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i AS
Architects & Structural Engineers

Level 4 Cobalt House

Notabile Road Mriehel BKR 3000

T: (+356) 2149 9374

F: (+356) 2149 9375


January 2009

Our Mission Statement:

'Set new standards in practice management, motivating and inspiring its people to give
uncompromised service to its customer, that will make it the professional firm of first
choice to work for and with in Malta, and to be well poised to face international

We are a group of leading local structural engineers, which have joined forces with an accumulated
wealth of experience in the profession. Our core competencies involve the following services:
Our staff is continuously stimulated to develop their skills through postgraduate courses and other
continued professional development (CPD) activities. Our future objectives are to instigate a quality
assurance system by achieving ISO 9001 certification and to expand our practice beyond the local market
by offering our personalised design services abroad.

Our Goals
Ö Attract and retain the best professionals
Ö Identify and develop the capabilities of every person within the organisation
Ö Refine continually work ambience / practices / procedures to make the organisation a great
learning / working experience
Ö Understand / share / co-own the vision of our customers and provide uncompromised levels of
service and quality
Ö Motivate imagination, draw on experience and apply best practice to produce innovative,
sustainable and economically viable structures
Ö Passionately manage clients’ projects

Our Values - ECCIS

Ö Ethics
Ö Commitment to Customers
Ö Commitment to Employees
Ö Innovative
Ö Social Responsibility

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Type of Service
Our set-up guarantees a focused and personalised service, on both small and large scale projects. We
perform particularly well on architecturally-led projects due to our part-architectural background from our
undergraduate degrees and day-to-day experience with construction projects of varying magnitude. This
enables us to meet the architectural requirements with improved buildability and structural efficiency, and
build meaningful relationships with clients and contractors. We constantly research innovative structural
solutions and maintain an awareness of current construction trends through association with foreign
universities and participation in international seminars and competitions, where we are fully conversant to
British and European codes of practice and received technical education and chartership from UK
universities / institutions.

Management of Projects
We assign a project leader for each project who is the main contact and is responsible for assigning and
managing the required workload to our resources according to the needs and requirements of each
individual project. The permanent staff comprises of principal architects and chartered structural
engineers, who are directly responsible for technical aspects of the jobs, and a number of junior
engineers and CAD technicians. All work is therefore of a professional quality and will meet the highest
requirements of the job, where quality, resources, programme and buildability are regarded as indivisible.

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iAS has carefully identified its core competencies and shaped its corporate strategy around them. Its core
competencies resonate with the previous experience of its talented staff and are also further strengthened
through the continuous development programmes it offers to its professional staff. All this is in line with
the core values of iAS, amongst which one finds ‘commitment to customers’ in all fields of service ranging
from unyielding personal availability, to cutting edge technical knowledge in the core competencies.

Structural Design
Depending on the client’s request, our team of versatile structural engineers can provide a service
ranging from conceptual analysis, used to determine load distribution and initial sizing, to a fully
detailed analysis including nonlinear Finite Element aided by commercially available software
packages or computer programmes developed in-house. Full design to any relevant structural
standard but mainly to British Standards, Eurocodes or ASTM codes, our firm will provide the client with
a package of schematic or detailed drawings indicating all member sizes from foundations to roof
level. Also included in the package will be the detailed design of joints incorporating schematic
drawings of each variant.

Geotechnical Design
Our office is equipped with qualified staff in the field of geotechnics / civil engineering, and has been
commissioned to carry out related works locally in Malta. Through this branch we carry out research on
the properties of the local rocks and soils with the purpose of obtaining a better understanding of the
way that civil and structural engineering works interact with the ground. This enables us to produce
effective ground-structure interfaces and economical foundation design.

Facade Engineering
We also provide a full facade and glass engineering consultancy service ranging from feasibility design
stage to performance specification and testing stages. Through our links with leading manufacturers
and research institutions, which have vast experience of working on various facade and glass
engineering projects in the UK, our staff are able to resource the most recent innovative facade
solutions in this multi-disciplinary field.

Architectural Design
iAS has been entrusted with various architectural projects in Malta where we have been able to meet
the amalgamate innovative design with our sound knowledge in construction practices and from our
experience with local planning legislation. We are able follow our designs through from initial

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conception to final construction and are able to correctly interpret the architectural features through the
continuous contribution of our architectural design team throughout the building process.

