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Energy Within Us Without Us

Robin Morris

Energy Within Us Without Us...

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One Feather...

Introduction Professor Ian Lombardi

Continuing with the previous book theme, I See Therefore I Am I Think this book focuses on the energy within us and around us. Energy is an incredibly powerful force that we use every day. There is physical energy within us as well as mental and spiritual energy. In this book the author defines these energy forces and describes ways of tuning into the gravitational magnetic energy source. This is a spiritually enlightening book that takes the essence of the previous book and expands on the energy concept, making one aware how this infinite energy source affects us on earth in everything we say, think or do. I am not aware of another book with this kind of synergy or clarity on the existent energy within our incredible Universe...

Energy Release...

For the animals The real energy preservers of our planet...


1.) Liquid Energy

2.) Energy Within & Without


3.) The Power Within


4.) The Game Of Life


5.) The Seven Energy Steps


6.) Energy Flow


7.) Futuristic Energy


Future Renewable Energy Concepts

~Liquid Energy~
I think that in putting a vast world into something

small there is a wondrous flavour of Zen...


Experiencing the energy of the ocean is definitely the catalyst

that makes you realise magnetic energy in reality exists, not only in the material world but more specifically in an esoteric way that once fully experienced, leaves you wanting. This is the magnetism. You are mentally drawn to it. You live it, crave it, yearn for it... Its the equivalent of the ultimate orgasm, leaving you constantly wanting that eternal more syndrome. Sex equals lodestone. Similarly, surfing inspires you to constantly search for that elusive, magical next wave, which you are mentally 7

convinced is out there waiting just for you. Even when youre not in the ocean surfing, youre normally mentally surfing some perfect break that only exists within your Subconscious mind. Your day-dream fantasies are consumed with sun drenched beaches and perfect line-ups. Alpha brainwaves replace Beta brainwaves as you mentally slip over from your Conscious mind into your creative Subconscious mind, allowing the esoteric process to naturally flow. Weve all experienced this incredible mental energy. Self induced daydreams that have got us into trouble at school, at work and even at home. Endless daydreaming that leaves you starry eyed and also somewhat envious of those who get paid to surf all the greatest surf breaks throughout the world for a living.

Living in the moment...

The foremost mental attraction to the allure of surfing, without us even realising it, is that when youre in the water surfing, its all about living in the present. This means you get to mentally enjoy whats actually happening to you - right now, this very instant. Initially we fight the wave because we fear the ocean. Our internal safety alarm constantly beams but eventually we come to terms with the ocean and accept her many moods. We realise and learn to respect her massive energy capacity. Its only then that we start looking for ways to discover how we can use that energy to our advantage. Instead of constantly fighting and fearing the wave, we learn to go with the wave, utilising the waves incredible energy flow. We do this by mentally tuning into the energy vibration of the wave and we do it automatically. We dont even think about it. We are so tuned in, nothing else matters, at that moment. We quickly discover the maximum energy centres of each wave, like surfing closer to the foam-ball and staying in the steepest section of the face of the wave to generate more speed. By doing this we get to experience the momentum and raw energy exerted by the wave. euphoria of the moment. We gain confidence and go for harder, bigger turns, longer barrels, exaggerated tail slides, sweeping airs and so we just keep raising the bar, constantly searching for more 9 From this synergy we become completely energised, totally caught up in the

ways to push the limits and maximise the energy at our disposal. Initially this is what happens: When you enter the water and paddle out, youre immediately aware of your hands stroking through the crisp water, the effervescent liquid bubbles that stream past you with every stroke, the temperature of the water, be it the numbing Cape cold or the warm tropical East Coast, the glint of the sun off the glassy ocean, the gentle off-shore wind with its calming effect, the constant movement of the vibrant water beneath you and the incredible energy released as a wave breaks... You mentally soak this all up every time you paddle out as if it was a new experience to you but the reality is youre living in the moment, enjoying every second as it effortlessly flits by. Your senses lock in and you subliminally absorb it all. Dopamine flows in the brain and youre on an instant adrenaline high. You cant get enough. This is true joy. The Mystics from the East spend years in meditation in their quest to find true joy and you get to enjoy this wonderful virtue every time you paddle out. Most of the time you cant even wait to get out to the line-up. When you finally do get out, you might sit for a while and take in the surroundings, the sets, the other surfers and the constant energy flow before paddling into your first wave of the day.


