes. Soy un estudiante de Singapore International School y teni'amos realmente un torneo de futbol recientemente entre 4 grupos, hechos por la escuela. Yo participaba de parte del grupo rojo y tuvimos que tener 2 partidos. Yo era el capitan de este equipo. En el primer partido jugue el encargado de objetivo (goleador) asi como al defensor. Este era una nueva experiencia para mf cuando yo nunca habfa sido un encargado de objetivo antes. Jugabamos contra el grupo azul, cuyo capitan era Pratik. Ellos eran un grupo muy bueno y los campeones del ano pasado. Nuestro grupo lo hizo realmente resistente para ellos para ganar, pero al final su jugador de estrella, Rohan Sawkar marco un objetivo (gol) asombroso y que los condujo a la victoria. Teni'amos realmente uno ma's partido contra el grupo verde y esta vez habi'amos sido motivados por nuestro entrenador, Sr. Julio. De ahi estabamos listos a jugar nuestro muy el mejor. Conseguimos realmente la ganancia lo que hace juego y que tambien por un margen muy grande es decir 4-1. En general teniamos mucha diversion y tambien al final de ello estuvimos muy cansados. Al final nos concedio nuestros terceros certificados de lugar el invitado principal y tuvimos ganas realmente de ganar el trofeo del proximo ano. Tambien aprendimos que esto era una actividad de equipo y de ahi todos nosotros tuvimos que jugar juntos como un equipo. Dhwanil Shroff 125 , Grade 2009-2010 Afusera de mi verbena hay una flor. Es roadado. Es Pequino. El arha grande. El arbol es marron, es bonita. Me gasta. Se mira bonita en otoko. Cata dia yo la mira. El arbol es bonita y su Rosado es bonita tambien Ishita Agarwal, PD5

Article for newspaper (Cual es el nombre del articulo?)

La cantidad de trabajo que un estudiante tiene en la escuela, ha aumentado en los ultimos anos. Los estudiantes tienen que trabajar duro para obtener buenas notas y, ahora hay mas competencia en las escuelas. La carga de trabajo es cada vez mayor y los estudiantes no son capaces de dormir lo suficiente debido a esto. Los ninos en la escuela secundaria duermen un promedio de 6 horas al dia. El tiempo recomendado es de 8 horas. El problema es el niimero de asignaciones que un estudiante ha de completar. Hace 20 anos, la educacion en la escuela era facil. Hoy, la educacion se ha convertido en especializados. Hay escuelas con diferentes metodos de ensehanza y diferentes consejos educativos. Los estudiantes compiten para las universidades muy buenas. En la India, la competencia es tan alta que un millon de estudiantes compiten por un mil ubicaciones.

Rosado es un bonita color. Mi color favorites Rosado. Rosado es simpatico, loco y fantastico! Disney Princesa Bella Durmicnte tambien amu el Rosado. Rosado es caramelo porque es color de algodon de azucar. Mis amigas Isita, Ishani y carshika el color favorites Rosado tambien! Peoney Chinay, 5th

Comentario en espanol contra Torneo de Futbol

El futbol es un deporte que implica a rnuchas personas de castas diferentes, religion y fondos economicos. Esto es uno de mis deportes favorites y realmente disfruto jugandolo. Hay cuatro tipos de posiciones que la gente puede jugar en el futbol, 47


Le froid
Tout est blanc Blanc et fade Rien nest gris Ni troit ni large Je me trouve o?? Je ne sais plus Mais tu es la Alors, a va Akash Chadha, UD 11

Mes repas typiques

Le matin, je mange des toasts avec de la confiture. Aussi, je bois un chocolat chaud et de l'eau. C'est mon petit djeuner. L'aprs midi, je prends mon djeuner. Je mange des frites et des pates avec de la sauce rouge. Comme boisson, je prends de la limonade. Aprs, je mange de la glace pour le dessert. Quand je rentre chez moi le soir, je prends deux sandwichs avec du caf. C'est mon goter typique. A sept heures, je prends le dner. Je mange de la pizza. C'est trs dlicieux. Je prends de l'eau minrale et de la glace aussi a la fin de ce repas. Nikhil Rajasubramaniam, MD 10

