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Indian Institute of Management Bangalore Business, Government, and Society PGP Term -1 (2011-13) Final Group Assignment (common

to all five sections)


Preamble The final group assignment is the capstone project for this semesters BGS class. The group assignment is an opportunity for students to apply classroom learning to a real-world problem. This year, the group project gives students an opportunity to help draft significant pieces of legislation for consideration by the Indian Parliament. Each section will be divided into sixteen different groups and each group will take up topics drawn from recently concluded legislations as well as those that are currently under consideration. The goal of the project is to come up with a draft bill that can be debated in the Parliament. Ground Rules 1. Each section will be divided into sixteen groups consisting of either five or four students. The groups will be formed randomly. The decision of the PGP office and section instructor is final and binding as far as group composition goes. The ordering of the sixteen topics for the group project will also be randomized. The group/topic allocation posted on moodle is final and binding. The instructors, or the PGP office will not entertain any requests for changes. The Assignment 1. The assignment consists of four parts (each described in detail below) a. The Draft Legislation not to exceed the length of official drafts/acts. Please highlight the changes that you have made to the official draft/acts using text in 14 pt BOLD. [this component will count towards 20% of your project grade] b. A short essay not exceeding 1500 words that critiques the existing draft/act and details the rationale for the changes that you have suggested. If you are entirely satisfied with the existing draft write an essay about why the draft/act needs little modification. In either case draw upon your BGS readings to make normative, political, sociological, psychological, administrative, business arguments. Be sure to show how the legislation that you are working on will impact Business, Government, and Society. [this component will count towards 40% of your project grade]

c. A brief research report not exceeding 800 words summarizing your research about how another country has dealt with a similar problem that your selected legislation tries to address. [this component will count towards 20% of your project grade] d. Finally, you will make a class presentation on your project in the last week of class. Let your creative juices flow. You are not limited to a drab Power Point presentation. Drama, movies, song, dance, story telling anything that you deem appropriate. Irrespective of the format you chose, you are allowed no more than 10 minutes to make your case. [this component will count towards 20% of your project grade]

Topics 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. The Lokpal Bill Right to Information Act Womens Reservation Bill Right to Education Bill Nuclear Civil Liability Bill Land Acquisition (Amendment) Bill Foreign Contribution Regulation Bill Direct Tax Code Bill Unique Identification Authority of India Bill The Judicial Standards and Accountability Bill Right to Food Bill Communal Violence Bill Forest Right Act The Electronic Service Delivery Bill, 2011 The Foreign Educational Institutions (Regulation of Entry and Operations) Bill The National Investigation Agency Bill, 2008

Please set up a meeting with your section teaching assistants or instructors if you wanted to discuss your projects.