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Sunday 9/11/11 Battle in Heaven complete!

On Saturday 9/10/11 lightworkers had their long awaited opportunity and took it to secure fourth density space, confronting the powers of negativity and forcing them to the earth plane. In an unprecedented cooperative effort large groups of lightworkers, space brothers and entities from all spiritual traditions united to protect the precious timeline of earths ascension into fourth density and move it down into third density space, our space!

I recently spoke that the earth and all of its living things had made the ascension into fourth density space and only needed to be experienced through linear time in the third dimension. Another way of saying this is at that time a very beneficial timeline was formed that was protected and all other time lines were frozen. This past Saturday all other possible timelines were destroyed in an enormous battle that cast the final non-physical negative forces down into our third dimensional reality. Now there is only one timeline and it belongs to the forces of light! The power of the negative ones has been broken but they must act out their destruction as well. Continue to expect a coming Israeli-Arab war that will only last a few days and some isolated violence in other parts of the world. These acts of violence will be contained and they must happen so the world can confront its own part in this.

Aside from this containment there will be no interference, no mass landing of UFOs or second coming of Christ as Jerusalem is destroyed. The message is clear. If we want global peace, then we must take responsibility for it, not expect someone to come and save us from ourselves.

The world will react with shock and horror and propel itself into global peace and prosperity as we universally realize that the ascension process will be complete within one year! Bright blessings,