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Ed Brown 370 S.E. Mizner Boulevard, Apt. 1608, Boca Raton, Florida 33432




Multi-Tier Programming

Versatile and Seasoned Professional

Strong team player with initiative

Leader who excels at working in groups

Ability to manage multiple projects

Twenty years of Proven Experience

Excellent follow-up skills

Supervise/Manage others respectfully

Functional Manager

Network hardening to meet SAS70

Secure Programming Techniques


Knowledgeable in the latest Microsoft Technologies

Well rounded with strong programming background

Understands software/hardware performance issues

Excellent verbal and written communication skills

Adapts well to rapidly changing environments

Minds Unit, QA and User Acceptance Testing

Requirements gathering from Beta to Completion

Effective mentor with the ability to direct

Maintains positive relationships across the board

Compliance issues: Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, etc.

Object Oriented Programming

VB.NET and C#

ASP.NET Web Services (ASMX)

Microsoft Access Database

Microsoft ASP.NET 2005

Microsoft ASP.NET 2008

Visual Basic 6.0

Microsoft Media Services 9.x (SDK)

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Outlook (SDK)

Microsoft Visual SourceSafe

MOSS 2007


CODA Financials (SDK)

Crystal.NET Reports


Executive Level R&D/Management

Microsoft IIS, 5.0 and 6.0


ADO, XML, and ASCX Controls

.NET Remoting


Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

Windows Desktop and Server Software

Windows Media Services 9.x (SDK)

Windows Mobile 6 Professional (SDK)

Mercury Test Director (Quality Center)

Windows Remote Desktop

Microsoft SQL Server 2000/2005

ASP.NET 1.x, 2.x, and 3.x Frameworks

PayPal (SDK)


SDL TRADOS 2007 Professional

SDL Trados TEAM Server

SDL Trados Workbench

MS Server 2000/2003 PPTP Setup/Config

Cisco Router Configuration

ActiveSync 4.5

Microsoft Exchange Setup/Configuration

BrowserCaps for Web Browser Compatibility


Sharepoint 2007 Designer

Dell Desktop PCs

Dell Tower Servers

Dell U Servers

Wireless B/G/N Routers

Backup Power Supplies

External Hard Drives

Wireless Notebook Wi/Fi Cards

Network Hubs

Linksys/Cisco Routers

Linksys Cable Modems

Netopia DSL Modems

Ethernet Cabling

Web Cams

Network Switches

HTC 8525 and HTC 8529

DMZ Zones

Ed Brown




Self-Employed Working on Various ASP.NET Contracts, February 2005 through January 2009

ASP.NET/C# Developer (contract) November 2008 through January 2009

Kaiser Permanente, contracted to create Crystal Reports .NET 2008 reporting system that displays Crystal Reports on a website. I created the website in conjunction with an 2008 Web Service which enabled the queries to be displayed on their HTC Pocket PC phones. The project required:

1. Creating an ASP.NET 2008 Web Service

2. The use of Windows Mobile 6 Professional Emulator

3. ActiveSync 4.5

4. Windows Forms in C#

5. IIS 6.0

6. Silverlight 2

7. Silverlight Grids

8. DataTables

9. DataSets

10. .NET 3.5 Framework

11. Microsoft SQL 2005 Server

12. Creation of a Windows Service to query their ticketing database that in turn populates the SQL 2005 database

13. Web Administration Client created for use on Windows 2003 Enterprise Server to run the scheduler built into the Windows Service

The Windows Service allowed for excellent scalability as it queried their central Ticketing System production database which meant any other field office would be able to design a custom tailored front-end GUI by simply consuming the XML from the ASP.NET 2008 web service I created.

Director of IT and ASP.NET Programming (contract) January 2006 through September 2008

LanguageSpeak, Inc. Contracted as CIO and Director of IT to establish an official IT Department as needed for this boutique language services firm (translation in over 100 languages, interpretation and language instruction firm) with over four hundred employees and contractors in several locations around the world including China, Spain, Brazil and Argentina This consisted of:

1. Collecting requirements from the LanguageSpeak, CEO, COO, and staff to determine how much manpower would be required to carry out their plans in the most efficient manner.