Ma journe quotidienne! Ma Famille
Ma famille sappelle les Shah. Je suis ne deux ans aprs le mariage de mes parents. Aprs deux ans de ma naissance, mon frre est arriv et a fait partie de notre petite famille. Nous nous entendons trs bien. Il est trs important pour nous de passer du temps ensemble. Pendant le week-end, on va au centre commercial. Ma mre et moi, nous adorons le shopping. Tandis que, mon pre et mon frre visitent les magasins des appareils lectroniques. Quelque fois nous nous asseyons chez nous et regardons la tlvision ou nous dormons laprs-midi. Mon frre et moi, nous tudions la mme cole, Singapore International School. Mon cole est trs grande et consiste de beaucoup damnagements. Les professeurs sont intelligents et amusants. Jai beaucoup damis qui sont trs sympas et drles. Mon cole est superbe ! Il y a seulement un problme, les vacances sont rares. Pendant mes vacances, nous voyageons souvent aux pays trangers comme lAngleterre, la France et lAustralie. Lanne derrire nous sommes alls Duba, ctait trs amusant. Nous avons pass beaucoup de temps ensemble. Jadore les vacances avec ma famille. Ma famille est une petite famille mais nous sommes trs proches lun de lautre. Ce qui me plait le plus, ce que nous nous adorons beaucoup. Nikita Shah, UD 11 D'habitude, je me lve six heures et demie et d'abord je prends mon mdicament avec de l'eau. Aprs, je me prpare et je quitte ma maison pour aller a l'cole vers sept heures. Je ne mange rien le matin. J'arrive mon cole sept heures et demie. Nous avons cours de huit heures du matin 10 heures et quart. La rcration, c'est dix heures et quart. On reprend les cours dix heures et demie et continue jusqu' une heure moins le quart. A une heure moins le quart, c'est la pause djeuner! Pour le djeuner, je mange du riz avec de la soupe de lentilles, et des lgumes. Quelquefois, je prends de la salade. La cantine ne sert pas de viande alors, on n'en mange jamais. Je retourne chez moi cinq heures et je me douche. Je prends le goter, un sandwich de jambon et de fromage et je bois du lait ou de la limonade. J'tudie pendant deux heures aprs le goter. Le dner est huit heures et demie. On mange des pates, de la viande, parfois grille et du potage. On regarde un peu la tl ou bavarde. Finalement, je me couche dix heures et demie aprs une journe pleine d'activits! Rishabh Thaker, MD 10

Blanc Quoi blanc ? Rien nest blanc Tu nes pas blanc Moi, je ne suis pas blanc Blanc nest pas blanc Dieu est blanc Qui nest pas blanc Prateek Bakhtiyani, UD 12

La mode
La mode est trs importante pour moi. Les vetements laissent la premire impression sur l'autre. Ils nous dfinissent. L'opinion populaire est que la mode, c'est porter les vetements chics et chers. Mais je ne suis pas de mme avis. Selon moi, la mode, c'est une reprsentation de notre humeur, notre style, notre personnalit. Le confort joue un rle trs important dans la mode. Il me faut des vetements confortables. Ce qui ne l'est pas, ne reprsente pas la mode pour moi, c'est la masquerade. L'humeur joue un rle primal quand on choisit les vetements, les couleurs. Quand je me sens triste, je porte les couleurs comme le gris ou le noir. La mode pour moi, ce n'est pas seulement porter la bonne couleur ou les vtements chers. C'est ce que nous portons tous les jours, dans notre vie quotidienne. La mode est un mode de s'exprimer. Prateek Bakhtiyani, UD 12

Les ptales par terre

le soleil se lve le soleil se couche je te vois tu me touche nous nous disons, ca va mais le tune nexiste plus le nous nexiste plus les fous !

La tour Eiffel
La tour Eiffel tait construite par M. Gustave Eiffel. La tour Eiffel mesure 321 mtres. Il a pris deux ans pour la construire (1887 1889). Elle est en fer. Elle est trs grande et noire. La tour Eiffel est entoure de l'Avenue des Champs lyses et le Bois de Bologne. Elle est trs prs de la Seine. On va au sommet de la tour Eiffel par ascenseur. De l, on voit au pied de la Tour le Champs lyses ou les gens paraissent petits comme des mouches. On peut voir la Tour de toutes les cotes. Il y a aussi un restaurant dans la Tour. C'est une construction trs unique. Penser Paris, c'est penser la tour Eiffel. Aman Lalka, MD 9

Prateek Bakhtiyani, UD 12

Golf et Polo
Golf et Polo sont des jeux jous depuis 1990. Ils sont habituellement jou en petites quipes qui ne dpassant pas cinq joueurs. La technique et la puissance sont la cl d'un bon match. Je les joue depuis que j'avais 10 ans. Cest mon passe-temps favori. Le golf est un jeu jou avec un bton et une balle pour laquelle on a besoin de la concentration. Le sport de polo est joue cheval. Il consiste de deux quipes qui doivent marquer des buts les uns contre les autres. Il est trs intressant mais aussi difficile jouer. Ce sont mes passe-temps. Je me trouve trs content et laise quand je fais ces sports. Akash Chadha, UD 11 49


Creativity, Action, Service @ SIS

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Young Artists

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ma club IS's dra of The Lights, S al of duction e Festiv inal pro rents rig ting th ganza o s and pa Celebra extrava student ed an wd of ing the perform to a packed cro la follow -made The me ana m. us hand Ramay auditoriu it with marvelo oceeds hool r sale pr ig h in the sc was a b items fo r ance nd othe perform ngings a door ha diyas, charity. going to

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led the ers caro nd grad e2 rest of mas, th hile the g Christ rents, w tin pa d by an Celebra invited followe ool and as skit, ch hristm at SIS whole s us to a C e and Sherlock stage in treated lic LPD n, A nted on roductio ma club. Prese p a short original n), with dra g Londo d by our e resentin t to the present ium (rep he audience ou bai). auditor t the in Mum t led cluded ( sion tha play con intermis tre, the phithea am

al m, a form first Pro y d its ver record IS hoste ders. In 12th gra raders, S esigned hg ing f the 11t udents d club of graduat grade st inchild o ring the ht 1th Bra ono into a nig m, the 1 dinner h nthusias ditorium sparkling stage nce and da ord e rnous au with rec rs, and the cave linary time and zy corne t turned other cu floor, co ns tha dance res, and coratio ) danced ith de euv eachers purple, w cktails, hors d'o f e lucky t ver and om sil mo nil Shrof rs (and s rom King Dhwa eated to th grade ents. Tr P ev nd 12 ially, s, 11th a t--espec delicacie ed into the nigh liz . and socia ja Mehra en Netra d Que an