Project Management
iAS is a multi disciplinary professional service firm which has in the recent years extended its portfolio to
include construction project management. The focus of the management team involves implementing
management systems models suited to the particular needs of the Maltese construction industry. Our
style of project management is to assign a lead consultant that will take ownership of the project and
client relationships. The lead consultant will have full support of a close knit team of high calibre trained
professionals. We feel that the experience of our staff in our core competencies, together with the manner
in which we practice our core values, provides benefit to the client in all aspects of time, quality and cost.
The model we are adopting has been tested and refined in practice by our team in other major and
prestigious projects we are engaged in as project managers, namely Lufthansa Technik Malta.

iAS has also had experience in construction management, where we have acted in this role for projects
involving Oil Tanking Malta Terminal 4, ITS Development in Qala and the San Lawrenz road works. Our
understanding of construction works and buildability issues enables us to work closely with the building
contractors and to be proactive in forecasting any potential difficulties and work schedules. Our style of
project management is not based on a paper trail basis alone but we believe that flexibility, efficient
communication and the active construction of a project team forms the basis of a successfully completed
project. We face limitations in the small scale of the local construction industry by working to develop
relationships with all parties involved to build a motivated team which works together to a single common

At iAS we believe that our commitment to our people is the guarantee of service quality and we strive to
pass on to our people the successful iAS style of building unyielding relationships with our clients. We
believe that topping up talented, technical people with the ability to communicate proactively, and to be
sensitive to our client’s demands, is the essence of the iAS ethos.

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Company Organogram
iAS recognises that the greatest asset of a professional service firm is the skills and personalities of its
people and we are proud to be able to present the skilled and specialised assembly of staff and
consultants which is the iAS family as displayed below.

Peter Zammit Adrian Mifsud Stephen Grech

Director Director Director

Mark Borg David Muscat David Micallef Frederick Grech James Mifsud
Project Manager Design Engineer Design Engineer Design Engineer Design Engineer

Lawrence Chetcuti Lee Connell

CAD Technician TEAM CAD Technician

Franco Azzopardi Mauro Overend Jakob Kegel

Sandro Schembri Tonio Fenech
Business / Marketing Facade Engineering Internet Marketing
Cost Consultant Legal Consultant
Consultant Consultant Consultant


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Peter Zammit
B.E&A.(Hons) MSc(Surrey) A&C.E CEng MIStrcutE.
Director, iAS Ltd.

Peter commenced work in 1995 as a graduate architect / engineer after

completing his degree at the University of Malta in Architecture and Civil
Engineering. He was promoted to Senior Engineer in 1997 with a leading
local firm where he has acted as project leader for several projects
including notably a € 50.0m factory, involving the largest single industrial
development built in Malta. Peter attained status as a Chartered Structural
Engineer when he became a Member of the Institution of Structural
Engineers. He has also recently obtained a distinction result in an MSc
degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Surrey, UK and
was also a member on the board of directors of the Malta Environment
and Planning Authority where he served two three-year terms as an
independent member. He has gained invaluable experience in the field of
planning development administration due to his additional involvement in
development commission and executive boards, planning policy sub-
committees and interviewing panels for appointment of senior officials
within the Malta Environment and Planning Authority.

Stephen Grech
B.E&A.(Hons) MSc(Surrey) A&C.E. CEng MIStrcutE
Director, iAS Ltd.

After starting his studies in Architectural and Building Engineering at the

University of Melbourne in Australia, Stephen moved to Malta in 1991
where he continued his studies at the University in Malta and graduated in
Architecture and Civil Engineering in 1995. He was subsequently
employed as a graduate engineer with the technical division of Elbros
Ltd., one of the main leading multi disciplinary building contractors on the
island. In 1998 he was appointed as head of the division, handling the
design and prefabrication of prestressed beams and composite slabs.
Stephen then moved to one of the leading Architectural and Structural
Engineering Maltese firms in 2001 as a senior structural engineer,
responsible for the design and site supervision of construction works
primarily steel structure. He has also obtained a distinction result in an
MSc degree in Structural Engineering from the University of Surrey, UK
and attained status as a Chartered Structural Engineer in 2008.

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Adrian Mifsud
B.E&A.(Hons), MSc(Lond), DIC, A.&C.E.
Director – Geotechnics, iAS Ltd.