2. Carefully strategizing an implementation plan.

3. Creating an IT infrastructure, designed at maximizing the Company’s operations, both internally (among principals and staff) and externally (with clients, vendors, contractors, etc.)

Managed, directed and supervised the creation, design and incorporation of the IT Department. consisted of:

The IT Staff

1. Two Senior Network Engineers

2. One Senior DBA

3. One Senior .NET developer with knowledge of ASP.NET, VB.NET and C#

4. One Mid-Level .NET developer

5. Contracted as needed a technical writer

Architected the modification of their existing website and created a new secure website that enabled customers to upload and download material securely. The secure website was created in a away that clients not allowed to install third party software would be able to make their transactions securely, this required:

1. ASP.NET 2005

2. C# and VB.NET

3. C# Primarily used for shared classes between internet/intranet components (IMPORTS/USING,

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Ed Brown



4. VB.NET primarily used for the front-end GUI design

5. SQL 2005

6. Stored Procedures and CLR Stored Procedures


Configured their internal network with Windows 2003 Server Enterprise as the domain controller. This included:


Ordering two Dell 1U Servers with Windows 2003 Enterprise Server


Configuring one of them to hold all the FSMO roles


Configuring the second one as the application server that would host their internal applications such as:


Trados Workbench


TEAM Server


Intranet Applications


Upgrading all their existing workstations in their headquarters and worldwide to the most current version of Windows XP Professional


Joining every workstation to the Primary Domain Controller


Applying proper security by creating appropriate groups such as





3. Project Leads

4. Administrative Staff


Adding the appropriate personnel to each group created in the above step

Configured their VPN Barracuda device for outside access to their intranet in a secure manner. This required the user of:

1. L2TP Tunnels

2. PPTP tunnels in a few very unique situations

Oversaw the creation of a .NET crystal reporting system in their intranet where:

1. Microsoft Office Sharepoint 2007 was used where I ordered an extra four gigs of RAM for the application server in order that I can build a Virtual 2005 Server to create the MOSS 2007 machine

2. Converting existing spreadsheets to dashboards

3. Stored Procedures were used heavily in order to avoid embedded SQL Statements

Setup satellite offices which in turn are connected to the corporate office through L2TP tunnels over Speakeasy Full T1’s.

Involved hands-on and oversaw the completion of a DR Site (disaster recovery site) in Colorado, main duties included:

1. Ordering Several Dell 1U Super-Servers" that would be able to hold a VS2005 Network that mirrored LangaugeSpeak’s Head Quarter’s Desktop XP Machines which were the three servers and twelve desktop XP Professional PC’s

2. Synchronizing the mirror site with PeerSynch

3. Locating an offsite Data Center that was SAS certified, Type II Independent Review

4. Creating schedules that would ensure backups/mirrors were being successfully completed on a nightly basis with Colorado

Involved hands-on in the hardening of the LanguageSpeak network to pass the SAS70 review:

1. I personally wrote the LanguageSpeak, Inc. IT Information and Security Policy Standards in order to

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Ed Brown


comply with such customers as ING Financial Services.


2. I ordered a series of Dell Tower servers to build VS2005 XP machines so that all translators world-wide would be able to dial into XP machines in the United States Head Quarters office therefore ensuring that all data would always reside onsite and always be located on equipment belonging to LanguageSpeak.

3. The virtual XP machines applied to translators that did not have a laptop or desktop built by our IT department; and primarily consisted of freelance and part-time employees which numbered about fifty- five.

4. Forcing these translators to dial into their own personal Virtual XP Machines was not only to harden the network but to also comply with security issues imposed on us by clients such as ING Financial Services and Rooms-To-Go (i.e., having data stored insecurely on a foreign desktop or laptop).

Lead ASP.NET/C# Developer/Architect (contract) February 2007 through December 2007

Comcast Cable Corporation, after the purchase by Comcast of eleven smaller cable companies, I was contracted by the Director of Operations of Comcast Spotlight to design, architect and develop a website and the database for NOTS (Not Off The Shelf), a browser based toolbox rolled out to their intranet.

There were approximately one hundred thirty-eight Tools used internally by Comcast staff for various statistical data that needed to be converted to Microsoft .NET Technology. These tools inherited from the various cable companies acquired were written in many different technologies such as:

1. Perl

2. Python

3. Java

4. VBA

I was required to translate all these different tools to Microsoft .NET technology in order to match the rest of their internal IT department.

These tools containing various administrative functions aided staff members with the day-to-day operations by providing information such as when:

1. Commercial tones were missed

2. Certain networks were not available * * A live sample of this tool, The Tone and Schedule Analysis Tool, is available by clicking here: NOTS

NOTS has been deployed on a national level by Comcast and I used the following regions as Beta Testing Sites:

1. Twin Cities

2. Colorado

3. Chicago

4. Indiana

The NOTS website was geared towards MOSS 2007 and required extensive knowledge of:

1. Dashboards

2. Excel Pivot Tables

3. SQL Stored Procedures

4. Webforms and DataBinding

5. Use of Sharepoint 2007 Designer for some of the tools

The entire process required that I communicate with the various business units across a chosen group of power users in the Beta Test Sites

1. Interfacing with their internal IT Department when functions for certain tools where not clear and to obtain copies of databases with obfuscated data

2. Setting up the proper development environment on my own Windows and SQL Servers to mirror a reasonable facsimile of their actual network

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Ed Brown



A sample of the prototype that was presented to Comcast may be viewed here (at the time this prototype was optimized for IE 6.0 since it was the only accepted Comcast Cable company standard). Many of the 138 Tools that needed conversion had several “sub tools”, such as The Novar Query Tool found in the live sample I have included above.

ASP.NET/VB.NET Web Developer (contract) December 2007

Fantasy Car Garage, Developed an ASP.NET 2005 e-commerce site for a used car dealership in Weston, Florida;

The Website GUI and backend was designed using:

1. SQL 2005

2. PayPal SDK

3. VB.NET in the code-behind

4. GridViews

5. Master Pages

6. SQL DataAdapters, DropDownLists and DataBinding

Customers are able to:

1. Browse through the website and purchase used cars through PayPal Pro

2. create their own accounts and save their Shopping Carts

3. go all the way through the point of purchase and choose whether they want to pay using


Direct Purchase using anyone of four Major Credit Cards:

1. American Express

2. Discover

3. Visa

4. MasterCard

I designed the website so that the Staff can dynamically add or remove categories such as:

1. SUV

2. Sports Car

3. Etc.

Appropriate personnel with the correct login can change any aspect of the website including all text and all pictures on the website including their main logo.

ASP.NET/VB.NET Web Developer (contract) February 2007 through June 2007

United Capital Management in Key Biscayne, Florida. Created a real-time Pricing Application for use by the Senior Traders and their staff:

The website was designed using:

1. ASP.NET with VB.NET in the code-behind

2. SQL 2005 Enterprise in the back-end

3. Stored Procedures

4. Webform controls, DataBinding, and SQL DataAdapters

5. Master Pages and Style Themes

6. Editable GridViews with sortable columns using JavaScript to minimize refreshing of the page

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Ed Brown



Completion of the project required interfacing with the various stake holders to gather:

1. Input and Design Requirements

2. What expectations they had of the product

3. Design of the database from the bottom up

4. Interfacing heavily with the comptroller to ensure my design would stand up to external security audits, such as an audit from the SEC

The project had to be as streamlined as possible being that live trading was being conducted, therefore fundamental mistakes such as not using “NOLOCK” in SQL Stored Procedures had to be avoided at all costs.

For sample work done during this project please click on the following links:

ASP.NET/VB.NET Web Developer (contract) September 2006 through November 2006

CITCO Group (, where I was their Senior Microsoft Developer for both Desktop and Browser applications from 1998 through 2004.

I returned for a short 8 week project to create a Crystal .NET website to keep track of Help Desk trouble tickets.

