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Date: 12th September 2011

VELS Industries,


BUSINESS FOCUS IILs endeavor is to provide its clients with solutions that focus on generating business. We try to bring about shopping experiences that turns surfers into buyers, and buyers into repeat and loyal customers.

CUSTOMER CENTRED SERVICE Besides providing solutions; IIL concentrates on post

implementation service to its clients. Whether its about technical maintenance or about ensuring business results, IIL takes initiative in approaching you to find out the problems and satisfaction levels. Thus with IIL, you get multi option, easy-to-use solution that enables you to transact with your customers through your web site in a fast, economic and completely secure environment.


Appealing Layout, Interactive & Cutting Edge Graphical Interface

Innovation & focus on the target visitor drives our creative team to custom design each site with a right combination of text, colors, backgrounds, graphics, animations, Java, on-line forms and navigation bars. We, thus, create the most interactive interface & user-friendly navigation to hold the visitors to your site. Quality Monitoring at Each Step of Designing & Hosting
At Indiamart, we strictly follow detailed checklist at each step of designing including Title, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, Body Attributes, Alternate Text, Image Sizes, and hyperlinks etc. These detailed procedures and checklists for Design, Hosting & Promotion ensure the best quality website for you.

Secured Server with Multiple OC3/DS-3 Connectivity to Backbone

Indiamart hosts your website on high performance, highly secured server, which is connected to the Internet through the fastest OC3 lines. With multiple routing paths your website is always available to the world even in case of single link failures.

Targeted and Fully Qualified Traffic

At Indiamart we receive highly filtered, business minded visitors who are there to provide you with big business deals. By being with us, you are exposed to these qualified visitors, who fit exactly into the profile of your potential customer.

Comprehensive Business Promotion on the Web

Our primary strength lies in best promotion of your homepage/website. We register you in popular national and international search engines, industry specific websites, award sites and many more. The satisfaction of all our clients testifies our claim.

What is Mini Dynamic Catalog?

Mini dynamic catalog is a new, one of its kind solution from Indiamart that allows you to publish your online business homepage, with total command over the product details, company information, navigation and almost everything related to it. It allows you to:

Add / Edit / Delete a product, its images and details and categorize as per your wish Add / Edit / Delete blow-ups for products Attaching product related document for enhanced / sophisticated details Customize your enquiry form

Advantages Over Traditional Webpage

This revolutionary solution, launched for the first time in India (and probably across the world), has many advantages over the traditional webpage. Some of these user-friendly features are:

Multi-page Catalog - Unlike conventional webpage, you get 4 pages in one catalog.

Homepage, Profile Page, Product Page an Enquiry/Contact Page all of them having the facility for information add, edit & delete. So now, you have more space to convey every important detail required to market your product and company globally.

Short Development Period Under test situations, our researchers have found that the

time required for webpage development can be shortened by over 70%. So, if it took 10 days to develop a webpage, it just takes 3 days to develop a mini dynamic catalog. So you save your time spent on corrections and approvals.

Customized Industry-wise Layouts Enjoy the convenience of industry-specific

layouts and select the one best suited for your company. These layouts are well-researched and follow international guidelines that affect the marketability of your online catalog.

Update as Per Your Convenience - No more Monday - Friday, 9 - 5 service... Change

to anytime anywhere lifestyle... With the catalog under your control, you can update it whenever and wherever you want.

Multi-pronged Product Marketing When you choose the Mini Dynamic Catalog, you

also subscribe to display of your products on two network marketplaces of Indiamart Your products are displayed at both these places to offer you

the advantages of multi-pronged product marketing, free of cost.

All of this at a Fraction of Cost The best thing about this solution is

the value for money it offers. You get four pages with ten products and customizable profile and enquiry pages at a cost which is less than the cost of 2 traditional WebPages.

Functional Features
Design, Text, Images, Update Related You get four pages (Homepage, Profile/Company Information, Products, Contact/Enquiry)
hosted at

You can choose one layout from our collection of world-class designs

Add / Edit / Delete up to twelve product images and details, anytime, any number of times
Add / Edit / Delete blow-ups for products

Special offer from IndiaMart

Dear Sir,
In the basic package of MDC (Mini Dynamic Catalog), you are eligible to have only 10 pages. But if you are booking the order in the offer period, where Indiamart is offering you 1) Rs.48, 000 worth package + 2) Rotational Advertisement Banner worth Rs.10,000 + 3) Tender Subscription worth Rs. 8,000 altogether at the cost of Rs.20,000 + Tax. The package detail comes below. 1. Home Page 2. Profile Page 3. Product Catalog Page 4. Business enquiry Page 5. Listing In Indiamart Sourcing guide 6. Infrastructure Page 7. News & Events 8. Internal Search 9. Enquiry Basket 10. New/Hot Products 11. Slide show of products 12. Current job openings 13. Customer testimonial Page 14. Quality Page 15. Video Option 16. One Year Free Rotational Advertisement Banner 17. One Year Free Tender Subscription. 18. Trade Shows Support. 19. A Ready Made Business Presentation. 20. Free n Number of Sell Offer Postings. 21. Support from 150 Portals. 22. Listing in all Search Engines through 23. Support through Multiple Channels. 24. Promotion in Industry Specified Market places.
Thanks & Best Regards

Mukesh. Chinnam Business Development Executive, Mobile: +91 8144327314 Mail id: