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Angels of God Tape 389 by Dennis Murray The Angel of the Lord: more often refers to the Lord,

Himself. The Cherubim and Seraphim: we will look at their duties and appearances today. The Arch Angels: the top of the Angel hierarchy. These serve directly under God. He uses these to carry out the most important missions that He has. And that other Angels served under the Arch Angels (Rev. 12:7): And there was war in Heaven and Michael and his angels fought against the dragon and his angels. Which brings us to yet another category: the angels that serve Satan. Those that refuse to be born of a woman: the Nephilium: Napha from the prime. These came to the earth (Genesis 6) and took wives of the daughters of Adam: their off-spring were called gebor in Hebrew. These gebor off-spring were giants. What prompted the idea for this message today is that most certainly, Satans Angels will be here at the end time. It will be just like it was in the days of Noah. Noe in the Greek and Noah in the Hebrew. And these angels will be on the earth. How can you tell the difference between the angels of God and the angels of Satan? we are going to take a look at what they look like in their appearance. How many angels are there? Well cover this. What are their duties and responsibilities? Well cover this. Well begin by turning to Genesis 22:5: to set the stage, Abraham has just been instructed by God to take his son, Isaac, and offer him up to Him as a burnt offering. Gen. 22:5: The young men: these are the servants of Abraham. The lad: is Isaac. Abraham had to have a lot of faith in God for God has instructed him to take Isaac and offer him up as a burnt offering to Him. Yet here we see Abraham telling his servants: we will come again unto you, both I and the lad. Gen 22:6: The fire came no doubt from the Altar of Abraham itself. Gen 22:7: Isaac had probably witnessed many burnt offerings and here he notes that there is no ram for the sacrifice. Maybe he is wondering if he is to be the sacrifice. Gen 22:8: Provide: in the Hebrew is Urea (spelling). Gen. 22:9-10: Abraham goes through all the motions. He had the faith in God no doubt about this. He followed Gods instructions. Gen 22:11: Abraham means the father of a multitude. The Angel of the Lord here represents Jehovah Himself, as we will see in a moment. The Hebrew word for angel is molack and is usually a messenger as well see in a moment. Evelyns note: notice how closely this word molack is to the word molech?

Gen 22:12: The word "He" is capitalized in the Companion Bible and denotes that this is the Lord. Gen 22:13: Isaac was a type of Jesus Christ: who would be offered as the supreme sacrifice. Gen. 22:14: A ram is provided by God. In verse 8, the word "provided" meant urea: so the name of this place is: Jehovah will provide. Gen. 22:15: God is seven ing Himself. There can be no greater oath. Gen 22:16-17: Refers to Gal 3:29: All that are in Christ or Christ is in them are of the seed of Abraham. Gen. 22:19: Beersheba means "Well of the Oath" in the Hebrew. Now let us go to Exodus Chapter 3. Ex. 3:1: Refers to Acts 7:30: Moses kept the flock for 40 years. The # 40 in Biblical numerics means probation. The Priest of Midian: this priest is a descendent of Keturah, Abrahams second wife. Horeb: is a genetic name for the Sinai mountains. 3:2: In the Companion Bible, the A in angel is capitalized and means the Lord. This was an unusual occurrence for something to be on fire: yet not be consumed. Our God is a consuming fire to the rudiments or evil. This fire is the warmth of the Holy Spirit when it touches your heart. 3:3-4: God calls Moses twice for emphasis even as He called Abraham earlier. 3:5: The place was separated for Gods purposes only. 3:6: Acts 7:32: records that Moses actually trembled at the sight of the Lord. In verse 7:14: Moses asks the Lord, "What shall I call you?" The Lord responded: 3:7: I AM THAT I AM: meaning I will be anything I choose to be. He was a fire in a burning bush to Moses and a man when He appeared unto Jacob and wrestled with him. A word of caution: Not ever time that the Angel of the Lord is used does it refer to God Himself. The Cherubim: Genesis 3:14: After Adam and Eve have partaken of the tree of good and evil: Serpent: refers to Satan. The meaning is clear: there will be "no salvation for Satan." God asked no questions. He simply sentenced Satan, then and there. 3:15: Enmity: means hostility. Her seed: refers to the seed of the woman, Eve: her off-spring, her children. Satan bruised Christs heel as He was crucified on the cross. When will Christ bruise the head of Satan? At the glorious 2nd Advent when He will come, not as a babe, but with a rod of correction. 3:16: We arent talking about apple trees here. We are talking about a conception that took place: this is what happened to Eve as a result of her partaking of the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the Garden of Eden: meaning "the fruit offered to her by Satan." 3:17: This answers the much asked question of what sin Adam partook of. It was the same sin that Eve partook of. 3:18: Cursed is the ground: even nature is affected by the fall of man. Herb of the field: is not the fruit of paradise.