The front-end was ASP.NET/VB.NET

The backend database was SQL 2005 Enterprise

Stored procedures where used to query the already existing SQL 2005 database

Dynamically displayed parameters for each report by querying each report for its parameters and then displaying it in a friendly easy to read format

The product I designed was scalable as anyone could design a crystal report using Version 10 or later and dropping it into the appropriate folder.

The canned set of Crystal Reports that were included in their Help Desk application did not have the reports they were looking for and as a result was hired for a short contract to create reports that were a bit more useful to them. They needed someone that was very familiar with their internal IT infrastructure, in order to avoid allocating time to:

1. A learning curve

2. Work as quickly as possible without little supervision or input from personnel for the specifications usually required

A prototype of the main screen I designed may be viewed here: Help Desk Reports Main Screen

ASP.NET/VB.NET Web Developer (contract) May 2006 through August 2006

Ryder World Headquarters, in Miami, Florida as an ASP.NET Developer for their IT Central Support team.

Developed a browser based Web Application called Dr. Sam (Site Asset Management), which

Keeps track of all Ryder assets including locations that are:

1. Open (currently operational)

2. Closed (closed for business or in the process of shutting down)

3. Each of the corresponding branch locations to those sites in 1 and 2 above.

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Ed Brown

It required:



1. Creation of a new SQL 2005 Database

2. VB.NET used in the code-behind

3. Creation of a Windows Service coded in VB.NET to pick up the various files from the various databases used by Ryder internally

4. Stored Procedures

5. Programmatically accessing the USPS public database to verify that Site addresses were correct

For a limited live sample of the first Ryder Dr. SAM Beta Version you may click on the following links:

.NET C# Windows Desktop Development (contract) May 2006 through August 2006

Veretech Systems in Boca Raton, Florida developed an online assessment tool in ASP.NET 2005:

Potential clients can log onto automobile manufacturer’s websites to receive the value for their current car and price of a new car, such as:

1. Jaguar

2. Ford

3. Kia

The web tool, known as Blackbook Online, utilized:

1. SQL 2005

2. Stored procedures

3. SQL 2005 Reporting Services

4. Windows Forms C#

Also worked on a customized tool known as Dealer Key that helped car dealerships' customer services department track internal activities such as when to complete follow-up calls and general scheduler. it was written as a .NET desktop application using:

1. C# in the code-behind

2. SQL 2005

3. Stored Procedures

For sample screen shots you may view the following two links:

ASP.NET/VB. NET Web Development (contract) April 2007 through April 2008

Signature Corporation, in Fort Lauderdale, FL, one of the nation’s largest leading recruiters of IT professionals (contracted in-house in addition to screening select applicants):

Worked on the design and implementation of an intranet reporting system:

1. Included a section for Crystal Reports used by the CFO and CEO of Signature Consultants

2. Crystal .NET was used for the reporting section.

3. ODBC Drivers were used to circumvent a Microsoft Bug where SQL Data Adapters had an issue querying the 8i database

4. The back-end used was SQL 2005

5. The code used for the ASP.NET website was VB.NET

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Ed Brown


6. Master Pages

7. GridViews

8. SQL Data Adapters

9. DataTables

10. DataSets


Stored Procedures were used to Query the database

I Created a Windows Service to fetch the data from the existing database and populate my SQL 2005 Database

Sample Screen Shots of actual reports may be viewed in the two following links:

ASP.NET/VB. NET Web Development (contract) October 2005 through December 2005

MDVIP.COM, in Boca Raton, FL, created a shopping cart with PayPal Pro by which they can sell their health food products on the internet.

The shopping cart was created to withdraw its information via an XML Web Service I created so they can re-use all of the functionality across several websites.

Created (in the patient portion of the website,, a Health Risk Assessment patient questionnaire WebForm designed to be filled out by the MDVIP members. This required interacting with Dr. Ed Goldstein very closely as he would use the results from this test for his prognosis therefore my work, understandably so, was highly scrutinized to ensure accurate results. Dr. Ed Goldstein is one of the owners of MDVIP.

