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Misbah Mushtaq MC090200552 Spring Session 2009 - 2011 MBA-HRM (Human Resource Management) Submitting Report according to the requirement For the degree of Masters in Business Administration From Virtual University Of Pakistan

I dedicate my project efforts to my PARENTS and respected TEACHERS who taught and hold my hands in every stag of life.


All praises and thanks to Almighty Allah. The Lord and Creator of this universe whose power and glory all good things are accomplished. He is also the most merciful, who best owed on me the potential, ability and an opportunity to work on this project. I am grateful to my respected teachers who have guided me in each and every step of this project. Indeed, without their kind guidance I may not be able to even start this project. May ALLAH give them the reward for they deserve. I am also grateful to all those members who are related to SACHET Organization. Regardless of the hectic schedule, Miss Sana (Program Associate) (my internship supervisor) helped me so much. I'm really grateful to you Mam for clarifying my concepts and making me learn from your experience. Whatever I learnt from you will definitely help me in my upcoming study and the professional life ahead. Thank you so much for being so co-operative and so helpful every time. I hope Mam I have been up to your expectations. In the end, I am thankful to all my teachers and have a lot of prayers for them who give me the knowledge and make me able to complete my masters degree. Misbah Mushtaq

The internship project is the requirement for MBA students in Virtual University. The internship helps them to get the practical knowledge of their particular field, and get practical exposure of the business environment. The students get a chance to implement their knowledge which they acquire during their studies. So that students become aware of business environment. They learn how to perform according to the organizational needs to meet the organizational goals. Being a student of Virtual University SACHET Organization is selected for the same. SACHET (Society for the Advancement of Community, Health, Education and Training) is basically a gender sensitive, welfare cum development oriented civil society organization committed to genderize development in Pakistani context. SACHET is youth focused and community driven. SACHET is a multi-dimensional, forward looking, gender sensitive and environmental friendly welfare cum development oriented organization. SACHET seeks to provide social development, primarily in low-income localities, by investing in health, education, poverty alleviation, income generation skills, human resource and rural development. Grantees and beneficiaries are selected without regard to race, religion and political persuasion. SACHET is an organization visionary of welfare and development and on a mission to serve humanity. The organization's name reveals its interest areas. Through catering for the community's basic needs in Health, Education and Training, with deep conviction are looking forward for a sustainable Developmental process to take roots from Sachets platform.

The chapter number 1 is about Introduction of the organization. It briefly identifies the Background of the organization and history of the Sachet .It illustrates the current projects of the Sachet which are i.e. RAH (Responsible Actions for Health) which is further divided into following sections i.e.DOSTI (In Urdu the word means Friendship), SACHET Clinics, Mehfils: And the other project is Khazeena which is further divided into following sections i.e. Learn to Earn, Dr. A. Q. Khan Scholarship Project, Khazeena Library. And the next project which I have mentioned under the heading of PACIG (Poverty Alleviation cum Income Generation) which is further divided into following sections i.e. SACHET Gallery, Community Vocational Training 6

project, Shop for a cause. Other program is Survival Kit Training Program and MiRAS (Mobilization of Resources and Sustainability).then I have mentioned Vision and Mission statement of the organization and also the organizational structure with organogram and then at the end of the chapter I add the operational area of Sachet. The 2nd chapter describes Internship plan and assigned tasks in different departments of SACHET and ware bouts the head office in which I did my internships. . I have define the structure of the HR Department, Hierarchy of HR Department, Number of Employees working in HRM Department, 3rd chapter briefly describes the Internship experience and my assigning task which I had performed during the internship and skills which I had acquired during internship session under the heading of learning/achievements In the 4th chapter, Functions of the HR Department depicts Policies and Procedures and complete Recruitment & selection Policies Employment policy, Salaries and Allowances, employee Separation, Job Description, Performance Evaluation, Staff Training, equal employee opportunity, Performance Appraisal, Staff Training of SCHET. In the 5th Chapter, its Critical Analyses of the SACHET, while SWOT analysis, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats illustrated in the 6th chapter. Chapter 7th covers Conclusion and recommendations and also mentioned references and sources which I have used in this report.


Introduction Sachets programs. .. Vision, Mission Statements .. Organizational Structure. Structure of the Hr Department Internship Experience .. Learning or Achievements Functions of the HR department. Recruitment and Selection Policies. Employee Separation Performance Evaluation . Staff Training Staff transfers policy and procedures . Critical Analysis . Conclusion .. Recommendations References and Sources used ..