Adrian completed his first degree in Architecture and Civil Engineering at

the University of Malta in 1995 and was then employed for eleven years as
an architect and civil engineer with one of the leading architectural and
structural engineering firms in the Maltese Islands. During this time,
Adrian was often assigned the leading role in a number of major projects,
developing and integrating the architectural and structural aspects of the
developments. These included projects related to the hospitality and
entertainment industry, notably the 60,000sqm Hotel Intercontinental
Malta, and infrastructural projects including the Mgarr and Cirkewwa Sea
Passenger Terminals, Malta. In 2004-5, Adrian followed a Masters’ degree
in Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering at Imperial College,
London, graduating in 2006 with distinction. Adrian joined iAS in 2007.

Mark Borg
B.E&A.(Hons A.&C.E.
Project Manager / Design Architect

Mark has had over seven years experience in the local construction
industry after having graduated from the University of Malta in 2000. He
has had a strong background in architectural design, where he was
employed with a large architectural firm, involved with major
architectural projects, and is also a tutor for the architectural faculty at
the University of Malta. Before joining iAS in 2007, Mark was employed
with a major Maltese developer / contractor and was responsible for
the completion of projects such as residential and hotel developments,
where he was responsible for co-ordinating the initial design stages
through to the management of works involving construction, finishes
and services. Mark is currently fulfilling a key role within the growing
project management division and shall eventually lead the team of staff
dedicated to management of large projects.

David Micallef
B.E&A.(Hons) PgDip(Surrey) A&C.E.
Design Architect / Engineer

David graduated in Architecture and Civil Engineering from the

University of Malta in 2003, and is currently completing a Masters
degree in Structural Engineering with the University of Surrey, UK.
David has worked with other major architecture / structural engineering
firms in Malta before joining iAS in 2007. He has had experience in
working within a design office in a major residential development and
also co-ordinating site and design works at MIA. He is currently
involved in a role which links the design work with the site supervision

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roles in major industrial projects and is responsible for execution and
monitoring the design programme.

James Mifsud
B.E&A.(Hons) PgDip(Surrey) A&C.E.
Design Architect / Engineer

James graduated in Architecture and Civil Engineering from the

University of Malta in 2003, and is currently completing a thesis
involving FEM analysis for beam web openings as part of his Masters
degree in Structural Engineering with the University of Surrey, UK.
James commenced his working experience with a major architecture /
structural engineering firm in Malta before moving on to employment
with iAS. He has also gained experience as a structural engineer with a
major UK firm in London, where he was responsible for a large office
block before returning to iAS in 2007. He is currently responsible for a
quality management system in a local major commercial development
and in the past has been involved with roadworks management and
the structural design of other miscellaneous projects.

Frederick Grech
B.E&A.(Hons) PgCert(Surrey) A&C.E.
Design Architect / Engineer

Frederick obtained an undergraduate degree in Architecture and Civil

Engineering from the University of Malta in 2004, and is currently
completing a Masters degree in Structural Engineering with the
University of Surrey, UK and joined iAS in 2006. His previous
employment, with another major structural engineering firm, involved
structural design roles incorporating reinforced / precast concrete
frames for major residential and industrial projects. Frederick is
currently completing structural design and site supervision tasks for
various large scale projects, and is also involved with the maintenance
of the office computerisation and standardisation systems.

David Muscat
B.E&A.(Hons) A&C.E.
Design Architect / Engineer

David joined iAS in 2007, where he has been involved in the structural
design, site supervision and co-ordination of works of large residential
developments, where he is required to amalgamate information from
design architects and navigate through challenging client and third
party issues. Since his graduation from the University of Malta in 2003,
he was previously employed by a major Maltese architectural firm
where he was responsible for carrying out the firm’s structural detailing
and site supervision works. David is currently involved in structural

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design and site management related roles within various iAS residential
projects currently under construction.

Lee Connell
CAD Technician

Lee has had a depth of experience in production and presentation of

working drawings through his past employment with structural
engineering firms, services engineering offices and building
contractors. He has completed courses in computer aided drafting,
quantity surveying and project management, and has also had
experience translating technical information to building workers in his
role on site in a major hotel development. Ever since his engagement
with iAS in 2005, Lee has been primarily responsible for the
management tasks involving presentation documents, including the
issuing of drawings for construction purposes and preparation of
MEPA application documentation.

