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Anirudh Chouksey 91-9673308690 I am an IT Consultant with 5 Years of IT experience. I was involved in overall lifecycle of project.

I am interested in a team oriented development environment where chances for advancement and skill enhancement exist. Good experience in working on client site and interaction. Skills & Experience SAPABAP:
Classical and Interactive Reports, ALV grid using function modules and ALV Classes, WebDynpro ABAP, Direct Input method, BDC (BDC Session and Call Transaction), SAP Scripts, Smartforms, Interactive Adobe forms, User Exits and Customer Exits, BAPIs, LSMW, ALE/IDOC, CATT, e-CATT, BADIs, DDIC, performance tuning, debugging, analysis using SQL trace, runtime analysis, code inspector.

SAPModules: ABAP development (on various modules) - FI/CO, PM, SD, MM, PS. ERP: SAP R/3 4.6C, 4.7, ECC 6.0, CRM 6.0 Other Skills: C#.Net, SQL Server 2000, IBM WebSphere 5.3, Oracle 9i, SQL, WIN Runner, Quicktest Professional, Test Director. Achievements & Appreciations

Peter Van-Opdorp, Project Manager, Applied Materials, Europe

I wanted to express my appreciation for the excellent work that Vamshikrishna & Anirudh are doing with this very complex conversion. They are very flexible and have the right skills to help us make this conversion a success. For the last 2 weeks we had daily conversion meetings; every next day they fixed all the enhancements/adjustments/fixes we identified the day before. We couldn't have made this much progress w/o their dedication and commitment

Victor D'souza, Tech Lead, Technology Development GIS, Applied Materials, North America

I would like to thank you for the commitment and dedication during the Business Transformation project here at Applied Materials. Your expertise in the ABAP technical world and knack for seeking innovative solutions along with trouble shooting capabilities was instrumental for the success of the data conversion effort. I would specifically like to thank you for your tenacity and never give up attitude while working on a 24 hr clock, which was required to meet the tight data load timelines and also required as the team was scattered around multiple time zones around the globe i.e. Japan, India, Netherlands. The same was acknowledged by Peter Van-Opdorp and Hiriko-San who are functional leads from and Netherlands and Japan respectively

Kannan Ramaswamy, Managing Director - LogicaCMG South Asia

On 31 December 2004, we have achieved the major milestone on the RBI RTGS project. RBI has provided the acceptance to the Total Solution for RTGS delivered by LogicaCMG. LogicaCMG recognizes your effort in this project without which it would have been impossible to achieve this major milestone. I on behalf of LogicaCMG would like to congratulate you for your excellent contribution in this project

Education Bachelors of Engineering in Electronics and Power Engineering from Nagpur University, 2003 pass out.

Employer: Navetech LLC Client: Applied Materials - (Santa Clara, CA) Business Transformation

(May07 to till date) (Nov07 to Jan09)

Role and Responsibilities Development in CRM System Customized create business document transaction (CRMD_ORDER) for certain business transaction using BADI CRM_ORDERADMI_I_BADI for product substitution, BADI CRM_SCHEDLIN_BADI to restrict the quantity for certain product. Validated the business documents before save using BADI ORDER_SAVE to check for error messages and to raise exception DO_NOT_SAVE. Developed custom program to update product using FM CRM_ORDERADM_I_MAINTAIN_OW and quantity using FM CRM_SCHEDLIN_I_MAINTAIN_OW. Development in ECC System Developed a remote enabled function module in ECC 6 for uploading Fixed Assets using BAPI FIXED_ASSET_OVRTAKE_CREATE. The function module was called by Informatica, which was used to upload the transformed data. Developed WebDynpro applications to display data in ALV form using predefined component SALV_WD_TABLE and integrated the applications with portal. Customized an existing Adobe form as per the requirement. The requirement was to change the logo, field labels, user name and details. Designed approach for extracting material master data from SAP 4.7 system and developed LSMW to load material master data based on each view in the ECC system. Used SAP standard program RMDATIND to load the data. Transaction BMV0 was used to execute and control the load process. The Views are Basic View, Sales View, Accounting View, Sales View, Plant View and Warehouse View. Designed LSMW to read Equipment file and load the data in ECC using BAPI_EQUI_CREATE. The main table for validating load is EQUI entries. Created a BDC interface, which was used to upload the Investment Order using transaction KO22. The interface was a remote enabled function module which creates the Investment Order in ECC using the transformed data provided as input through Informatica. Developed object comprising of two conversion routines, for extraction and upload of the service order. Extraction routine was used to get the data from AUFK, AFKO, AFIH, PMSDO, JSTO, JEST, TJ30T, VBAK and VBAP tables based on the input criteria. The upload conversion routine creates the Service Order along with Advance Shipment, Sales Order (Consignment Fill-up), Quotation Creation and Finance Document posting. The Upload routine, which uses BDC CALL TRANSACTION on transaction IW31, DP80. BAPI BAPI_ACC_DOCUMENT_POST to post financial entries against the labor and material cost. Created function module to upload the Z table dumps from 4.7 to ECC. Developed remote enabled function module to load Oracle material BOM in SAP ECC system using CSAP_MAT_BOM_CREATE function module and then used transaction code CS07 to allocate BOM to Plant. Created validation reports which were used to validate the data converted in the ECC system. For example, created a report to validate the equipments converted using function module EQUIPMENT_READ and BAPI_EQUI_GETDETAIL. Conversion of 4.7 Sales order to Service Orders in ECC along with the consignment (VA22). Worked with functional analyst from Japan, Singapore and Netherlands right from designing till golive phase. Involved in fixing defects raised in FUT, change request and coordinated with off shore team for testing, technical specification creation and development of incomplete objects. Worked with Informatica team, shared knowledge on the SAP standard tables and their relations to complete the objects within deadline. Provided support as per post go-live stabilization plan.

