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Mumbai, April 8: In a bid to woo the younger generation, Amul has launched its brand of flavoured milk, Kool,

in trendy tetra-packs. The earlier brand, Amul Shakti, was relaunched about 3-4 months ago in bottles as Amul Kool. Gujarat Cooperative Milk Marketing Federations (GCMMF) general manager - marketing RS Sodhi said the company targets to sell about 10 lakh packs per day in one year. Currently, it sells about three lakh packs per day. The drink continues to be priced at Rs 10 for 200 ml. Amul had preferred to launch the flavoured milk earlier in bottles because it believed that a consumer can see and feel the product in the same rather than a tetra-pack. But after the launch of the tetrapack last week, Mr Sodhi said tetra-packs are much convenient. Transportation of bottles to some locations is also difficult. He added that tetra-packs are trendy and are preferred by the youth, teenagers and children, who are getting away from the cola-based soft drinks. Dealers said the tetra-pack version is available in two colours, chocolate and white. The company may also launch smaller trial packs. A previous flavoured milk brand from Amul, Nutramul, is not doing well, according to some dealers. Mr Sodhi further said Amul is the market leader in the flavoured milk segment with over 90 per cent market share. The other smaller players include Britannia, Nestle, Mother Dairy and local manufacturers. Shakti was projected more as a health-oriented drink. With Amul Kool in cool tetra-packs, Mr Sodhi expects to successfully woo the young generation with a combination of nutrition and taste. Considering Amul dwarfs all other players in this market, how will competition react to this news? Market analysts opine that Amul will definitely do well as they have good back-end operations. Competitors can either wait and watch or go in for a price cut. If they decide on the latter, then one may see something on the scale of the recent price war in the detergent sector.
NEW DELHI: Groupe Danone has begun test-marketing flavoured milk in India, marking the French food multinational's entry into the country after a prolonged two-year battle with the Nusli Wadia group, played out in the boardroom as well as the courtroom. The brand, Danone Choco Plus milk, is priced at Rs 15 for a 200-ml tetra packs and being tested in Hyderabad. Danone will now take on Amul's Kool, Nestle's Milkmaid Funshake and its erstwhile joint venture Britannia's Actimind with its Choco Plus.

Major players in industry Amul Amul being the largest dairy cooperative realised market potential and entered into dairy beverage segment by launching flavoured milk under the brand name of Amul Shakti during September 2002. "Traditionally, the market for white beverages is much larger than for cocoa-based drinks. Since GCMMF focuses on milk-based products, it is natural for the company to enter markets like health food drinks," said Sodhi. Amul Shakti is being positioned as a milk food that has "real milk for real nourishment" and GCMMF says it will provide the brand mass media support to create consumer awareness. Amul last year entered the branded ready to serve coffee market with the launch of Amul Kool Caf. Made from pure milk and coffee and developed to suit Indian taste, Amul Kool Caf is available in drink pack options of bottle, tetrapak and can. Amul Kool Caf is targeted at 'Generation X' who is in search of a healthy beverage which is tasty, trendy, and nutritious. Amul plans to launch in the near future Coffee Mocha, Coffee Sugar free and decaffeinated flavours. In keeping with its goal of emerging as the single largest entity in the dairy beverage market, Amul introduced low calorie thirst quenching drinks, nutritious and tasty Amul Masti Buttermilk in addition to Amul Kool range of flavoured milk and also India's first sports and energy drink Stamina. In keeping with this trend it also launched Kool Caf targeted towards the youth. Amul recently launched a range of probiotic and sugar-free icecreams to cater to healthconscious customers. Amul has plans to launch three new drinks in the summer of 2007 - Amul Kool Koko - in the branded ready to serve chocolate drink segment, Amul Kool Salted Lassi and ready to drink Nutramul. Nestle The Rs 2,800-crore foods major Nestle India has further strengthened its leadership in the dairy industry with the launch of Slim Dahi, a first of its kind low fat dahi in India. Its Fresh 'N' Natural Slim Dahi is 98% fat free and each 100gm serving provides 35% of the Recommended Daily Allowance [RDA] of calcium. The product is 100 per cent natural and does not have any added preservatives. It is priced at Rs 15 for the 200gm pack and Rs 25 for the 400gm pack. Britannia Britannia entered the dairy category with the launch of Britannia Milkman range of dairy

products. Britannia Milkman launched its Daily Fresh Dahi in Bangalore. Anupam Dutta, Head of Dairy Business, Britannia Milkman, said: "This launch is in line with the emerging trends of quality, convenience and wellness that consumers are seeking, coupled with newer retail formats. Even products that were "made at home" now have a growing presence in the branded and packaged goods segment. Consumers are increasingly seeking products for a healthier lifestyle and Daily Fresh Dahi caters to that." Britannia Milkman range of dairy products, include cheese, butter, ghee and dairy whitener. Mother Dairy Mother Dairy markets milk-based beverage products like flavoured milk, dahi and lassi. Mother Dairy flavoured milk captures all the goodness of Mother Dairy's pure and fresh milk combined with the magic of special flavours. Made from double toned milk, and available in kesar elaichi, chocolate and vanilla flavours - these drinks are light and refreshing and capture the great taste of these unique flavours without being heavy or too filling. Absolutely delicious, with a rich and creamy texture, Mother Dairy dahi is uniformly thick, consistent and natural, without the use of any preservatives. Mother Dairy dahi is made from pasteurised standardised milk which contains 4.5 % milk fat and 10 % milk SNF. Not only does it taste great, it also aids digestion by maintaining balanced microflora in the intestine and suppressing the growth of undesirable pathogenic bacteria. Mother Dairy lassi is a tasty and refreshing drink made from pure, nutritious milk. Drink it either as an anytime snack or as a tasty accompaniment to your food. Either way it's a great tasting drink. PepsiCo India If the new PepsiCo India CEO, Sanjeev Chadha, is to be believed, the cola major could soon hit the retail shelves near you with localised milk beverage offerings. PepsiCo is keenly looking at the traditional options to expand its product basket in the Indian market. The company had recently activated its Gurgaon-based R&D lab, one of the two outside the US, to work overtime and lead the Indian subsidiary to such localised products. "We are looking at all the needs that a beverage can fulfill," Chadha said. Elaborating on the company's expansion plans, Chadha said, "There are three major opportunities which have immense growth prospects in India viz, juice and juice-based drinks, functional water and healthy whites such as soya-milk, that have been recently introduced in countries like China and Vietnam." Future outlook Mayank Trivedi, GM - Dairy, Nestle India explains, "A fast emerging consumer paradigm is a preference towards a healthier lifestyle. And food patterns top this list. Keeping in mind this growing consumer trend, FMCG companies like ours are fast evolving their product portfolios to satisfy these needs."