Lawrence Chetcuti
CAD Technician

With over 25 years experience in the Maltese building industry,

Lawrence is widely experienced in architectural design and drafting.
Following previous employment with a number of established Maltese
architects, Lawrence has developed his artistic drafting skills together
with a sound knowledge of local building legislation and has therefore
brought to iAS a mature understanding of how to amalgamate
architectural design with buildability requirements. Since his
employment in 2007, he has been responsible for the firm’s
architectural designs in which he carries through the co-ordination of
client requirements with the required MEPA application documentation
and correspondences.

Patrick Muscat
Assistant Project Manager

Patrick joined iAS following an extensive career with the largest

industrial company in Malta where he executed the role of detailing,
costing, supervision and technical co-ordination of execution within the
plant services department. He is a qualified draughtsman and quantity
surveyor and currently occupies the role of assistant project manager
at the Pender Place development. Patrick’s current responsibilities
involve the co-ordination of construction site works and administration
of scheduling tasks.

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Franco Azzopardi
Business / Marketing Consultant, Katana Consulting

Franco has been involved with iAS since it’s inception in 2004, in which
time he has been involved with the setup of the business model and
marketing strategy of the firm. Franco has built a reputation for a
modern outlook in business administration following his successful
completion of a postgraduate degree in finance at the University of
Leicester, and after his 17 year involvement as a founding partner in a
mid-tier accounting firm, where he was responsible for Corporate
Strategy, Risk Management and Knowledge/Human Capital
Development. He was also elected member of the Council of the Malta
Institute of Accountants in 2007 and also serves as a board member
on authorities including the Malta Transport Authority, Valletta Harbour
Regeneration Corporation PLC, University Sports Complex Ltd and is
currently also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the National
Governing Body of Sport in Malta. Franco currently offers consultancy
services for professional firms, where iAS was amongst the first to
engage his services, and has become the driving force required to set
business standards in the local market and advance iAS towards an
international outlook.

Mauro Overend
Facade Engineering Consultant, Cambridge University

After completing his first degree in Architecture and Building Engineering

at the University of Malta, Mauro furthered his studies by obtaining an
MSc in Structural Engineering from the University of Surrey (UK). He
subsequently returned to Malta where he joined a local firm of structural
engineers working as project engineer on a number of medium and large
scale building projects ranging from new build steel and concrete frames
to repairs and strengthening of existing structures. In 2001, Mauro moved
to the UK where he joined whitbybird engineers as a senior engineer in
their London office. During his time at whitbybird he was responsible for
various projects ranging from a sensitive London theatre extension to the
design of a 28 storey office development. In 2002 Mauro completed his
PhD on the 'Appraisal of Structural Glass Assemblies' and was
subsequently involved in various projects within whitbybird's facade team.
In 2004 Mauro joined the University of Nottingham as a lecturer in
Structural Engineering and Facade Technology within the School of the
Built Environment and has recently accepted a position with Cambridge
University where he is heading a research group in facade engineering.

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Sandro Schembri
Cost Consultant, RICS

Sandro commenced work as a Quantity Surveyor in 1986 after completing

the local Architect Assistant and Draughtsman Course. Following
completion of a distance learning course with the College of Estate
Management, Reading he attained status as a Chartered Quantity
Surveyor of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors in 2001. He
subsequently attained the status of Chartered Project Management
Surveyor in 2002 and subsequently obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in
Project Management (The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) and
an MBA (Real Estate & Construction) from the University of Reading in
2004. Sandro has extensive experience in major development projects
with Clients both locally and overseas, including Libya, Hungary, Lisbon
and St Petersburg. Throughout this period he acted as a key player in a
number of extensive projects, with the most notable projects executed to
date including the construction and completion of a $150M 5-star hotel in
Tripoli and the €35M refurbishment of a 5-star hotel in Lisbon. Sandro is
currently a Board Member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors
(Project Management Faculty – Europe Representative) and also Vice-
Chair of RICS (Malta).

Tonio Fenech
Legal Consultant, Fenech & Fenech Advocates

Tonio Fenech is a law graduate from the University of Malta (1986) and
University of London (UCL 1987). He joined Fenech & Fenech
Advocates in 1987, and oversaw its systematic expansion in such
areas as Financial Services Law, International Business Transactions,
Mergers & Acquisitions, Maritime Law, Aviation Law and International
Tax Planning, in addition to the traditional areas of specialization of the
firm. He was elected Managing Partner of the Firm, now one of the
largest law firms in Malta, in 1995. Tonio is now the CEO of the Fenlex
Group of Companies, providing fiduciary, trust and corporate support
services, as well as Director of several other companies active in such
diverse areas as alternative dispute resolution, IT consultancy, media
production, management consultancy, transportation and legal
translation services. He is currently Chairman of the Maritime Law
Advisory Council, President of the Malta Maritime Law Association and
Honorary Consul of Lebanon to Malta. He has participated as speaker
in numerous conferences, and is regularly called upon to act as
consultant to public and private bodies in various capacities. On the
academic front, Tonio teaches various legal subjects at the University
of Malta, including Maritime Law, Law of Insurance and Law of Trusts.

