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(excluding students on Centre for Lifelong Learning and Education In-Service programmes - see Note 2 below) A. FULL-TIME UK AND EUROPEAN UNION (EU) STUDENTS, excluding students from the Channel Islands or Isle of Man 1. Standard Fee for 2006 & subsequent degree entrants (non MBChB Students) 1,820 2. Standard Fee for 2006 & subsequent degree entrants (MBChB Students) 2,895 3. Standard Fee for pre-2006 degree entrants & non-graduating students 1,285 4. Graduate LL B students 9,500 5. Students abroad or on industrial placement for the entire session (2006 & subsequent entrants) 910 6. Students abroad or on industrial placement for the entire session (pre-2006 entrants) 640 (Fees 5 & 6 waived where a student is abroad under SOCRATES-ERASMUS, and is eligible for tuition fee support from UK public funds) B. FULL-TIME OVERSEAS STUDENTS AND STUDENTS FROM THE CHANNEL ISLANDS OR ISLE OF MAN 1. Island-government funded students (Band A) (2006 & subsequent) 23,523 (Pre-2006) 21,098 2. Island-government funded students (Band B) (2006 & subsequent) 10,529 (Pre-2006) 8,967 3. Island-government funded students (Band C) (2006 & subsequent) 8,268 (Pre-2006) 6,857 4. Island-government funded students (Band D) (2006 & subsequent) 6,574 (Pre-2006) 5,275 5. Overseas and Island-non-government funded students, arts-based 9,500 6. Overseas and Island-non-government funded students, science-based 11,800 7. Overseas and Island-non-government funded students, clinical medicine 23,625 8. Overseas and Island-non-government funded students, non-graduating 9,500 9. Students abroad or on industrial placement for the entire session - 50% of the relevant fee in 1-8 above, abated for students who are self-funding to 640 (pre-2006 entrants) or 910 (2006 & subsequent entrants)

C. PART-TIME UK/EU STUDENTS 1. Graduate LLB students (per 5 credit points) 2. All other students D. PART-TIME OVERSEAS/ISLAND STUDENTS 1. Arts-based programmes (per 5 credit points) 2. Science-based programmes (per 5 credit points) GENERAL INFORMATION 1.

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All students taking University courses are required annually to pay the tuition fee for their programme of study and, where applicable, any re-assessment fees. Information on miscellaneous fees which may be payable by students is available on our web site (address below). The various fees approved by the University Court for the Academic Year 2010-2011 are as set out on this sheet, but are subject to alteration without notice. Fees for Centre for Lifelong Learning and In-Service Education programmes is available separately on the web (address below). Collection of tuition fees takes place at the beginning of each academic year. If you are a UK full-time undergraduate who is not domiciled in Scotland and are applying for assistance towards fees from the Student Loans Company, you will be invoiced for any fees for which you are liable once the outcome of your application to them is known. Otherwise, all fees for the year become legally due at the time of Registration. Students registered for less than a full session pay an appropriate part-year fee.





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All the above fees include a composition element which entitles every student to the use of University facilities such as the Student Centre ("The Hub") and the Sports Centre. Full details on which disciplines and programmes are classified as Band A, Band B, Band C or Band D (in the case of island-government funded students) or as arts-based, science-based, or clinical medicine (in the case of island-non-government funded, distance learning and overseas students) are available on application to the Registry. The appropriate part-time rate is payable by undergraduate students who are registered in any academic year for a total of seventy five credit points or fewer, including not more than forty five credit points in either half-session; or for the relevant half-session, if they are registered in that for fewer than thirty credits. Part-time students who are on income support or certain other benefits and registered for a degree-level programme are eligible to have their fees waived: students not so eligible may be accorded fees abatement. Details of these schemes, and of other sources of assistance for part-time undergraduate students, may be obtained from the Centre for Lifelong Learning, Regent Building, Kings College, Aberdeen, AB24 3FX.



ASSOCIATE STUDENT FEES Students who withdraw from study after 1 December in any academic year may elect to remain registered as Associate Students, without further fee, for the remainder of that academic year. They may also normally continue that registration for the immediately following academic year on payment of an Associate Student Fee of 100. That fee is also payable by those admitted as Trainees and, by their institution, on behalf of those students studying at the Craibstone Campus of the Scottish Agricultural College. Other institutions offering validated programmes which lead to a University award pay an Associate Student Fee of 280. 1. RE-ASSESSMENT FEES Students registered for courses at levels 1 to 5 (undergraduate) who have paid the appropriate annual tuition fee are entitled, without further payment, to submit themselves for assessment once, at the first opportunity of prescribed degree assessment, for any course which they have satisfactorily completed during the academic year then current. Students who require to take the prescribed degree assessment for a course on a second or subsequent occasion without re-attending the course pay a re-assessment fee of 15 per course, or 20 per course if not applying on line when that facility is available. If students fail to undertake a degree assessment for which they are a candidate, they will be liable for a re-assessment fee at any subsequent diet, except where a medical certificate or other exceptional reason explaining their absence is produced. LATE AND PENALTY FEES A late registration fee of 25 is payable by: (i) students who fail to register timeously; (ii) students liable to re-assessment fees who fail to register for re-assessment by the last date intimated on notices, posted throughout the University, but who do register before submitting themselves for the assessment concerned; (iii) graduands wishing to graduate in person who fail to register by the last date intimated on notices posted throughout the University. A penalty fee of 35 (inclusive of late registration fee) is payable by students liable to re-assessment fees who submit themselves for one or more prescribed degree or diploma assessments without having registered beforehand.




MISCELLANEOUS CHARGES Separate charges are made for the following: transcripts or letters of certification, for replacement degree certificates (issued only in exceptional circumstances), for replacement student identity cards. Visit the tuition fees web site (address below). FURTHER INFORMATION Further information on any of the fees in this leaflet may be obtained from the Registry. Information on accommodation fees may be obtained from the Student Accommodation Office ( Visit:
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