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Refer to the exhibit. What does the TOR router do with traffic that is destined for a web server with IP address of The router sends the traffic out Serial 0/0/0. The router sends the traffic out all interfaces other than the one it came in on. The router places the packets into a queue until a better route is discovered via RIP. The router sends a request to neighboring routers for paths to the network. 2

Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is given a network of to provide network addresses for all the LANs and the links between the routers. Which network address should be us for network A (four hosts) so that it wastes the fewest IP addresses? 3

Refer to the exhibit. A NetworkingCompany designer is reviewing a diagram of a customer network What two risks or issues can be identified in the topology that is shown? (Choose two.) The firewall router and ISP connection represent a single point of failure. A failure of the switch that connects the Cisco Call Manager to the network will cause the entire telephony system to fail. Using Layer 3 switches to interconnect the data center servers to the IP phones introduces too much delay. The IP phones need to be redundantly connected to the switches to prevent single points of fai at the access layer. If one of the Layer 3 switches fails, the Cisco Call Manager will be unreachable. 4

A network administrator has configured Frame Relay on a serial interface and issued the show interfaces serial command. The output shows that the interface is up and the line protocol is up. However, pings to the remote router across the link fail. What should the next step be to ensure tha the IP address of the remote router appears in the Frame Relay map table of the local router? Configure the router using the no inverse-arp command. Ensure that the LMI type is correct for the circuit. Configure the router using the frame-relay map ip command.

Verify that the remote router has Frame Relay encapsulation enabled. 5

A company establishes a Frame Relay connection between corporate headquarters and a branch office. The CIR for the connection is set at 4 Mb/s. Which statement is true about this WAN connection? The company will not be able to send data faster than 4 Mb/s. If the company sends data faster than 4 Mb/s, some of the data frames will be flagged with a D bit. If the company sends data faster than 4 Mb/s, the TSP will change the CIR to zero. When the company sends data faster than 4 Mb/s, the Frame Relay switch will set the BECN b 1 on the frames that are headed to the company.

A router has been removed from the network for maintenance. A new Cisco IOS software image ha been successfully downloaded to a server and copied into the flash of the router. What should be done before placing the router back into the production network? Back up the new image. Copy the running configuration to NVRAM. Restart the router and verify that the new image starts successfully. Delete the previously used version of the Cisco IOS software from flash. Which technology will prioritize traffic based upon the technical requirements of IP telephony? PoE QoS RPC RTP VPN

Refer to the exhibit. An extended ACL has been created to deny traffic from the network to the web server with IP address According to Cisco best practices, whe should the ACL be applied? RTB Fa0/0 inbound RTC S0/0/1 inbound RTD Fa0/0 outbound RTC S0/1/0 outbound 9

Refer to the exhibit. A network administrator is configuring a new router to provide routing between VLANs. The administrator removes the router from the box and connects the Fa0/0 interface to a trunking port on the switch. After the configuration is applied to the router, as shown in the exhibit, t traffic between VLANs fails. What is causing this to occur? The R1 router needs a routing protocol configured. The subinterfaces of the R1 router should have IP addresses applied. The R1 router needs three additional Fast Ethernet interfaces installed. The subinterfaces of the R1 router should be configured in the same VLAN. 10

Refer to the exhibit. Which two network characteristics are correctly mapped to the hierarchical mo and the Cisco Enterprise Architectures? (Choose two.) Option 1 Option 2 Option 3 Option 4 Option 5 Option 6 11

Refer to the exhibit. A customer has a problem with connectivity in the network. Based on the IP addressing scheme, what is causing the problem? The WAN links need IP addresses from a different major network. The WAN link that connects R1 to R2 overlaps with the R3 LAN. The WAN links that connect R1 to R3 and R1 to R2 have incorrect masks. The R1 LAN is incorrect because subnet zero cannot be used with VLSM. 12 What is a function that is associated with the access layer in a hierarchically designed network? performs routing and packet manipulation supplies redundancy and failover protection provides a high-speed, low-latency backbone serves as a network connection point for IP telephony devices 13 Which command can be used to load a new Cisco IOS image on a router? copy startup-config tftp: copy tftp: startup-config copy running-config tftp: copy tftp: flash: copy flash: tftp: copy flash: startup-config 14