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Internship Plan 20

Salaries & Allowances . 29

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SACHET is an organization, visionary of welfare and development and on a mission to serve humanity by promoting human development in Pakistan. The organizations name reveals its interest areas. its working in four areas of development; namely Health, Education, Training and Poverty with immaculate approach, deep conviction and extensive community participation and are looking forward to a sustainable development process to take roots from SACHET`s plat form. Gender is a part and parcel of SACHETs policy and programs. Its aim is not to approach women to forget their role in society, but to equip them to deal with the present day situation more effectively. We talk about gender balance, sensitization, mainstreaming and harmony. Playing off one gender against the other is against SACHET`s working principles. It addresses the basic unit of our society-the family. For this it addresses both men and women. SACHET meaning mini pack is a promise, which is feasible and can reasonably be expected to be kept. SACHET`s mandated objectives are as follows: To promoter gender awareness and sensitivity in Pakistan To narrow gender gaps in health, education and economic participation To promote economic empowerment of the underprivileged To promote awareness and sensitivity about sexual and reproductive health rights, information, education and services The over all personnel policy of SACHET is based on the belief that qualified, dedicated employees, working in harmony with their co-workers will provide the organization with the support they need in meeting the defined objectives. The organization in turn wishes to provide certain benefits to the employees, as are mentioned in the next few pages.


SACHET is the brainchild of Dr.A.Q.Khan. Dr.Rakhshinda Perveen they named it and developed its mission statement and strategic vision. Many like-minded friends helped in developing the charter. SACHET seeks to provide social development, primarily in low-income localities, by funding programs in health, education, poverty alleviation, human resource and rural development. Grantees and beneficiaries are selected without regard to race, religion and political persuasion. SACHET is registered in Islamabad under the voluntary social welfare agencies, registration and control ordinance, 1961, since May 1999 and has its Head Office in Islamabad.

SACHET emerged on the continuously expanding horizon of Pakistani CSOs, at the time when themes and resolutions adopted at CEDAW, ICPD &+5 and Beijing's Platform for Action were gaining new watchfulness in South Asia and occupying central position in CSO activities. Launching another CSO with the slogan "For Pakistanis and By Pakistanis "and vision of human development of the disadvantaged with a gender perspective was not only challenging but also risky. The work, gender in a patriarchal society is perceived as an imported agenda item. Sachets entry in this area not only raised suspicions among orthodox patriotic circles, but some self-appointed custodians of society also felt threatened. SACHETs journey has been and is following a rocky pathway. However, in spite of limited resources, it continues to possess limitless determination to move ahead at a steady pace. SACHET seeks to provide social development, primarily in low-income localities, by investing in health, education, poverty alleviation, income generation skills, human resource and rural development. Grantees and beneficiaries are selected without regard to race, religion and political persuasion. SACHET is registered in Islamabad under the voluntary social welfare agencies, registration and control ordinance, 1961.

1.2 - SACHETs Programs:


RAH (Responsible Actions for Health):

RAH (Responsible Actions for Health) is the Health Program of SACHET Health is not merely absence of infirmary but its a complete state of mental, physical, social and spiritual well-being. RAH is the largest program area of SACHET. RAH when written and pronounced in Urdu means the path. Education/ Khazeena, Poverty alleviation cum Income Generation (PACIG) and Training/survival kit are support program areas.

DOSTI (In Urdu the word means Friendship): 11

Dare to Sensitize, Train and Inform -DOSTI is an advocacy project, and the goal is to promote awareness and sensitivity about sexually transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS. SACHET strategy to impart knowledge about HIV/AIDS involves the use of print media, electronic media and interpersonal skills. We organize awareness sessions, workshops and seminars in Rawalpindi and Islamabad districts. For urban population, we organize special sessions in schools and colleges and provide information through interactive sessions. For rural audience of our service delivery areas of Shahdrah, Banigala, Pinyali, Gagri and Pathergarh, we educate and train peer educators among the villagers, besides arranging Mehfils or assemblies in our community development centers. The exclusive feature of Mehfils is that the information about HIV/AIDS is transmitted in commonly understood concepts of rural dialects. SACHET Clinics: SACHETs Health program started in Oct 1999 with the establishment of first health care facility in Shahdrah, a valley of rural Islamabad. The objective of this initiative was to provide free quality primary & reproductive health care to the disadvantaged communities facing barriers like financial, geographical or social inaccessibility to such services. The objective continued with the establishment of Panyali, Banigala, Gagri & Pathergarh clinics in the network of SACHET free clinics.

Mehfils: 'Behnaan di Mehfil' and 'Bharavan di Mehfil' (assemblies of sisters and brothers

respectively). These gatherings, are arranged by SACHET at the community level to sensitize the men & women (both young & old, married and unmarried) on different gender issues like Importance of education, girl education, poverty ,economic empowerment,& health (nutrition, immunization and preventable diseases, family planning, Hepatitis, HIV/AID, further more It also provide a forum to the community members to see their problems with their eyes and identify indigenous and realistic solutions.Mehfils also bridge the gap between perceived and actual needs of the community.


