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Name and Address: Noble Judah Ali Bey


Mailing Location:148 Harrison Road City: Clayton State: North Carolina 27527

OF LAND PATENT PATENT NUMBER: (patent number) KNOW ALL MEN BY THESE PRESENTS: That Noble Judah Ali Bey &James Cupid Noble does certify and declare as follows: That named as assigns in the Land Patent named above, I bring up said patent in my own name as it pertains to the land below described.
(1) THE CHARACTER OF SAID PROPERTY SO CLAIMED BY PATENT, and legally described and referenced under Patent listed above is: (deed description of property ALLTHAT CERTAIN lot or piece of ground with the buildings and improvements thereon erected. Situate on the North side of Oakdale Street at the distance of 84feet,6inches Eastward from the East side of 27th street ,in the 28th Ward of the City of Philadelphia. Containing in front of breadth on the said Oakdale Sreet 14 feet and extending in length or depth Northward between parallel lines at right angles to Oakdale Street 42 feet, including on the rear end there of the half of a certain 2 feet wide alley. Being No.2643 West Oakdale Street. TOGETHER with the free and common use, right liberty and privilege of the aforesaid alley as and for a passageway and watercourse a tall times hereafter ,forever ,Together with all and singular the buildings and improvements, Ways, Streets ,Alleys, Passages, waters ,Water-courses, Rights ,Liberties, Herditaments and Appurtenances, whatsoever there unto belonging, or in any wise appertaining, and the Reversions and Reminders, Rents, Issues and Profits thereof; and all the Estate, Rights, Title, Interest, Property, Claim and whatsoever of it. and, a Land Patent is the only way a perfect title can be had in my name: Wilcox v. Jackson, 13 Pet., (U.S.) 498, 10 L. Ed. 264; All questions of fact decided by the General Land Office are binding everywhere, and injunctions and mandamus proceedings will not lie against it: Litchfield v. Register, 9 Wall (U.S.) 575, 19 L.ED. 681. (2) NOTICE AND EFFECT OF LAND PATENT. A grand of land is a public law standing on the statute books of the State, and is notice to every subsequent purchaser under any conflicting sale made afterward: Wineman v. Gastrell, 54 Fed. 819, 4CCA 596, 2 US App. 581. A Patent alone passes title to Grantee: Wilcox v. Jackson, 12 PET (U.S.) 498,10 L.ED.264. Where the United States has parted with title by a patent legally issued upon surveys legally made by itself and approved by the proper department, the title so grated cannot be impaired by any subsequent survey made by the government for its own purposes: Cage v. Danks, 13 LA. ANN. 128. (3) LAND TITLE AND TRANSFER. The existing system of land transfer is a long and tedious process involving the observance of many formalities and technicalities, a failure to observe any one of which may defeat title, even where these have been traced to its source, the purchaser must, but at his peril, there always being, in spite of the utmost care and expenditure, the possibility that his title may turn out bad: Yealde, Torrens System 209. If this Land Patent is not challenged within sixty days (60) in a court of law by someone, or by the government, it then becomes my property, as no one has followed the proper steps to get legal title, the final certificate or receipt acknowledging the payment in full by a homesteader or preemptor is not in legal effect a conveyance of land: U.S. v. Steenerson, 50 FED 504, ICCA 552, 4 U.S. App. 332. A Land Patent is conclusive evidence the Patent has complied with the Act of Congress as concerns improvements on the land, etc.: Jankins v. Gibson, 3 LA ANN. 203.

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MAIL TAX STATEMENTS TO: $______________________________ conveyed: OR Not Applicable encumbrances

DOCUMENTARY TRANSFER TAX Computed on the consideration or value of property Computed on the consideration or value less liens or remaining at the time of sale


For a valuable Consideration, receipt of which is hereby acknowledged. I (We), (names), named as assign in Warrant Patent Number: (patent number), do, under authority of said Patent, bring this Land, more particularly described below, out of Equity Status; and do hereby remise, release, and forever quit claim to: (names), In At Law Status; By right of Ownership we are claiming the below described Land by authority of assigned and Inherent Patent Rights secured at least in Common Law and so bring said land into At Law Status. The real property in (county name) County, (state), is described as : (deed description of property)

Grantees is now the owner of the land and property described above which is now private property exempt from levy and not under the jurisdiction of anyone or any artificial entity. Transferred this (date) day of (month), (year) This Deed, when recorded publicly, serves as notice to all that may have concern that the above described Land is secured and protected under the above named Land Patent. All of relevant certified Land Patent Documents are in the private possession of and are only viewable by the appointment at the address shown above.

