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Marketing Management

Project Report On Communication Campaign

Introduction Voltas is already among the top three air-conditioner brands in the country, but that's not nearly enough. The Tata Group Company wants an even bigger piece of the pie than it has, and it wants its share of the growing action in the Indian AC market (which is clocking growth of more than 20 per cent a year). The company had suffered significant losses and its market share dropped from a high of 30 - 40 per cent in the early 1990s to around 7 per cent in 2000-01. From being the No.1 player in the Indian AC market in 1992-93, Voltas was down to No. 7 by the end of 2006. The wake-up call came as a directive from the Tata leadership - perform or perish. Voltas, thus, rejuvenated and presented a new face to the Indian people and it emerged as a clear winner.

Summer Ad Campaign of Voltas

Communication Tools adopted by Voltas 1. Advertising Voltas is spending about Rs 25 crores on advertising in this financial year, majority of which will be spent in the summer season. The company is routing about 50 and 25 per cent of its advertising budget to TV and print ads respectively. It is spending about 10 per cent of its advertising budget on the Internet, which is much higher than the 2 - 3 per cent spent by the company till the last financial year. The Internet Ad of Jagmag Desh campaign is being done on a major scale along with ads on media. The Voltas AC TV commercial is running across various channels such as NDTV 24X7, Aaj Tak, CNBC, Times Now, Discovery and National Geographic. Its print ads are appearing in The Times of India, Hindustan Times and The Hindu newspapers across India. There was also pervasive outdoor advertising consisting of hoardings, kiosks, bus shelters, bus panels and banners, as well as a radio campaign

The media campaign can be evaluated as follows

a) Projecting companys products as energy saving appliances and their product as hard working by saving money for its users. b) By absence of major media stars in its ads shows their nearness to the masses. c) Major drawback is that the technology focus is not present which was there in the previous campaign of their split AC Vertis Ads AC with I.Q. d) The latest designs and aesthetics are overshadowed which has cut off the product from the elite class. It also shows their focus on rural and middle income group people in India. Public Relations By launching the Jagmag Desh Mera campaign, the company enjoyed increased sales as well as projecting its CSR initiative of saving electricity and lighting villages of India. Voltas launched a separate website for its campaign as shown below. The website had its sales objective and its CSR initiative mentioned side by side.


Screenshot of the CSR initiative website of Voltas

This campaign struck well with the Indian masses and justified the companys objective of: a) Presenting itself as an organization working for the welfare of the people by lighting villages across the country along with manufacturing ACs which were energy efficient. b) This also silenced the environmentalists, protesting against use of AC which promote global warming and add to the power crisis.

3. Direct Marketing - A very important aspect of direct marketing i.e. the internet has been fully utilized by Voltas for its advertising purposes. About 24 crore impressions, including banner and video ads, are already being served on websites such as Yahoo!, Rediff, MSN, Sify and in the month of May. The digital agency claims that banner and video ads received a click through rate (CTR) of 1.2 and 5 per cent respectively during the initial stage of the campaign. It also claims that on an average, the campaign has clocked about 0.77 per cent average CTR.

Screenshot of Facebook profile of Voltas ltd.

Voltass official website The website focuses on its Vertis range of air conditioners displaying various models and designs. The website has a key feature like how to buy Voltas ac, locating stores, energy efficiency, safety techniques etc. On the lower right side is the mention of its CSR events and its participation in events like greenathon and likes of those. A special section focuses on search by Need and search by Model. This shows the company has researched well before coming up with the site. It also offers free subscription to the Voltas newsletter which has all the latest offerings from its stable and its green initiative. The website gives direct link to Facebook, Twitter and You-Tube. Through these mediums it has promoted its sensible cooling technology by targeting the youth as these mediums (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube) are very popular among them.

Screenshot of Sensible Cooling Facebook Profile

In its sensible cooling ads it has promoted latest technology and designs in ACs which promote low power usage and as a message to consumers about how to save electricity and save environment.


Sales promotion Voltas has entered into partnership with the Blue Star, Fedders Lloyd and Arco air conditioning co. for production and technology as well as with TERI of USA to promote its CSR initiative of lighting 10 villages in India. Voltas has also been actively participating and sponsoring global environment talks and seminars as well as local events to become a part of the masses which is also sensed in its Tagline India ka Dil, India ka AC and also its aam aadmi campaign.

Target Audience 1. The Primary audience - This refers to the consumers who are most likely to buy a Voltas product and are the main audience for communication campaign. The primary target for Voltas is young urban professionals, middle income sector and rural India consumers who may have certain degree of fancy towards having an AC. Because this consumer segment is price conscious and is looking for value for money, Voltas has focused more on lesser priced (sub Rs.10k ) ACs as well as saving on electricity bills which is most important cost factor in AC purchase. It is entirely for this reason that the entire campaign promotes ACs which know India Ka Dil or its purse constraints and the ones which save on power bills. In doing all this Voltas made sure that it involves Govt. in all its campaign by promoting electrification of villages, promoting environment and cutting consumption of electricity by promoting Sensible Cooling.

2. The Secondary audience Here the target people are ones who are looking to expand accommodation or want to rent out air-conditioned appt. by using low cost ACs. Also targeted are NGOs fighting for the cause of environment. By promoting Vertis class of ACs the tech savvy young people are being targeted who get bored very often and are willing to try something new but are not so strong financially. Conclusion The gist of the whole campaign shows that its primarily a Cause based marketing strategy. The cause is providing electricity to needy villages by using efficient technology in its ACs. The present effort in the markets is to reach out to the masses 'Aam Aadmi', identify supply-demand gaps and provide products to fill them. The campaign worked well as the market share increased by around 25 percent from 16% to 20% and that too mainly in low ends ACs. By associating itself with a cause the campaign got mileage from the Govt. of India and rural India population have started to associate Voltas with ACs.