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Jakob Kegel
IT Marketing Consultant, ZEBCON

Jakob is assisting iAS in the development and implementation of the

organization's Internet strategy. The brief is to create an exciting online
space where clients and talent can interact with iAS. Jakob holds a
MSc in Business Administration from JIBS, Sweden and has spent part
of his education at St Gallen University, Switzerland and at George
Mason University outside Washington DC. He has been active in the IT
space since 1996 mainly helping clients with their online presence. He
has previously worked with Volvo IT in Gothenburg, Sweden but moved
to Malta in 2005 to work as a business development manager for a
local accounting firm. Since 2007 he is operating Zebcon that
specializes in Internet Marketing.

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Lufthansa Hanger and Ancillary Facilities, Luqa

Project Managers, Architects &

Structural Design Consultants

CLIENT Lufthansa Tecknik Malta Ltd.

VALUE € 25.0m

Co-ordination, design and supervision of major hangar

development incorporating over 30,000m2 of aircraft
maintenance and Lufthansa Technik administration
facilities. The main design issues involve the
architectural and structural design of the main
workshop building, whilst major civil / geotechnical
design aspects are encountered in the hangar / apron
ground slab, backfill and perimeter retaining wall
required due to a nine metre depth of backfill due to
existing site parameters. Other responsibilities involve
the provision of outline design and specifications for
hangar structures and hangar / ancillary facilities
finishes. iAS is also conducting project management
and contract administration tasks related to all tasks
involving the construction, services and finishes.

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Pender Place Development, St. Julians

Project Managers

CLIENT Pender Contracting Ltd.


Currently responsible for carrying out project

management role performing a central organising role
between the client and lead consultants, establishing a
project manual and determining / monitoring of overall
/ short term programmes. Project involves a mixed use
development incorporating parking, residential and
commercial facilities.

US Embassy Development, Ta’ Qali

Architects & Site Supervision

CLIENT US State Department


Currently responsible for preparation of all planning

authority application documentation, together with
carrying out correspondences with governmental
authorities. Responsibilities also include overseeing
site ground works involving demolition and excavation

T2 Debenhams Commercial Development, Tigne

Quality Management Co-ordination

CLIENT Ergon Projects Ltd.


Currently responsible for preparation of all quality

control documentation, supervision and reporting for
an international design and build contractor. Works
incorporate amalgamated steel / concrete frame
construction involving multi-storey elements
commercial development.

Villa Complex, Santa Maria Estate, Mellieha

Construction Managers / Structural Design Consultants

CLIENT Santa Maria Gardens Ltd.


Development incorporating 12 fully detached villa

blocks, swimming pools and basement garage. iAS is
responsible for carrying out full structural detailing, site
supervision and co-ordination of civil works with
building services and finishes.

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Industrial Warehouse Development, Mriehel

Geotechnical Design Consultants

CLIENT Carin Construction / Alf Mizz & Sons Ltd.


Design and supervision of geotechnical works

involving earth retaining elements for the perimeter of a
major commercial development of Alf Mizzi & Sons
Group. The site is located within Mriehel, Malta and
incorporates a three storey excavation within clay
material. A combination of laterally loaded piles and
mass retaining perimeter walls are being utilised to
retain an existing adjoining building and perimeter

Car Park / Slope Stabilization - Gozo Citadel

Geotechnical Design Consultants

CLIENT Architect Joe Bugeja / Gozo Cathedral


iAS was commissioned to prepare the geology,

geomorphology and hydrology baseline studies for the
EIA process for this project. This project is being
carried out in two stages – a geotechnical desk study
and site survey of the terrain around the Citadel was
first conducted, resulting in the development of a
conceptual ground model on which the borehole
investigation was designed and commissioned. The
second stage, currently in progress, consists of the
analysis of the retrieved cores, laboratory tests and
numerical modelling of the existing and proposed
slope profiles to determine the stability of the clay
slopes and overlying historic structures.