Refer to the exhibit. The routers are configured with RIPv2 and utilize the default configuration. Wh attempting to communicate with other networks, hosts from are experiencing connectivity issues. What could be done to resolve this issue? Change to a public IP address scheme. Ensure that automatic route summarization has been disabled on all routers in the network. Change the IP address for the Router3 LAN to be Change the subnet mask on the link between Router2 and Router3 to

15 A WIC-1T module needs to be installed in a Cisco 1841 router that currently has a WIC-2T module slot 0. What should the network technician do first? Install the hot-swappable option module. Turn off the power to the router before installing the new module. Remove the WIC-2T module so that the new module can be installed in slot 0. Shut down all Fast Ethernet ports on the router until the new WIC module installation is comple Configure the Cisco IOS software to support an internal trunk link between the two WIC module

16 In a converged network, which two types of traffic would be categorized as real-time traffic? (Choos two.) e-mail file transfer web browsing videoconferencing voice over IP video on demand 17 A customer has asked a network engineer to prototype the new IP addressing and summarization strategy for a large, multisite network implementation. Which tool is appropriate for testing the complete addressing scheme? Cisco SDM network simulation tool actual network equipment in a lab current network of the customer


Refer to the exhibit. A networking engineer is characterizing an existing network for a new customer engineer issues a show running-config command on the R1 router to gather configuration informa What is the engineer able to determine as a result of viewing the output of this command? The R1 router has two specific routes to the main office LANs in the routing table. The default route for the R1 router points to the Edge1 router. The R1 router will load-balance traffic to the main office LANs by using both DSL and Frame Re A connection through ISP-1 will be used to reach the main office LANs if the Frame Relay netwo unavailable. 19What are two accurate descriptors of a DLCI? (Choose two.) Frame Relay Layer 2 address one DLCI allowed per local loop locally significant circuit endpoint signaling standard between DTE and DCE establishes the data transfer rate through a Frame Relay network 20

Refer to the exhibit. Following a test plan, the network systems engineer completes the configuratio of an access layer switch and connects three PCs. The engineer attempts to ping from each PC to other connected PCs to test the configuration. Which statement describes the result of the last step Host 1 can ping Host 2. Host 1 can ping Host 3. Host 2 can ping Host 3. No hosts can ping any other host.

21 On a Monday morning the help desk at a large company receives an unusually high number of call reporting no connectivity to the Internet or to any other network resources. Otherwise the PCs are functioning normally. Help desk technicians note that all the calls are from a single department, and affected users are on the same floor of a single building. Where should the help desk technicians suspect that the problem lies? workgroup switch PC power supplies patch cords from PCs to network jacks cabling from the network jack to the wiring closet

22 If a router is unable to find a suitable IOS to load into RAM, in what mode does the boot process en setup mode user mode rommon mode

privileged mode 23 A network administrator is integrating IPv6 into an IPv4 network by encapsulating an IPV6 packet within an IPv4 protocol. Which transition method is being used? tunneling dual stack proxying and translation NAT with Protocol Translator 24 What functionality does NBAR provide to network technicians? provides data which can be used to create a network diagram allows for monitoring and managing network devices allows for classification and monitoring of network traffic displays the IOS versions and IP addresses on neighboring devices

25 Which two Frame Relay header bits are used to indicate possible virtual circuit congestion? (Choos two.) BECN C/R DE DLCI FECN 26 What is used locally by a router to identify each Frame Relay PVC? LMI DLCI IP address MAC address

