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I am Rina Arora from Mumbai- India. I am 42 years old. Married for past 19 years . I am housewife.

I have 2 childrens both are Boys. Elder one is 17 in age and y ounger one 13. My husband is a very loving person. He works as business executiv e in Middle East. He comes on leave for a month in a year. When he is here we en joy a lot. He is very interesting as far as sex is concern. He satisfy me and ke ep on trying and experimenting new things making it much more interesting. I lov e when he is near to me and I really starve for sex when he is away. Moreover people glaring at my body arouse me a lot. When I go to market I see pe ople staring at me on my boobs or my waist. I can't restrict people adouring at me. I am fair, 5'6" having long black hairs and eyes. I am very plumpy having fi gure as 41-38-42. I look little lolly polly. I wear saree (a tradional indian dr ess woman wear ) when in market and wear nighty at home. I don't wear bra and pa nty which I stoped wearing after birth of my second child. It gives me feeling o f freeness. I like sex very much It was a very different day I ever experienced in my life. It was a day when I s erved my son one of the best dish he ever had in his life. early in morning he t ook his bath dressed up and had his breakfast & left for college. As soon as he left I cleaned his bedroom. After cleaning work I left for market. There in mark et I purchased vegetables he like the most & decided to cook nice menu for him. It was very hot in market as it was summer season. Reaching home I changed from saree to nighty with nothing inside. I finished all my cooking & housework. It w as almost 2 o'clock in afternoon time for my son to get back from college. Suddenly my door rang. I could guess this my son Rajesh. The moment I opened the door I saw him standing very enthusiastic and energetic with a glimps of naught y smile on his face. He came inside drop his bag in sofa. He was very hungry and wanted me to serve his lunch. I asked him to get fresh meanwhile I serve him hi s favorite pizza and pulav. But to my surprise something strange came across me. My son pick me up in his ar ms and put me up on the dining table. I was surprised and was unaware of things going in his mind. I was shocked and was curious and hence inquired as to what h e is upto. He replied mom today I want to eat what I havn't eaten yet. I didn't understand his intentions and wanted more clarification from him. Answer was som ething I haven't thought of. He wanted to have sex with me. He was very much det ermined to fuck me that day. I wanted to retaliate but all my effort went in vai n. I was really helpless for against my son's aggression. I understood his feeli ng and his requirement. I wanted to fulfill all his dreams and was ready to acce pt what all comes in from of me. Ultimately I also wanted to have sex which I wa s starving for month's. And it all started. He made me sit on the edge of dining table with legs hanging in air. He then made me lie on my back on the table. Ra jesh arranged the chair and sat between my legs. He moved my night above my knee s moving it above my waist. Slowly slowly he removed my nighty completely making me complete naked. Though I was knowing that it's wrong, I started supporting and co-operating my s on as I too wanted it desperately. I was getting excited by the idea and feeling of getting eaten up by my son. I was totally and completely naked. We both were shocked and there was pin drop silence which eventually broke.. Rajesh asked my mom why you don't shave. I got so excited by this question I replied eagerly th at you father like hair's over there. He placed his head between my legs. He wit h help of finger stretched my cunt wall and started lickling and tickling it wit h his tongue. A undercurrent went through my body as tongue was traveling over and in my vagin a. His soft gently touch of his tongue was arousing me and making me hot. No one had touch me over there with his tongue throughout my life. My son was the firs t to inuagrate it. He started licking my pussy. In reaction my pussy started giv ing out greasy solution. He aroused me such that it was impossible for me to con trol. I was out of control and was giving out sound of mourning like ooohhhhhhhh hhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh oooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuccccccccchhhh. It was a re al nice feeling to have my son fucking me over there. He was kissing, licking, s ucking over ther pklace from where he came in this world. He than moved his head from my cunt & came up on my boobs. He started squeezing & messaging my boobs.

He than gently took my nipple in his mouth & started sucking vigrously which he use to do early when I used to breast feed him. I was completely wet between my legs as he was sucking and licking my nipple. I then got down from the table & stood in front of my son making him stand. I to ok a step forward for this incest relation. I unbuttton his shirt removing it co mpletely, then his banyan. I moved my soft finger on his nipples & tease them wi th his tongue. I sucked both his nipple in standing position. He was mourning li ke anything with soft gentle erotic sound like ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooooocccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhh uuuuuuuccccccc cccchhhhhhhhhh. I drop down on my Knees. I placed both my hands on the top edge oh his pant and gently unzipped his pant. His pant drop down on to the floor. Then I strated working on his underwear. Moment underwear went below the level o f my penis. His penis popped out as if the prisoner is freed from jail and point ed towards me hard erect like a missile targetting me as his destination. I gent ly moved my hand on his penis which was rock hard. I teased his penis by ticklin g & giving soft touch of my tongue . I played with the tip of his penis lcking a nd caring with the tip of my tongue. His penis started vibrating in air. Then I encloused his penis in my mouth and started sucking it like lollypop. He was mou rning like anything. I sucked the fleshy balls below his penis & was sucking it. I was trying to take his penis more & more in my mouth. It was hard to beleive that my son's penis is much more bigger that his father. I sucked it vigrously. My son went out of control and he ejacuated his JISM all in my mouth. He floaded my mouth with his cumm. I was managing to get all off his cumm in my mouth with out wasting a drop. His penis suddenly lost erection and went pale.. He was very much satisfied for this service I gave him. He than hold me in my arms and made ma lie on table once again with my back facing the top of floor. He than moved over me and was kissing me on my back and my neck from behind. He started messaging my buns. He worked on my asshole. He fingured it very nicely. he even licked my asshole curiously. I was mourning very loudly. He kissed me al l on my back, legs, toes & everthing. He made me turn around. He kissed me on my forehead, face, lips. I was totally out of control. He moved down on my cunt & was sucking my pussy once again. He burried his face betweenmy legs & was busy k issing, licking & sucking. I helped myself by pushing my waist more towards my mouth in 69 position on table. His penis once again started gain ing erection & was getting ready for action. We were busy sucking each other and frogot the whole world. This was the time which went unbareable for me I could not control myself and insisted my son to insert his penis in my vagina. I helpe d him stretching my pussy wall for him to get and idea about insertion. I amange to open the gate for my son showing him the path. He was new to all this and he nce required my help. He moved his penis slowly in my vagina & within no time it went completely filling me. His penis was completely burried in my cunt. He tha n started pumping his red hot rod in and out of my vagina as the was cycle pump move in and out to fill air in cycle tube. It was a real exciting moment for m. a nice fuck of my life. he was pumping me like anything with his penis moving in and out. I was toatally aroused and was in position to ejacuate anytime. We bit h finally ejacuated. He loaded me with his JISM. My vagina was completely filled with his white creamy cumm which I tasted earlier. He eajacuated so much that m y extra large vagina was falling short to accumodate all his cumm. Some of it sp illed out of my vagina towards my ass. we both was so tired that I lied motionle ss with my son over me. After an hour we got up and cleaned ourself & had our lu nch. It was the best lunch me and my son ever had in our life on this dyning tab le. Hope you too like the dish.