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Oracle BI Suite EE 10g R3: Overview

Duration : 1 Day

Lesson 1: Oracle BI Enterprise Edition Overview Lesson 2: Exploring Oracle BI Enterprise Edition User Interfaces Lesson 3: Oracle BI Enterprise Edition Architecture Lesson 4: Oracle BI Repository Basics Lesson 5: Oracle BI Applications Overview Lesson 6: Oracle BI Publisher Integration

Oracle BI Suite EE 10g R3: Build Repositories

Duration : 5 Days

Lesson 1: Repository Basics Lesson 2: Building the Physical Layer of a Repository Lesson 3: Building the Business Model and Mapping Layer of a Repository Lesson 4: Building the Presentation Layer of a Repository Lesson 5: Testing and Validating a Repository Lesson 6: Adding Multiple Logical Table Sources Lesson 7: Adding Calculations to a Fact Lesson 8: Creating Dimension Hierarchies and Level-Based Measures

Lesson 9: Using Aggregates Lesson 10: Using Partitions and Fragments Lesson 11: Using Repository Variables Lesson 12: Modeling Time Series Data Lesson 13: Modeling Many-to-Many Relationships Lesson 14: Localizing Oracle BI Metadata Lesson 15: Localizing Oracle BI Data Lesson 16: Setting an Implicit Fact Column Lesson 17: Integrating Third-Party Reporting Tools Lesson 18: Creating Repositories from Multidimensional Data Sources Lesson 19: Security Lesson 20: Cache Management Lesson 21: Enabling Usage Tracking Lesson 22: Multi-User Development Lesson 23: Using Administration Tool Utilities Lesson 24: Optimizing Query Performance Lesson 25: Oracle BI Repository Design Principles

Oracle BI Suite EE 10g R3: Create Reports and Dashboards

Duration : 4 Days

Lesson 1: Working with Oracle Business Intelligence Answers Lesson 2: Filtering Requests in Oracle Business Intelligence Answers Lesson 3: Oracle Business Intelligence Answers: Advanced Features Lesson 4: Building Views and Charts in Requests Lesson 5: Showing Results with Gauge Views Lesson 6: Showing Results with Pivot Table Lesson 7: Creating Oracle Business Intelligence Interactive Dashboards Lesson 8: Configuring Oracle Business Intelligence Interactive Dashboards Lesson 9: Customizing the Oracle Business Intelligence User Interface Lesson 10: Configuring Guided Navigation Links Lesson 11: Administering the Oracle Business Intelligence Presentation Catalog Lesson 12: Using Oracle Business Intelligence Delivers Lesson 13: Using Oracle Business Intelligence Briefing Books Lesson 14: Using Oracle BI for Microsoft Office Lesson 15: Using Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher Lesson 16: Reviewing Interactive Dashboard Design Principles and Best Practices