27 The main office of a NetworkingCompany customer currently connects to three branch offices via three separate point-to-point T1 circuits. The customer network uses RIPv2 as the routing protocol within both the LAN and the WAN. The account manager proposes a change to a Frame Relay network because the costs are lower. A single local loop connection can be installed at the main of with three separate PVCs to connect the branch offices. How can the main office edge router be configured to enable the customer to continue to use RIP as the WAN routing protocol? Enable Inverse ARP on the serial interface in order to learn the routes to the IP addresses of th remote routers. To prevent the Frame Relay network from causing a routing loop, disable split horizon on the serial interface. Create three separate point-to-point subinterfaces on the serial interface and assign a different subnet IP address to each one. Configure the serial interface with a single interface DLCI number and create frame-relay

mapstatements for each remote site address.

28 A remote salesperson uses a VPN connection to access the headquarters network. What benefit d this network technology provide to the salesperson? security redundancy scalability manageability

29 At the distribution layer of a hierarchical network, what are two advantages of using Layer 3 device instead of Layer 2 switches? (Choose two.) provides reliable connectivity to end users creates fewer IP subnets to configure and manage reduces the number of redundant links required provides connectivity between different VLANs enables traffic filtering based on subnet addresses

30 During a review of the proposed bill of materials, an account manager of the network solution company realizes that the systems engineer included a switch with lower cost and reduced capabil for the access layer than was originally specified by the network designer. When questioned, the systems engineer responds that the switches specified by the designer cannot be purchased within the budget limitations of the customer. Which action should the account manager take? Inform the customer that the project budget must be increased. Inform the customer that the project cannot be completed given the unreasonable budget constraints. Communicate any risks that are associated with the equipment substitution and obtain custome approval to proceed. Because the customer is probably aware that the budget limitations will require lower cost, less capable equipment, the account manager should do nothing.

31 A company has help desk staff that is not highly trained in VPNs. What two features or technologie must the network designer identify as training needs in order for the help desk to support secure remote access for teleworkers? (Choose two.) QoS operation VLAN configuration tunneling protocols IPv6 and IPv4 dual stack encryption algorithms Frame Relay configuration 32 A technician adds the command Router(config-router)# variance 5 to a router using EIGRP as the routing protocol. What is the result of entering this command?

enables unequal cost load balancing adjusts the metric of all EIGRP routes to 5 restricts the number of EIGRP feasible successor routes to 5 activates the use of all K values in the composite metric calculation enables EIGRP equal cost load balancing over a maximum of 5 routes

33 Company XYZ needs a WAN connection between headquarters and branch offices that has a high level of security. The connection must provide high bandwidth to support VoIP and transactional da with as little overhead as possible. What is the best solution for WAN connectivity for company XYZ DSL cable cell relay PPP over a leased line

34 A network administrator of a middle-sized company is asked to upgrade the routing protocol of the network to support VLSM and route summarization. The current company network contains both C and non-Cisco routers. Which routing protocol should be used for the upgrade? BGP RIPv1 RIPv2 EIGRP 35 When implementing an IP telephony solution, why should VLANs be used? to allow the use of a single IP gateway to separate voice from data traffic for ease of prioritization to allow the PBX to use VLAN IDs to filter both voice and data traffic to allow connectivity between traditional phone devices and IP-based telephony devices 36

Refer to the exhibit. What can be concluded from the output that is shown? MDF_R1 has a MAC address of 2294:300F:0000. MDF_R1 is connected through FastEthernet0/1 to C2960-24TT-L_IDF1. Device C2960-24TT-L_IDF1 is running Cisco IOS Software Release 12.2(25)SEE2. MDF_R1 is installed in the main distribution facility on floor 24 of building L.

37 In configuring CHAP authentication for PPP, what is important to know about the format of usernam and passwords? Only the passwords are case sensitive. The usernames and passwords are case sensitive. Neither the usernames nor the passwords are case sensitive. The usernames are case sensitive but the passwords are not.