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dopted nt that a arliame Act of P es from aw SISit ry of the pper i Divas s nniversa he a of the u Hind ted on t tudents nguage, s usic Celebra official la indi songs, and ce and m H s India's ion. Dan g Hindi a ompetit nguage. 6 singin di quiz c e and la 4, 5 and di cultur g in a Hin Grades in tin ion of H articipa ppreciat grades p to the a ted contribu


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Film Workshop with Mr. Hirani

After our final examinations, two weeks prior to annual day, I thought we had a long and boring fortnight to go through, until I heard that our school was hosting a film workshop with Mr. Rajkumar Hirani, renowned director of 3 Idiots. It was very interesting to learn about the art of direction and filmmaking, with someone who has achieved so much. At first, we worked on a script for a short film. After finalizing the script, we held auditions for acting. It was great to be one of the main characters in the movie. I learnt about which angles will look best on the screen. Also, Mr. Hirani guided me as I acted, which was of great help. I would love to do it again. Aryamana Jalota Grade 8 We always just watch movies but never actually realise what has gone into making it. It was a lot of hardwork from us but was also a great opportunity working with an esteemed film director like Mr Hirani. This was something a lot of children dream of doing at some point in time. We are lucky that we got a chance so early in life. Aryan Chhabria Grade 8

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Under the professional guidance of Mr. Rajkumar Hirani, director of "3 idiots" and the Munna Bhai films, and his crew. 20 SISites wrote a screenplay, acted in and produced a short film, "A Kick to Remember." Over the week-long workshop the pupils brainstormed and came up with a short story about camaraderie trumping competition at an athletic event here at school. They learned the principles of writing for film, storyboarding, lighting, sound and taking several shots to make just one short scene. Other students and faculty were the extras on filming day, providing crowd scenes and atmosphere.

It was heartening to see the school make an effort to expose the children to the world of film making. The children were inquisitive, buzzing with ideas and also naughty. Took me back to my school days. I had a wonderful time.

Mr. Rajkumar Hirani

A Visit by Council of International Schools

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n editatio ide accr IS and icer of C r worldw remie ing off p it e us ls is the ley, a vis ll to guid rom al Schoo ick Bow in the fa N s rs f tion ols. Mr. r campu ads and teache Interna nal scho e ed on ou uncil of s of riv atio .H The Co r intern hool, ar lication progres ation fo dited sc tion app ting the f full ita cre lua organis award o r CIS ac r accred and eva s he final f anothe iate steps in ou sessing as s. T tandard head o ed ice idea e role in d high s st Pract h interm o its an activ achieve throug played e and Be ool has itment t a comm nowledg he member sch r schools t and has membe haring k ss ucation tes that titution ional ed monstra peer ins internat tatus de ed s mance in accredit l perfor fessiona vement. of pro ro ing imp continu


Hands on Learning


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ering, , engine ormance all erf air were ervice, p s , and rep tomer s ain h grader Cus upply ch h and 8t keting, s s. r 6th, 7t mar en ou MW car upon wh llers of B parts touched otors, se it M age, the ed Navn , the gar s visit room ur pupil the show office, o ra Touring he back d delive and t ce an ehouse o produ war akes t what it t t. learned l produc nica hly-tech hig


n and e kitche our of th n eans a t ld trip o as SIS m ook a short fie hey r lunch t where t 's, nts or fo ry stude ay to McDonald hind the neighbu your er prima e drivew Visiting back be Our low they invited own th Burger. her, and a walk d ens. They were n Aloo a ut toget y with 's Da d que ed and p Children d like kings an are cook eate e meals were tr e way th isfying lunch. o see th d sat ounter t c quick an joyed a also en


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s of quarter ian head ultural d to the In nal agric ield trip ultinatio ma business ctober f An O ased m -b our diplo ponsibility to, a US allowed Monsan ial res mpany, s co rate soc product re corpo ld. lo s to exp real wor student s in the hic netically iness et ty of ge r and bus the safe er , and ou in India ebate ov mpany urrent d t keenly co The c plays ou s to the d food d foods uestion modifie modifie levant q tically ked re ore ene s as eeding m d that g student yields, f o argue , wh ase crop officials lps incre e and he aged is saf ents eng y. the stud e hungr , ups on th field trip sure gro om their ivic pres such rc g fr uments whethe Returnin their arg arguing ate, stified in in a deb ce are ju f foodstuffs are reenpea where no like G ke India dificatio netic mo if, in a country li r two meals, as ge y day fo table or ard ever unaccep neficial. l work h stil s are be millions ied crop lly modif genetica


wls and s the bo ce mean on ion had ry Divis okies at s and co er Prima w ake learned SIS's Lo lots of c d. They , bigger!" Making in Mala nditions ch ry "Wow! ctory co re so mu ginis cake facto . The nitary fa to mix a the sa the Mon spoons l baking they saw n tour in mmercia ss of co giene as hands-o a of hy le proce cake! ortance the who to ice a the imp duced to ven got e intro t they e and wer was tha the cake icing on