3:19: Refers to Ecc. 12:6-7. When we are through with these bodies, the flesh returns to dust, and the soul returns immediately to the Father. 3:20: Eve: cavah in the Hebrew (spelling) and it means "life giver." Eve is the mother of all living: the seed line of Christ. 3:21:22: Us: refers to the angels. The same as "let us create man in our image" meaning: angels. Tree of Life: Jesus Christ meaning Eternal Life, live forever. 3:23-24: Cherubims: in the Hebrew is karub. KRB are root letters for Karab, which appear in our own word: grasp. So, in one sense, it is "Holding something safe." From this and throughout the Bible, we see then that the job of the cherubim is that they are always near the throne or near a Diety. In this case: the Tree of Life: Christ. Their job is to protect Him. They have their flaming swords, which keep the way of the Tree of Life: which preserves the hope for re-Genesis for ruined creation. This was the job of the Cherubim: guarding the Diety from all that is profanes. And, of course, we know where most of the profanity comes from: Satan. We are told in three places what these Cherubim look like. Twice in Ezekiel and once in Revelation. We will go there. Ezekiel 1:5: Living creatures: meaning Cherubim. Their appearance is in the likeness of a man. Ezekiel 10:1: The "I" here refers to Ezekiel. The firmament: is the expanse over the head of the Cherubim. Sapphire stone: is the Throne of God. The Amber color of Ezekiel 1: that is translated in the Hebrew to mean: highly polished bronze. 10:2: The "he" here is capitalized in the Companion Bible for it represents God, Himself, speaking. God is coming here from His Throne and is passing judgement. The men in linen: Ezek 9:2: these are also angels. The Angel with the inkhorn is commanded in the next verses to place a mark on every man, woman, and child in Jerusalem that has the seal of God in his forehead (this is prophetic). Ezekiel 9:6: This is a spiritual slaying. It will begin at the Sanctuary or House of God. Ezekiel 10:3: Moffit translates this as: they stood on the south side of the Temple. The man: refers to the man with the inkhorn. The cloud: is the Shekinah Glory of God. 10:4: The House is the Temple. 10:5: Wings: in the Hebrew is carnoth and it means the edge or extremity. (spelling) 10:6: The man with the inkhorn. 10:7: Wheels: Dr Murray has a tape "Horses of the Bible" that describe the vehicles of the Bible. These wheels are the vehicles the cherubim are transported on. They are standing near the vehicle.

