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PRICIT FRAUWALINER History of Indian Philosophy : oun tt {NE NATURE-PHILOSOPHICAL SCHOOLS AND THE VABSIRA SYSTEM THE SYSTEM OF THE JAINA TE MATERIALISM Teale om oigial Geme so Bagh VM, MEDEKAR al Haypreteu ©: No S840, FAB so fait? 3 upzary & MOTILAL BANARSIDASS i DELI ©) PATNA: VARANASI I \ MOTILAL BANARSIDASS OF Miageal Posie Books BOLSPO STS tow, enna! (P) A Sieraajentm ramet (ann) sy reg Ot Ma Voog St 2 ‘Rirst Edition 1973 Paces ne 80.00 ‘Gem ied aa ‘THE TABLE OF CONTENTS THe NATERE-PHILOSOPIUICAL SCHOOLS AND THE VAISESIKA SYSTEM ‘190 The tion the Vad Sytem, i bitry Aintgatue 5. The Geratre of teed ye ils, ofthe Nya andthe Mn 5. The place st ibeNatest nthe fame of Notre pion Sar Scho The okie Nevwepophy. The ‘ements and thie ques 1 Walcot Sion and the living Seatwes21, The saan The nly othe man 20 The teyeorgion tad thet Sorting 27. Te soul, The casece a the woul 39. “The prea ovgan The old Neterephllnopby ate Nya AT New Though The Atom, Doce wine 2, he aiomicmeshniae worldpictare of the Vaz The dviine of meme aod the Shes then of Cau Phe vibes fm) 5 Thr remodeling of the Soulsoine 6, Space fd Tine 72, The omergene of the doting of SStegros he older tree etegoce 9. Tae Resi of the Vata 8 The categary of se Siu 81 the etepry of quake care icine gules of te lem Be Theeommon qi The qualer fhe val orter fates) the ctegory af onenct 9, arte Segara, Commentary Ue Phe ‘Story of ingens To, Cantor Tea theremoeling of tho tarpon in the lig of te die scape The tian Scholae snl irl i the Valea 12 tom Sedge The tin of th we 13 Te Ww frm othe they of eaaky 10 The detelne ef lass No.) *) 409 S 3847 " ecos 82. “Tibetin Works cf perception in the fight ofthe doctrine of eaten, et 123. The conchding, rlormulation ol the {aie and he work of Praastapida 23. The de eration a Scholstiaa Praastapidas work 195. ‘Tie chanical Valea sytem according to Pra'ar {api The ss estegorie 141. The substances 18. The four Elements The orgaation and diol: tion othe word 140 The eter mean space U7. Soul and. "pcb! orgen 150. The goalies ia seoeal 132) The. quale of the Biewens, For, {tec snell and touch 158. Tae comnon quali, The’ umber 137, Extension and Separatnest 138 Comection, and. Separation 159. Distant and feats 16. The qualifier of the wa, owed, plewutc, pin, deat, wert and efor 163. The Femsining quate, Hesvinen,Buiity and. iste fon 167 tpl ot Proparedaes (ptt 108, Merit and yu The docteine of deliverance 17. The sound FT category of movement 171. The omononnes 173. The partly 170. "The inere- Stor 77 Theimportane ofthe Vata Syste 7 8 THE SYSTEAI OF THE JAINA Toray ‘he dion 182, The system ofthe Juin according to Unit od Kundaksnda. The five mates of Cristenel. "The dvtine of categories 188, The Seikeautrutin ad word-ocsrrenes 190. The Ting creatures 193 The_ man, dy andthe intone 197 the south theory of cede Bie Jaina 199, The docene of deliverance 201 opectitve etme ofthe temo the Jaina 9. TH MATERIALISM. visa Th nate of hens atria. 1 connesion ‘Mn polls door. King Pao 216. "The oldest stv ovine 219 he Loayace system 2, SUPPLEMENT FOREWORD “The preent second volune of my History of I op perhaps mio the eat pono Tanger cle of eae Between the boi betinings of antique ty and heqrand sreatons ofthe Buddhist system the doctrines ‘teatual pilwophy operatlikea valley between twoeminences hat tha fe anderstandable, Only = smal modest material is le forthe comideration ofthe natural piwophy ofthe Micon timex The evelopment als sane Best Bening soon comes ta stop. New consideration for to not ome ap, wr ptemai research iting. So the cts become st ifbten or degenerate into a boll shanti, What has bee ‘te, Toa cevin measure, Gres ptlophy ha ao mot bees Share trom this fate But the Tnlan philosophy i sphere Tinnoe stained to ewe! approaching the performance of the Ta spite of thee circumstances 1 ave comer it dele sie ay ecesiry fo del lo with thi pact of Tian plo opty with ere alae, Fly Beco deab with one Mh nx portant and erga sphere edn ptlsophy Nagao her phephieal crenion, i wae forgot 100 Stathers wera the dieetone which di mot create a ‘lle at of ongng fr Deliverance but which endeavoured Toespiin the woidin acini mannerout of parsing fot hiteopbicl Lowe Andis mae properly emphassed, Phe the rection philwohy layed Muorcally an Inport oes Ther destin hve eerced sence