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Editorial Services Advanced linguistic skills and subject matter expertise are the core skill sets of our

editors which reflect in adding clarity and style to the document. The content that we get passes through a sieve of the most seasoned editors who apply rigorous scrutiny while maintaining the authors voice and ensuring stylistic consistency. Our standard Editorial services includes Language Editing Online Copyediting Copy Markup Content and Style Editing Technical Proofreading Indexing [icon] To read a case study click here Ipad to have the following text Simplify your Editorial Difficulties by using REDACT our intelligent copyediting software click here

Native experienced English speaking copy editors being part of our valued services when it comes to language editing

Composition Quick Sort has developed customized XML workflows for synchronized production of high quality PDF content through multiple channels. Our compositors have responded with lan to typesetting challenges right across the verticals STM, Fiction, Trade, Legal materials. Our production teams has deep experience working with a wide range of standard desktop applications including Tex/LaTeX, QuarkXPress, InDesign, Arbortext and FrameMaker coupled with end-to-end XML based production systems and process.

We offer typesetting on Books Journals/Periodicals Magazines Children Workbooks Dictionaries Posters Layout/Design Coffee table books Loose-Leafs Flyers Ancillary/Supplements

Quick Sort is been chosen by their clients to handle most complex student materials and Work books

Tabloids Catalogues Cover Pages [icon] To read a case study click here [icon] Click here for a typesetting portfolio Artwork Services Our team has perfected the art of delivering ART by constantly honing their skills at the altar of perfection. A beautiful layout is only as good as its artwork. We have known all along that this is what will set us apart and hence we have taken the utmost care in grooming our graphics and art work team to transform any ideas using Illustrator, Corel Draw, Photoshop, Freehand etc. We offer Redraw Re-Labelling High end Scanning Any-to-Any Image format Conversion 2D and 3D drawings Medical Drawings Map Drawings Color Corrections/Enhancements and simply anything related to colors. [icon] Click here for an artwork portfolio

Innovative Ideas, Industry expertise, perfection, makes us as one of the most admired art creators

Project Management (360) We know that you need to focus on many important things and we position ourselves to work as collaborating partners to share the workload. When you have entrusted the work to us, you just relax. Quick Sort is committed to taking your project across the finish line smoothly, professionally, and with an end product that positions you for success in a dynamic global marketplace. For Books and Journals, we offer Peer Review Cast-Off Author Liaison Publisher Coordination Subscription Management Printer Management/Co-ordination Online Management

Partner with Quick Sort to manage a project portfolio or your entire publishing production process.

[icon] To read a case study click here Ipad to have the following text: Our call-center service for publishers includes: Looking for Full Service Project Management @ cost effective price? click here

1. Subscription follow-up services

2. Author Follow-ups/Query Handling 3. Author Help Desk 4. Publisher Technical Support 5. Order Handling and follow-ups 6. Payment Handling 7. Freight Handling 8. Mail follow-ups

Ipad to have the following text: Recently Launched Call-center center services for publishers. Read more

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