Environment: SAP R/3 4.7, ECC 6.0, ABAP/4, SD, MM, FI/CO, Oracle, Oracle, HPUX.

Client: National Processing Company - (Houston, TX) Fusion Americas (May07 to Oct07) Role and Responsibilities Developed a program using BAPI which automatically generates Purchase orders based on the supply and demand conditions, the program automatically sends an email to the concerned persons when a purchase order is created using the function module SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1. Performance tuning done for Reserve stock reservation modifying program, which is taking more than 8 hr for execution by changing the SELECT statements. Developed ALV report for finished goods. Created the report to display all orders that are due for Shipping. Created Interactive report for List of Invoice report. Developed AR aging report, created Invoice Layout and processed invoices. Modified print program 'SAPFM06P' and layout set 'MEDRUCK' for the Purchase Order to include Company's personal information and Logo using SAP script. Used ALV for displaying block reports in Sales invoice monthly report. Customized SAP transactions, VA01, VA03, and VL01 to meet clients requirements, these modifications include screen modifications, menu modifications, and function code additions in SAP module MV45AFZZ. Successfully searched for and implemented the SAP note. Scheduled and monitored various jobs and sessions. Created database views, projection views and help views to be used in customer enhancements and reports. Proactively used CATT to test custom transaction codes and also to load data to SAP tables. Created an ALV Report by customizing the standard Report RFBPET00 and adding the Fields like BKPF-BKTXT and BSEG-SGTXT as per the business standards which downloads the data into an excel file. Developed LSMW to create FI documents using BDC program for transaction F-01. Created a RFC enabled function module, which generates the sales and shipping details of the day. Configured RFC to send this data to another SAP system, which is physically separated. Implemented LE_SHP_DELIVERY_PROC BADI, to raise a message when delivery document item gets changed. Environment: SAP R/3 4.7, ABAP/4, SD, MM, FI/CO, Oracle, Windows 2000/XP, HP-UX. Employer: Logica Pvt. Ltd, India (Mar 04 to April07) SAP Support (Feb05 to April07) Role and Responsibilities Developed various classical and interactive reports as per requirement. Developed interactive and hierarchical ALV using function module REUSE_ALV_GRID_DISPLAY and REUSE_ALV_HIERSER_LIST_DISPLAY. Create a new custom program to execute MB1A (Goods Issue) for specific products based on plant (WERKS), movement type (WERKS) and storage location (LGORT) using BAPI FM: BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE. Select query on MSEG and MKPF table. Performance tuning using SQL trace tool (ST05). Conduct the Unit Test Plan before the deliveries to ensure that the development meets the client requirements. Data dictionary: Creation of Domains, Data Elements, Tables, Structures (Append and Include) and Views. Developed BDC Programs on predefined transactions for data upload from files present on application server. Modifying the standard SAP Scripts to suit the customer requirements. Performed IDOC status monitoring.

Reprocessing the failed IDOCs using standard programs. Manually processing the unprocessed IDOCs using standard programs. Environment: SAP R/3 4.5B, SD, MM, FI, Oracle, HP-Unix, Windows.

RBI-RTGS Integrated Accounting System (Mar04 to Jan05) Role and Responsibilities Functionality Testing in UAT of the RTGS and IAS system. Implementation of IAS User Interface. Application Server set-up testing. Handling Crypto Server testing which includes PKI. Train customer on the features and usage. Prepare test cases for QA department. Find bugs & issues in the new releases. Business and Functionality Tester, Implementation and Configuration, Support. Developed a windows based application for updating account information. Modules worked on BRIS, Collection, Cash, Clearing, General Ledger and Current Account. Production support of IAS and RTGS systems at RBI. Environment: C#.Net 2.0, SQL Server 2000, Oracle 9i, IBM WebSphere 5.3, OS-390, DB2. References: On request