Khazeena (means treasure in Urdu) is the Education Program

Education is one of the program areas of SACHET committed to its mission of promotion of human development in neglected areas, with an aim to provide equal and improved opportunities of education to the disadvantaged. SACHET's education program focuses on the provision of functional and vocational education to Un-served and disadvantaged student communities in Rawalpindi and Islamabad districts. The Projects working under Education Program are

Learn To Earn Dr. A. Q. Khan Scholarship Khazeena Library Learn To Earn: (SACHET Computer Training Center) SACHET initiated the establishment of Computer Training Centers in rural communities (Shahdrah, Banigala and Pinyali) with the aim to equip the students with IT skills while offering least cost solution to unemployed youth through Learn to Earn Project. Currently, it has one operational Computer Training Centers; at SCDP Pinyali. The reason behind establishing the computer center was to provide an easy access of computer education to the disadvantaged students of this area as there was no computer training center in the surrounding areas of Pinyali. This center also encouraged girls to learn IT skills.

Dr. A. Q. Khan Scholarship Project: Dr. A. Q. Khan Scholarship is one of the Projects of SACHETs Education Program. SACHET is running this project with the aim to provide equal opportunities of education to the needy but brilliant students. 13

The beneficiaries of the project can be as many as can be easily adjusted within their limited budget. The scholarships granted encourage the beneficiaries to develop their hidden potentials and to help the Government efforts to enhance the literacy rates by giving either full or partial tuition fees to the deserving candidates. Thus, these candidates are thus at no disadvantage as compared to students who can afford to pay the expenses from their own resources. Priority is given to orphans and girls.

Khazeena Library: SACHET encourages and Supports research on the development issues. In the year 2002, SACHET established a documentation center with an aim to provide comprehensive research facility with an offline and online (Internet) presence, to knowledge seekers on socio-economic development sector in Pakistan. The center is facilitating students and researchers in conducting meaningful research on the issues of socio-economic importance, serving as a capacity building resource for SACHET's own staff besides collecting, sorting and making available the research work done in the development sector in Pakistan.

PACIG (Poverty Alleviation cum Income Generation):

For the poor and powerless everything is a problem. Poverty, the perceived root cause of every problem in the society, has no doubts worse affects on human life. Poverty not only destroys human beings physically but also morally. A poor cant live with dignity, it eats its moral, social and culture values etc

SACHET Gallery:


In January 2000, SACHET started another innovative project SACHET Gallery with objective to enhance the economic empowerment of disadvantaged communities by the cutting the middlemen by providing a marketing and sale outlet along with this it also provide Art and craft training and arrange solo and group Exhibitions to promote the work or artisan and artists.

Community Vocational Training project: Training being a catalyst in the development and promotion of human, SACHET has established Vocational training Center at Shahdrah, Banigala, and Pathergarh & Panyali. At these centers females get three months trainings of sewing cutting, stitching and preparation of decorative items along with marketing and managerial skills. They are also allowed to use SACHET Gallery/Shop to market their products/dresses. Currently they have two operational skill development centers at Pinyali & Pathergarh.

Shop for a cause: SACHET is running a sale outlet Shop for a Cause which serves as a marketing, sale and publicity forum for skilled communities. It also facilitates talented students along with housewives to display their crafts and creative master pieces. Everyone can become a member/consignor or if he/she has talent to produce a product then he/she is welcome to bring those Products to SACHET Shop for Cause for sale.

Survival Kit Training Program:

Training Program of SACHET is directly implemented by AGEHI Resource Centre. Training itself is an activity, individual project and a strategy for SACHET.The SURVIAL KIT is a series of one day training programs focusing on the most relevant and most important contemporary development issues. It is specially designed to meet the fundamental but the essential demand of knowledge by the development professionals and for filling up the knowledge and skill gaps.


Mobilization of Resources And Sustainability MiRAS when pronounced and written in Urdu means Heritage. MiRAS is an innovative concept with no financial implications on the account of SACHET, thus it is in adherence with the efficient and cost-minimalist approach of SACHET`s policy. MiRAS has been instituted with the objectives to identify Means and measures for ensuring Technical, Financial and Institutional sustainability of the organization.

We strive in partnership with community, public & civic society organization, to develop a society based on three core values of sustainable human development: self esteem, freedom of choice and tolerance; a society where all have equal access to opportunities and justice irrespective of gender, color, race and status


Mission Statement Promoting Human Development of the Disadvantaged in Gender Perspectives Mandated Objectives 16

To promote gender awareness and sensitivity in Pakistan. To narrow the gender gaps in health, education and economic participation To promote economic empowerment of the underprivileged To promote awareness and sensitivity about Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) rights, information, education and services To promote development investments for Pakistani youth To promote gender sensitive media advocacy on development issues especially HIV/AIDS, Youth and Gender based violence


Empathy Tolerance Loyalty Integrity Peace Gender Sensitivity

Program Areas

Health Poverty Alleviation cum Income Generation Education Training

Types of Project

Service Delivery Communication Advocacy Research Training



The organization pursues common objectives and policies set by SACHET Board of Directors (BoD) and a Technical Advisory Committee (TAC). Dr.A.Q.Khan is the founder President. Dr.Rakhshinda Perveen was the founder Executive Director. Now the post has been abolished and she is the Honorary Executive Vice President. There is also an Executive Committee, which comprises the President, Executive Vice President, Secretary General and the Treasurer. The BoD is supposed to meet on quarterly basis but in case that does not seem possible the Executive Committee is authorized to meet and take decisions on issues that deem urgent attention. Due to the diversity of our honorary technical advisors both in terms of their geographical location and professional portfolios it is not possible to call all of them in a joint meeting on regular basis. SACHET therefore interacts with each one of them on individual basis through different means of communications. The formal membership drive to include people from all walks of life has not yet commenced but Sachets have 100 founding members. Moreover, they have completed the formulation of rules and regulations of Volunteers Net work, which would be soon initiated. SACHET head office, located at Islamabad has three units, namely Program, Finance and Administration, thus forming the implementing machinery for executing the planned strategies. AGEHI (Advocates of Gender, Education &Health Information) Resource center, Islamabad, was established in Sep`00 and serves as a technical wing for the Program unit in particular and SACHET in general.



SACHET's operational Area: SACHET s service Delivery has a specific operational

area of Districts Rawalpindi ,Islamabad,Chakwal , Northren Areas, Attock and their outskirts, but for the purpose of Poverty alleviation and advocacy SACHET's intervention are meant for the entire Pakistan.



I did internship of 6weeks from 15th Nov to 30th Dec 2010 in a NGO Named SACHET Organization .it is located in Islamabad. It is the Head office of SACHET located in the building of Al- Babar Centre, Park Road F-8 Markaz Islamabad. Number of Employees working in SACHET: Now Ill discuss the number of employees working in SACHET Head office, there are approximately 54 employees including all departments. Training in different Departments: IT Department: In IT Department of SACHET I learned following skills with in one week: IT department helped me to understand the performance of routine audits and maintenance of hardware and software and about the network infrastructure is up and running, applying operating system updates, and configuration changes, performing backups and restores, hardware monitoring and troubleshooting etc. I also learned about the Installing and configuring new hardware and software etc. Finance Department: I have learned the following skills in FD: To maintain day to day financial control of the services within the budget heads agreed by CED and Directors. How to administer and monitor, credit control and financial maintenance. Administration Department: Following skills I have learned in Administration Department: 20

How to Coordination of construction, maintenance, rent and keeping buildings issues. Coordination of issues as logistical support of SACHET activities. How to handle organization, master planning, financial reviews etc.

Structure of the HR Department

Hierarchy of HR Department:

I did my MBA in Human Resource Management so it was necessary to do the internship in the Human Resource department. Due to this reason I decided to select the Human Resource department of SACHET. In this organization each department is governed by director or head of the department, so Human Resource director or coordinator is the head of the H R department. And the Human Resource coordinator is Miss. Ayesha Javaid she has to report directly to the CED (Chief Executive Director) Brig (R) Sajawal Khan, she is managing the Human Resource department. Mr Saqib Mehmood is assisting her. So in Hr Department there are two employees one is head of the Hr department and 2nd one is assisting her.

Chief Executive Director (CED)

HR Coordinator

Assistant HR

In HR department there are two employees, the Personnel management of any organization is very important so keeping in view this fact Sachet has personnel department in his head office Personnel Department of Sachet can be critically analyzed on the basis of various steps of human resources management process.



I have been working in Sachet Pakistan as an internee for 6 weeks. The reason for choosing this organization for internship experience was that it is one of the biggest organizations in our city. Although other companies and banks also offer the facility of internship for MBA students but I decided to work in Sachet for its reputation and its friendly environment. Although an internee is not a permanent employee of the company but can get a lot of knowledge and skills in this very short period and so I got. I took it as opportunity for me and my career and tried to acquire as many skills as I could. The management and other staff of my department have been very cooperative and guided me throughout my internship period. They treated me like the employee of the company and took my full time to work in the company for me to get used to of working in an organization. It was for the first time in my life when I felt that there are some practical and reasonable assignments in front of me and I tried to accomplish each and every task with full of my responsibilities and capabilities .

During the internship in Sachet some duties and responsibilities were assigned to me and I have to complete these tasks with my full attention and responsibilities. Here I am giving some little bit detail of these duties and responsibilities: Manage the general filing system; storage and security of documents (file all correspondence) My primary duty was to assist HR coordinator. Help MR Saqib Masood (hr assistant) to manage the general filing system; storage and security of documents (file all correspondence). Perform general clerical duties to include photocopying, faxing, mailing, and filing etc.


