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1.What is the similarity between Induction motor and Transformer? 2.

Explain about the B-H curve and its significance? 3.Design Full adder and Half Adder circuit? 4.What is Load torque and its significance in starting of Induction motor? 5.Why efficiency of thermal power plant is low (30-40%) ? 6.Why synchronous motor is not self starting motor ( prime mover is required to start)? 7.Why transformer core is laminated? 8.Why generation voltage is low (11kVto 33kV) why don't we generate power at 220kV? 9.What is Plug setting multiplier and time setting multiplier in relays? 8.What is PI, PD and PID controllers and applications for all? 9.Advantages of DC machines compared to AC machines? 10.In explosive and polluted environments which type of motors do we use? 11.What is snubber circuit? 12.Applications of cyclo-convertors? 13.Why we use low frequency (16 1/2 ) in traction applications? 14.What is Lead - Lag compensation? 15.Why secondary of CT should not be open? 16.What is the effect of harmonics on power system? 17.Advantages and disadvantages of Gauss seidel and Netwon rapson methods in solving load flow studies? 18.Which type of network cant be used for applying super-position theorem? 19. What is direct memory access? 20. What is electrical corona and methods to reduce the corona effect?

NTPC interview sample questions

NTPC sample questions: Some of the sample NTPC interview questions are listed below. Please go through them,

1. Which type of motors are mostly used in industrial applications. Reasons for that? 2. What are the different speed control methods employed in dc motors? 3. What is Armature reaction in dc motors. How it affects the performance of the machine? 4. Applications of DC series motor and DC shunt motors? 5. Why we cannot generate power at high voltage? 6. Difference between alternators employed in thermal plants and hydro plants? 7. What is equal area criteria? 8. What is the significance of ABCD paramters? 9. What is skin effect and methods to reduce skin effect? 10. Why busbars in EHV substations are hollow bars, what is the reason? 11. Why stones are employed in the switchyard? 13. What is the use of salt while earthing a power system? 14. Different methods to turn on the SCR? which method is best suited, why? 15. What is SCADA system? 16. What is the use of silica gel in the transformer? 15. Why we use test signals in control systems? 16. Difference between the open loop control system and closed loop control system? 17. What is Race around condition? 18. Why inductors are employed in power electronic circuitry? 19. What is surge impedance loading? Significance of Surge Impedance Loading? 20.What is Reactance relay, how they operate?

BHEL electrical Interview questions BHEL electrical questions: BHEL interview questions are listed below. 1. Explain about the Torque-speed and Torque-Slip Characteristics of Induction motor? 2. Methods to improve the power factor of Induction motors? 3. Conditions to operate transformers in parallel? 4. Why power transformers are designed for maximum efficiency at full load? 5. Resolve EX-oR gate using Universal gates (nand or nor)? 6. What is the use of capacitor in single phase Induction motor? 7. Explain about the 'V' and inverted 'V' curves of synchronous motor? 8. What is power system stability? 9. Explain about different switching schemes employed in power plant (busbar arrangements)? 10. What is step potential and touch potential? 11. What is string efficiency of insulators? 12. What is electrical corona? conditions that affect the corona? 13. What is surge impedance loading of a line? What happen when load of line is equal to surge impedance loading? 14. Why we use test signals in control systems to find the response of the system? 15. Explain P, I, PI, PD, PID controllers? 16. Differences open loop and closed loop system 17. What is demand factor, load factor, load curve? 18. How speed of dc shunt motor can be controlled? 19. Different braking methods of dc motor? 20. Applications where dc motors out rule the ac motors? 21. what is the difference between micro processor and micro controller? Please try to find answers for the above questions, if you find difficult please reply me i will answer the questions. Thank you, All the Best!!