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Annual Physical Exams (APE) Guidelines

Annual Physical Examinations are part of the HMO benefit package and are conducted annually for all personnel and HMO-covered (i.e. IntelliCare) faculty members. The objective of this annual activity is to determine the fitness of each Benildean family member to perform a specific job without causing hazard to oneself and/or others. For School year 2010 to 2011, the following will be the guidelines for the APE:


All staff hired before May 1, 2010 All IntelliCare-covered Faculty Members



Each Staff will be accountable to undergo their Annual Physical Examination. Failure of the Staff to undergo the APE activity within the schedule will be subject to the policy on discipline. Supervisors/Heads of departments should communicate and ensure that all of their direct reports comply with this College requirement.






SERVICE WINDOW 8:30 am to 12:00 nn

All Staff and Faculty Members (Intellicare Covered)

Taft Campus Cafeteria (Function Rooms A & B)

February 9 & 10, 2011

(Registration closes at 11:30am)

~ 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

All Staff and Faculty Members (Intellicare Covered)

CSB Hotel (i1009, i1010 and i1011)

8:30 am to 12:00 nn February 11, 2011

(Registration closes at 11:30am)

~ 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm

All Staff and Faculty Members (Intellicare Covered)

CSB Hotel (i1009, i1010 and i1011)

8:30 am to 12:00 nn February 12, 2011

(Registration closes at 11:30am)

~ 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm

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Physical Examination Urinalysis Fecalysis Chest X-ray Complete Blood Count ECG (optional for those aged 35 years old and above) Pap Smear (optional for females-35 years old and above)

ADD-ON (Optional) Hepatitis B Screening or HBSAg Cost of this screening is Php 250.00 This is for automatic salary deduction Eye Refraction This is free of charge.

***The average time to complete the APE is 30 minutes to 1 hour.


PROCEDURES Step 1 Registration

Proceed to the registration table and present College ID Fill-up the APE form and routing slip for the assignment of the control number

Step 2 Vital Signs

Measurement of height and weight, and visual acuity

Step 3A Blood Extraction

Blood extraction for Complete Blood CountFASTING IS NOT NEEDED


Submit urine and stool samples to the Medical Technician at the assigned laboratory area (TBA). o Container for the stool specimen may be secured from the College Clinic o Ensure that the stool sample is submitted to the medical team within one hour after collection to ensure validity of the specimen. o Container for the urine specimen will be provided upon registration on the APE day.


There will be a designated male and female doctor.

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Step 5a (optional) ECG and/or PAP SMEAR

Staff/Faculty members aged 35 y/o and above who want to avail of the ECG test may proceed to the designated area. Female staff/faculty aged 35 y/o and above who want to avail of the PAP SMEAR test may proceed to the designated area. Please note: 1. No sexual contact 3 days prior to the examination 2. The last day of menstruation should be at least 10 days prior to the examination date.


For Males : Proceed to the Aventus Mobile X-Ray Bus for Chest X-Ray. For Females: SHOULD UNDERGO THE PHYSICAL EXAM FIRST PRIOR TO THE X-RAY PROCEDURE. Please avoid wearing double clothing and/or jewelries to avoid delay. Moreover, please inform the X-Ray Technician beforehand if you have delayed menstruation or suspecting pregnancy.

Step 6 Submission of APE Form 6. EXEMPTIONS

a. b. Pregnant staff/faculty is exempted from the X-Ray examination. The staff/faculty has the right to waive the rectal exam during physical examination.



a. The Supervisor or Department Heads are requested to inform the Human Resource Department (HRD) of their direct report/s who are on official leave so that their names will not be included in the compliance report and that an extension will be granted to them.


SANCTIONS (for Staff)

a. Non-compliance to the APE HRD will send the list of Staff who were not able to undergo the APE (including those who were only able to finish a portion of APE). HRD will initiate sanctions based on the Staff Manual, under the Health, Sanitation, Safety and Security Category Willful refusal to undergo College-required physical and medical examinations. Staff who were not able to complete the activity in the designated schedule will have to complete their requirements at the HMOs clinic office.


Results will be available within 20 days after completion of all the tests.

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1. What is the Annual Physical Exam & why do we have to undergo it? o o Determine the fitness of personnel to perform a specific job without causing hazard to himself or others. Detect disease earlier and make referral for treatment to: a) Reduce extended medical care and hospitalization b) Minimize absenteeism at work c) Prevent secondary complications, and unrecognized chronic conditions which can be aggravated by improper job placement. o 2. Guide management in appraising work performance of personnel for continued employment.

Who needs to undergo the Annual Physical Exam? o o All staff hired before May 1, 2010 All Intellicare-covered faculty members


I want to accomplish my APE before my designated schedule, how can this be done? o This will be allowed. However, the medical team will definitely prioritize those who are listed on the data provided by HRD.


Will I be allowed to do my APE within shift? (for staff) o Yes, provided that you have informed your supervisor that you will undergo the APE.


What is the procedure for those on medical/maternity/prolonged leave and suspended status within the schedule and/or the whole duration of the activity, how do they comply? o A Staff who is on Leave of Absence/Suspended status within vertical schedule or APE period should accomplish their APE at the providers clinic within 6 days from return to work. The staffs direct supervisor is expected to communicate the activity details to the employee. If the employee is not able to fulfill activity requirements within the specified timeline, HRD will conduct the necessary steps for executing sanctions.

6. I was advised that I need to have a Repeat Chest X-Ray. Where can I have this? Will it cost me? o If the Repeat Chest X-ray recommendation is due to machine technical problems, the personnel can have the X-ray done at the providers clinic with no additional charge. If recommendation of Repeat Chest X-Ray (i.e. Apicolordotic View X-Ray) is needed for verification of medical findings from the initial Xray, the personnel can have it done at the providers Clinic using Intellicare Outpatient Medical Benefit.

7. A Staff has filed for resignation effective within the APE period. Do we require completion of the APE? o o APE compliance is no longer necessary. In cases of retraction of resignation while the APE activity is on-going or not, the staff is required to undergo the APE at the providers Clinic within 6 days from the submission of retraction letter.


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