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Information Technology Service Outsourcing and Vendor Management (ITSOVM)

Course co-coordinator Dr. Reema Khurana

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Institute of Management Technology Ghaziabad

Institute of Management Technology, Ghaziabad

Information Technology Infrastructure Management

Course Outline

Course prerequisites
An understanding of the Informational Work Systems and the technology issues therein.

Course background and objectives

A generation ago computers were first introduced into businesses and organizations to automate clerical functions and routine transactions. Today, information technology (IT) is an integral part of any managers daily life and forms the backbone for every managerial function of the modern organization. Whether it be integrating ERP systems for operational control, improving customer relationship management using data mining, launching a comprehensive Web-based human resource management system, or executing financial transaction in electronic markets, modern information systems (IS) are the life blood of the organization linking all the different functions together in an integrated way and getting information to decision makers at the right time and in the right format. Indeed, nearly half of all new capital investment in businesses today is for information technology and systems. In the past, the IS department was responsible for the planning, development, deployment, and management of information systems. Today, as managers and organizations have become more dependent on modern systems, both operationally and strategically, many of these responsibilities have been decentralized to line managers or general managers who are generally unprepared to adequately deal with such responsibility. This course will provide managers with the understanding of IT they need to compete and lead in the emerging information economy. This course is a combination of lectures and a high degree of case analysis and discussion.

The pedagogy will be a mix of classroom lectures, case discussions, white paper discussions and group project work

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Session wise course contents

Topi c id 1.

Infrastructure Management Overview Informational organizations IT management challenges Evolution of Business Services IT infrastructure management overview Global Sourcing Models and advantages therein Videos on HP software for business service management Handouts to be distributed for the class on 9th Feb2011

No. of session s 2

Refernces Remenyi, Brown ,Make or break issues in IT management,pp 1-14, Butterworth Heinmann, 2003 Ch1,2 of text 1


Technology InvestmentsThe Information Technology Portfolio Firms investing in IT Dynamics of business strategy Balancing risk and return Structure of IT infrastructure Risks and Countermeasures of Global deliveries Video on What is software _services? Stanford Graduate School of Business, Note on IT industry

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Basics of Business Services Service orientation Web services Business Process Management Commoditization Business agility Video on BPM vs SOA vs ITIL Queensland TransportA Case Study in Service Orientation IBM Global Services, Align IT to your business with IBM IT Service Management. , White paper

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Service and Service Management Concept

Service Design, by OGC, TSO,2007

Introduction to Best Practices on ITSM and its relevance in todays Environment Orientation to Service Lifecycle View Understanding Processes Roles Components of Service Management -ITIL
Service Design Principles -ITIL

IT Service Management Case Studies unicipality-it-department-re-baselines-with-itilv3-and-hp-servicecenter/


Business architecture Service architecture Service Oriented Management

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1 Case/white papers as mentioned will be distributed in class


Managing Diverse IT Infrastructures Outsourcing in retrospect Drivers of outsourcing

Corporate Information Strategy and Management Applegate, Austin and

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Managing Infrastructure and Operations Understanding internetworking infrastructures Modern day setups Business Implications Models of Service Delivery Huang, Eliminate the middleman, HBR case Managing Diverse IT Infrastructures Service Models Web Services and Outsourcing Vendor Management Contract management and the legal aspects Farhoomand, Global Software Industry in 2007 , ACRC Kumar et al , Case study on Infosys , HBR Case Study discussion The iPremier Company : Denial of Service Attack,

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Project discussions

Evaluation mechanism
Quiz: 20% Mid term exam: 20% End term exam: 30%

Project: 30% (Project guidelines will be provided later)