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a taken on e 1 were and Grad ber and rten in Decem Kinderga io Mirchi s work. ip to Rad io station field tr ids t how rad bou raj, the k learned a y RJ Jeetu broadcast b d y hosted ir time an Personall tening ute live a to the lis ne-min got o essage simple m e studio. their own tour of th c after a publi

s of city." he "lung imal ions to t s and an xcurs the path everal e S and ks red s for EV , SIS too as, explo ld studie doorstep ttles and camer hniques of the fie our back bo pling tec , as part Right at h water lab, students sing random sam med wit ar ade rn to the PD kids, d 11th gr pon retu ples u n U e es. 9th a ater sam moistur nalysis. enclosur matter, oil and w sing quadrant a organic llected s u co content, diversity biology, e water. g for pH species ent in th studied les testin and samp gen cont e y lysed th olved ox they ana and diss the soil in content


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four ays, the of everal d oveted trophy er s ames ov the c In g ed for ent. compet Tournam by houses Football ed rhouse s follow aster the Inte Tour wa PGA Grand M e. torious d place, lac Vic on fourth p n in sec imbledo Formula One in W , with in third

under 800 metres. Maitri Vibhakar was able to hold off challenges from Gunjan Phalod and Nikita Shah to claim the 15 Years and over, girls event. In the race of the day, a packed field of senior boys ran the first 600metres as a tight group then all unleashed every ounce of power they could muster, resulting in a fast & final lap and an exciting finish. The honours went to Rohan Sawkar from Yash Doshi and Vivek Shah. Shankhini Saha was good enough to re-appear on the track a short time later to claim gold in the junior 400 metre event. Others to fare well in the 400 metre events for the juniors were Aliya Nathani, Jenika Desai and Grina Shah in the girls events whilst Harshwardhan Sharma, Akarsh Bhushan, Yug Deo and Ishav Kohli claimed the boys gold medals. Singapore International School Third Annual Athletics Meet Saturday, January 23, 2010 Under bright blue skies and in the crispness of the early morning, the Lower Primary Division students assembled on the main sporting field of Singapore International School with a large gathering of their parents as onlookers. Some were competing in their very first competitive sporting event whilst others had become seasoned campaigners after participating in the first two years of this event. Nevertheless, an excited nervousness manifested itself. The emphasis for our youngest students was all about participation and their energy and enthusiasm were infectious. As all students competed in their age groups in the Obstacle Race, Sprint event, Butterfly or Ready-for School Race and Hoop Race, all students were spurred on by the spirited urging and cheering of parents and families. As certificates and Gold, Silver and Bronze medallions were awarded to the achievers, all students were gifted a SIS T-shirt as a reminder of the day. Potential stars of the future and multiple point-scorers for their houses from the Lower Primary Division included Noello Horo, Bhoomi Bahl and Sasha Arora in the girls competition, whilst for the boys Sarthak Dhandharia, Edward Navales, Rahul Panjwani and Shivank Menon showed their speed and agility in the sprint and novelty events. With the field events being completed prior to the Meet and the youngest school members completing their events, Formula 1 house found themselves in unfamiliar territory with a commanding lead over their competitors and were looking ahead towards their first-ever tournament win. The official Opening Ceremony was participated in by the Upper Primary, Middle and Upper Divisions prior to their events. The special guests, Dr Ashish and Mrs Veera Sawkar, inspected the houses and took the salute for a well-timed march-past. The torch relay was completed by the highest point-scorers from last years meet with Sharan Motiani, Neetika Bhushan, Zeel Mehta and Rohan Sawkar sharing the honour. Following the lighting of the cauldron by the Principal, Mrs Mullick, and Dr Sawkar, school Sports Captain Yash Doshi took the Athletes Oath and all was in readiness for a splendid day of competition. Competition was tight in the pre-meet field events with almost all students participating in the standing broad jump, over-arm throw, discus, shot put and javelin. It was all about power and timing as Dhanalakshmi Vikram and Snehal Gala wrapped up both the discus and shot events in the 12 and 13 year old girls events respectively, following on from similar displays in 2008/09. Hridaye Grover and Rohan Sawkar took out similar doubles for the 14 and 15 year old boys and newcomers to the school Dhruv Dadoo, Rihen Shah, Upasana Goel, Sreenidhi Yanmandra, Rishabh Sethi, Shubhankar Padhya and Aliya Nathani all did enough to secure gold medals for their newly adopted houses. Maitri Vibhakar took out the 15 year old girls shot put and javelin double whilst in the seniors Sachi Mehta completed a similar feat with the discus and javelin. The track events began with the hurdles being raced for the first time this year. The lead-up phase and gossips created much interest and desire amongst the students and this was transferred to energy on the track as the students competed for the medals. Outstanding runaway victories were recorded by Grina Shah, Vir Hirani, Nikoonj Dhandharia, Somil Sheth, Maitri Vibhakar and Rohan Sawkar whilst Snehal Gala backed up her field events with a narrow win from Neetika Bhushan, Vrishank Menon held off a spirited Ishav Kohli and Priyanka Phalod just crossed the line before Sachi Mehta in the Senior Girls Division, and Dhwanil Shroff surprised the likes of Vivek Shah and Tanay Venkateshwar to claim gold in the boys event. The longest races of the day were next on the programme where outstanding displays of endurance were witnessed by gold medallists Shankhini Saha and Somil Sheth in the 14 and After the luncheon adjournment, speed was the order of the day with competitions in the 70 metre and 200 metre sprints and the mixed relays. With the competition and scores between the houses tight, all athletes were keen to get their share of points and medals during the afternoon. Each race seemed over in a flash as competitors from all age groups pounded down straight with all their energy. Ankika Menon, Devika Pillai, Grina Shah and Shankhini Saha won the junior girls events whilst the senior girls produced champions in Neetika Bhushan, Upasana Goel, Gunjan Phalod and Sachi Mehta. In the boys event, Rahul Punjabi and Harshwardhan Sharma had a tight contest in the 9 year old event with Punjabi getting over the line, Akarsh Bhushan and Yug Deo won this event for the third year running in their age groups and Ishav Kohli managed to hold Vrishank Menon at bay in the 12 year olds. Aditya Soni and Somil Sheth claimed gold in the middle age groups whilst Rohan Sawkar and Tanay Venkateshwar followed up their last years performances with close wins in the blue ribbon events of the day. The sprinters were having a good day and most completed the 70 metre / 200 metre double-gold. The only changes from the 70 metre results was the reversal of first and second place in the 11 year old girls as Hetvi Goradia nudged Grina Shah into second place. Rohan Panjwani won the 12 year old boys event from Ishav Kohli, Nikoonj Dhandaria brushed aside Shanav Mehta