Throughout the website, I used:

1. Custom ASCX Controls

2. DataGrids and DataBinding

3. Stored Procedures were used to bind the data to the DataGrids and DropDownLists

4. SQL DataAdapters

5. DataReaders

6. SQL 2000 Database

7. Master/Detail pages used with JavaScript for Popup forms, slideshow’s, etc

A good knowledge and awareness of Sarbanes Oxley and Hippa were fundamental and to be kept in mind throughout the design and development of the website

For sample work, please click on this sample link: MDVIP Sample Work

VB.NET Windows Desktop Development (contract) February 2005 through July 2005

SteelCloud, Inc., I was contracted to develop an Audit Tool they would market to banks such as First Union National Bank, to audit employees’ Desktops from a central location for illegal activity and unwanted programs such as Trojans and Viruses.

Technologies used were:

1. .NET Remoting on the 1.1 Framework

2. Custom ASCX Controls

3. DataGrids and DataBinding

4. Stored Procedures were used to bind the data to the DataGrids and DropDownLists

5. SQL DataAdapters

6. DataReaders

7. SQL 2000 Database

The project required a good understanding of:


Ed Brown



1. Sarbanes Oxley

2. A good understanding of the banking industry

3. Vast knowledge of fundamental secure programming techniques to avoid pitfalls such as:


SQL Injections


Embeded SQL Statements

Click the following links for samples of the written requirements gathered by me and first draft:

1. Audit1

2. Audit2

3. Audit3

4. Audit4

5. Audit5


Director of IT at Ars Magirica (full time position) Coral Gables, Florida, October 2004 through September 2005

Hired as a Full Time Employee to create an IT Department at an upper end cooking school, where I updated their existing website using:


2. JavaScript

3. SQL Server 2000 as the backend

Created an application for use on their intranet utilizing web services using:



3. ADO

It included a schedule and time tracker that kept track of their cooking classes that would ensure no two classes overlapped or were overbooked. This intranet application’s database was tied into the website where customers were able to sign up and pay for classes online.

Developed and maintained their IT department, including software development, IT infrastructure, and database administration.

Developed a new website for the company and created an Intranet using:

1. .NET 2005

2. SQL2005


4. Master Pages and Style Themes

5. JavaScript for slide shows.

Beta Site of their website can be viewed by clicking on the following link: ARS-MAGARICA-BetaSite. It included:

1. Blogs for their staff

2. Content Management

3. Monthly newsletters

4. Mailing list

5. RSS feeds

6. Admin section for the appropriate Ars Magirica staff to modify all aspects of the website

7. WebParts

This website utilized WebParts enabling website members to customize their own home page. The database for their

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Ed Brown



intranet application was expanded on so the public website and the intranet can work centralized via Web Services.

CITCO Group - Senior Windows Developer, FT. Lauderdale, Florida, Dec 1998 through Sep 2004

Hired as a full time employee originally as their Lead VB 5.0 Developer eventually became the Senior Developer and then Manger of their Windows Programming Group that numbered between five and seven depending upon needs at any given moment.

Developed and maintained Visual Basic Windows applications with an SQL Server backend.

The main goal upon being hired was to convert their existing UNIX applications to Microsoft Technologies in the form of a “Suite of Products”

The conversion process took an entire year of planning and writing Beta software and being that it is an offshore bank this included liaising with all the offices around the world and sometimes flying out to them for extended periods of time, including but not limited to:

1. The Cayman Islands

2. The British Virgin Islands

3. Ireland

4. The Netherlands and Switzerland

During the Planning and Beta Stages during, requirements where gathered and also upgrades planned simultaneously in addition to a “wish list” was created during that phase.

Additional responsibilities included:

1. The design and implementation of a security COM object

2. A “Security Administration” front end GUI that the bank controllers used for assigning access and access levels to financial data to the fourteen hundred employees through the company.

3. Interviewing the CFO and his various controllers to gather what needed to be included in this “Security Module”

I recommended that the access levels be set at the NTFS level but the firm’s Controllers insisted that they wanted to be the ones to decided who has access to what and when so I had to design a Security Layer that would user friendly to Accountants and Lawyers.

The Suite of Applications also included reports which;

I designed to run Crystal Reports.