Cherub is in the singular (Cherubim). It means the angel with the inkhorn. It does not burn him (the coal). He simply picked it up and went with it. 10:8: They were in the likeness of men and there were men in the vehicles, hence the hand of a man. 10:9: Beryl stone: means the highly polished bronze, amber. 10:10: Vehicle is described here. 10:11: Remember Ezekiel has never seen a vehicle: no plane, no car, but he describes them very well. 10:12: There were windows or portholes in these vehicles. 10:13: Wheel in the Hebrew is gagol (spelling): meaning a whirring sound, as though they were departing. 10:14: They were escorting the Throne of God as they departed. This is also recorded in Ezekiel l. 10:16: Ezekiel sees a man inside the flying machine. 10:17-18: Stood over the Cherubim: the Throne of God, their rightful place. 10:19: The East Gate: toward the Mount of Olives. 10:20: As recorded in Ezekiel 1. 10:21: This pertains to the vehicle again, and the man that he saw in the vehicle. 10:22: The vehicles flew in formation. Face of a Cherub, a man, a lion, an eagle. Now this is not as it is recorded in Rev. 4. It is not the face of a Cherub there that is used to describe the beast, but they are the same. In Rev 4: it is described as the face of a calf (ox). What does God have to do with this? In Numbers Chapter 2: each of the tribes of Israel have a standard: an insignia or a sign of that particular tribe of Israel. When Israel encamped the Temple was in the center of the encampment. As the Throne of God is seen departing here in Ezekiel, we see the face of Judah to the East (the Lion), the face of Reuben to the South (a man), and Dan the eagle was on the North. Ephraim the ox is on the West. Should we worship Angels? No. See Col. Chapter 2. But let us now go to Rev. 22:8 to see if we should worship angels. We are nearing the end of the book of Revelations. John fell down to worship the angel that had shown him these things (the events of the book of Revelation). Did the angel want John to worship him? Read the verse. He told John to worship God only. The course of Abijah: We now turn our attention to Zechariah, when he takes his turn at Abijah: it is the 13th week of Abijah, the time of the conception: see Luke 1:6-11: Read these verses. An angel appears to Zechariah as he is performing his priestly duties in the Temple. A miraculous event is about to take place inside the Holy of Holies. It states that Zechariahs prayer has been heard: In other words, Zechariah was asking God for a son. We see this as fulfilling Isaiah 40:3 and Mal. 4 where this son, John the Baptist would come "in the spirit of Elijah." Luke 1:14: Johns job: to announce the coming of Messiah. He would be full of the Holy Spirit even from the day of his conception (in his mothers womb). Remember when the Virgin Mary appeared to Elizabeth at her

own conception and Elizabeth already six months pregnant with John, the baby leaped in her womb as Mary approached. The Holy Spirit was present. 1:15: This is the purpose of the spirit of Elijah as recorded in Mal 4: to turn the hearts of the children back to the fathers (plural). 1:17: Elias means Elijah in the Hebrew. Making the way of the Lord. 1:18: Zechariah asks for a sign from the Angel. 1:19: Gabriel: means mighty man of God. 1:20: Gabriel grants Zechariah the sign he askes for. Gabriel has just referenced the scriptures to Zechariah the Priest, the one that should have known the Holy Scriptures and why would he have needed another sign? (Isa. 40, Mal 4). When we see miraculous things, perhaps we too will ask for signs. 1:21-22: Beckoned in the Greek is "deonuo" (spelling) and means "to express with signs": motioning to them, not being able to speak. 1:23: Zechariahs days of Abijah are over. 1:24: Elizabeth conceived even as Gabriel foretold. 1:25: Remember that she was barren. 1:26-27: Gabriel sent to visit Mary. 1:28: Highly favored: much Graced. Gabriel announces the first Advent as he announced the second Advent in Daniel 8: 1:29: Trouble: meaning wholly disturbed. Cast: meaning deliberated. 1:30-31: Isaiah 7:14: this was prophesied: Immanuel meaning God with us). 1:32: You must know the Key of David. 1:33: Jacob: meaning the twelve tribes of Israel. 1:34: Doubted? Because she is not married. 1:35: Gabriel explains it to her. Gabriel was an Arch Angel. This is hard to document in the scriptures. The only Arch Angel that we can document in the scriptures if Michael: Jude 1:9. There is no question, however, that Gabriel was an Arch Angel, even though it cannot be documented. There were also other Arch Angels. In the Book of Enoch several are referred to: seven. We must be careful of the book of Enoch, however, as not everything in it is true. Chapters 40 and 60 are taken to be the truth, however. How many Arch Angels are there? There are the 4 winds of Revelations and Daniel. There are 7 meaning spiritual completeness. Daniel 10: In prior chapters in Daniel, Gabriel had appeared to Daniel to describe the vision he had seen of the latter days. Now, we turn to the Arch Angel Michael and his angels and Satan and his angels. This was our subject.