and Aditya Soni in the 13 year olds and Maitri Vibhakar had the better of Gunjan Phalod in the 15 year old girls. Leading into the relay events, less than 100 points separated the first house from the fourth house and the fight for the Annual Trophy would come down to these important team events which were worth extra points. Grandmaster found the going tough early in these events as outsiders Formula 1 picked up 3 second places and valuable points. Grandmaster finally showed the depth of athletes in their house, as they had done in the previous two years, to storm home with 3 relay wins which was enough to secure their name on the trophy for the 2009/10 Annual Athletics Meet. To finish the day with some frivolity, parents and staff raced off in 70 metre (ladies) and 200 metre (gentlemen) events to the thrills of the student spectators. For the parents, Mrs Indu Dhandharia sprinted brilliantly to cross the line ahead of Mrs Juhi Gupta and Ms Oindrila Ghosh. Mr Abhinay Deo and Mr Anil Chowta were the mens winners in the two races held, finishing in front of My Ajay Gupta and Mr Ramsey DCosta respectively. The staff events were dominated by Ms Hema Joshi, Ms Tanishta Chatterjee and Ms Priyadarshani Verma in the ladies 70 m event and Mr Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, Mr Chander Dev and Mr Mario Gomes in the mens 200m. The Tug-o-War contest was completed in a knockout format with the finals in both the boys and girls contested by PGA Tour and Wimbledon. As PGA Tour took out the girls event, Wimbledon fought back through a strong boys team to gain a piece of glory and a share of the points which saw the trophy for Tug-o-War being shared for the first time. Following a long day of competition, the final results were announced as Grandmaster (626 points) collected the trophy from a much improved Formula 1 (580), Wimbledon (538) with PGA Tour (525) in fourth position. As students departed with their parents late in the afternoon, whether clutching medals and certificates or not, all can be pleased with their effort and contribution to another successful day of competition at Singapore International School.



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The Junior Primary Boys Competition on Tuesday allowed some students to demonstrate how far they had progressed since being a very timid group in Grade 1. They were extremely keen to participate and their growth in confidence speaks volumes for their improvement over the past 3 years. Samir Sureshbabu (Grade 2), Dipan Jain and Aryan Shah (Grade 3) and Jashan Doshi and Palash Dudhat (Grade 1) featured as the stand-out performers whilst Abderrahmane Asnoun and Rahul Panjwani were also consistent in the Grade 2 events. Yash Kunwar Aggarwal (Grade 5), Harshwardhan Sharma (Grade 4), Vir Hirani (Grade 5) and Tejas Shah (Grade 8) did their best to keep PGAs chances alive whilst Nikhil Rajasubramaniyam and Somil Sheth produced some success for Grandmaster house with a couple of wins between them. Rishabh Thaker and Vanssh Panjabi combined to take the major places in the boys Middle Division events. Wimbledon,

however, rounded out another wonderful day at the pool with a convincing victory in the relay and an overall comfortable win in the Aquatic Fiesta 2010 with a massive 311 points from Formula 1 (178), Grandmaster (157) and PGA Tour (151). The culmination of four days of competition produced some fine swimming performances and highlighted the improvement in skills and confidence of the students at Singapore International School.