It was also assigned to me to maintain employee records and handed over her the required files etc. Some times they gave me an assignment to prepare a step by step process of hiring or recruiting the desired person for a particular job. They assigned me a task that how we can identify that the person who is willing to do job in Sachet for a particular post what skills are required and how we can judge his/her abilities either he/she would able to perform well enough the assigned tasks etc so from her kind guidance I get to know how I can select the right person for the particular job. In Hr department I also came to know about the latest HR strategies and asked me how and when we would apply these strategies as she demonstrated earlier. During my internship period, I used to sit beside my boss and get to know the whole process of recruiting live I observe all the process and that would be extremely beneficial for me in the future. 2.2- LEARNINGS/ ACHIEVEMENTS: The main purpose of internship is to get a practical experience in the organization and to get some practical knowledge. Usually the period of internship is short but we can learn a lot from this period. This was first time in my life when I was doing some reasonable and practical tasks. A lot of learning and achievements I have gotten from the HR staff like: First thing I learnt from this short period of job is punctuality. I learnt from this how to be in time in the company. The second thing is dressing, professional dressing matters a lot. By seeing my seniors and colleagues I start to copy them in dressing. It was a big achievement for me, that I learn how to do the work in team and group of people. Working in the team should be learnt. Communication with the employees and get their minds is very difficult task, but in the company I used to learnt how to communicate with the employees and how to resolve their issues. How to sit in professional people, how to look, how to talk and how to work is also learning for me. 23

I learnt from the organization that how to accomplish the tasks and the assignments which were assigned to me. It was first time in my life to work whole day in the company with full responsibility, to go in time and to off in time. I learnt how to implement my MBA knowledge on this job. I learnt what the practical implementation of the book knowledge is.



Functions of the HR Department

SACHET S Policies and Procedures 4. 1 - Human resource planning and forecasting
1) SACHET needs personnel with necessary qualifications, skills, knowledge, experience & aptitude. 2) Need for Replacement of Personnel - Replacing old, retired or disabled personnel. 3) Meet manpower shortages due to labor turnover 4) Meet needs of expansion / downsizing programs 5) Cater to Future Personnel Needs

How HR Planning can be used

Quantify job for service Quantify people & positions required Determine future staff-mix Assess staffing levels to avoid unnecessary costs Reduce delays in procuring staff Prevent shortage / excess of staff Comply with legal requirements

4. 2 - Recruitment & selection Policy:

The following objectives are laid down for overall personnel administration: Selection of Employees on the Basis of Qualification and Merit: In order to have a competent and efficient organization; selection of employees is based upon the applicants qualification for the position to be filled without irrespective of the place of domicile, sect and gender. Sachet have developed an Interview Assessment form and a general Recruitment Questionaire.The latter is applicable for all position except for the candidates who have not completed Higher Secondary Education and or applying for the positions of Drivers, 25

General Assistants, Paramedics and sanitary workers. A written entry test has also been developed for the selection of the medical doctors. Equal Employment Opportunity: SACHET will hire employee on the basis of qualification for the required position without discrimination of color, race, tribe, religion, age, gender, disability, marital status or any other status like HIV/ AID infected person. Selection of the employee will do totally o merit basis and on the ability of the individual to meet the qualification as per requirement of the position. Grant of fair salary scales: SACHET maintains salary rates at a level, which are at least equal to the prevailing rates for comparable positions in the market. Outstanding work performances are rewarded through periodic merit increases. Details of the increments are given under Salaries and Allowances. Maintenance Reasonable Hours of Work: SACHET maintains regular hours of work, to the extent possible, considering the nature of its activities. Employees are notified as far in advance as possible of changes in work schedule when changes become necessary. Maintaining Good Working Conditions: A continuous effort is made to establish and maintain safe, clean and comfortable working conditions. Creation of a gender-sensitive organizational climate should remain the prerogative of our employees. Appointment: Based on the recommendation of the selection committee as listed on Interview Assessment Form, Executive Vice President Will /may provisionally approve or disapprove the candidate recommended by the selection committee. The President is the final competent authority to select or reject any candidate. It is not binding on him/her to approve all the recommended candidates. On selection of candidates, the administration will acquire the following documents: Photocopy of N. I. Card for scrutiny of his/her antecedents. Two photographs of passport size. Original Application Form. Photocopies of Educational Certificates. 26

Photocopies of Experience Certificates if any Last Salary Status (if applicable). Medical fitness certificate Specific testimonials (e.g. a valid PMDC License for Medical Doctors, a valid Driving License for drivers etc.) Two letter of references After acquiring the above documents the Director Administration & Personnel would issue a Letter of Appointment and a job contract in duplicate The selected candidate will sign the contract letter. The selected candidate, after signing the contract letter, will retain one copy and will give back the other copy to administration unit for record purpose. The User Unit will obtain the Joining Report from the candidate on the copy enclosed with the Contract letter and will send it to the administration Unit retaining a copy of thereof for the record purpose. The administration Unit after entering name of the daily attendance register will send a copy of the appointment letter duly accepted by the candidate along with joining report to Finance Unit for entry into the Payroll. Probation:

Each new employee is on a probationary status during the initial period of his/her employment. This is an adjustment period designed to allow both the employee and the organization an opportunity to evaluate each other in light of the expectations and actual work performance. During this period, new employees are evaluated on their work performance, attendance, and the ability to work with others. Below standard performance in any area and/or other cause enumerated above shall be cause for termination. The length of the initial probationary period depends on the job classification. The period usually ranges from Six weeks to one year. Working Hours: Office hours are normally from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday, with a 27

lunch break of 40 MINUTES (13.00 hrs 13.40 hrs) per working day. There will be 2 tea breaks of 10 minutes before & after lunch. A 90 minutes break (lunch + Juma prayers) will be given on Friday from 13.00 to 14.30 HRS. Employees may be asked to work overtime as and when required. Performance Appraisal: The performance of each employee is appraised at least once a year by the employees supervisor and the Executive Vice President. The results of the appraisal are discussed with the employee and targets for next year are set. Sachet have developed 3 different kinds of appraisal performs. These can be used in either or combination by the supervisors, depending on the nature of assessment.


Basic Salary: The basic salary ranges applicable to each grade of employee is determined by the Employees are normally appointed at the lower end of the salary for the grade, unless the Executive Committee and updated from time to time. experience and/or qualifications of the employees justify a higher salary. Salary Disbursement : Salaries are normally paid once in a month, generally by the 10th of the following month. Increments: Two types of increments are possible: Economic increment: This increment is the adjustment for cost of living increase This increment is allowed on performance of at the applicable and/or official rates of inflation prevailing in the country. Merit /Performance increment: employees on the basis of the performance appraisal. Compensatory Allowance: Payment of compensatory allowance will be considered as and when necessary, in view of increase in the cost of living and or any other additional charge assigned to the employee. 28

Salary Structure: Following is the composition of salary applicable to all grades of employees: Basic salary House rent allowance Conveyance allowance Utilities allowance Leave fare assistance (At the employees option) Any other allowance Salary Deductions: Following deductions are made from the salaries to meet legal and other requirements: Income tax on salaries Loan installment Advance pay Other Advances


Not withstanding, what is stated in the preceding section, the organization reserves the absolute right to terminate the employment of any member of the staff on giving due notice to the concerned staff, according to the terms and conditions stated in his/her letter of employment. Resignation: An employee may resign from the employment for better prospects with any other organization or for personal reasons giving due notice. There is also an exit interview between the immediate supervisor and the employee leaving the organization to ascertain the actual cause of resignation. Expiry of Fixed term Contract: appointment unless renewed. Abolition of Post: If an authorized post is abolished due to restructure, structural adjustment or other reasons then the employment may /would come to an end. Dismissal: An employee may be dismissed from the employment on the following grounds, interlay: 1) 2) Unauthorized absence. Gross negligence or misconduct (see also disciplinary procedure). Permanent Disability: If an employee is permanently disabled and cannot discharge his/her job or is declared medically unfit for the job, the employment comes to an end. Death: The employment comes to an end if an employee dies during the tenure of his/her services. Employment on fixed term contract comes to an end automatically at the end of the contract according to the terms of

4 .5 - Performance Evaluation:
Performance evaluation will be done annually. It is to provide feedback to the staff regarding their job to make their work more effective. It is also to provide support to the employee to understand their strength, weaknesses, area of improvement and training needs.


SACHET has developed two types of evaluation staff. a. Evaluation form appraisal for short term contract (up to 1 Year of contract) b. Annual appraisal for long term contract (up to 2 Years of contract) Evaluation Form: This form is applicable for all project staff, medical officer, project officers and directors who have completed 50-75 % of their contract period. Annual Approval Form: This type of is applicable for the SACHET Executive Staff who has completed at least two years of their job. SACHET Staff Annual Evaluation will be done in June. In case of any change in position/ contract, annual evaluation date will be changed. After Annual Evaluation, one year contract will be extended and a letter of one year employment will be offered to employee.

4.6 - Staff Training

SACHET provides employees opportunities for professional growth with in the organization. SACHET strives towards for providing training opportunities for staff through funding of training by trainers/ SACHET itself donors related to professional development. Senior Executive Management and Executive Vice President nominate the staff keeping in view the employee and its work relevancy. After getting approval form trainer, training bond was signed by the employee and training nomination form also filled for record and kept in the personal files of the employee. All staff members are eligible for external trainings after the completion of the probationary period. Employee will be encouraged to seek training opportunity within/ outside the country. SACHET will grant leave with pay for maximum period of two weeks of the relevant training.

