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Counterplan Several US key warrants Its the only specific piece of evidence in the round to Judicial reform Libyans

ans arent going to accept or take any help seriously if it doesnt come from the US because were significantly more experienced at democracy promotion than anyone else. Russia Bolton US is the only one that can force Russia out of the region The permutation solves 100% of the cp EU must work WITH the US to solve properly Dunne 04 Says the US should engage in Libya on a comprehensive program of judicial reform explicitely says must work WITH GREAT BRITAIN AND OTHER EUROPEAN COUNTRIES THEY HAVE NO DISADVANTAGE TO THE PERMUTATION OTHER THAN THE DISAD WHICH WERE WINNING THE CASE SOLVES The Telegraph 9 MEPI action is key prefer our evidence because its based on empirics. MEPI has been successful in Libya before and has proven as the sole agent thats able to succeed in the region. They have completely mishandled the double bind on the permutation either the permutation solves both US and EU soft power which theres only a risk of it being good, or soft power is zero sum meaning it trades off with US soft power. Nye 4 is amazing on specific soft power being good it explicitly says THE ONLY WAY to work with others is for the United States to be able act unilaterally through soft power. Khalilzad 95 says that US hegemony is the key internal link to all of the reasons that EU soft power is good having a better chance to deal with the worlds major proiblems and stopping a power vacuum war.

Offense) a) Aff ground outweighs We cant have STRATEGIC offense if the negative can kick out of a CP with no consequence. Remember that the 2AC is our last chance for new offense means any damage to it outweighs skewing the 1NC. There is no impact calculus in the 2NR for why negative ground outweighs means you always default affirmative. b) Critical thinking - having to concede an argument on the flow is a critical form of argument interaction that creates an education unique to debate. An advocacy functions differently than a DA by the implementation of fiat means their arguments do not apply in that instance. Unconditionality is the best education because it forces the negative to do in depth research specific to our aff and become familiar with the entire debate. We control uniqueness: modern negative strategy is reading stupid CPs with no intention of going for them. One damning concession: Pre-round conditionality solves ALL their offense. They say alt worse All of my offense is a reason why this isnt true. He concedes that conditionality is not the only solution to bad/abusive neg strats. Strategic, unconditional CPs solve because they allow more in-depth discussions in-round avoiding shallow debate over diverse issues. They say decision making Pre-round conditionality checks test the 1AC negs should just decide what is best before the round. You have several Ks and more CPs decide which to read before the 1NC. Forces better and more in depth education on these positions. He concedes its not intrinsic to conditionality test the aff w/ uncondo/dispo CPs. Also concedes Rules of the Game outweigh even if he wins his education claims I will always win that

fairness comes first because people cant be educated in debate if they quit. Reject the team because rejecting the argument is a worse form of conditionality that encourages teams to read abusive arguments. Rejecting the argument is a post-hoc remedy that doesnt solve the 2AC, 1AR, or 2AR strat skew or ground loss.
Iran THE STATUS QUO TRIGGERS THE IMPACT IRAN IS GOING TO BE PERCEIVED AS UNSTABLE BECAUSE OF THE CONFLICT BETWEEN MODERATES AND CONSERVATIVES Milani 11 Were winning both a non-UQ arg and a link turn The arab spring has shifted the regional power balance towards iran and allowed them to exploit the region during a time of regime changes. Means Iran is perceived as badass creating stability throughout the region - Slackman 11 Breitbart 111 and Marashi 11 Cook 7 Mideast conflicts have historically not escalated theres no precedent for arab leaders to engage in warfare in regions where they arent directly involved theyre not willing to risk anything when theres no historical basis proving that their action will be successful. And Israel has fought wars in the region with NO CONFLAGRATION THROUGHOUT THE REGION Iran and Iraq fought extremely bloody wars and no wars with Russia and the United states in the region have extrapolated into regional disputes Drum 7 THEY CONCEDED CASE SOLVES THE DISAD A WORLD IN WHICH COUNTRIES LIKE IRAN ARE ALLOWED TO PROLIFERATE THE REGION IS MUCH MORE LIKELY TO PROLIFERATE AS WELL MORE LIKELY THAN GEARING UP TO DEFEND THEMSELVES FROM AN INSTABLE IRAN SKFTA It wont pass in the squo Obama isnt willing to push it without TAA and republicans arent willing to give in on issues Historically Obama has pushed trade deals that have met resistance from republicans and theyve only agreed to vote on versions that are so watered down they dont solve anything. Even if they win that Republicans are in support of SKFTA in the abstract it just means either uniqueness overwhelms the link or it wont pass because the GOP wont voe on it because Obama has been a jimmy and hasnt pushed it hard enough. Group the thumper debate prefer our LVS evidence its predictive of the political environment immediately after labor day while theirs is descriptive of the political climate weeks ago. Obama is going to push a jobs plan and will be forced to use all of his political capital to pass jobs even if they win that there is room to pass both things it just means that a finite political capital theory is false Jobs will be controversial meaning SKFTA wonnt pass. OUR VOA evidence is SPECIFIC to saying that Jobs comes before SKFTA. WERE GOING FOR THE LINK TURN They messed up the uniqueness question on the link The status quo military and diplomatic policiesi n Libya and the middle east are unpopular THERE IS ONLY A RISK THAT THE PLAN IS A CLARIFICATION OF POLICY THAT IS BIPARTISAN THEIR LINK EVIDENCE IS DESCRIPTIVE OF AN INCONSISTANT POLICY BY OBAMA IF WE WIN THE PLAN SOLVES WE WIN A 100% RISK OF A LINK TURN.