Annual Aquatic Fiesta 2009/10

The Annual Aquatic Fiesta was held over 4 consecutive days during March, 2010. The Junior Primary Division girls were keen to show their improvement in skills and confidence as they kicked and paddled their way through the deep end of the pool. Formula 1 was well represented by Bhoomi Bahl (Grade 1) and Tiana Vibhakar and Khushi Jain of Grade 3. Nine Lepeltier (Wimbledon) showed her swimming experience and class by winning the combined grades swim for Junior Girls. Others to thrive in the water environment included Khushi Shah and Keya Patni (Grade 1), Namita Rajasubramaniyam and Reina Bhatkuly (Grade 2) whilst Sasha Arora and Leyan El Daks of Grade 3 also enjoyed their events. The Middle Division Wimbledon girls were keen to maintain the commanding lead for their house with outstanding swimming coming from Lea Lepeltier, Snehal Gala, Riya Philip and Miti

Desai. Shankhini Saha was consistent in picking up valuable points for Formula 1 to put them into a challenging position. One of PGA Tours few success stories of the day was the double-win by Ananya Somani in the two most demanding of all the events, the 4 lap freestyle and 2 lap breast stroke races. Wimbledon capped off a wonderful day in the pool with success in both the 4 x 1 lap freestyle relay and the 4 x 1 lap medley relay. At the completion of the girls programme, Wimbledon (201) held a commanding lead over the other three houses who were locked together in a tight competition of their own as they fought for the minor placings with PGA Tour (67) second, Grandmaster (62) third and Formula 1 (48) in fourth position.



owball all/Thr olleyb 2010) House V ebruary Inter- ment (F Tourna

The Singapore International School Inter-House Volleyball/ Throwball Tournament, previously scheduled for Saturday 7th February, was held from the 5th to the 10th of February during the students co-curricular time. The competition was held in 3 divisions Senior Boys Volleyball, Senior Girls Throwball, and Junior Mixed Throwball, attracting close to 100 participants over the 4 days of competition. The action began with the Senior boys competing with two close games in the opening round, with Formula 1 nudging past PGA Tour by just 3 points, then Wimbledon and Grandmaster fighting out a close encounter. Excellent team play by School Captain Pratik Bothra Jain, Pritul Shah and Rohan Sawkar saw Grandmaster get over the line by just four points. In the finals, Wimbledon sought revenge and took it out against a PGA Tour team that found the skills of Sharad Lila, Vidur Suri, Jinesh Desai and Amandeep Singh too much for them. The fight for first place was also a one-sided affair with Grandmasters teamwork being triumphant over the individual skills of Formula 1s Yash Doshi, Ankrish Ahuja and House Captain Dhwanil Shroff. Most valuable player in the Senior Boys competition was Grandmaster Captain Pratik Bothra Jain. The early round of the Senior Girls Throwball competition saw two close and exciting games. Formula 1 pushed Wimbledon to the limit before bowing to the pressure applied by the likes of Rushnaz Sidhwa and Rhutu Mantri but just failing by two points in the end. Consistent performers for Formula 1 included Sharini Tater, Akanksha Massey and Kinneri Saha. The other first-round game saw an identical scoreline, with a 26-24 game going the way of PGA Tour over Grandmaster. In the second round of the competition, Grandmaster was well led by Sanaya Sawkar and Uditi Shah to score a comfortable win over Formula 1 in the battle for 3rd and 4th places, whilst The PGA Tour team overcame the agility and skill of Wimbledons Rushnaz Sidhwa to get the title by a 6 point margin. PGA Tour was well led by School Captain and the Most Valuable player in this division, Sachi Mehta. She was well supported by Fia Bhanji and Zeel Mehta in a solid team performance. In the Junior Mixed Throwball (3 boys and 3 girls on each team), Grandmaster easily accounted for Formula 1 and Wimbledon overcame a stubborn PGA Tour team in the opening round. Formula 1 showed a reversal of form against PGA Tour by staging a stunning comeback in the fight for the minor placings. Although undermanned, Vanssh Panjabi, Shankhini Saha, Yash Master and Neeraj Menon sabotaged a huge early lead established by their opposition to snatch the game 26-24 in the dying stages. Grandmaster was no match for Wimbledon in this division, and had to settle for second place. Wimbledon was well-served by Most Valuable Player awardees, Miti Desai and Sohail Nathani who were well supported by Snehal Gala, Samkit Shah and Shanav Mehta. The overall points for the tournament resulted in a tie between Wimbledon and Grandmaster in first place on 16 points, third was PGA Tour (12 points) with Formula 1 (10 points) in fourth position. All students should be congratulated on their participation and sportsmanship displayed throughout the four days. Merit, participation and Most Valuable Player certificates were issued to students at The Formula 1 House Assembly held on Wednesday 11th February, 2009.

leyball Vol


Game 3:
Singapore International School's final game of the round-robin tournament saw them come up against the host school, The American School of Bombay. This game would ultimately decide 3rd and 4th places with neither of these two teams able to defeat Mahindra United World School or LFC. Both teams were keen to finish the day with a win under their belts. First honours for the match went to The American School of Bombay as they squeezed an early goal between the keeper and the right-hand upright of the goals. SIS was not without opportunities, however, the efforts on goal from Vivek Shah, Rohan Sawkar and Pritul Shah all wentg unrewarded. Half-time Score: American School of Bombay 1, SIS 0. The final 20 minutes of the tournament was painful for the players and excruciatingly frustrating for the coaches and spectators who witnessed SIS continually pepper the goals, particularly through the efforts of Rohan Sawkar and Vivek Shah. Unfortunately the net could not be struck. American School of Bombay made the most of their single opportunity for the half as they rolled a lucky break across the line to put an end to any chances SIS may have had of taking out a draw. The American School of Bombay (2) defeated Singapore