4.7 - Performance Appraisal

1. Commit to review performance quarterly. That way, no one can argue that a 31

negative evaluation came as a surprise. 2. Set 5-8 objectives, which are realistic. Both employees and the employer have to believe that the objectives can be achieved. If an employee has doubt hear/ him out. Together you may find a way around a problem. 3. Define standards of performance. They must state specifically what must be accomplished. Performance standard must be time bound. 4. Where a serious problem has occurred like a rule infarction, write up incident as soon after as possible. Have the employee sign the written record. 5. Consider Decoupling compensation issues from Performance Evaluation. Doing so removes a distracting element. 6. When ever you can set standards that apply to all employees in category e.g. punctuality. 7. Doing a good appraisal demands thought concentration but really pays of in approved performance and fewer management headaches. 8. During appraisal interviews you as a supervisor should not speak for more then 20 % of the time. The remainder is for the employee. 9. Documenting a workers performance is important at all times to support an evaluation. Keep and update personal logs regularly. 10. The employee is unlikely to accept your evaluation unless you can refer to specific incidents and cite what happened, when it happened and the consequences of the event.

4.8 - Staff transfers policy and procedures

The SACHET staff transferred to another position is done with the approval of current supervisor and supervisor of the post transferred. The data of transfer will be decided with the concern of both Supervisors Executive Vice President of SACHET will do the final decision of the data of transfer. Before transferring the staff, current supervisor will fill the annual appraisal form. An interview was done by current and following supervisor and Executive Human Resource will also participate in interview process. 32


Then new contract was issued to the employee with new job description and rest b. A memorandum is issued to the Finance Department clearly mentioned about hi / her transfer / promotion with attached copy of employee contract.

of the required contract clauses.


CHAPTER NUMBER 5: Critical Analysis of the SACHET:

In chapter number four of my final project of internship I have done the analysis of SACHET. Perk / Allowances: There is a gap between the allowances and their implementation. Sachet just mentioned some of its allowances in their HR policy which yet not implemented. Recruitment and selection: Recruitment and selection of the staff based on reference. So there are no equal employment opportunities. Utilization of funds: Utilization of the funds keeps hidden from donors. so that they would never know where their resources have been utilized. Lack of Management Skills : New staff in Top management (R) Brig Sjawal Khan as he has no any social work experience so it is decreasing the efficiency of Sachet as a whole. And Lack of required skills which ultimately decrease the efficiency of the work. Requirement Analysis Job analysis also provides the basis for developing job specifications. Job specifications are a statement of the human qualifications required to perform the job. Among the qualifications which are often included in job specifications are the following.


Educational standards which may spell out, for example, degrees attained, such as a B.S. in engineering. Experience requirements, such as two years of general clerical experience for the position. This job requires directing the work of from two to ten clerical employees, and therefore would normally require some prior experience in actually performing clerical duties. Skills requirements, such as typing 50 words per minute, or being able to take dictation by an executive etc. Requirement analysis has performed thoroughly at SACHET for the purpose of job analysis by HR department.

5.1. Weak points of the HRM Department:

Planning At SACHET I think very small importance is given to personnel as far as planning is concerned. Upper level management like CEO and Director give low attention to this department. Personal Department does not search for and does not know whether there is need of new employee at same job or not. They only know who is going out and there is a vacancy at the place of out going employee. I have examples for such employees who are doing work of two or three men. There should be better planning for that in order to achieve organizational goal. If the goal is to minimize the expenses it is not proper way to control and is not legally and ethical acceptable. Recruitment At SACHET recruitment is done internally as well as externally. Recruiting is to attract qualified people to apply for positions with an organization. Sachet do not advertise their job in newspaper but let the people be informed by existing employees and place add on the web etc. Most of new employees are hired on reference basis. There are various authorities to hire the people for various positions.


Training & Development At SACHET every new employee trains himself at his own because training is not done or given properly by the organization. Existing Employee trained new employee by his own self. SACHET does appoint trainee employees who are trained by the existing employees and these trainees are sometime hired for actual jobs. These hired trainees are beneficial for SACHET because they are already trained and understand their jobs. If there is new employee hired who was not trainee at SACHET suffers because of that SACHET do not have proper training program. Compensation Plans There is a huge gap between the compensation policy and its implementations. many allowances just mentioned in the policies and but there is no implementation practically like TADA , Health Insurance and many other. Evaluation SACHET performance of the employees is evaluated on the basis of what has been expected from them. The upper level management evaluates performance. Upper level management sees how an employee is performing on his assigned position. It is done through observing and comparing the productivity of the organization with the expected productivity. The results of evaluation are used in movement of employee inside the organization or outside the organization.

This is all about the short-falls or gap between the theories and practices in SACHET despite the fact that department and personnel management is not very good at SACHET but it has great productivity capacity.



SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. This is the analysis related to the strengths which SACHET proudly have, weakness of SACHET, opportunities which SACHET can avail to prevent from the threats faced to the company and the weaknesses of the company. The reason to do this analysis is to find out that, what are the strengths of the company which can overcome the weaknesses of the company and to determine the opportunities which can company avail to prevent the threats to the company. I will individually examine the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the threats faced by SACHET here.