fom {ifecn sie To hi whe dow aot kx them, much in ther ‘Stns woul remain donvligie macht wascteated ve Beconrsty aa iui with ter systems Pinay the Viifsn, hens inparantal chenytanms of Nature ply bev et wthitedctsne ofthe exogiesa eran Cehich protean porta eanetent of the ght wealth ‘Tan phtemphy, Wide layers oft ian Ploy iy are Gewdrough the yaar of anght ofthe Valen and are (we) dependent ont They wouldbe a ile understood without the howledge ofthis system at the scholastic ofthe Middle Age ‘without the plilosophy of Aristo By the way, a agatat Grock philosophy there appears naif ecimple of the pevularty oF erginalty of Toda Phlomphy. While the Gres pilophy ber up ike a daze Frework sd prodicrs 8 short tm an abundance of dat= Ting slenid reatons,the Indian development rll ke @ Toad stream lowly thigh the centres But whe the ‘fowsine of eategorir in Avitte remains a pete ida, whe Denials or pole ae inno way worked oat, i Tia Fr developed to a omplete sytem, wich far exceed the bei trol Avstle's and nfurher ttchergets choked up ig aid Th certin particule respect, X woul ike to make a fe fetowing rears ezarding the present volume. AY for asthe Vaidesia i concern, the teaver writen on i up 10 no fre baed as arte onthe later handbosks. 1 have on the other and, based oy pesentation on the work ofthe las period. Thave tid, ave. all make itll the origin of the tysem. Whoever, ia the history of Pilsophy, 9 not sted ‘ita cll of mere dry statrentsbut seks to understand Thetiving tought andthe men who thought them, must needs tof thir onghn The grea aiicaley in the case of he Valea Fen the ation preserved fr shows only theend ofa fog tlvelopment,Althe fresingsnst be infra. Bat 1 hope hat Thave seceded to show rby atleast the broad Hines. A fecomaeuction caanoteaturally proach im iy Tingnes: a8 ‘eee eon. But an attempt must once be made. There ‘eins avery seins Lacuna adn hich moat be bridged “ver. the mater of the presentation of the Budahisic stems ‘ich wll be dealt with the ext wlime, the eiogs are al Tea iacoparabiy favourable ‘The deerpion ofthe Naturphilomphical system and ‘othe development ofthe Valaka nimy paps appese ome Sthat detailed Tne excme fori es he great tnportance Sikh this gst had for fan plulsophy in general Hides ‘Teequest the reader to comer thatthe development, whic preent hete extended over eight cents, ese, en hice cm) lon, would tke to remark by wayofprincplehat my tentae sstempin to meta the ane te doront need, Never, lr not to ire he reader through exeaive prof, have teaver to pretent the mater such a way tht he part rar nso seman undertandae, even i the reader skips ‘wer arta ltd parts which are os intrest om. For ‘eam, have coder desirable to give i the beginning iver chapter the sauces and the condion of the handed inn tradition, He, who finds tet conc, nowt dry, ae ‘den osinterening, can tar ove thee pages abd immediately Ion withthe proper preenaton. He who. want only the reais of the complet sytem wll nd it prsentedin aut Ail the end of theparialar chapter and he can entinate the Hinury of development The reader can, therefore, seize tht tlic correspond to hia wes bat hata the posit 10 Bunk pao the other ithe need be “The weaker pat of this volume isthe weatment of the sysem ofthe Jaina, tle herein that eoly pals ofthe seh Imutrial thoagh preerved, are published. Bees, the publ ted materia warporalyavalaletome, What Lm panes thie pher i alrady ona modes scale ad the puicatons in the bares im Vienoa are more inadegoate inthis opbere than in other spesesof Indology. My presentation, therefore, Ireporonatlywanty. ther { have rited self nor Tho ekeumances to decribe the hinge as they appeat toe ns rein bere solely responsible or jaretin. eau have, no doubs, presentedsre but i iunaaiactory to preven stock when the means to accomplish la an arene recogeaes hom. Toul Hew retark that accoding vo my view, thre ieimichscope for further rsearch inthe sphere of Jani, pecially oncertng the pilowphial contents Tests al inthe etnias, what wat to be remard in eard to thie volume: As for te es, what as been sald eo ening the whole work inthe Foreword to the lat volume, Iw god ato here {Concerning the reception which he ist volume sree ct, in won griljng. The etahstions are prepondcratngly [vourable advene jdgmenta hav eained ently poral opecilly india eviews lave oop ances with the