Ghallis Landfill Compaction Study

Geotechnical Design Consultants

CLIENT Wasteserv Malta Ltd.

Geotechnical desk study and site investigation,

including research into current landfill practice, and site
work meant to determine the degree of compaction
being currently achieved. Development of proposals
for improving compaction, meant to maximize landfill

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Apartment Block, Qawra

Structural Design Consultants

CLIENT Architect Jean Pierre Attard

VALUE € 8.0m COMMENCEMENT April 2008

Mixed use development with basement parking area,

commercial outlets and five levels of overlying
apartment blocks. Construction consists of
loadbearing walls at each level supported by a
concrete frame continuing through basement and
ground floor levels.

Sant Antnin Recreation Park, Marsascala

Architects & Structural Design Consultants

CLIENT Wasteserv Malta Ltd.


Recreational development located incorporating sports

facilities and open landscaping spaces. Project also
involves restoration of adjacent chapel. iAS has been
commissioned to design the complex, carry out
preliminary cost evaluations and overall co-ordination
of the development.

Msida Quays & Barriera Wharf, Marsa

Civil Engineering Design Consultants

CLIENT Malta Maritime Authority


Consultancy work involving repair works to the

deteriorating marine structures at Barriera Wharf,
Marsa and Msida Quays, as part of MMA’s aim to
further develop the commercial potential of its
coastline. Consultancy works being incorporated as
part of MSc degree thesis research being carried out
by iAS staff.

© iAS Page 17 January 2009


ITS Training Centre, Qala, Gozo

Structural, Mechanical, Electrical & Interior Design

Consultants / Project Managers

CLIENT Ministry of Gozo


Demolition of existing secondary school facilities to

construct facilities for Institute of Tourism Studies
involving hotel room, kitchen, restaurant and teaching
facilities incorporating all associated ancillary facilities.
Construction to involve split level single floor building
incorporating loadbearing walls and in-situ concrete
slabs. Responsibilities involve design, supervision and
management of all aspects of the construction up to
the finished and serviced building state. In order to
complete this project, iAS assembled and managed a
diverse team amalgamating our own architectural /
structural faculty together with sub-contracted
electrical / mechanical engineers and interior

Airest Catering Facilities, Luqa

Architects & Structural Design Consultants


Works involved carrying out of major alterations to

airport facility and addition of intermediate floor
consisting of steel frame construction. iAS is
responsible for carrying out detailing / supervision of all
works and structural calculations and verification of all
proposed and existing constructions respectively.

Precast Manufacturing Plant, Attard

Structural / Geotechnical Design Consultants

CLIENT Attard Bros Group of Companies

Geotechnical and structural design of an industrial

concrete slab supported on engineered fill, together
with consultancy for precast concrete elements and
structural interventions. iAS was involved in the
analysis of in-situ test data to determine the
geotechnical parameters of the fill. Designs for the
concrete floor were then prepared taking into account
the storage rack loading and moving loads from the
production robots. The designs were optimised to
cater for the proposed construction sequence in close
collaboration with the contractor.

© iAS Page 18 January 2009

Oil Tanking Jetty Field and Tank Field 4, Birzebugia

Construction Managers / Engineers,

Civil / Structural Design Consultants

CLIENT Oiltanking Malta Ltd. / Elbros Const.


Extension works, involving enlargement of existing

facilities as part of growing international operations of
Oiltanking, including jetty hook foundations and
associated anchor piles, concrete ring beams
supporting 40m diameter container tanks, perimeter
retaining walls and associated ancillary facilities
including ring roads, groundworks and structures
housing electrical / mechanical equipment.

Involvement of iAS includes responsibility of design of

all civil and structural elements in addition to acting as
site engineers responsible for supervision of all civil
works and management of project schedule and
correspondences as representative of the contractor
carrying out civil works.

Ras il-Hobz Sewerage Treatment Plant, Ghajnsielem

Geotechnical Consultants

CLIENT C&F Building Contractors


The sewage treatment plant, currently under

construction, consists of a series of reinforced
concrete tanks and ancillary structures built on a
sloping site on relatively weak rock. iAS was involved
during the excavations of this project, when a clay
layer was encountered that was much softer than
expected. A detailed site investigation and laboratory
testing programme was carried out under the
supervision of iAS to determine the load-bearing and
settlement characteristics of the subgrade. The
adequacy of the proposed foundations was assessed
in close collaboration with the structural engineers of
the project.

