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Braleys 4 Jesus

Special Suppor t Raising Edition!

Would you believe it if I told you we have been at GFA for 10 years? Good, you shouldnt. BUT, we have been here for 1 year as of August 31st! The year has been full of blessings, trials, joys, illnesses and everything in between. The Lord continues to change us through all these things, and we owe Him all of our love and gratitude. As many of you probably realize, the reason we have been here for a year is the faithful support and prayers of all of you. From time to time it becomes necessary to once more solicit your help to allow us to continue in this important work. It has been Summur and my desire to let the Lord lead as He may and not to guilt anyone into giving. So, look at this newsletter as an encouragement to you that your funds really do make a difference for the kingdom of God. So, we ask again that you please pray and consider joining our support team. Gifts of $10, $25, $50 or $100 per month are typical but let the Lord lead you as well. You are a blessing to us! Thanks for considering!

Howdy from Carrollton! August 2011

Prayer Requests/Praises
One Year in Texas! We are learning so many lessons from the Lord Our car is healthy again! Please pray that the Lord would be glorified through our lives. That 50,000 Bridge of Hope children would be supported this year. Thank you for all of your prayers!

The band is back together again! Summurs sister and husband (and kids) moved to Texas! Hooray!!!!

To support us financially online go to: masu/

Sinclair turned 4 in August! We are really thankful that God chose us to raise her.

Wha t we Need
A wise Christian brother, who was involved in fund raising, once gave me the advice that I should present the need and then get out of the way. So, I will do that but in a little different way. Here, as I see it, is the need: -Jesus commanded us to go and preach to all nations! willing to sacrifice so that more could hear about the Good News? -Over 500,000 villages in India Can we honestly say there is anyalone still have no Gospel witthing more important than this? ness We only get one chance on this -GFA estimates 80,000 a day are side of heaven to make a differgoing to hell in these areas alone ence. I thank you all once more for conisidering and Our That is the need. Brothers and sisters, time is short! Will you be thank you for your prayers. monthly goal is at

$3,426. Our monthly pledges equal $2,364. That means we are 69% supported. We our believing that we will be 100% soon!

Fighting Demons in the Darkness

When Pathik Sharma showed a movie about Jesus to a people staunchly devoted to ancestor worship, Bishakha Gupta came to watchand so did the demon that possessed her body. As the movie ended, Bishakhas breathing became erratic. Her parents noticed her distress and decided to take her to a doctor the next day. But Pathik, a Gospel for Asiasupported missionary, asked if he could pray for the young girl instead.

After everyone had gone home and Bishakhas family was all sound asleep, the evil spirit returned and began tormenting Bishakha once again. Roused from sleep by the noise, Bishakhas parents called Pathik and told him what was happening. Pathik immediately made his way to Bishakhas home and prayed once more for her deliverance and Gods healing hands to be upon the girl. As Pathik prayed, a deep, hoarse voice came from Bishakha saying, This time I am going to leave the girl for sure. Immediately, Bishakha calmed down and fell into a deep sleep.

Bishakhas parents and the crowd that had gathered at her house saw the miracle and marveled. Pathik took the opportunity to challenge the girls family to trust Christ and commit When Pathik stepped their lives to Him. Although they cant deny Gods saving grace, toward Bishakha, the girl Bishakhas family is hesitant to openly receive the Lord due to pushed him away and the opposition that will inevitably follow from their fellow vilwould not let the mission- lagers. They are scared to trust Christ, even after encountering ary touch her. She bea demon in the darkness. came violent. The people around her held her Prayer is requested for Bishakha and her family, that they will hands and feet so Pathik cast aside any fear of man and truly surrender their lives to could pray. Christ.

He placed his Bible on the shrieking womans head and comFor more stories like these, please visit our website at manded the evil spirit to come out of her. He prayed and asked Jesus to intervene. The demon left herbut not for long.

To support us financially online go to: masu/

Summur Time!
Hello Family, Things have been busy around here but if you asked me what we have been up to, I couldn't exactly pin down a bunch of things. Just chasing two toddlers, trying to give them some running time, and stay out of the heat! Praise the Lord our car is running well now and that is beacuse I know a lot of you prayed and some of you sent in money to cover the fees! Thanks for keeping us in your prayers!
We are homeschooling (mostly reading books, and doing arts and crafts), swimming, going to the library, and I am still in the office on Thursday mornings. On Sept. 16th a lovely couple in the office are getting married. They have asked me to decorate the reception, so that is something on my plate. God is good and I am trying to stay thankful for all of our blessings in this season of life! Please pray for me that I will seek Him FIRST! Love you all so much! Summur You can get more of Summurs time on Summurs blog at Its good clean fun for the whole family. If you need prayer or just want to visit we can be reached via email @ or Or you can contact us even more directly @ (209) 918-8096 or (209) 2758078. And my work phone is 1-972-300-3139 GOD BLESS! We would love to hear from you and be glad to pray for you. Just drop us an email or give us a ring. We miss you all, and as always, we thank you for your prayers and support.

The girls enjoyed a week of Vacation Bible School this Summer. The theme was Pandas