occer W chool S

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) ry 2010 Februa

On Sunday 8th February, the Singapore International School football team travelled to Bayer Field, Thane to compete in an Annual Football Tournament at the invitation of the American School of Bombay. Other teams fielded in the competition were the host school (American School of Bombay), Mahindra United World School of Pune and Leslie Football Club (LFC)
Game 1:
After being spectators and assessing the opposition talent and strategies in the early timeslot, Singapore International School debuted in the second game of the tournament against a talented outfit from Mahindra United World School of Pune. Players from both teams were eager to display their silky smooth skills early, with SIS taking advantage of their good ball control to launch many attacking moves. Mahindra United World School replied with some late shots on goal in the first half which could have proved fatal, but no player from either side could find the back of the net before the half-time whistle sounded. Half-time score: (0-0) The start of the second half quickly became a different story as the more senior and experienced team from Mahindra took control. They peppered the goals and were relentless in their attacking play, scoring 5 goals during the half. The shining light for Singapore International School was a long attacking kick from defence by Rohan Sawker that cleared the Mahindra defence and sent Vivek Shah running into an open goal and, with only the goalkeeper to beat, he drilled the ball into the net. Mahindra United World School defeated Singapore International School (5-0)

International School (0)

Game 2:
There was no rest for a partially demoralised SIS team as they quickly refreshed and backed up straight away against Leslie Football Club. Singapore International School weathered an early storm as LFC launched a number of fierce attacks but were unable to score. SIS replied furiously, turning their solid defence into attack on a number of occasions through Rohan Sawkar and Amandeep Singh. Twesh Kamdar was a ballmagnet in the midfield, but tight goalkeeping from LFC prevented shots from Vivek Shah, Rohan Sawkar and Aankrish Ahuja from finding the net. Half time Score (0-0) Again, inexperience in the second half proved costly for Singapore International School, as the older students from LFC managed to take some control of the midfield. A loose forward for LFC running into the open goal managed to clear the charging SIS goalkeeper, Jasmer Mago, and a late header finding the net between two SIS defenders left SIS with a two goal deficit. Not to be completely outdone by a team that had been together for a number of years, the SIS boys fought hard to make some forward thrusts on a number of occasions and were unlucky not to find the late goals they were searching for. This game was a solid performance from Singapore International School. LFC defeated Singapore International School (2-0) Although leaving the tournament in 4th place without a win, Singapore International School students can take heart from their performances against more senior and experienced opposition today. With many of the SIS players still with some years of schooling left and the talent displayed by a number of the junior players in this tournament, the football future of SIS looks bright. All players can be proud of their school representation and the way they conducted themselves throughout the tournament. We sincerely thank the American School of Bombay for the invitation extended to us to participate in this annual event.



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Globe Trotting

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HMCE Programs for the year:

Domestic Programs House of Representatives I: House of Representatives II: Senate I: Global Food Crisis Credit Crisis Organized Crime US-Cuba Relations US-Pakistan Relations Energy Innovations Healthcare Reform Food Safety Top Secret Classified Brown v. Owens California v. Fraser Shareef v. Obama Texas v. Johnson Williams v. Lynch Johnson v. Lexcorp Pennsylvania v. King All conference Topics

Model arvard H
Harvard Model Congress-Europe 2010

russels ess - B Congr

Senate II: National Security Council: Supreme Court:

District Court:

Presidential Cabinet & Press Corps:

International Programs Group of Eight: Activities: Our students were involved in crafting laws, negotiating treaties, and addressing crisis that impact millions of people around the globe. This helped them gain a greater appreciation for both American politics and the diplomatic processes underlying the international political system. This is to make the students understand the meaning of globalization that economic, political, and social issues can no longer be understood completely in the context of one country. Being open to others perspective and understanding them, whether across an ocean or across a political divide, is even more crucial. The main objective of the program is to increase understanding across borders and allow all of us to become better global citizens. Behaviour: Our students were very attentive on all three days of the conference and they displayed best of their behaviour through out the trip. World Health Organization: World Trade Organization: United Nations Security Council: Non-Governmental Organizations: World Bank: Group of Fifteen: Globalization and the Developed World Global Warming: The Post-Kyoto Agenda Narcotics in the Developing World Womens Mortality in the Developing World Water and Sanitation Projects in Africa World Bank Presence in South America The Next Steps in Combating Avian Influenza Chronic Disease in the Developing World Global Financial Crisis Free Trade and the Environment Nuclear Weapons All Conference Topics

Prepared by M. Parameshwaran, Faculty Advisor-HMCE-2010 Introduction: Harvard Model Congress Europe-2010 (HMCE2010) is a not-for-profit Harvard University student organization, run entirely by undergraduate volunteers who are dedicated to sharing their knowledge of international relations and American government with high school students across the globe. HMCE is recognised internationally as an American government simulation for international high school students. HMCE includes Domestic Programs such as the U.S. Congress and Supreme Court and the International Programs such as World Health Organization and the United Nations Security Council. The students of Singapore International School (Pratik Bakthiani, Bharat Bhojvani, Salonee Kakodkar and Priyanka Menon), participated in House of Representatives-I, performing the role of different Congress men and women assigned to them. This year 360 students, 60 faculty advisors from 28 schools from twelve nations across the world participated in the conference. As a special feature, this year, International Summits and Country Caucuses were introduced. Venue: This year, the conference was held in Brussels, Belgium over three days, from March 13-15, 2010. Achievements: The bills submitted by our students got passed. Pratik Bakhtiani of Grade 11 got the Award of Distinction for positively contributing to his committee. He actively participated through out the program and made his presence felt by all the participants of the committee.