The Shield of Faith Embassy is Secured Party over James C. Noble and over all that pertains to (names) of said address and any other Private & Public properties now and in the future. The (De Facto/Renegade/Corporate), by means of fictions of otherwise, of any changes in my lawful citizenship Status to that of a Corporate Statutory/Military/Maritime/Admiralty/Fictitious U.S.; person, consumer individual, citizen, citizen-subject plaintiff/defendant, resident, whoever, taxpayer, driver, gun/firearm owner, debtor, et al, subject to the seizure of Alien Properties by the hypothecated, Corporate/Legislative/Military/Maritime/Admiralty/Fictitious Democracy UNITED STATES, et al. Such corporations, fraudulent and non-existent in the Law, include, but are not limited to, the UNITED STATES, U.S., SATE OF (state), COUNTY OF (county), CITY OF (city), (names), This doctrine of piercing the Corporate Veil, with its instrumentality Rule, will serve Notice, (judicial, presidential, or otherwise), that all acting as Corporate officers, etc., whether by color of law or color of official right, are acting or have acted without the usual immunities afforded in lawful civil/judicial proceedings. For the peace and safety of all Corporate officers, etc., as well myself I have identified all my guaranteed, absolute properties (LIFE< LIBERTY, and Pursuit of Happiness), until such time as the present De Facto/Renegade/Corporate government can make the necessary Changes to its structure to insure the ssame. These identifications will list the International Record (Serial) Number (Apostille No.), as has been recognized, received, recorded, and issued by the De facto/Renegade/Corporate government. As this Number is the International registration, National authentication, and State certification of a Public Document of the United States of America, my Nations, and of Citizenships, as well as identification of all guaranteed, absolute properties, whether Private or Public, are and have been in Lawful possession of me. Any confiscation or seizure of any dind of any of the guaranteed, absolute Private and Public properties by any of the De Facto/Renegade/Corporate officers, etc. will result in damages of Ten Million Dollars of United States (Treaty States, nation-state) specie Money (United States Dollars silver/Blocked), that being Enumerated in Article 1, Section 10, Clause 1 as gold and silver Coin in the Constitution for the United States of America (1764 to date), to be multiplied by not only the damaging party(s), but all those in concert and causes action.

Done and dated: (month, day, year) now, and nunc pro tunc on the date of the underlying Deed, dated (month, day, year month, day, year) and recorded (month, day, year)

Signed: __________________________________________ (name) Owner

(state) STATE solemnly affirming and subscribing (county) COUNTY

On (month, day, year) before me, the undersigned, a Notary Public in and for said state, personally appeared (names), known to me to be the Sovereigns whose name is subscribed in the within instrument, and acknowledged to me that s/he executed the same. and cannot be used to indicate entry into any foreign Jurisdiction. Witness my hand and official seal:

_________________________________________________ Notary Public in and for said State My Commission Expires: ___________________________

________________________________________________________________________________________________ ________________ (state) STATE solemnly affirming and subscribing affirming and subscribing (county) COUNTY On (month, day, year) before me, the undersigned, a Notary Public in and for said state, personally appeared (names), declaration of Land known to me to be the Sovereigns whose contents thereof, and name is subscribed in the within instrument, and to my knowledge; acknowledged to me that s/he executed the same. are true. Purpose of jurat is for oath and identification only and cannot be used to indicate entry into any foreign Jurisdiction. Witness my hand and official seal: (state) STATE solemnly (county) COUNTY

(names), deposes and says that: We are the declarants in the foregoing Patent; that I have read and know the that the matters therein stated are true And do state that the above court cites

________________________________________________ (name) _________________________________________________ Notary Public in and for said State ________________________________________________ My Commission Expires: ___________________________