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Good but not Godly

Guest Writer: Stephanie McBride

Thought to Ponder: Husbands, in the same way be considerate as you live with your wives, and treat them with respect as the weaker partner and as heirs with you of the gracious gift of life, so that nothing will hinder your prayers. I Peter 3:7
I have a burden on me the size of Texas as I write to you! I dont know exactly what else to say that compares to the heaviness of heart that I am experiencing! This post is specifically for single women who are maybe even engaged but not yet married. I pray that this finds its way into your heart and takes strong root. There is an epidemic among us that is harming our families, stifling our children and bringing lifelong disappointment and strife that can be avoided. Girls, I am talking about marrying good and not godly. I counsel women almost daily that sit across from me and regret that decision. I also sit across from women who are so desperate to be married that they cannot or will not listen to any voice that cautions them against their will. I can confidently say after almost 13 years of marriage that marriage to a believer is hard but I cant imagine not having the same life purpose drawing us back together time and again. Do you know why God was so adamant about the nation of Israel staying separate from the nations around them? Because they didnt have the same purpose! The Bible compares it to two oxen that are headed in different directions. How much work do you think two animals hooked to the same plow will accomplish if one wants to go to the left and the other wants to go to the right? Not much! One will have to consent to the other in order for them to move forward. This whole matter was so serious that God specifically told the Israelites they were not to intermarry. Why? God knew that intermarriage causes assimilation into the culture. It is simply impossible for you to be married to someone but not become part of their families, their lives, their practices. You just cant remain separate. You are now one flesh but with two different mindsets. You know what we call that? Schizophrenia! Scripture puts it this way, What fellowship has light with darkness? (2 Corinthians 6:14) As I write I can almost hear the excuses being offered up in your minds. He says he is a Christian and he isnt evil like someone of darkness, hes a nice guy! Hes a good man, he provides and protects and he is very responsible. Hes good to me, he takes care of me and he isnt opposed to church, he just likes to sleep in on Sundays. And the list goes on. These are actual things that I hear all the time. I had one girl who said, He just makes

sin not seem so bad plus, he knows the Bible, hes very strong in his faith. My heart broke in that moment and I told her as lovingly as I could, Sweetie, this man doesnt love you! If he did, his sole purpose in your relationship would be KEEPING you from stumbling not being the block that you stumble over! Can you say that? Are you involved with a man that asks you to do things that go against the very fabric of who you are? Are you in a relationship or engaged to a man who is a stumbling block to your walk with the Lord? Maybe you cannot honestly answer yes to those questions but can you say this, The man I am dating or about to marry is leading me toward the Lord. He is actively helping me to pursue a deeper relationship with Christ. He is the example in our relationship as a leader not a follower. Girls, you were never meant to be the leader, you were meant to be the follower. The Lord is completely able to provide all of what you need in a godly man if you will trust Him and wait for it. Please, I beg you, do not be so anxious to get married that you make a mistake that you will have to live with for the rest of your life! You see, we think that good will eventually lead to godly and on rare occasions it does but mostly it doesnt. If your desire is to serve the Lord, raise your children in the same way and strive to glorify God then you cannot marry good and not godly! The time to choose wisely is NOW! Seek godly counsel from your Pastor, pray that the Lord would give you clarity by His Spirit and be honest with yourself. If you have to look for evidence of spiritual fruit or if you are continually making excuses for him, if you are the spiritual leader or he has made a profession of faith because you wont take no for an answer then proceed with all caution! After your salvation this is the single most important decision you will ever make, dont take it lightly and dont let your heart override your head! Good will not always be godly but godly will always be good!

Lord, thank you for Stephanies heart of compassion and her burden for every young woman that crosses the threshold of the pregnancy center every day. Please enable the counsel of Christians called to work in these centers to permeate the hearts and minds of todays young people as they struggle with life altering decisions regarding their unborn babies. Awaken the commitment of young men to step up and be the godly men you have called them to be and lead their young families. Also, Lord, be with those young people who decide to place their babies into adoption. Allow them to find peace and forgiveness as provided by the supreme Comforter, Jesus Christ. In His Name, Amen.

This week Stephanie McBride is the featured writer of the Devotional Thought for The Sounding Board Teaching Ministries website. Stephanie has written for the site before and this entry is especially meaningful in todays society. Stephanie works with the Blue Ridge Pregnancy Center in Lynchburg, Va. This particular subject is dear to her heart and she writes from a knowledgeable perspective.