With arms stroking hard, every muscle taut, you nimbly get to your feet and go hard off the bottom, take control, trim a bit and then carve your way effortlessly down the line, seeking that intangible tight tube in the pocket of the wave as you manoeuvre, hard off the top, round off the bottom, gunning for maximum speed. The look on your face says it all... At this point, nothing else in the world really matters. Youre now in automatic mode. All your senses locked in to the animated energy of the magnificent ocean. Youre in the zone, completely in flow, suddenly transported into another inner mental world for the duration of your session. And it never stops.

Kelly Slater finding that elusive pocket...

You can paddle out at any break into a lively line-up with perfect, solid four foot waves breaking effortlessly across a hidden reef, producing long glassy walls and tight, round barrels and youll be completely stoked every time, living only 11

in the moment. Time stands still for you as you get Dopamine drunk in your own glory and self gratification. You leave the water exhausted but exhilarated, the waves re-playing through your mind like an endless movie. You arrived, you conquered, you enjoyed. Your ego is content as is your inner true self. The Real You has triumphed...! You have walked on water, experienced the incredible energy of the ocean and left the beach, inspired. You cant wait to do it again. This is the power of the euphoric magnetism of energy... Some say surfing is a drug. In a way it is but its a natural drug. When Dopamine flows in the brain it releases that giddy feel-good feeling of almost childlike happiness. With surfing, Dopamine flows by the bucket load but its also a way more powerful experience... When youre on a wave you get to touch, hear, smell, taste, feel, intuitively sense and absorb the energy of Mother Nature and you connect. In fact, you connect deeply. The Real You within, which is your spirit, is exposed plus all your senses dial in, enhanced by the energy of the sun and the other surrounding elements, compounded together. You experience the intensity of this raw synergy and the sensual excitement of the natural energy released and you drink deeply, unashamedly, from Mother Natures infinity energy cup. 12

Its just another incredible energy filled day. And its all yours. For free. And its Pure Joy...

You may have everything you ever wanted in life but you may not have everything you ever needed


In This Chapter
The entire energy concept was put to the test in an everyday sport that uses physical energy, mental energy and spiritual energy to prove that pure joy is attainable, just by being. In the following Chapters well endeavour to analyse all these components that contribute to this wonderful experience

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About The Author - Dr. Tim Mtshali

Robin Morris lives in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa. An avid and dedicated surfer, he made this area his home due to the perfect right-hand waves that break at this famed surfing destination. This is Robins tenth book. His first was a fiction novel called, Staying Alive followed by the sequel The Return. Both published for world-wide release by TOR Tom Doherty Associates in the USA. His next four books were technical editions: Training Your Dog published by Landbou Media 24; The Marketing Principle published by Butterworths (Durban South Africa); Marketing To Townships published by Juta (Johannesburg South Africa); and the very successful How To Make A Surfboard published by Assegai Publishing (South Africa). His seventh book, Bongeni is a historical novel set in the Anglo-Boer war period in South Africa, published by Assegai Publishing. This was followed by, I See Therefore I Am I Think which is a Mind, Body & Spirit book with 15

meditation as the ultimate objective. His last book is a childrens adventure story entitled, Da Kahuna Kidz and Da Tsunami which is a wonderful story about six teddy bears who live on a magical fantasy island. Robin also has five guitar driven instrumental CDs available on the worldwide market ( featuring his unique mix of guitar driven instrumental surf rock and blues. Robins interest in the esoteric began many years ago when he became part of a research group, tasked by a local University to gather information on ESP and meditation skills in African culture. This eventually led to a lasting relationship with the East and a voyage of self discovery that convinced him of the need to introduce meditation at local school level.