As we know that donation depends on the good will of the organization and SACHET is fortunately strong in its internal check n balance system , strong management policies , pretty good handling of financial management system and other control systems working up to the mark so donors attracted of all this and its a strength of SACHET. Separate departments of every activity like Finance, HR, administration etc this type of organizational hierarchies improves the efficiency of the organization because employees can fully equipped with the required skills of that particular activity.

Regarding to the hiring process, its a weak point of SACHET that in every department employees are not enough according to the stress of work. So workers have extra burden which ultimately reduce their efficiency. Medical allowances and health insurance which are mentioned in the polices but in practically theres no implementations. Employees yet deprive from these 37

allowances, its also a negative internal point of SACHET which reduce the Trust of employees upon the organization. Mostly polices are mentioned just in polices and procedures of SACHET but not practically available like Medical allowances , Over Time , TADA , Health Insurance Etc.

If the SACHET team would attend the workshops which are arranged by other organizations then it would be an opportunity for the SACHET to attract donors but it would be just possible if the team would be highly skilled and trained to catch the attention of donors. If SACHET teams maintain its Clinics properly and efficiently then its a possibility that Ministry of Zakat would increase the Lump sum as donation for the clinics which would be utilize further for buying medicines and medical instruments etc. SACHET is working on non established areas, Rural, Urban Banigala , Panyali , Pathergarh , Chakwal etc SACHET s projects not restricted to Islamabad it has various projects out of the town but its competitors like SAHIL organization has limited setup so its an opportunity and a competitive edged for SACHET.

Competitors have strong system of information technology which keep a head from Sachet in their targets. Competitors like Aurat Foundation, Rozan Foundation, they respond to change quickly as compared to Sachet. Lack of interaction /links globally, while others have big sponsors /donors inside and outside country.



In conclusion I must say that organizations exist when two or more people work together towards achieving common goals. An organization can never be better than the people it hires. Hence we have to get the best to be the best because the performance of the employees reflects the companys image and standing in the market. As every organization has three common sources like Man, Money & Machine, probably the human dimension is of the utmost importance. Hiring employees is not the sole objective rather the primary goal is to devise a tool that can help the organization attract, maintain, retain and motivate them enough to give their best to the organization. Training and development is therefore the first step towards success. Better the quality of the employees better the performance of the company. An organizations ability to meet the training and development challenges provides an opportunity to make significant contribution to the company. With better quality people executing the companys operations the HR department can create a competitive advantage for the company. Here in the end I want to sum up my report of internship in SACHET in few words. Again I would like to say thanks to SACHET and it all employees for providing such supportive environment of learning. I must say that my 6 weeks internship experience in SACHET was a great learning time and I believe that it will be very helpful for me in future career.

During my internship in SACHET I had chance to practically use my knowledge and skills which I have gained during my study as well as I gained and experienced different new skills on the job. It also helped to learn about the Non Government sector working in Pakistan, its services for the betterment of the society as a whole.


Here in the report I have tried my best to give very informative and useful details regarding my internship in SACHET and I believe that by reading this one would agree with me that gaining practical experience of what we learn in books is as important and useful as any other thing. I was fortunate enough to secure a position as an internee here and thereby able to do an in depth analysis of the working environment of this NGO from the inside and of the external environment

I have realized that SACHET is performing very well since its beginning. It is quite difficult to give suggestion to improve the working conditions of SACHET. As we know that nothing is perfect, there is always a room for improvement, so I have found during my internship can be made up taking into account the following suggestions. To maintain the good will of the organization SACHET should first satisfy its employees because unless the workers of that particular organization would not be satisfied they would not be able to work devotedly and sincerely. So to get efficiency from the employees SACHET should give all the allowances and grants which are mentioned in their HR policies. To maintain the records and proper check and balance SACHET should improve its information technology, have to maintain proper software for this particular purpose. SACHET should reduce the burden of employees by hiring more staff because almost in every department there is too much of work stress but workers are not sufficient according to the requirement of the work. SACHET should establish good relations with the political parties because its a plus point for SACHET if SACHET would set up good relations with political parties then ultimately they would be beneficial for the organization especially in maintaining and gaining funds etc. SACHET should trained its clinical staff to meet high efficiency rate because its a chance for SACHET that it would get double lump sum as a reward from the 40

Ministry of Zakat .so for this SACHET should hire skilled Medical Staff and keep them trained according to the requirements. As SACHET hire new Executive Director Mr Sajawal Khan who has no any experience about NGO sector , and the efficiency of the team of SACHET suffering just lack of management skills . SACHET yet not get any new project since the replacement of its ex Director DR Rakhshanda Parveen .So I would recommend SACHET should notice this point and should take appropriate action regarding this.

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