I originally designed the application in Visual Basic 5.0

Eventually to upgraded to Visual Basic 6.0

Ultimately converted to ASP.NET on the 1.x Framework

a mix of code-behind was utilized with:

1 C# for selected shared components

2 VB.NET for the Front-end

Also developed applications such as:

1 Consolidation

2 Cash Matching

3 These applications interfaced with the CODA financials Software API

A solid fundamental knowledge of secure programming techniques were absolutely necessary as our code was audited yearly by third party vendors for security holes and pitfalls such as:

1. SQL Injections

2. Embedded SQL Statements

3. Hard-Coded passwords

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Ed Brown


Sample Work from my tenure at CITCO:


Visual Basic 5.0/Access Developer May 1997 through November 1998

Contracted by Baxter Medical Clinics, Corporate HQ.

Specialized in Visual Basic 5.0 eventually upgraded to VB 6.0.

Databases included SQL Server 4.2 eventually upgraded to SQL 6.5.

Assignments entailed intensive stored procedures and programmatically uploading information from an Excel spreadsheet into the SQL Server.

Click the following link for Sample Work: Baxter Medical Sample Work

VB 4.0 Developer, Miami and Miramar, Florida, Oct 1994 through Apr 1997

Hired as an employee by the United States Attorney's Office where a Top Secret Clearance was required. They would "detach" me to whichever Law Enforcement unit they deemed was in need of my skill set. During my first assignment I was:

1 detached to the Miami HIDTA's (High Intensity Drug Task force)

2 While working at the Miami HIDTA I participated in the design and development of TARS (Treatment Automated Referral System) which was used to keep track of various drug treatment clinics' activities.

3 Visual Basic 4.0 was used for the front-end desktop application

4 SQL Server 4.2 as the database

During July 1996

they gave me a new assignment

detached me to the South Florida Investigative Support Center which housed

1 FBI JDIG (Joint Drug Intelligence Group spearheaded by the Federal Bureau of Investigation)

2 FDLE (Florida Department of Law Enforcement)

I co-wrote RAP (Regional Apprehension Program) for use by their under cover agents. The Regional Apprehension Program was used to:

1 Keep track of "Street Gangs" and their members and leaders

2 Gangs’ monikers

3 “Tags”

4 Hand gestures gangs to identify themselves

5 Keep track of Undercover Agents assigned to infiltrate these gangs

6 SQL 6.0 Server used as the database

7 Visual Basic 4.0. was used for the front-end desktop application

I was not given permission to show or display examples or screen shots of the application nor am I allowed to disclose any details of the application other than simple general information for purposes such as this resume.

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Ed Brown



Private Contract Work, Programming, and Tutoring Algebra through Calculus, January 1992 through June 1994

Private math tutor at the University of Miami in all levels of math up to Advanced Calculus, Physics, and Chemistry. On the average I tutored three nights a week and during “finals” week tutored for two weeks straight.

Worked primarily with Access and Visual Basic 3.0 while working my way through college.

SQL 4.2 was the primary backend used during my projects.

Access used as backend as well.

Worked on upgrading an old dBase III Plus application to Access for a small private auto insurance firm in Miami, Torrens Insurance.

The dBase application was upgraded by me to VB 3.0 with a SQL 4.2 database on the back end.

Eastern Airlines, Jr. COBOL Programmer, Electrical Technician, and PC Programming, Miami Florida, December 1987 through December 1991.

By 1991, I was wearing multiple hats and also migrated my way into their PC Programming division where I wrote Programs in dBase III Plus and then dBase IV, and then eventually migrating into Microsoft Access. During the months of January 1991 through May 1991 I took on a pet project on my own time and wrote a reporting system in dBase III Plus for the Customer Services Department for which I was nominated as Employee of The Month during July 1991 and eventually was given a plaque in August 1991 for Employee of The Month in a department of over four hundred employees. Click here for a copy of the letter of Recommendation for Employee of the Month.

By the end of 1990 they gave me a second hat to wear and had me support C-Series, which was the PC Software used by their Travel Agencies. When their Travel Agencies had issues installing it and getting it to function correctly on their Windows 3.x computers, they would call me for support and as needed fly me out to the actual site for the larger VIP clients. Click here to view a Letter of Compliment from my direct supervisor and her boss, Kay T Urban, currently the President and CEO of Amadeus.

