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Ansal Institute of Technology, Gurgaon

Course Code Course Title Credits Faculty Course : : : : : Skills For Corporate Success-II AMGT-526 2 Mr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma Master Of Business Administration

Course Objectives: Acquaint the students with practical aspects of Indian Stock market and derivative market. To enhance students abilities by giving them good knowledge of various financial innovations with special reference to mutual fund and its mechanism. To provide good knowledge of financial analysis techniques to students for enhancing their research and analysis abilities. S.No. Topics to be covered Learning outcomes Lectures 1 Indian Stock Market Overview to security market, Basic Basics of Stock market, 7 terminology used in stock market, Sensex Sensex value and security value determination, Security price determination, Trading in Indian stock price determination, market, Current scenario of Indian stock Trading in stock market. market and recent development. 2. Indian Derivative Market Basic derivative instruments, Trading in the derivative market, Use of derivative in Indian commodity market, security market and Forex market, How derivative are helpful to different parties? Recent development in derivative market, Terminology used in derivative market. Modern Financial Services and Mutual fund Financial innovation in India or modern financial services, Fund based financial services and non-fund base financial services, Detailed discussion on mutual fund schemes, Computation of Net Assets Value, Introduction to Insurance and other financial services. Financial Analysis Key financial ratio to analyze Basics of Derivative, their use in security, Forex and commodity Terminology derivative market. Modern computation Issues insurance. Company 7 Financial of NAV, to 6 market. used in 6


Services, mutual fund and related

the Analyzing

performance of company, comparative performance using financial statement, Common size statement, financial and statistical Cash flow statement as per IAS-3, Use of technique. statistical techniques in analyzing the performance of a company. Teaching/Learning Strategies: Lectures, Tutorial, Presentation, Case studies, projects, assignments Quizzes etc. Text Books 1. 2. 3. publication 4. 5. Financial Management-I.M Pandey-Vikas Publication. Options & Futures- Vohra & Bagri - (TMH), 2/e Options Futures & Other Derivatives- John C.Hull - (Pearson Education) Trading Exchanges-Larry Harry-Oxford University Press. Security analysis and portfolio management Punithavarthy Pandian-Vikas

Reference Books 1. Derivatives- Valuation & Risk Management-Dubofsky & Miller -(Oxford University Press), 2004/05 2. Investment Management by V.K Bhalla 3. Financial management By Ravi .M. Kishor 4. Investment analysis and Portfolio Management-By Prassana Chndra. Evaluation: Evaluation will be made on the following manner: Assignment, Quiz, Presentation & Attendance Mid Term Test Major Test

50% 20% 30%

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