Model rvard Ha

russels ess - B Congr

Executive Board: The executive board comprised of Annie Shoemaker, President; Sanjey Sivanesan, Vice President; Tyler Hall, Director of Domestic Programs; Alison Schumerm, Director of International Programs; Courtney Skinner, Faculty Liaison, Rachel Endick, Chief of Staff and Ben Leibowicz, Business Manager.

Future Plans: To prepare the students for conferences like Model United Nations and Harvard Model Congress in future, a new club called Global Perspectives Club is initiated and a good number of students from Grade 7 to 9 have shown interest by enrolling and participating actively in it.



navala Lo Nepal



What was the name of the event / activity?


Who all coordinated for this event? tour arrangement committee, the transport department

Ans.: Japalouppe Equestrian / Horse Riding Camp. 2. When was it conducted? to 20/3/10. 3. Who all were involved with this activity? How many students participated? Ans : Two staff members from school and 27 students from Grade 4 to 8 4. What was the event objective?

Ans : The principal, the coordinators of the departments, The and the staff members participating for the event. 8. What kind of preparations went into it from the Coordinator, Teacher and Students side? Ans : The coordinators initially with the help of the tour arrangement committee made the students and the parents aware of the event through information brochure sent in both hard and soft copy giving every piece of the detail. Accordingly, participating staff members were asked to interact with the students interested and collect the consent form sent to the parents along with the registration amount in cheque. After this entire process the students were sent in the details of the programmes to be held in the 5 day event donts for the event. 9. Anything else that you may wish to share? every year. and accordingly the students were briefed about the needs, dos and the

navala Lo

Ans : Held during the Spring Vacation dated between 15/3/10

Ans : To give an adventure experience in horse riding . When I arrived at Jap I was excited and a bit scared because there were many dogs and horses around. When I went in the dormatory I wondered how we would sleep with lizards on our beds. We were shown all the parts of a horse before we were put into batches. I got Julia. The second day we woke up and began our ride. I transformed my horse to Porshe because I rode Julia quite well. In the evening we played Dodge ball and KhoKho while at night we enjoyed scary stories. The third day in the morning we went trekking. We came back and in the evening we played water balloon game. In the morning we started riding horses without help. Evening we washed the horses and also got wet with them. On the last day we had riding examination, then we had oral tests. Our parents arrived at 3.00pm. We started our display. We took a Japalouppe T-shirt, a photo CD. We had a certificate distribution ceremony. We came back home with sweet memories. Grina Shah, Grade 5 I had a wonderful experience at Japalouppe. I had experiences of new food, rock climbing and horse riding. When I first sat on Naomi; my horse was a little scared. But then I got used to it. I was scared when I first went rock climbing that I would fall or hurt myself but when I got used to it, I had fun. I tried new foods like Misal Pav and Banana Pancake. I made new friends like Hetvi and Grina in the 5th Grade. At Japalouppe there were 3 batches. I was in the first batch. It meant that every day at 6o clock we had to start riding and that was tiring. At first troting was a bit hard, but then it really got easy. It was hard because you had to stand up and sit down very fast and that too on a horse back. Horse riding was lot of fun. After we knew how to do troting properly and then how to control our horses we tried to trot by ourselves. I was not sure about it but I found out it was fun riding Japalouppe was fun. It had more than 50 horses. On the first day after exploring the farm we were shown our dormitory. Later when all the parents had gone, we were given free time for setting our baggages and then we had lectures. In the lecture we were shown the parts of the horses and then were given our horses. I got Rosy, the oldest horse. She was very fast and wild at times. We learnt how to walk and trot with the horse. We also played many games. We had trekking on the third day. I was hurt, the hill was very steep. The most surprising thing in trekking was that the boys were helping the girls. On the last day, our parents came to see us and we demonstrated how to walk and trot alone. I am looking forward to go back to Jap again. Hetvi Goradia, Grade 5 alone. Even though this camp was all about horse riding we also had a Disco Night and scary stories. On the Disco night we danced a lot. I was the only one wearing casuals. All my friends were in party dresses. Now a little more about Naomi. My horse Naomi is a tall bay horse with a star in the middle of the eyes. A bay horse is a horse that is brown and has dark brown at the points (tips of the ears, muscles etc). Its mane and tail are black. The mane is the hair that runs down the neck. This camp has got to be one of the best horse riding camps. Tiana Vibhakar, Grade 3 6. What was the student-parent response to the activity arranged? Ans : Highly positive and satisfactory. 5. Was the student performance satisfactory? Do you wish to suggest any area of improvement? Ans : Yes, the students did really well. They were happy and are looking forward to go for the next level as they have completed the first level.

Ans : The event was really good and should be arranged

navala Lo



alghar P

alghar P


Career Guidance & Pastoral Care


ral Care Pasto dance & Gui

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SIS In the News

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SIS - The Second Home

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Graduation Day

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ation D Gradu

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eams s&T

IT Club

French Club

Gymnastics Club

Biotech Club

Dramatics Club Chemistry Club

Eco Club

Maths Club

Rock Band Football Team Cricket Team