Towards 1990 they started to head into financial trouble and one of the ways they reclaimed money was by tightening up on their “Out of Scope” billing, in which they utilized my expertise as an Electrician to help their Ticketing Reservation system, “System One,” reclaim money from the Eastern Airlines Travel Agencies. They had a small group of Super Techs in New York City to do this, but for the charges that were disputed by the Travel Agency, Eastern Airlines used to me make the Ultimate Decision by inspecting the equipment and sometimes flying me out to the site to inspect their electrical outlets. Click here as a sample of my duties as “Out of Scope” expert. Also, since “Out of Scope” billing was a rather sensitive subject that dealt with surprising Travel Agencies that they were about to be billed several thousand dollars, Eastern Airlines sent me to an “Effective Communications” course that taught me how to approach the customers in the best possible manner while trying not to upset them too much. Click here for a copy of the “Effect Communications” certificate I was awarded.

As a Junior CICS-COBOL programmer, I wrote multiple programs to accomplish a large data conversion effort for use with TEMS (Technical Equipment Management System).

Extensively utilized VSAM files in batch mode.

Wrote an online CICS transaction system that allowed the user to view cross-reference files by entering the primary key of one of four alternate indexes.

In December of 1991, Eastern Airlines went completely bankrupt and permanently closed its doors, upon which I decided to dedicate myself fulltime to obtaining my Engineering degrees

P & Sons Electrical, Electrician, Miami Florida, January 1986 through November 1987

During my second year I worked towards my Journeyman Electricians License where my duties included more actual Electrical Work and learning the Dade County codes while they paid for my night and weekend classes at officially approved Dade County Electrician Schools.

During my first year I worked as an apprentice to a group of highly skilled Electricians where my duties mainly included running cables, basic soldering, testing electrical outlets, making sure the vans were fully stocked with supplies and that all equipment was accounted for and simply learning the trade from the Licensed Electricians on how to ensure compliance with applicable codes, regulations, governmental agency and company directives as relates to building operations applicable to the zone in question.

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Ed Brown




VSLive annually in Orlando, Florida. I began Attending VBits in 1998 and continued through its evolution into VSLive after the release of ASP.NET. Click here for a picture of my VBits-99 bag and pass during my second year at VBits and click here for my latest VSLive Pass.

.NET Training and Certification with JARRODIAN, Inc in Jacksonville, Florida. Click here for a picture of my C# Training Certification and here for a picture of my VB.NET Training Certification.

Homnick Systems, Inc. in Boca Raton, Florida, monthly Microsoft User Group Meetings


Background, Degrees, and Certifications

University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida, Bachelor of Science degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering, January 1992 to June 1994

Miami-Dade Community College, Associate in Arts degree, December 1985.


At age seventeen I enrolled myself in college to pursue an AA degree and took an interest in electrical work. answered an Ad for an apprenticeship and had on the job training at P & Sons Electric while working towards my Journeyman’s Electricians License in Dade County Florida once I turned eighteen years of age. While wiring a house one day I met my future boss at Eastern Airlines, Ron Williams, whose wife, Maida Williams was the Assistant Principal of HML High School and eventually wrote for me a personal reference letter that eventually helped me land my job at the United States Attorney’s Office.

Graduated from High School at the age of fifteen and proceeded to take advanced courses in computer programming. Click the following links for snapshots of my COBOL, Advanced Basic, and Fortran IV Certifications I earned at the age of sixteen.

Primarily straight-A student from the third grade on. Click the following to view my three Second Honors awards for the First Quarter, Second Quarter, and Third Quarter and click here to see my First Honors award during my third grade year at Benjamin Franklin School in New Jersey. At the end of each Quarter or Grading Period, First and Second honors were awarded to the top two students in the third grade that consisted of approximately one hundred twenty pupils spread out through four classes.

Fluent in Spanish.



Online resume:


Excellent Professional and Personal references are available upon request.