© iAS Page 19 January 2009

Malta Freeport Terminal Extension, B’bugia

Geotechnical Consultants

CLIENT Malta Freeport Corporation

iAS has prepared a geotechnical desk study of

previous site investigations carried out within the
Freeport area. Borehole records and laboratory test
results from the various investigations conducted since
inception of the current terminal were analysed with the
purpose of creating a conceptual ground model for the
proposed extensions. This model was used to design
a site investigation to BS 5930 within seabed
sediments and rock formations, specific to the project
area. iAS prepared specifications for further borehole
drilling, in-situ testing, retrieval of disturbed and
undisturbed samples, and for laboratory testing to
BS1377 and Eurocode 7. The ground model was also
used to develop scheme proposals for the quay

Abattoir Steel Frame Groundworks, Marsa

Structural Consultants & Site Engineer

CLIENT Barbieri & Tarozzi

VALUE € 1.0m COMPLETION Sep 2005

Responsibilities involved provision of intermittent

consultation services and continuous supervision of all
ground and foundation works underlying a steel frame
housing incinerator facilities for the local civil abattoirs.

Tigne Front Apartment Block, Tigne

Structural Design Consultants

CLIENT Christian Spiteri & Ass. Architects

VALUE € 3.0m COMPLETION Sep 2005

Mixed use development with two underlying basement

parking levels and eight overlying residential floors.
The construction involved a system of deep beams
and loadbearing walls at semi-basement level
supporting continuous loadbearing walls and a corner
column throughout the residential floors to support a
300mm thick concrete slab spanning an 8m span at
each floor.

© iAS Page 20 January 2009

Qui-si-sana Apartment Block, Tigne

Structural Design Consultants

CLIENT Architect Anthony Muscat

VALUE € 3.0m COMPLETION Mar 2005

Mixed use development with two underlying basement

parking levels and eight overlying residential floors. A
continuous concrete frame was used, in conjunction
with loadbearing masonry walls, to support a system of
precast prestressed composite beams and slabs at
each level.

San Lawrenz Roadworks, Gozo

Project Managers

CLIENT Ministry of Gozo

VALUE € 7.0m COMPLETION Aug 2007

Project management, supervision and cerification of

works involving arterial road works between San
Lawrenz and Rabat in Gozo, which was a project
funded by the EU.

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Various Apartment Blocks, Malta.

iAS has been responsible for structural design, detailing and supervision of several residential
developments involving semi-basement garages and overlying residential floors with varying ground
conditions. Construction typically consists of loadbearing walls at each level supported by a concrete
transfer slabs at ground floor level. We have been able to translate our research in solid slab behaviour
to properly design and detail the solid slab transfer slabs of several apartment blocks. We approach
each project, irrelevant of scale, with the same level of detailing and supervision wherein the iAS ECCIS
values are level of service is maintained for all our construction projects.

PPB Malta Ltd.

Structural Design Consultants

CLIENT EBCON Group of Companies

Responsible for precast concrete elements, fabricated in local factory, based on French PPB Saret
system utilising prestressed composite concrete beams and slabs. In addition to the structural design of

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composite floors and the assessment of integration of precast elements within buildings, our
involvement within the plant has also included managerial roles.

Special Structures

Structural Design

iAS is capable of offering design and detailing services

for unique elements forming special structures within
buildings, which require careful attention to
architectural detailing. A typical example of our
capabilities is the displayed residential stairway and

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Young Engineer’s Design Competition

The Institution of Structural Engineers

VALUE € 6.5m SUBMISSION Oct 1999
Placed second from a field of 36 international entries and received a commendation for the design
entry. The design involves a 40 metre span glass footbridge proposed adjacent to the historic setting of
The Ironbridge, UK.

Birmingham Jewellery Quarter, UK

RIBA Competition
VALUE € 5.0m SUBMISSION May 2001

Competition involving re-instatement of free pedestrian flow between two separated civic centres.
Centrepiece of our entry was the proposal of a glass stressed skin bridge, incorporating steel ribs and
cables, to act as a transparent link over the Great Charles Street Queensway.

Panopticon, Accrington, UK

RIBA Competition

Participated in a competition involving the proposal of

a shelter also functioning as a landmark positioned in
a pinnacle location. The rotating canvas and timber
tensegrity structure was proposed to reflect the
importance of the local fabric industry and provide a
dynamic outlook for the region.

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