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T-BERD/MTS 6000 OTDR Testing Self-Paced Training

Course Number TT-TB/MTS6000-OTDR-SP Delivery Method Self-Paced Course Length 90 minutes Language of Instruction English Synopsis This course is designed to familiarize students with OTDR testing using T-BERD/MTS 6000. A solid foundation of technical knowledge will be examined, including T-BERD/MTS 6000 OTDR module features and functions. Instructions will be given on how to navigate the T-BERD/MTS 6000 GUI and menus for OTDR testing operations. Prerequisites Introduction to Telecommunications (TT-TELCOM), or equivalent, and basic computer and mouse/track ball experience. Who Should Attend This self-paced course is intended for novice, intermediate, and experienced users who want to perform OTDR testing applications using the T-BERD/MTS 6000 effectively and efficiently. Course Goals Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to: Identify the functional areas of the OTDR GUI display and describe the function of buttons, tabs, and softkeys Access and navigate the OTDR menus to configure for reflectometry testing Demonstrate the process to acquire and display an OTDR trace and events, and the procedure to perform automatic or manual OTDR measurements. Demonstrate the ability to locate, store, recall, and transfer OTDR results files

Course Outline Introduction to the 6000 OTDR module What is the MTS/TB 6000 with an OTDR module? OTDR module Features and Highlights OTDR Module Options & Configurations/Variations Overview of T-BERD/MTS 6000 OTDR Testing Process: Introduction to the OTDR module GUI Transferring Results Files: FTP Client Obtaining and Installing new versions of software o Downloading from the Internet o Installing USB, CD-ROM, Ethernet Using external keyboard, mouse, and touch-screen (options) Reflectometry Testing using the 6000 OTDR module Recommended OTDR Testing Process Cleaning end surfaces of the OTDR connector, adapters, launch cable (if using), and test lead connectors. Connecting to the fiber Configuring the reflectometry test Performing the Test Trace Acquisition o Real Time mode o Automatic Acquisition mode o Manual Acquisition mode Obtaining Results Trace Display/Events o Functions relevant to displaying traces: Displaying results on the trace, Cursors, Zoom and Shift o Overlay trace function o Event Display Criteria o Results Tables o Event Info/Types o Table Notes Automatic Measurements & Detection o Slope o Splice and Reflectance o ORL Event Position Memorization Fault Locator Mode OTDR File Management o File configuration menu o Explorer function o Store o Recall

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