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To, The Commissioner of GHMC Hyderbad Dear Sir/Madam

Date : xx-xx-xxxx

With Humble Submission, We would like to draw your kind attention about the illegal Construction of 5th Floor On House Situated at Nampally, Hyderabad. The owner of house Mr. XXX did not obtain the permission from the MCD. Such construction of 5rd Floor can be Fatal as Illegal Constructed Building was tumbled down in laxmi Nagar and innocent people Lost Their Lives. The Residents of this premises always live under constant phobia and tension for the loss of their life, because the foundation of this premise is not strong enough to bear the extra weight of 5rd Floor, which is under construction and the building may Collapse. Apart from the invariable Threat Of Collapse Of Whole Building, The Resident Of This Building Are Suffering From The Constant Seepage And Rotten Water Trickling Down To The First Floor And Ground Floor. The Residents Of This Building Also Tried To Convince XXX that the Construction of 5rd Floor On This Building Could Be Precarious. If the foundation of this building is not strengthened as Per Norms Of MCD. But he did not listen rather bother their advice and has started the Dangerous and Illegal Construction Of 5rd Floor Ignoring uprightly Norms Of M.C.H. Such Person Who Take Law In Their Hand Put Pressure And Threat On Innocent People To Get The Work Done Of Their Illegal Construction And Other Misdeeds With Support Of Goons. Therefore, The Aggrieved Residents Sent Their Anonymous Complaints Letter To The Commissioner Of MCD To Avoid Any Direct Tangle With Mr. xxxx And His Goons For The Sake Of Safeguard Of Their Families. In Current Scenario, It is unfortunately obvious and usually tardy attitude official in the System/ Governance In These Days That No Actions Has Been Taken From The MCH. We Trust That You Shall Take Speedy Action In This Grave Matter Against This Illegal Construction Of 5th and 6th Floor On House Nampally, hyderbad.

Thanking you,

Yours sincere, SANTOSH COPY: Commissioner of police Assistant commissioner of police Deputy commissioner of police Town planning commissioner of MCH Assistant commissioner of MCH Deputy commission of MCH

To Editor Times of India, Hyderabad.

Dear sir/madam,

I would like to give some information about the illegal construction in our societies H. No: 11-6-222, nampally,Hyderabad Nowadays most of the buildings are taking sanction from the local civic bodies for construction of particular storeys and towards completion it seems to be made 5th and 6th more storeys without sanctioning from the local civic bodies thus breaking the building bylaws. In such cases the neighbours of the residents are facing severe problems even these buildings are deviated in the side ways also, often making projections in the open areas. There is no Height restrictions even in narrow lanes they are constructing 5 to 6storeys. Sometimes the F.A.R. is not according to the bylaws. Moreover, the constructions of these buildings are also not good, the foundation depth, width or reinforcement provided are not according to the I.S. codes. Beside the narrow lanes are not sufficient for public movement as the density of the area will increase which would create congestion and also problem in fire fighting, the planning of the city is also hampered. It is going to become a sophisticated basti.

Thanking you,