Daniel 10:5: A certain man clothed in linen: meaning an Angel. Uphaz: meaning the finest gold known: which is the Angel of the Lord (as we shall see in a moment). 10:6: Beryl: means Amber, that highly polished bronze of Ezekiel 1. 10:7-8: Comeliness: meaning vigor. 10:9-10: On his knees, on the palms of his hands: and he was shaking. 10:11:12: When did it happen? From the very first day Daniel set his heart to understand. The beginning of all wisdom is the Word of God (Proverbs 1:7). God hears your prayers. But there is a condition: He hears them when you set your heart or mind to humble yourself before God. Then, He will hear your prayers. 10:13: The prince of the kingdom of Persia, meaning: that old prince of darkness. The 21 days: are 3 weeks. Michael: is the first of the Chief Princes: these being the Princes of Israel. Better translated: Michael was not need and I left him there: the King of Persia. 10:14: This prophecy is for many years to come from this day. But Michael came to explain it to Daniel. 10:15: Daniel remained dumb: just as the Elect should remain dumb as recorded in Mark 13 and Matt 24: they will be called up before councils and are to remain dumb until the Holy Spirit speaks through them. We need to watch trying to tell Satan what we think of him. We are to let the Holy Spirit does it. 10:16: Similitude of the sons of men: he looked like a man. He touched Daniels lips just as the Seraphin touched Isaiahs lips. 10:17: Ever get weak? Turn to the one who gives us strength. 10:18: Again, he looked just like a man. 10:19: He strengthens Daniel. 10:20: Prince of Persia: is the prince of darkness. 10:21: When I am gone forth: means when I am through with him. Prince of Grecia: meaning Satan, Himself. Holdeth: strengthens himself. Michael: the ally that God depended on at this time. How many angels are there? How many places in the Bible can we draw from? In the Bible there are a lot of gray areas, but Daniel 17 tells us there are 10,000 times 10,000. The point is that there are multitudes of angels, both Gods and Satans. What do angels look like? The Cherubim looked like a man. Mark 16:1: after Christs crucifixion, Christ is lying in the tomb for 3 days and 3 nights. Sabbath means the weekly sabbath. Spices are aromatics. Anoint him: meaning Christ. 16:2-4: this stone stood on a great incline.

16:5: a young man: meaning an angel (Luke 24). Mark was the writer of this book and as the youngest of the disciples, he noted that this angel was a young man. The point? The angels are young. The psalmist says: We never grow old. Christ took on his spiritual body at age 33. 16:6: He meaning the angel. Look, Christ is not here. The purpose of this angel: when things are not going the way Gods plans it, He sends His angel to set us straight. 10:7: The angel tells Mary: Go tell His disciples "and Peter": He singles Peter out. Why? Special emphasis is placed on Peter. God had a special purpose for him. The beginning of the whole church was placed on Peters shoulders. 10:8: He meaning Christ. Christ told His disciples as He taught them that He would be crucified and that He would be in the tomb for 3 days, that He would defeat death, and He would meet them in Galilee. But what did the disciples do? Two of them were on their way to a bath house when Christ appeared unto them. Now this angel tells Mary: Go tell those disciples to meet Christ in Galilee just as He told them to. We are going to have "just as it was in the days of Noah, satans angels and (I hope) the angels of God on this earth in the very near future. How can we tell them apart? We will cover 3 more verses in 1 John 4. When Satan attempted to tempt Christ, what did he do? He quoted scripture. 1 John 4:1: Believe not every spirit (pneuma in the Greek). Try or test them (by the Word of God). Angels are sometimes translated prophets as well. 4:2-3: Here is how you can tell them apart: read these verses. We havent seen anything yet as far as the spirit of Anti-Christ is concerned. We have to prepare ourselves for some of the things we will see and there will be many miraculous things. I hope we see some angels (Dennis speaking), but if not, we will have each other. They wont be in any uniform so that we can recognize them. They will appear to look exactly as Gods angels look in order to deceive us. The spurious Messiah will be disguised as the Morning Star: the star of light. He will look just like Jesus. His comrades will help him look like Jesus, even to the Elect. But you had best take the Word of God over some spirit that comes saying: Go do this or that.