38 A network administrator needs to transfer an IOS image to a router using a TFTP server. What sho be verified prior to beginning the transfer process? The TFTP server must connect to the router via a serial connection. Connectivity between the TFTP server and the router should have been established. The TFTP server and the router must be on different networks for the transfer. The TFTP server software must be the same version as the Cisco IOS software. 39 What is the function of a network modular block diagram? It provides a high level view of all sites in an enterprise network. It shows a simplified version of a network and diagrams major functions. It lists the networking equipment and addressing schemes for each network segment.

It shows all the major pieces of networking equipment in a network and how they interconnect. 40 A network design technician recommends running a traffic generator on a PC during the test of a prototype network to check response time values. The traffic generator simulates high volume traff using multiple simultaneous file transfers to the server farm. What network design objective is this testing tool intended to verify? security scalability availability performance

41 Which task would typically require only services that are located at the access layer of the hierarch design model? connecting to the corporate web server to update sales figures using a VPN from home to send data to the main office server farm responding to an e-mail from a co-worker in another department printing a meeting agenda on a departmental network printer in a different VLAN intraVLAN communications between two hosts that reside on the same local departmental netw

42 During prototype testing, the network designer performs a test to determine the ability of the netwo to recover from a link or device failure. Which design goal is validated if the test is a success? scalability manageability availability security

43 Which feature of network design and configuration would be considered a weakness? Choosing a flat network model. Choosing to implement an IPS instead of IDS. Choosing to disable Telnet and allow only SSH connections for remote access to the core route Choosing not to broadcast the SSID for wireless access points. 44

Refer to the exhibit. EIGRP has been configured as a routing protocol in the network. Users who ar connected on LAN_1 and LAN_2 can ping their default gateways. Users on LAN_1 complain that th are unable to access the resources on the file server that is connected to LAN_2. A technician issu theshow ip interface brief command on R1 to verify the status of the interfaces. What information help the technician troubleshoot the issue? Interface S0/0/1 line protocol is down. Interface Vlan1 is administratively down. Interface Fa0/1 is missing an IP address. Interface S0/0/0 is configured with an incorrect IP address. 45 What should be considered in the design of a wireless LAN on a corporate campus? the vendor of all employee wireless NICs the cables that are used for LAN connectivity the number of wireless NICs required on enterprise servers the messaging features that are used on employee cell phones the location of the concrete pillars and walls between the offices 46 What type of Frame Relay subinterface must be used to connect remote sites without having to disable split horizon? multipoint multiaccess point-to-point

nonbroadcast multiaccess 47

Refer to the exhibit. A network technician wishes to allow all traffic to internal LANs except traffic fr network that enters the router on its leased-line Internet connection. What will be appar once these commands are entered into the router? The wild card mask is wrong. The required objective will have been achieved. The access-list is applied in the wrong direction. All traffic that enters the router on s0/0/0 will be blocked.

48 Who provides technical support and training after deploying a network solution on a large networkin team? account manager network designer pre-sales engineer post-sales field engineer 49

Refer to the exhibit. Which ACL statements, if properly placed, will prevent host from accessing the network but will permit the rest of the network? access-list 10 permit

access-list 10 deny access-list 10 deny access-list 10 permit access-list 101 deny ip access-list 101 permit ip access-list 101 permit ip access-list 101 deny ip access-list 10 deny

50 The network infrastructure at the headquarters of an organization consists of Cisco network device that are running RIPv1. As part of an upgrade project, a portion of the company backbone will be increased to 10 Gb/s and needs to support unequal cost load balancing between routers. The IP addressing scheme is also changing and needs to support VLSM and CIDR. Which routing protoco should be selected for the network? BGP EIGRP OSPF RIPv2

51 A company has branch offices at several locations across the country. Which security implementat would provide a cost-effective, secure, and authenticated connection to centralized internal resourc that are located at company headquarters, without requiring configuration for individual employees the branch offices? leased line with PPP authentication site-to-site VPN access control list remote-access VPN 52 What is a characteristic of FTP traffic flows? low-volume traffic predictable bandwidth usage large packet sizes for transfers low throughput with high response-time requirements