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Project in Integrated Science

1; I- JADE
Investigatory Report::
Experimental Design and Project
#16- Robel Paulo B. Villaos
#10- Florence Celdon P. Montecastro
#7- Karl Josef F. Legazpi

Oil spills seems to be a way of life. Most of the oil spills
we hear about on the radio and television occur in the ocean.
Oil floats on water. The old saying “oil and water don’t mix”
is basically true. Petroleum products are a big pollution
problem in our environment. Scientists have discovered
bacteria that digest oil and cause it to degrade in the
environment. These bacteria can help when there are oil
spills. How does oil spill effect plant life? Obviously if oil
coats a plant and prevents it from getting water, the plant
will die. But just because oil is present, does it prevent the
plant from getting water?
Can plants continue to grow properly even if
there is oil present along with the other factors they need?

I think that if supported with the discovery of
oil degrading bacteria and with the help of hydroponically
grown plants, then plants can continue to grow properly
with oil present.

Experimental Design:
o Plant 1(No Oil received)
Controlled Variables:
o Amount of sunlight
o Amount of soil
o Type of soil
o The condition and type of the Plants

Manipulated/ Independent Variables:

o The type of liquid/ nutrients supplied/given to the plants

Responding Variables:
o The growth rate and health condition of the plant.

Plant Type of liquid Growth rate and
given. (in layers) condition of the
Plant 1 Water(1 inch
Plant 2 1 inch cooking oil
Plant 3 1 inch motor oil

• 3 hydroponically grown plants( house plants,

tomatoes, lettuce or others)
• Cooking oil
• Light motor oil(30 or 40 SAE weight)
• Measuring cup

Use one hydroponic plant as a control; keep all conditions
exactly the same as the experimental plants. Pour about one
inch layer of cooking oil on one of the experimental plants
and a one inch layer of motor oil on the other one. Put the
plants where they will get plenty of sunlight. Be sure they get
enough nutrient solution.
You can also hypothesize that the oil
on both plants will either kill the plant, make it less fit for
consumption, or cause it to become weak. Record data daily
on the condition of all the plants. At the end of a specific
period of time, four weeks for example, determine whether
your hypothesis was correct. You might want to specify the
period of time in your hypothesis so it is either correct or
incorrect for that length of time.
Karl Josef F. Legazpi
Florence Celdon montecastro Robel
Paulo Villaos