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Train the Trainer (TTT)


Course Overview:

Learn all the skills and terminologies to Teach, Test and Rate Aviation English in the context of ICAO standards Review and evaluate different TEACHING METHODOLOGIES and PRESENTATION SKILLS in an Aviation Environment Develop up-to-date strategies to teach PILOTS and AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLERS Develop Teaching and Communicational Methodology in order to prepare candidates to undertake an ICAO Aviation English Language Prociency Assessment



Target Audience:

Only 10 Seats Available for this Course

26th May 2011

ATC Instructors English Language Trainers

Pre-Requisite: Duration:

English First Language OR equivalent OR ICAO Level 5 competency

10 Days OR 2 weeks

Course Date:

05th - 16th June 2011

International and Professional Aviation English Experts

Developed and conducted by Experienced,

Certicate on Completion:

ICEMENAs fully qualied aviation and teaching experts have combined their knowledge in order to provide you with the opportunity to add the "Aviation English Train the Trainer" Certicate of Achievement to your licence

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